On October 8, 2013 I posted an article titled “Federal Government Backdoor Takeover of Education”.  I told parents about how school boards around America needed to take a serious look at what the Federal government is imposing on them  and their children!

In 2012  the government came up with the National Sexuality Education Standards (NSES) and still today parents have no idea these exist. To make it look like Arne Duncan and Obama had nothing to do with it, they were put through and written by  The American Association of Health Education (www. aahperd.org/aahe); The Future of Sex Education (FoSE) Initiative (www.futureofsexed.org.);  The American School Health Association (www.ashaweb. org);  The National Education Association – Health Information Network (www.neahin.org)  and The Society of State Leaders of Health and Physical Education (www.thesociety.org).

Kathleen Sebelius was at the time Secretary of Health and Human Services and totally supported everything Obama put forth including this and FERPA. She is also pro abortion and Planned Parenthood. Even being a mother, this woman like so many liberals has no problem causing damage to other children.

On page six, they announce:  The National Sexuality Education Standards were further informed by the work of the CDC’s Health Education Curriculum Analysis Tool (HECAT); existing state and international education standards that include sexual health content; the Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education: Kindergarten – 12th Grade4; and the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics5, recently adopted by most states.

To remind parents, these standards start with our Kindergaten children now and each state has created their own set of Pre-K ‘Operating Guidelines” and since the big push is for the Pre-K “schools and nursuries” to take children with federal dollars, there is even more control of your children at this early age.

National Health Services (NHS) boards are also jumping on the bandwagon calling for new sex-ed curriculum to cover in depth gay marriages and the changes of transgender and they are objecting to provisions allowing parents to opt their children out of the classes.

It would do well for parents to be sure they know and understand exactly what is being taught to their children in regard to sex, life styles and everything that pertains to them for the hours they spend at their schools. Slipping in “eye scans” and other tricky manuvers to track and manipulate our children are common place today.

Reminding parents it was the Bill Gates Foundation, Carnegie Foundation and Fox News Robert Murdoch who put up the $100 million to create the “nonprofit” IBloom database which was to allow schools and testing companies to share information they were to collect on individual students from their attendance records, to include parent’s names through to the test score results.

Fortunately in the Spring of 2014, IBloom was dumped because of all the sustained protests by parents and privacy advocacy groups concerns.

Through legislation of individual states “in the name of innovation” the data would also be made available to for-profit companies (PPP’s) seeking to peddle a variety of educational products and services to school districts. In return for this the legislators received campaign donations from various for-profit companies.

Did you notice how the past and present governor’s who were running for president all had changed their mind’s in regard to the Common Core now standing against it – all accept Ohio’s governor Kasich who strongly supports the CCSS, but he also has a state full of Charter school scandals.

Even the National PTA received over $1 million to support the Common Core.

Where has all the money been coming from?  Let’s see – we had George Soros, Bill Gates Foundations, Jeb Bush’s 2 Foundations , Walmart Foundation and former governor Mike Huckabee embracing the CC by money, verbal support, ads or all mentioned. There are plenty more but these individuals have an agenda of their own. You would think that this group would be strange bedfellows, but in fact they are nothing but corporate elitists looking to push along the New World Order of which Education is supposed to play the largest role in the “dumbing down and controlling of our children”.

Even the Islamists put a great deal more than just their “two cents” into this game with them being the third-largest shareholder in Pearson who has their fingers on the publishing of the textbooks along with coming up with standards.

You might also want to check in your state to see how much if any Soros money is funding your children’s education. It 2011 was revealed that Bill Gates and Soros money along with the Koch Brothers have their money in the Education pot! Link  Link  Link  Link

The education non-profit Teach for America  (TFA)has been under increasing fire recently as critics and alumni accuse the organization of misappropriating their original mission by backing the policies of the “corporate education agenda” that promote privatization, the expansion of charter schools and the undermining of teachers unions.

In 2013, criticism reached a higher note when the news broke that Wal-Mart owners, the Walton Family—key backers of charter school expansion and the effort to end teacher protections—donated $20 million to the nonprofit TFA for “recruitment, training and professional development,” bringing their total support for TFA to over $100 million since 1993.

“The Walton Family Foundation’s support for Teach for America is driven by the organization’s proven ability to create a pipeline of outstanding education reform leaders,”said Ed Kirby, deputy director of the Walton Family Foundation’s K-12 Education Reform effort, in a statement released last week.

Unfortunately, Mr. Kirby is not bothering to speak to all the previous young men and women who have taught through Teach for America – they do not support TFA unless they have been given a high paying position within the company.

Florida gained a new State School Board member 2 years ago who claimed she was a “life-long”professional teacher. The truth is she graduated from the “progressive” Bank Street College of Edu. for her Maasters 04-06 and during the same time was working for TFA and then took a high paying job from them to run their office in Miami as their Program Director. Some Educator!

The 2015 ESSA is presenting to parents the introduction of Community Education. That’s where the “community” as a whole has a say about the education of your child – your opinion no longer counts.

If the school as an agency of society is to justify itself for the period ahead of us, it must be accepted that its fundamental function is to serve the people of the entire community, the very young children, the children of middle years, early adolescent youth, older youth and the adults as well.

Concerned Americans should read Dorothy Dawson’s articles published in 1968 in The Montgomery County (MD) The  Advertiser (see pages 31 and 38 in Charlotte Iserbyt’s book the deliberate dumbing down of america). Her articles include the 1946 totalitarian womb to-tomb community school plan for Americans which I think is the early UN Agenda 21; new name/same agenda).

Backdoor moves by the Obama Administration have become the “way of the land” The changes in the FERPA laws ,rather than going through congress, were done by making the Data Mining of your children’s information a mandate to be implemented through the Department of Labor.

You see Obama just calls the heads of these departments to his office and “mandates” what he wants done. They change the rules and we have “allowed” this to happen by not holding Congress accountable for not reigning in Obama. Instead Congress just sits back and smiles and writes the checks with our money.

Every state in our country should follow Louisiana in regard to this law that was passed. IF YOU WANT TO GET LEGISLATION SIMILAR TO THE LOUISIANA BILL PASSED  IN YOUR STATE, CONTACT:  ANGELA ALEF  (abalef@yahoo.com)

The People LLC, a very effective, “faceless” grassroots  organization in Louisiana, had a huge victory a while back regarding opt-out”.

Angela Alef of The People, LLC stated, “The other thing that keeps getting overlooked in the law and this is the last thing that I’ll bring up and I appreciate your patience, is that it doesn’t say children can’t be asked these questions unless there’s an opt-in or an opt-out.  It doesn’t say they can be asked these questions only if it’s presented voluntarily.  It says they can’t be asked these questions; and, anyone who wants this information from children has to go speak to their parent and get it from the parent if the parent chooses to voluntarily disclose it.

I didn’t pass that legislation–you guys did.  And we were very, extremely proud of the stance Louisiana took.  And we have always said at The People, LLC that Louisiana is the state who can lead the other states out of the mess that this country’s in.  And, I believe you guys led when you passed the Student Data Privacy Act, which is, despite the changes made last session, it still is the strongest student data privacy law in the nation—well-surpassing any protections that FERPA used to or currently provides.”

You Tube testimoney of Angela – https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wTHYfGecb28  https://youtu.be/_toZQrTu7sE

Remember it is “We the People” who have to gain the control back in regard to our children’s education, morals, values and every other aspect of their lives – it is not the place of the Federal government.



