The Vengeance of the Lord Has Come

And one of the elder’s saith unto me, Weep not:  behold, the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof.  Revelation 5:5 KJV

As the Lion Roars_003

by Anna Von Reitz   March 29, 2018

As the Lion Roars_002Last night Our Father appeared to me in the guise of a young man.  He took me to a place where they were torturing and murdering a child.  This I was forced to watch for a few seconds before He turned me away and said to me, “The vengeance of the Lord has come.  Because they have done these things, I shall cause them pain in their minds and hearts, so that they run mad in the streets and claw at themselves like animals— but, lo!  They cannot die!
They will throw themselves from the cliffs and drown themselves in the sea, yet find no relief, and in the end, when they have known every pain that they have caused, they shall be burned to plasma ash (reduced to hydrogen atoms). No record of them shall be kept. It will be as if they never were. Even I will not remember them or call their names anymore.”
I answered, “The vengeance of the Lord has come. Selah!”
He placed His hand over my eyes and faded the memory of what I had seen to make it bearable for me….
Our Father’s mind is always free and open, always ready to be pleased and joyous, forever ready to be delighted, endlessly merciful and generous.  But He is also the Ruler of the Universe, the One who sets the times and spaces, the Soul of Justice and Order.
As these things come to pass, and we see men and women that we never suspected of such evil struck down in this manner, we will be shocked and may question the Justice of what is being done.  We will also become aware of how numerous and how deceitful they were, putting a fine face on their cruelty and madness so that nobody should know the depth of their depravity.
Many generations of Mankind have waited and wondered and prayed for the Justice of Our Father because there was no Justice at the hands of men. Many, many millions of us have suffered and died and lived truncated lives because of this infestation of demons in our midst, demons who have hated us and used us as food.
That time is coming to an end now and Perfect Justice shall be done, far beyond our ability to imagine—or inflict. Those who have been in league with demons and sought their power from them, the liars and the gossips, the cowards who knew and did nothing to end it, those who profited themselves from it, and most of all, those who have worshiped Satan and Lucifer in the dark, will know the Left Hand of God in the days to come. The demons they have fed will feed upon them.
He has said it and it will be; we shall see it in our days. There is no doubt that what I have seen is in the present time and that His Word is for the present day. There is no more waiting, for Our Father purposes to deliver us, and His Word has been spoken on this day: they are condemned for their evil and the suffering they have caused. Their punishment has been decided and spelled out. They shall be paid back to the full: His hand is stretched out against them. Their hour has finally come.
For the rest of us, it is time, too—time to bow our heads and accept our deliverance and do all that we can to be upright and honest and fearless, to acquit ourselves well, and to show our discernment.  Only those who can discern evil can avoid it, so sharpen your wits and your skills and do your best to endure against it, until the tares among us have been removed and the Earth is at peace again.
Full Anna von Reitz interview:
Judge Anna Von Reitz has assembled and shown us all the puzzle of fraud used to enslave the American people for 150 years by Corporations masquerading as our government, when in fact they are nothing but government services contractors assuming power they never had.

One thought on “The Vengeance of the Lord Has Come

  1. Diane, In reading the forwarded article by Anna Von Reitz, I was reminded what a pastor once said to me and others. ” If anyone claims to have heard telling them something or sending visions, beware, for the complete Revelation of God’s Word is dontained in the Holy Scripture. If what someone tells you they heard or saw in a vision which disagrees with Scripture it must be rejected, or if it agrees with Scripture it is unnecessary”. I believe the Reformation declaration still applies: Sola Scriptura….Scripture ALONE.

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