“I Can Only Imagine”

“the only way we will save our country and our freedom is to fight violence of lies with a clenched fist of truth & eyes to God”

Child Abuse 4Almost five months ago I released an article relaying the truth about where Americas Foster Care system has been turned over to MANAGEMENT COMPANIES being paid to supposedly protect our children from the monstrous parents who were raising them and to then be placed under the care of monstrous strangers.

On October 17, 2017, U.S. Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and Ranking Member Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) released a bipartisan report detailing their two-year investigation into foster care privatization and the increasing practice of states tasking private entities (for-profit and non-profit) and paying them for supposedly protecting our nation’s most vulnerable – our children. As a result of that investigation’s findings, Hatch and Wyden also introduced legislation, the Child Welfare Oversight and Accountability Act of 2017 (S. 1964), to address issues raised by the report. Link

Where is that legislation today? Still sitting on the same desk it was placed on October 17, 2017, within the same committee it was introduced with NO ADDED CO-SPONSORS, NO SUMMARY was done – nothing, nada.

So, Hatch and Wyden, what was the point of that 2-year investigation? You had nothing better to do so you thought making the American people think you cared about the welfare of the children of this country was important to you and it would help fill your wallets?

Even some of the Foster Care Management Companies who were overseeing these children and their “protectors” had been charged with abuse never responded to your inquiries. What is the purpose of the investigation if you didn’t intend to hold them accountable for their monstrous acts against innocent children?

You spent our money and the time of your staff for two and a half years doing this investigation to give the states and agencies RECOMMENDATIONS which are going NOWHERE?

Hatch and Wyden, have you ever been beaten or sexually abused by an adult? Do you have any idea what it is like for a child to spend every waking hour in fear of the adults who are supposed to be caring for them?

Do you understand that when these children are ripped out of their homes they are allowed to take NOTHING of theirs with them? Not a Teddy Bear, doll, clean underwear – NOTHING!

Child AbuseYOUR lack of follow-up and making sure these individuals from the local level through to the top are held accountable for the abuse and sometimes murder of these innocent children, makes you complicit.

You are all MOUTH and no ACTION of which nothing is new given the state of affairs in this country.

Many of our children have no idea what is ahead for them in this world and you have helped to create this hurting world. Your RECOMMENDATIONS – just who are following them and making changes. The inaction of your “ACT” isn’t going anywhere, so why would “We the People” think the accused would follow your recommendations?

In 2002, Orrin Hatch and Ron Wyden, you were sitting in the U.S. Senate and helped throw God out of the schools, but today you seek “commonsense” regarding school safety. Your answer is to offer MONEY (funding) to states to help prevent violence and at the same time boost technology?

Generations of repeat abusers have walked in our world with the increased support of Washington in allowing the works of Satan to prevail. Do you take all Americans to be fools? We certainly are not as heartless as what appears to come out of Congress.

I didn’t see either of you stand up against Obama, who was not a legal American citizen take office or be willing to bring him up on charges of treason and remove him from office. You turned the other cheek for a Satan driven mentality and now we pay him his huge pension. What a Country!

Picture yourself as a child whose parent or paid caretaker may have mental/emotional issues, wake up each day wondering what will happen to them – do you hear their cries:

  • How about a 2-year-old like Alexandria Hill whose PAID Foster Care mentor/provider swung her around by her feet crushing her head on the kitchen floor killing her – she had been removed from the home under the latest changes made by Obummer and his HHS director.
  • Or a 5-year-old who was tortured and beat until she died
  • Or how about Texas where they seem to think shipping children to out of state Foster Care is better. You have the case of Billy, his sister Susan and Timmy (not their real names) who were shipped from TX to Ohio under the supervision of A.C.T.I.O.N. Inc., a private adoption group in nearby Dayton to be in the care of a single man named Brandt. He was an unmarried insurance claims adjuster who received an additional $33K from the state to pay for private Christian educations for the children.

All sounds great until we get the whole story. Texas relied on A.C.T.I.O.N to check Brandt’s background and vice versa. The result of that was the final realization that Brandt and his two buddies,  Jason Zwick and Patrick Reider were found to be implicated in a police sex sting operation and they were child human traffickers.

Texas is just one state who in 2012 had 231 children die from abuse and since that date, the numbers have dropped some, but they still hold as the number one state with child abuse deaths.