Stealing Control of Our Children!

U.S. Government Once Again Invading Our Homes!

I wrote about this in 2012 shortly after they released the National Sexuality Education Standards (NSES) which is when we first got wind of it. Kathleen Sebelius at the time was Obama’s Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) and she was all for this “policy”.

It wasn’t long after the NSES standards were released we learned how sexuality was being intertwined throughout the Common Core curriculum. This link will show you how the Sexuality Standards are set up grade by grade (go to page 12).

Kathleen Sebelius was a very good Democrat but a lousy individual when it came to overseeing the welfare of the children of this country.

Recently the U.S. Department of Health in conjunction with the HHS have pushed what they believe to be their role as “Big Daddy” and have released a draft document which outlines for all the plan on how our government plans to treat the families. Families will be considered EQUAL partners with the Federal government, but on an UNEQUAL basis the government will have the right to intervene and monitor how your children are being raised at home and how they act in the classroom.

The policy statement of the recent draft states, “This policy statement is to provide recommendations from the U.S. Departments of Health and Human Services (HHS) and Education (ED) on systematically engaging families in their children’s development, learning, and wellness, across early childhood and elementary education settings.

Now parents will have a set of “standards” or “Parenting Intervention” on how they are supposed to raise their children all for the sole purpose to “ensure your child’s social-emotional and behavioral needs are met.”

Does the Federal government really think so much of themselves and so little of our parents that they believe they don’t know how to raise their children? There have always been parents who might not care as the others do or who didn’t do as good as job as some, but for the most part the majority of the parents in this country have and are doing a pretty darn good job considering the numerous roadblocks which are continually placed in their way. The Federal government needs to get out of our day to day lives.

Make no mistake, this “family” intrusion starts even before your child is born. Home visits will be the rule of the day and they do not have to give you a reason for their intrusion either.

Regarding “family engagement,” the two unconstitutional bureaucracies (USDOE and HHS) openly state their joint position: families are “equal partners” in everything from children’s “development” and “education” to their “wellness across all settings.” Virtually no area of family life, including the health and “mental health” of parents, as well as a family’s “attitudes” and even its “housing,” would be free from government intrusion under the government’s Orwellian vision. Even vague notions of “family wellness,” as defined by bureaucrats in Washington, D.C., would be put under a government microscope. “Parenting interventions” will be used to ensure compliance.

If you thought we were kidding when we told you the passage of the ESSA “Every Student Succeeds Act” was not the groundwork leading to the total control of your children from cradle to grave, maybe this will make parents believers.

“It is the position of the Departments of HHS and Education that all early childhood programs and schools recognize families as equal partners in improving children’s development, learning and wellness across all settings, and over the course of their children’s developmental and educational experiences,” reads the draft policy. And it gets even more bizarre: As defined in the document, family means “all the people who play a role in a child’s life and interact with a child’s early childhood program or school.”

I have to ask the question if just because the Federal Government puts something in place (it is not even passed legislation) is it Constitutional and what will the ramifications be if we don’t open our doors to them?

Hitler's ChildrenOr is this a “feeler” to see how many parents speak out about this coming “HITLER” type intrusion into our families?

The document argues that Big Brother needs to know about essentially everything, for the supposed benefit of the child it wants to “partner” in caring for. Citing “research,” the policy statement claims that “the institutions where children learn cannot ignore family wellness if they want to fulfill their mission to prepare children for school and academic success.” In other words, every aspect of family life is now fair game under the pretext of checking “family wellness.”

While government usurpation of parental rights and responsibilities is hardly a new phenomenon, the Obama administration has pushed the agenda hard. Citing Obama’s so-called “My Brother’s Keeper” scheme, the document also touts ensuring that “children are learning across settings and that all adults who teach and care for them are strong partners with shared expectations and aligned strategies.” Thinking that Big Brother is going to align its “strategies” and “expectations” to those of parents — rather than the other way around — is naïve at best.

This part is precious:  “The “principles” underlying the agenda are spelled out explicitly, including “equal partnerships between families and professionals.” In fact, the paper calls for promoting “shared responsibility” between government “professionals” and families “for children’s healthy development, learning and wellness.” The paper also calls for “jointly” developing and monitoring goals for the children at home and the classroom, with government employees told to “engage parents as capable, competent partners.”

After all the failures and corruption we have seen our government involved in are we supposed to trust “untrained government hacks” to decide if our children are being raised properly or if they are healthy?

The world of “psychiatry” is to play a large role in this also by “ensuring with constant monitoring and communication regarding our children’s social, emotional and behavioral health. Who is going to PAY for all of this?

There are lots of “recommendations” — nudge, wink — for local governments, too. If parent “partners” are not partnering in a way approved of by Big Brother for example, local officials should “identify supports that will be offered to parents such as evidence-based parenting interventions.” By interventions, they mean exactly what you think they mean. Local arms of Big Brother should also seek out “community partners” that can “provide comprehensive services, such as health, mental health, or housing assistance to meet families’ basic needs,” the document explains.

Leading into the ESSA “Community Schools”?

I don’t know who I am angrier at – parents or these morons who have been allowed to continually screw us! Just remember as with Obama’s Executive Orders, there is nowhere in this document that states if you are a Democrat, Liberal or voted for Obama you are exempt from this tyranny.

The document calls for various government programs to visit your house. “To support ongoing relationship building with families, programs and schools and should conduct periodic home visits so that teachers and families can get to know each other and communicate about children’s goals, strengths, challenges, and progress,” the policy statement says, adding that if home visits are not possible for “all families,” other requirements should be imposed.

Schools are to now assess your “families’ needs and wants” and even to provide training for parents on how to raise their children. Indeed, every aspect of parents’ lives is in the crosshairs. “LEAs, schools and programs can support family wellbeing through school social workers, by implementing community schools models or approaches, or using family support staff and mental health consultants.”

These are the very same people that believe it is perfectly alright to take your daughter to have an abortion without telling her parents she is even pregnant.

Coalition for Community Schools.Your Obama approved COMMUNITY SCHOOLS being referred to as “parental-replacement centers” are in full swing and they intend for this to move into a massive expansion. These full service schools are set to play a key role in the broader agenda of control to include every aspect of a child’s life to include even their dentistry, nutrition and mental health.

Hum! Same initials as for the Common Core Standards!

In case you aren’t aware the ESSA also includes provisions for deploying “mental health” programs against parents and/or community members. Former Edu. Secretary Arne Duncan liked to brag that he was going to turn our children into “green” and “global” citizens with the weapon being UNESCO under the over-reaching arms of the United Nations. This even calls for government to use education as a “weapon” even calling for the government to have “some kids” 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In case you aren’t aware Florida’s first Charter/Boarding school opened in Miami/Dade in 2014 called “the Seed School of Miami”. Most of their Board of Directors are lawyers but the one I like best is Virginia Emmons, co-founder of Educate Tomorrow who graduated with a degree in “Community and Social Change” from the Univ. of Miami in 2012.

It is supposedly a college-preparatory, public boarding school which is of course tuition-free “except for our tax $$” public charter school. The SEED Foundation opened their first school 15 years ago in Washington, D.C.

Maybe it is the parents who are willing to send their children off to “boarding” schools who this policy should apply to – not to parents who are deeply involved in their children’s lives and education as a whole.

And though the Democrats are no angels, this whole ESSA was passed by and put together by REPUBLICANS with Sen. Lamar Alexander (globalist) in the lead knowing full well what they were doing – laying out their path to a global world and the New World Order.

