Schools Without Rules and Legislators Without Souls! And Florida is Heartless!

I have repeatedly spoken about the corruption within the Charter school system, not to mention the corruption involved with the EB5 Visa’s. Did America really believe the Road to Vouchers was going to be any different? Or the funding of Private schools with our tax dollars?

With all the financial manipulation here in Florida and we are still rated at 47th in the country!

I believe these people cannot help themselves – they have been subjected to MK-Ultra or Manchurian Candidate school to be so heartless when it comes to our children and their education./futures.

Florida is the WORST! Time and again there have been articles written about the extremely “lenient” legislation Tallahassee passes in favor of corporate America and their ability to fill their coffers in return. Tax credits abound for them while their legislation continues to deprive our children of a good education.

I am going to present the highlights of various examples of the fraud which is now within the Voucher program with the “you scratch my hand and I will scratch yours!”

Just remember Governor Scott of Florida signed this legislation into law – always supporting his corporate buddies and at the same time he wants YOU to elect him to the US Senate in 2018 – NO to SCOTT!


Last year the Orlando Sentinel took an extensive look at Florida’s Voucher system. I know we have Jeb Bush spearheading our education agenda even before Common Core while he was governor – but he managed to spread his education vile all over this country through their attachments to their corporate cronies. Here are some examples of what that has given our children!

Just so you are aware, the “Schools Without Rules” series these reporters (Beth Kassab, Leslie Postal, and Annie Martin) did exposed everything from “forged safety reports” to a school being run by a minister who was accused of lewd and lascivious molestation to the hypocrisy among politicians who demand “accountability” for public schools, but turn their backs while the tax dollars are being whisked away to the private schools.

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