I have all kinds of horror stories I could repeat here having worked for a Child Psychologist who specialized in Child Sexual Abuse. The vile things these people can come up with to torture those who are helpless will never leave your mind.

But you see, legislators state and federal, would rather spend the money on rotten, indoctrinating education, than being sure our young children are protected by hiring more social workers rather than giving then workloads of 60-100 children and a pay equivalent to the workloads, stress, and horror they deal with daily.

Corporate America in any form should not be the deciding factor in anything – especially when it comes to the care and education of our children.

CHILD ABUSE 2Senator Hatch – as of November 2017, shortly after you issued your recommendations, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Administration on Children, Youth and Families, Children’s Bureau (AFCARS) issued their report for 2017 reporting this country had 437,465 children in Foster Care as of September 30, 2016.

Yet our schools are being encouraged through their various textbooks to put SEX as the main focus of their days, encouraging the mindset it is ok for our children to not worry if they are of a particular sex – you can change out day by day as if you were changing your underwear. Recommending reading material filled with sex, beatings, and pedophilia and then you ask the question how did we get to this point?

In 2015 your co-worker, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa) demanded a response from the Obama administration to whistleblower claims that thousands of those children have been released to sponsors with criminal records that included homicide, child molestation and human trafficking.

Did Grassley ever get that response? Probably not any greater chance of that than you are getting your responses. According to Grassley, at least 3,400 children had been placed where the sponsors had criminal records and I suspect that number is very low.

Sexual and physical abuse of those in Foster Care has been going on for years and years and nothing changes any more than the pedophilia in the Catholic Church or members of Congress.

Sex crazed President Clinton gave HHS a directive to develop an internet site to “link children in foster care with adoptive families” so we would be able to window shop for children on a government website. If you don’t find anything you like there, you can surf on over to the ‘Adopt Shoppe.’ Link

WARNING AMERICA! A two-sided sword has been offered to us in the release of the movie “I Can Only Imagine” about Bart Millard of the Christian music group “Mercy Me”. It is a wonderful movie, BUT it shows how abuse on a child can be hidden and how a child will invent ways to shift their mind to other things.

Yet our governments are willing to go even further and rip children from homes on speculation or because you happen to fall into a category “they” have created and put these children in homes where there has been NO background checking done because if they had Alexandria and children like her would not be dead or emotionally abused for life.

Oh yes, there are those of us who have managed to deal with the abuse of parents, spouses or caretakers, (sometimes all those categories) but there are times like watching “I Can Only Imagine” which brings it all back to the surface and then you must start the healing process all over again. It may help you to find an outlet to encourage your healing by God.

I didn’t know Bart Millard was abused or I might have guessed what was going to be in the movie. Don’t stay away because of your past, but go for the power of God, knowing the real hurt in this country is the power of those over us having worked so hard to take God out of our lives.

This country needs God! Far too many have chosen Satan as their leader. They will deny it, but they are evil. Abuse in any form is evil and evil comes from Satan.

Unfortunately, we have even found we cannot trust those within our schools and churches who have the authority over our children so much of their young lives.  Link

Being A ParentAgain, parents when you decide to have children, you must be willing to spend 18 years of your life focused on each child you have or don’t have any. It is ultimately your responsibility and if your life’s focus is “it’s all about me” then you should not have any children. And that includes the lack of responsibility for yourself in the free sex “because you can”.

I will never forget the women testifying in front of Congress to have our taxpayer money used to pay for her birth control because she said she couldn’t afford it and she “just plain liked to have sex”. Again, passing responsibility off to others giving us a country of wimps.

And as for you Senators Hatch and Weyden, either do the job you are being paid for or go home. You are useless serving in your current capacity. You have been there far too long anyway.

FINAL NOTE:  Such fatalities have continued to be a significant problem in Texas and around the country despite high-level personnel changes at the child welfare agencies. In Texas, legislative appropriations and declaration by U.S. District Judge Janis Graham Jack in 2015 stated the foster care system violated the constitutional rights of children placed in long-term foster care stating the states foster care system was “broken”.

Do you think?

BUT, BUT, Texas appealed the ruling to the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Attorney General Ken Paxton argued that Jack had misapplied the law and that her ruling would “irreparably harm” Child Protective Services.

Lawyers for the state’s 10,700 children in long-term care responded to Paxton in a brief, saying that children are harmed every day because of “deliberate indifference” by the state. They said that the state had refused to correct structural flaws, such as shortages of caseworkers or child care licensing investigators and inspectors.

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