Hey debate moderators, how about asking Jeb Bush about this. His “beloved” daddy is the first one to bring up a “New World Order” beginning with the push for Charter schools and Vouchers. Then “baby boy” Jeb carried the staff while governor to really push. Jeb Bush can say whatever he likes but research shows what a corrupt and evil family this is!

This whole document which has not been passed as law but is being treated as “POLICY”, and is very clear in stating federal bureaucrats are starting from the false assumption that Big Brother is in charge of raising children, and that parents may be called upon to help out as “partners.” It also purports to provide justification for governments to pry into every aspect of family life — an extraordinarily dangerous proposition that is a hallmark of totalitarian governments. The mindset evidenced throughout the document is beyond paternalistic and condescending to parents.

What is not clear at this point is if this “POLICY” is not followed by the local school districts what will happen to them. Take their funding away? We keep trying to tell the state governments to STOP sending the Feds any of our money and tell them to take their grants and yearly dole out and put them where the sun doesn’t shine. States would have more money than they would know what to do with.

The document remains online at the federal government’s website. It appears to have been put out during or after the fall of 2015.

I do wonder if this collaboration is also going to be checking on the families of legislators and even Obama since it seems his daughter is not immune from getting herself into fixes by being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Are these animals that are pushing this agenda against America’s families exempt?

Admittedly, a major part of the problem is that many parents have bought into the notion that they can, or even should, hand over their children to government “professionals” and “experts” to be raised, monitored, tracked, manipulated, and “developed.” But Big Brother has certainly played a giant role in encouraging that dangerous idea, most recently illustrated in the policy statement referring to families as “equal partners” in child rearing.

Maybe this will help parents understand this is no joke!

Though this publication is focused on Head Start it is still parental intrusion through “Parental Intervention”.


THE LIFE OF AMENDMENT 8 – You Thought It Was Over!

I apologize to my readers for this article being about Florida. However, since that is where I live and where most of the corruption and plans to destroy our children’s future’s originates, I hope that by informing you of the measures our legislature is taking in ruining our children’s futures – you will also take a long hard look at your state to see if you are becoming a ‘copycat’!  Amendment 8 to FL SB 1552!


In 1999, Jeb Bush pushed through the legislature an “Opportunity Scholarship Program” that gave students in “failing” public schools state funding for tuition at religious and other private academies. Americans United for Separation of Church and State and other allied groups immediately challenged the voucher scheme in state court.  After years of legal wrangling, the Florida Supreme Court finally struck down the program in January 2006. The 5-2 court majority said vouchers violated a provision of the state constitution requiring a uniform system of free public schools.

Our new governor, Jeb Bush, stated vouchers will help parents rescue their children from chronically failing schools. If we have chronically failing schools, then the State of Florida and its legislators have failed to live up to what is expected by all Florida residents. A voucher allowing public money to be used in private schools defies the very definition of PRIVATE SCHOOLS. This money should be used to take all these failing and critically low-performing schools to a higher standard than we have today and get our legislators out of the BUSINESS of EDUCATION.

Jeb Bush reportedly was livid about the FL Supreme Court’s decision and vowed to press for a constitutional amendment, but he found it more difficult in the state legislature than expected. In May 2006, the proposed constitutional amendment fell short by one vote in the Republican-controlled Senate, despite a lot of hardball political pressure from the governor and his allies.

Bush then went for Plan B – after leaving office in Jan 07, he & his top advisers crafted a back-door maneuver to revise the state constitution and advance vouchers. They decided to stack the state’s 25 member Taxation and Budget Reform Commission  (TBRC) which meets every 20 years & has the power, by a two-thirds vote, to place initiatives directly on the ballot, bypassing the legislature and other governmental checks and balances.

Commission members were appointed by then governor Charlie Crist (Bush arranged with Crist to appoint Greg Turbeville, a former Bush policy director, the Senate president Ken Pruitt and the House speaker Marco Rubio who helped the scheme along by appointing Bush education adviser Patricia Levesque and other voucher fans). In all, “nine Bush-era acolytes with financial ties to voucher groups who stood to gain financially” were appointed to the Commission!

Bopsey Twins

Once again the FL Supreme Court stepped in and prior to the 2008 election, they ruled that the TBRC had exceeded its narrow authority of dealing with issues related to taxation or the state budgetary process in proposing the two initiatives and removed them from the ballot.

In the Spring of 2010, the Florida Legislature considered two resolutions (amendments) which, if passed, would have placed a ballot initiative similar to the TRBC’s Amendment 7 on the ballot. The legislation failed to advance beyond the Rules Committee in both the Senate and House of Representatives.

Now we are back to the table again and in the Spring of 2011, the Florida Legislature approved a resolution to place Amendment 7 on the November 2012 ballot. Amendment 7, similar to the church-state related constitutional provisions considered by the TBRC and the Florida legislature, would strip the Florida Constitution of its long standing church-state separation provision. The Amendment was designed to eliminate religious freedom protections currently in place in Florida and open the back door to taxpayer funded vouchers for private and religious schools. The Amendment would eviscerate protections in place governing partnerships between the state and private or religiously affiliated organizations, (possibly even permitting taxpayer money to flow directly to houses of worship). The Amendment is the first step towards permitting private school vouchers.

In July of 2011, Florida parents and clergy, as well as representatives of school administrators, teachers, and school boards, filed a lawsuit in Leon Circuit Court seeking to remove Amendment 7 from the November 2012 general election ballot.

The lawsuit made two claims. First, the plaintiffs contended that the language that will appear on the 2012 ballot doesn’t accurately describe what the amendment, if adopted, will actually do. In short, they argued that the ballot language was misleading. Second, the plaintiffs argued that the process set in place by the legislature for fixing misleading ballot language violates the separation of powers. The current law would have allowed the Attorney General to rewrite Amendment 8 if the Court had found it to be defective. The Plaintiffs argued that the Attorney General (a member of the Executive Branch) lacks the power to rewrite the language, as only the legislature can approve ballot language.

Judge Terry P. Lewis of the Second Judicial Circuit of Leon County ruled that the language that was slated to appear on the actual ballot to explain Amendment 7 was misleading and ordered Attorney General Pam Bondi to make the changes and hence, Amendment 7 came back as Amendment 8 in 2012. http://www.au.org/content/legal-challenge

But wait, vouchers have already been ruled as unconstitutional by the Florida Supreme Court stating they violated a provision of the state constitution requiring a uniform system of free public schools. However, Amendment 8 is focusing on vouchers to be used by PRIVATE and RELIGIOUS AFFILIATED ORGANIZATIONS!


Then in April 2014, the voucher hypocrisy of Jeb Bush supporter Florida legislators gave us vouchers despite the fact the voters in 2013 turned it down by a decisive margin and the FL Supreme Court had ruled it unconstitutional.

You see here in Florida it is not about the children, but “whatever Jeb Bush wants, Jeb Bush gets – sooner or later and by hook or by crook! Cons to this scam:

  • Private schools have little to no accountability requirements as to having certified teachers. Taxpayer funds should never be made available to private or parochial schools. (In the 2012 Voucher amendment, 2 of the 3 legislative writers of the amendment are Catholic).
  • The untruth passed through the halls of the legislature were that the parents wanted a push for STEM ((Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) when it originated within the Federal government. Teaching children science and history that is corrupt is not the way to equip them for the modern world unless the intention is indoctrination or you plan for them to be in the fields and factories anyway.
  • Programs for private schools are sometimes attractive to parents precisely because they are free of the innumerable unfunded mandates and endless testing inflicted on public schools. Parents are NOT checking with the private and parochial schools to see if they participated in the RTTT grant games and a good share of them did take money from the federal government which means CC.
  • And last but certainly not least, private school vouchers defy the Florida Constitution, which states that it is the state’s paramount duty to have a uniform system of high quality, free public schools. Corporate tax vouchers create a dual system that is profoundly unfair, dangerous and is intended not to benefit our children, but to fill the wallets of legislators and their corporate cronies along with filling another dream of Jeb Bush’s.

In a poll taken by Sunshine State News in April 2014 showed 55% of those participating were against vouchers, 42% supported and 2% were undecided. So again we must ask who is the FL legislature working for. With Andy Gardiner (R) now the head of the Fl Senate and a strong supporter of education privatization our children are in serious trouble.

One thing taxpayers must remember when it comes to education in Florida is that our system is set up that the governor in the end CHOOSES who will be our Commissioner of Education and APPOINTS the State School Board. Cronyism? Where else do you know that an APPOINTED state school board can overrule a district ELECTED school board?

Charters make up a disproportionate number of F-rated schools within the state and you never hear about all their failures and always with the excuse that they enroll students who have struggled in traditional schools and that they are in the low-income areas and were set up for failure from the start. I ask those parents if that is the right mentality to start a school with and is that what they are projecting to their students?

But then you have charters where they are earning A’s. In some cases, as with magnet schools, that’s the result of cherry-picking good students with motivated parents. Charter Management companies have even found ways to weed out the lower achieving students to help make their overall grade look better – yet it is the charter school which have all the unaccountability, uncertified teachers and in some cases uncertified schools themselves.

A warning to parents who are choosing the voucher approach to educate your child if they fall into the category of ‘English Language Learners’ (ELL). In the state of Florida there are laws in place that cover this in a ‘traditional public school’.

When your child goes to a school where vouchers are used for payments, all bets are off when it comes to these rules, and it’s because these schools are private and are not required to comply with state ESOL rules.

Another failure by our legislature is instead of insisting that students going to private schools with public money take the same standardized tests that public school kids take, the legislature would use public money to pay the Learning System Institute at Florida State University to do annual reports on the performance and learning gains of voucher students.  So they are going to use additional taxpayer money to ‘assess’ the performance of the children being school on the voucher system?

Now we are back to the Florida State Constitution which states ALL children must be treated the same! I do believe we have some laws suits floating around again!

So in essence children going to a private school by voucher do not have to take the FL standardized tests but a child with disabilities who are in alternate schools do. In case you aren’t aware, so are hundreds and hundreds of students who are classified as not liking school, truant, 1-2 years behind their peers, or just normally cannot pass a test.

(Yet the FL Statutes clearly states all testing is mandatory and Commissioner Stewart has stated there will be consequences for anyone not participating in the testing process. She however fails to tell parents what those consequences are).

These children are housed in traditional and charter school settings within normally un-used buildings all over the state never having to take another test, not show graduation rates, but we are paying for their bus transportation not only to school but to work. For you see these students are actually in ‘school-to-work’ schools – not technical schools just school where the most important agenda is them working in a McDonald’s, Burger King, car wash – not very often in an office and certainly not in training that would support them.

And most certainly do not call one of these school principals and ask any questions. Not only do they become rude and unaccountable, but in some cases will even tell you they don’t have to answer your questions and they send you to your district board to try and find out who is overseeing the program.

Now the current chapter in Florida’s charter/voucher corruption, the legislators are using the basic format of Amendment 8 from the 2012 election cycle and putting it in SB 1552.

With an ongoing Republican control in the Florida Senate and House, parents best start forming home school coalitions and tap into the ‘good’ teachers who have quit teaching because of Common Core and the antics in Tallahassee.

Parents it is impossible to make this stuff up and we must come together and stop this madness. I don’t care what your party affiliation is, your nationality, or your race – I care about the futures of our children.



Do We Protect Our Children Or Sexual Deviates? Part 3

What are “sexual deviates?
• A type of mental disorder characterized by a preference for or obsession with unusual sexual practices, as pedophilia, sadomasochism, or exhibitionist behavior.

Then you have the legal definition of which I am going to let you look up as it is almost as disgusting as the actions themselves.

You may be asking why I am continuing on this path of writing and it is because of my love and fear for our children. Deviates are lurking around corners everywhere – schools, churches, malls, ball fields, legislative halls. LEGISLATIVE HALLS? How can that be? Well in some cases they are the ones passing legislation which sets our children up for being vulnerable.

ELECTED, APPOINTED and those with the MONEY OFFICIALS! This includes Obama, Lamar Alexander, Bill Gates, Jeb Bush, the United Nations, Human Traffickers and many more to include anyone who has a hand in pushing off on our children through education in the classrooms of our schools deviant behavior or sexual education which is beyond their years.

Innosense 2In fact, most of it has no place in the classrooms of our schools. Along with the Common Core has come the “National Sexuality Education Standards”. Another opportunity for the Federal government and other agencies to determine what is best for OUR children whether it is age appropriate or not.

According to the timeline of those “National” standards:
By the end of the 2nd grade they are to be able to describe the differences and similarities in how boys and girls may be expected to act and they are going to provide the examples. Is this going to include teaching them about the government’s endorsement of gay, lesbian and transgender behaviors even to passing legislation to support this?

Also by the end of the 2nd grade they are to “identify the different family structures demonstrating they should show respect and acceptance of those differences. We are talking about 7 year olds here. I don’t believe a 7 year old should have to be concerned with these issues – in many ways they are still babies.

Let's define EverthingIt is only “normal” to have to “identify” different family structures because the government is fueling every bit of immorality that has been washed over this country. Social justice being the 2 words that no one can give the same definition to at any given time. Yet WE are all to follow the path of social justice which is immorality, turning away from GOD and adding fuel to the fire of constantly creating division in this country among the people.

The term JUSTICE is difficult to define since justice is a concept, an idea, an invention of the human mind. Like other concepts such as truth, liberty, fairness and justice, it means what people want it to mean at any given time.

By the end of the 5th grade, they are not only supposed to be able to define both the male and female reproductive parts and how they function and define sexual orientations as the “romantic” attraction of an individual to a person of the “same” or “opposite” sex. TEN year olds.

This push for the “sexual” power over our children is also bringing them to have to decide in many cases to go against their religion since the government is also supporting the murders of the unborn. The last session of the United Nations on the “Rights of Women and Children” showed everyone clearly that the push for the support of what some of us refer to as “immoral” is to be commonplace. (I will discuss this in Part 4).

So not only do we have “standards” the teacher is supposed to go by in teaching SEX to our children rather than a true education, but they are being given reading material that endorses some of these behaviors and these books are being passed off as “great works of literature”.

I suggest everyone check with their schools, school library, schools approved book list and the public library to see if the following are part of the “allowed”. I want to remind you as I stated in Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, some of this push to the support of the gay side to our school children has been going on for some time with the approval of the schools.

“The Little Black Book – Queer in the 21st Century” was distributed to hundreds of kids (middle school age and up) at Brookline High School, Brookline, MA. It was written by the Boston-based AIDS Action Committee, with help with the MA Department of Public Health and the Boston Public Health Commission with financial support from GLSEN. The reasoning for the distribution of this book was in “preventing aids”. I might have bought that except for the listing of all the gay establishments that were available in the book.

The Little Black BookReminding you the event that day where this was book and “fisting kits” were distributed was designed for children and teachers across all of Mass and organized by the “Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network” (GLSEN) which has been led by the former Obama “Safe School CZAR Kevin Jennings for years. This group has also been running “Gay-Straight” clubs in public schools across America.

You must ask yourself: What kind of person would write this? What kind of person would give it to kids? Where is this movement headed? Why are the schools supporting it? If you care to verify what I am reporting here you can go to this link to view and download the full version of the book.

Here you can read Michelle Malkin’s articles regarding these events:
Parents it is up to us and the rest of us to make sure our children are not INDOCTRINATED into a world of “sex” for “sex” and that parents are given the right and authority to teach their own children about reproduction, their bodies, experiences and the rights and wrongs of life.

Parents all over the country are finding books like the following being listed as “required” or “recommended”. For myself and many others who have read or gone through these books there is a conclusion that: “There is a mind-numbing degree of indoctrination (definition: teach a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically) and (inappropriate sexual references/diagrams) found in the textbooks.”

I will once again apologize and warn the following is not for children, but parents MUST be aware of what is being put upon our children and none of it is good education.

Its Perfectly NormalI previously wrote to you about the book out there called “It’s Perfectly Normal”. This book was written by Robbie Harris who is an employee of Planned Parenthood and this book and another that Harris wrote “It’s So Amazing” are supported and endorsed by Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood and very graphic.

I remind you this book is listed on Amazon to be age appropriate at 10 years. Within “It’s Perfectly Normal” various articles are: Page 11 – Making Babies; Page 12 – Sexual Desire; Page 14 – Making Love and Sexual Intercourse; Page 16 Straight and Gay; Page 48 – Perfectly Normal – Masturbation; Page 54 – Cuddling, Kissing and Sexual Intercourse (with pictures); Page 68 – Postponement, Abstinence & Birth Control (pic shows how to put on a condom – I remind parents this book is listed for 10 year olds; Page 73 – Abortion (a few of the reasons given: parents don’t have enough money or time to take care of a baby; parents think they are too young to have a baby; female is single – no mention of Adoption as an alternative and it glazes’ over Sexual Abuse, Sexually Transmitted diseases and Aids.

IOts Perfectly Normal 3

Make LemonadeThe (NY) Council for School Supervisors and Administrators, who reviewed a recommended text, “Make Lemonade”, were disturbed by the books “sexually explicit language and content.”

The young adult novel is part of the eighth-grade Scholastic CODEX curriculum that some city schools listed this year as part of their compliance with CCSS. Some passages “worried union members, including discussions of sex and drugs,” said spokeswoman, Antoinette Isable-Jones. Isable-Jones also said the principals union sought more information on whom and how the city selected the materials recommended to schools.

Age rating for this book is 10-14 years and is about a 17 year old single mother of 2 who needs a baby-sitter and a young high school girl who takes on the job. In the review part on Amazon most of the 200+ pages are blocked out. I would be interested in knowing who the people are who wrote the remarks since all are positive and as a mother, I don’t believe our 10-14 year olds should be reading a book about sex and a positive side to being a single 17 year old with 2 children. It does also show the hardships, but neither should have to concern a 10 year old.

Black Swan Green“Black Swan Green” is addressed as a “coming of age” 13 year old boy in England in the 1980’s. My main objection to this book since I am well aware of a boy’s curiosity at that age is the author’s need to use negative language and the narrator of 13 who graphically describes his father’s genitals and a sex act. It has been suggested that because all of the excerpts do not contain explicitly sexual material some students would read only the required portions of the book.

Under New York State’s Common Core requirements, excerpts from the book “Black Swan Green”, are required reading for ninth graders. Some scoff at the idea that once the books are in a student’s possession that the sexually graphic material would be skipped over. In another section of the book, the narrator watches a couple having sex and details the sounds made by the woman involved. The words “dick,” “cock” or “erect penis” appear on at least 11 separate pages, according to several readers.

Isn’t there literature out there for our children to read and meet the CCS requirements that don’t base its story line around sex? I guess not because that has been the main push for years at our young to abolish the morals of America.

Dreaming in Cuban“Dreaming in Cuban” by Christina Garcia, is again another sexually explicit novel. Schools, especially public schools, are already high-risk environments in some communities that are struggling to contain drugs, bullying, and violence. Do such texts increase violence, teen pregnancy and drug use among susceptible, vulnerable children? I would guess the answer to that to be yes as in D.A.R.E. proved to have done with drugs. Can such novels be understood as educational? One shocked parent noted that material in Dreaming in Cuban, if filmed, would be rated R-17, but if it’s listed by CCSS, it is used in schools as “lessons” for 15 year olds.

Across the country, Buena High School in Sierra Vista, Arizona, having acknowledged parental pressure removed the sexually explicit novel. Dreaming includes teen sadomasochistic passages and it is an “exemplar text” according to the Common Core State Standards for English Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and Technology Subjects… Furthermore, with the study of this novel, teachers and students are sent to a website that features an interview with Garcia about her newest book—found by parents to be even more disturbing.

The most alarming CCSS selection by far is the novel “The Bluest Eye”, by Pulitzer Prize winning author, Toni Morrison. Bluest Eye, now banned from several school districts, is an explicit depiction of rape, incest, sexual violence and pedophilia. The pedophile, named Soaphead Church, claims God as his inspiration, “I work only through the Lord. He sometimes uses me to help people”. In her research on The Bluest Eye, Macey France exposes some shocking discussion by the author.

Bluest Eyes“Morrison says that she wanted the reader to feel as though they are a ‘co-conspirator’ with the rapist. She took pains to make sure she never portrayed the actions as wrong in order to show how everyone has their own problems. She even goes as far as to describe the pedophilia, rape, and incest ‘friendly,’ ‘innocent,’ and ‘tender.’ It’s no wonder that this book is in the top 10 list of most contested books in the country.”

The goal of both formal and informal education, according to the proponents of Common Core, is no longer knowledge and comprehension, but rather to change attitudes and behaviors—apparently by attempting to demoralize and desensitize our children.

Our children are being infused with physical, feel good sex not love. Probably the most destructive ideas in the history of human thought. These books invoke envy, thrive on insecurity, and end in disillusionment. They are showing lust rather than true love which cannot really be felt in the ways these books are describing them at the early age of 10. These authors treat sex and love as possessive mating, and romance as the goal that might happen, but if not Owell!

These books are not a wholesome, decent, truthful groundwork for our children maturing into well-balanced, adults/parents. The expectations being laid out before them for the most part are un-natural and un-healthy. They draw on the most destructive of emotions, deceiving the lover and seeking to imprison the beloved, making them prisoners of their emotions and at a far too young age.

So who are the deviates? Pedophiles of course be it the teacher in the schoolroom, the minister in the pulpit, the next door neighbor or a stranger lurking in the darkness. How about the Human Trafficker?

But what about the legislators, other elected officials, those appointed to oversee the textbooks that are recommended? How about the evils behind the CCS themselves and those who have written the standards? How about those that are behind the destruction of America – the World being forced into an immoral, sheppeled down society and fund this trash, laughing all the way to the bank!

How about the publishers who are feeding our children with mounds of lies in regard to Science and History? Feeding them information to be memorized and passed on which is inaccurate, revisionist, anti-American, racist, climate change propaganda based on fake science, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, pro-Islam, Marxist, globalist, pro-Socialism/Communism, pro-homosexuality, pro-abortion and sexually explicit.

Has everyone lost their minds?

Parents you certainly have your work cut out for you. Working and having to take on your children’s education full-time is probably not something you envisioned, BUT I have to give you more.

Inform your families, neighbors, keep after even those who don’t want to hear – they must hear. And for your families and America’s sake, vote in 2014 and 2016 – not for the name you recognize, but for someone you yourself have ask questions and done your research. Heavy load I know, but one that must be taken on!

Always remember when thinking about a person running for office – “Would I really want that person to dinner, sitting at my dinner table and close to my children?” Choosing the lessor of 2 evils never works either.


Do We Protect Our Children Or Sexual Deviates? Part 2

In Part I of this article, I showed how the medical profession and our government have been complicit in supporting the Gay, Lesbian, Transgender issue in our schools, our society as a whole and the new push to have the world accept pedophilia by giving it medical labels.

Legislation is just waiting to get enough support to force you to think their way and accept the behavior being pushed onto our children on a daily basis.

The Little Black BookIs this the future? “The Little Black – Queer In the 21st Century” was distributed to hundreds of kids (middle school age and up) at Brookline High School, Brookline, MA. It was written by the Boston-based AIDS Action Committee, with help with the MA Department of Public Health and the Boston Public Health Commission with financial support from GLSEN.

There is growing support for this organization’s cause, as demonstrated by its newly publicized ties with many educators on the local level, and some very powerful national allies including the National Education Association (NEA).

Is your child’s teacher supporting this or just staying quiet? It is time to ask the questions of both your children and the teachers. Talk to your children daily – did the teacher do or say anything he or she told them not to tell their parents; did they give them work to do you can’t take home; was the teacher asking personal family questions! Talk! Talk! Talk!

Teachers are following the support of the NRA rather than stand behind their beliefs because they know their school boards can easily replace them with “free thinking” Teach for America teachers who are mostly non-union and that saves the school districts money.

What are “Teach for America” (TFA) teachers? In case you aren’t aware, the way Teach for America works is in the spring each year, they wander into college and university campuses around the country looking for “recruits” to train. They don’t have to have gone to college to be a teacher just that they are graduating and have not been able to find a job. They recruit them stating “we can teach you everything you need to know to be able to teach by spending 5 weeks in the summer with us”! Most are non-union which will give you the reason school districts like to hire them and they take less wages.
So good-bye to the good teachers who cannot support what is happening in our schools.

Its Perfectly NormalParents who don’t ask the questions will be very surprised at the literature, books and information being used to educate their children about sex – all sex and at an early age.

Behind GLSEN’s promotion of “tolerance” and “safety,” however, are the sordid realities of what GLSEN actually supports. Just about every type of sexual practice imaginable is “celebrated” and even graphically described in first-person stories by students in GLSEN’s recommended literature.

GLSEN also supports gender distortion through cross-dressing, even in books recommended for elementary school children.

Criminal, underage sexual contact between adults and minors is a frequent, casual theme in these materials.

Planned Parenthood, a long-time GLSEN ally, brought enough kits for everyone at the 2005 event and laid them out on their table for all to take. Massachusetts News reported, “Out of approximately 650 attendees, about 400 of those were students.” 250 adults at a Planned Parenthood event out of 650 attendees? So I guess the wolf was supervising the event!

Planned Parenthood of MA distributed kits for fisting and oral sex. The label on the zip locked package says, “It protects against STD’s,” and bears the Planned Parenthood logo and phone number. (Pictures on the internet of the “fisting kits) were so graphic I would not post them here).

Please don’t think that because most references here relates to MA that this is not going on in your child’s school all over the country. This is just the area where the big push came from. Oregon All Schools! Thank You Kathleen Sibelius! Is she really a mother and grandmother? Good riddance to bad trash!

Using the schools as its primary platform, GLSEN conveys its message of cultural change through the web site, books and curricular material, teacher-training workshops, and in after-school homosexual clubs for students.

We now have the statements from the president regarding transgender’s in the schools – transgender CHILDREN who barely know who they are let alone their sexual preference but then we are now back to “experimentation”.

The U.S. Departments of Justice and Education agree that if you deny a transgender girl from using a boy’s restroom at school or vice-versa that the school district is in violation of Title IX.

Once again any time you take any portion of a red penny from the Federal government they own you!

Where do you think the control is going to come from when you have more boys using the girls restroom’s and the girls using the boys and the incidences of rape escalate?

Dr. John Diggs, a specialist in internal medicine who lectures about STDs, said that the kits create a false sense of security. “I’ve written a brochure about this whole thing,” he said. “The way I describe it is, I ask ‘How many people want to take a bite of a sandwich without taking the wrapper off?’ ‘How many people want to suck on balloons?’ Nobody does.”

Dr. John DiggsDiggs said when you encourage kids to use such a barrier by saying it is “safe,” then when it comes time for them to use it, they find they don’t like it and throw it aside. Because they are already in an aroused condition they continue on and increase the chances of spreading STD’s orally like syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, HIV, human hematoma virus and hepatitis B.

How does pedophilia relate to GLSEN? They are both openly targeting children of all ages for their own sexual gratification and self-indulgence.

The large movement here is the on-line pedophile movement – usually away from the eyes of parents or guardians.

I want to address the classifications of a pedophile – sex offender or predator! A sex offender can be a sex abuser, or someone who is caught urinating in the street. A predator who is someone actually hunting down their prey – child or adult. The word “pedophile is what determines who their prey is.

kevin jenningsFor me Jennings can be a gay man and I could care less, but when you intentionally try to convince our children to follow your path – and for what purpose? So your GLSEN group of members can attract otherwise “straight” children and recruit them into the Gay Lesbian lifestyle!

Encouraging the close proximity of the children and adults in this kind of sexual preference to this writer is PEDOPHILIA!

Are all gays Pedophiles? NO! In fact more straight men and women are pedophiles, but in this writer’s mind when you spend all your time focusing on convincing young children they are gay – you have stepped over the line.

Jennings and those like him have created a depraved, sick, and perverted sense of safety in American schools.

In a 1990 “report” for the MA Governor’s Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth, Jennings is the individual who proposed taking the term “safe schools” and changing its meaning to mean a pro-homosexual school where it was “Safe” to teach homosexual behavior to children under the name of “Preventing Bullying”.

This is what he is really all about.It is what his “mission” is. Is this the way for HIM to justify his sexual choices? Another piece of the Obama administration that was and is trash and thank God he is gone from inside the Education system. However, he is definitely still around!

And our president knew all this so now what are we supposed to believe? Maybe he just doesn’t like children in general (strongly supports abortion), or is it just another way to slow down the population according to the Communist Manifesto and the United Nations NWO doctrine?

Whatever the mindset is, they are once again using our children to practice a deviant behavior without the children or their parents knowing what the full intent is. Implementing this behavior under the smoke screen of “social justice” is a deception of a grand magnitude. A little bit like the Common Core and Charter/Choice deception, only worse.

These people are evil! Anyone who uses children in a damaging, hurtful way are just plain evil. There is no other way to say it!

Speaking of which, Jennings wrote the foreword for a book entitled “Queering Elementary Education: Advancing the Dialogue about Sexualities and Schooling”, which includes an essay that indicates that “‘queerly raised’ children are agents” who should employ “strategies of adaptation, negotiation, resistance, and subversion,” to others.

I call it a form of Sexual Indoctrination!

Queering Ele EducAmongst the ludicrous writing in this forward Jennings states the racially motivated dragging death of James Byrd by hateful Texas racists to the tragic death of Matthew Shepard the young man in Wyoming who was allegedly beaten to death because of his sexual orientation. It’s typical for far left radicals to equate the choice of one’s sexuality with a benign characteristic such as skin color. It disgraces both demographics by making the comparison.

But while you are here, jump to the back cover and you can read the name of one of its endorsers: William Ayers of the University of Illinois at Chicago. Wake up America!

Ayers writes, “Queering Elementary Education” is an important contribution to nourishing the ethical heart of teaching, reminding us how anemic and cold and partial our embrace of our students has too often been. For some readers this collection will be an affirmation, for others a surprise and challenge. But it is a book for all teachers and parents, indeed for anyone concerned with the healthy development of children and schools. And, yes, it has an agenda: it stands straight and strong for fairness, for respect, for humanity, for simple decency.”

Somehow I don’t think his idea of “simple decency” is the same as yours or mine.

Ayers is not just a terrorist who attacked government buildings. He’s an advocate of revolution in America by indoctrinating and sexually corrupting the next generation the same as Obama is.

Over the years we have heard that pedophilia has marched all the way to the White House in the scandals of the 1980 and 90’s, but then of course most of us never wanted to believe something like that of our elected officials. However, over the years we have certainly learned they cannot be trusted either – in a variety of ways.

Those of us that follow Human Trafficking know that a large portion of that involvement is pedophiles. This is also another article.

Parent’s watch your children and the adults that are around them. Look for changed behaviors – drugs is certainly not the only thing that could make your child depressed or withdrawn.

None of us wants to believe our friend, neighbor, child’s coach or day care worker, teacher or minister would be capable of using a child in this fashion, but the courts will tell you otherwise.

I again want to reiterate I am not against gays, homosexuals or transgenders. I am however against their use of CHILDREN to further their cause and gratification.

As Rush Limbaugh stated last year, “the left will work at normalizing pedophilia just like it has gay marriage”!

You can read Part 1 here.


They Are Just Doing Their Job! Whose Fault Is It?

by Bradlee Dean www.newswithviews.com

“The Laws of God and of man have been violated, and the guilty must not go unpunished.” – President Harry Truman, May 1945, Nuremburg Trials “Tyranny on Trial”

american-handsInterestingly enough, back in 1945, during the Nuremberg Trials, when the war criminals were rounded up by a world tribunal to bring forth justice concerning those who were responsible for the murder of 12 million people (mainly Hitler’s regime), when it was time to answer for their crimes, the accused stated that they were “just doing what they were ordered to do,” regardless if it was legal or illegal, not only in the sight of man, but also before a Just and Holy God (Proverbs 21:3).

The real question here should be: Who were the real criminals? Those who committed the crimes, or those who let them commit the crimes? Imagine with me for a moment if the people in Germany would have dealt with these criminals before their crimes commenced – how different would the outcome have been (Deuteronomy 28:63)?

Let me show you how history is repeating itself right here in America.

When I look across the country, as I do on a daily basis, and see things taking place in America, I can’t help but wonder why we are where we are today and who is to blame for the position that we as a people are in.

First, I know we cannot blame the professed church in America for holding back the Word of the Lord concerning homosexuality, abortion and government corruption because they do not want to offend anyone. After all, while Christ was being delivered up for the guilt (sins) of mankind, it was the religious hypocrites crying, “We have no king but Caesar!” (John 19:15)

We cannot blame the homosexuals who are being used to upend the Constitution of the United States, to make way for Shariah law. After all, that is the way they were born.

We cannot blame the abortionists who murder over 4,000 babies a day across America. After all, it was the Supreme Court of the United States that sanctioned the victims’ murder under the guise of “choice.”

I know that we cannot blame those in government, namely the corrupt politicians who knowingly, at every step of the way, willfully violate the U.S. Constitution, and who on a daily basis trample our rights that hundreds of thousands of our forefathers, grandpas, fathers, uncles, cousins, brothers and sisters have fought, bled and died to give us.

I know that we cannot blame the teachers across the country that teach what they know is illegal, immoral and un-American in our classrooms under every guise: “No Child Left Behind,” “International Baccalaureate” or even “Common Core.” After all, they have to hold onto their jobs.

We certainly cannot blame the 86 percent of the parents who claim they are Christians, patriots, or conservatives and are dropping their children off at school gates to be illegally indoctrinated by the federal government, for they are just doing what everyone else is doing (10th Amendment).

Or what about those in the state-run media who do what they are told regardless of the information broadcast, whether it is true or not? We cannot blame them either, for they are just following orders on what to report.

You know, this mentality sounds all too familiar. The Nazis during the Nuremburg Trials said they were just doing their job, just following orders.

No questions, no moral conviction, no standing against that which violates God and His Laws. Has America taken on the same mentality?

It has been said that, “A nation whose citizens refuse to see and investigate the facts, who refuse to believe that their government and their media will routinely lie to them and fabricate a reality contrary to verifiable facts, is a society that chooses and deserves the police state dictatorship it is going to get.” How true!

So, I ask, who is to blame? The American people who let them do it!

Listen to Bradlee Dean on The Sons of Liberty radio show 6 days a week.


Do We Protect Our Children or Sexual Deviates? Part I

People can classify themselves as heterosexual, homosexual, asexual, or metrosexual. There are endless sexual orientations under the sun, and now, pedophilia can be added to the list.

Now we are told we are going to address pedophilia as a mental disorder and it is going to be “sorted” by whom you are attracted to, if you act on it or if you don’t.

In the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM V), (this is the neat book your doctor has to use to code your illness) the American Psychological Association (APA) drew a very distinct line between pedophilia and pedophilic disorder.

Pedophilia refers to a sexual orientation or profession of sexual preference devoid of consummation, whereas pedophilic disorder is defined as a compulsion and is used in reference to individuals who act on their sexuality.

APAAPA’s decision has given rise to numerous pedophilia-advocacy groups, the chief of them being B4U-ACT, a non-profit grassroots organization based in Maryland. Created in 2003 primarily as a means for “minor-attracted persons” to be open about their sexual preferences in a supportive atmosphere, B4U-ACT is now widening the scope of their organization.

Their web site states:

If you’re a mental health professional:
You may be disturbed by the lack of mental health care accessible to people who are emotionally and sexually attracted to minors, or by the unavailability of accurate information about such clients and how to work with them. We help mental health professionals learn more about attraction to minors and to consider the effects of stereotyping, stigma, and fear. That way they can be informed before they work with clients who are attracted to minor’s, and before they talk about or make public statements about minor-attracted people. THEN AGAIN –

If you’re a minor-attracted person:
You may be looking for mental health services to deal with anxiety, depression, anger, or other factors either unrelated to your sexuality or resulting from society’s stereotypes and reactions to your sexual feelings. Or you may be wondering how to live life fully and stay within the law. But you may feel you can’t trust therapists because they don’t understand you, they’ll judge you, or they’ll report your feelings to others. We work toward the day when minor-attracted people can find mental health professionals they can trust. That way those in need will be able to find help developing ways of coping with their situation or society’s attitudes about them, and learn to consider the effects of their actions on themselves and others before they react.

According to the registered sex offender Paul Christiano, the pedophilia-advocacy group is “working towards de-stigmatizing the mental health community.” Christiano explained that negative societal attitudes towards minor-attracted persons “trickle down to policy-making and the mental health community.”

So at what point are we, the seemingly normal parents, supposed to stop worrying about these “minor-attracted persons” who might or might not be participating in minor porn or decides to act on his or her attraction”?
What is next? A DSM code to cover Human Trafficking and separate it into different categories as to if you participate, make financial gains, gives you control over someone else, participate for someone else, for a gang or you are just a common ole sexual deviate?

To my knowledge there is no other deviate classification in the world that tries so hard to make so many excuses for their unwarranted, unsolicited and harmful behavior of the treatment of the children of this world.

Consider, for instance, that during Obama’s first term, the official website for the Department of Health and Human Services linked to “parenting tips” that referenced children as “sexual beings” and suggested that they should experiment with homosexuality and masturbation.



Our president chose a full-fledged GLSEN gay man, Kevin Jennings, to be his first “Safe Schools Czar” who also happens to be the co-founder and former executive director of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network. His known work in the close proximity of children leaves a lot to be desired. I am not stating he is a pedophile, but Jennings involvement in teaching our minor children things such as “fisting” at State funded events tells me otherwise.

Focusing on our 10 year old and older boys suggesting they are probably gay but just don’t realize it yet – PARENTS, I AM ASKING AGAIN, WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU?

And do not even suggest I am homophobic because I had two brothers who were gay, currently have known gay friends, but their focus on life was not to spend every waking hour with little kids. In fact, they didn’t hide the fact they were gay, but it wasn’t what they used to determine who they were.

Fortunately Jennings left that position after two years. He felt the “social conservatives” were hindering his work so he took a new job with Be The Change, Inc. a nonprofit 501(c)(3) to carry out the modern day version of Bill Clinton’s Americorps and still be around what I will still call youth between the ages of 17-24.

Just so you are aware, in Mass, the legal age of consent is 16 so these young, mostly boys are allowed to act as men in their choice of sexual partners. Thank you Barney Frank!

Sexuality StandardsBut how much damage was done to our children during Jennings tenure and now the Obama administration has given us the “National Sexuality Education Standards”. What is this administrations obsession with our children’s sexuality?

Obama knew what Jennings was! In March 2000 GLSEN held its 10 Year Anniversary GLSEN/Boston conference at Tufts University. The conference was fully supported by the Massachusetts Dept. of Education, the Safe Schools Program, the Governor’s Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth, and some of the presenters even received federal money. Michelle Malkin reported extensively on Jennings activities involving children at the time of his appointment.

At the time of this workshop, Jennings was the Executive Director of GLSEN.

During the 2000 conference, workshop leaders led a “youth only, ages 14-21″ session that offered lessons in “fisting” a dangerous sexual practice. During the same workshop an activist asked 14 year-old students, “Spit or swallow?… Is it rude?” Jennings also was the keynote speaker at the 2000 GLSEN conference. Teenage attendees were given directories to gay “leather” bars where homosexuals meet for anonymous sex and sadomasochistic “play”. These are MINOR children!

According to GLSEN, “Fisting [forcing one’s entire hand into another person’s rectum or vagina] often gets a bad rap. It’s an experience of letting somebody into your body that you want to be that’s close and intimate with and to put you into an exploratory mode.”

The above quotation comes from the MA Department of Education employees describing the pleasures of homosexual sex to a group of high school students at the state-sponsored workshop of GLSEN. Parents did you know your tax $$ were using in this way?GLSEN

GLSEN targets children in the public schools, and has formed “gay straight alliance” clubs in schools across the country. Currently there are over 900 in California alone and 53% of them are in the high schools.

So exactly what is the purpose of actively working to convince our children, with our government’s encouragement, “you might be gay and just don’t know it yet” or being involved in any way into the sexual teaching of our children?

The government will tell you it is because you and I don’t take on that responsibility but I have news for you “big Daddy” it is not any of your business how our children are educated in any way let alone their sexuality – just read the Constitution of the United States!

You remember Mr. President – you are supposed to be a “Constitutional” attorney – the Constitution gives no authority to the federal government to intrude in our homes or the education or training of our children, especially their sexual preferences. Your job is to protect the nation as a whole – not pick and choose where you want to focus and destroy.

Jennings and his GLSEN group have been working at this for 20+ years and no one from the educational system ever reported what was happening. Just one year after the “fisting” event, GLSEN under Jennings’ guidance, didn’t just recommend reading materials or lead discussions on fisting – they handed out “fisting kits” to young teens at their 2001 conference, held again at Tufts University.

How can parents allow their children to attend these events or is someone not telling them what is really going on? Children at this age are into “experimentation” of all kinds and people like Jennings know that and are experts in exploiting children.

GLSEN bookIn 2005 GLSEN handed out their “The Little Black Book – Queer in the 21st Century” at Brookline High School in MA. Their reading list is a “who’s who” of gay pornography!

Such books as “Heather has Two Mommies” a pro-lesbian parenting storybook, “Daddy’s Roommate,” about the “son” of two gay men, plus “And Tango Makes Three”, a tail of gay penguins, have been used in different states to brainwash children as young as kindergarten age. So what is one left to think?

Parents are you watching? Not only is our Federal government actively going along with Obama on this type of agenda, but there is a large increase in the push for Islam in the schools. Talk about indoctrination. It comes in many forms and it is being used in many ways – The TARGET – your children.


The Subversion of Education in America: Lesson #4

As I post the last of this series it brings to my mind what I was doing in the 80’s. Kids in school, working and trying to get some enjoyment out of life through my kids, friends and activities. I was like everyone else in regard to my children’s education. Would I have liked to send my children to private school – sure, but it was not possible. Too many kids and not enough money – my fault, but that is the way it was.

I was also like the rest of my friends – we did the same thing parents had been doing since 1964 – sending our children off for 6-7 hours a day to be over seen by TOTAL STRANGERS of which we knew NOTHING about and never did unless there was a problem at school. My kids knew if they got into trouble in school they were in more trouble when they got home. If they felt they were wrongly accused of something, you didn’t talk back to the teacher, you came home and told me about it and I would do the rest.

How I wish I had seen this report and known about Charlotte Iserbyt’s book! Today God has blessed me with an extremely supportive husband, kids who have grown up to be responsible, respectful citizens and the friendship of Charlotte Iserbyt and her many. many circle of researching friends. I certainly do not know what is going to happen to the generations coming behind, but I do have a good clue. Our government’s formation of an education system that will deliberately “dumb down” our children into Communist “school-to-work” robot’s and all the while the same government continually repeating over and over “they know what is best for everyone” is like a Science Fiction novel.

And they don’t – everything they say is a lie and everything they touch turns to crap! Their record speaks for itself and they know it. The only chance for survival for our future generations is for the current one to wake up, share what you know and give up some of your free time to learn more. This idea the government has that “we work for them now” has trickled down to the state and local governments. It is not a PARTY thing – both sides are just as guilty and currently the REPUBLICANS are in deep “doo-doo” when it comes to the Education mess!

And one more thing! Being a former Republican (now just a conservative) I want to remind you that the big push for this miserable education “plan” came during the Reagan years with the Education Treaty with Russia and the rest is history. Even Eisenhower’s “American Assembly”, which developed the predetermined,socialistic “Goals for Americans” in 1960 had a hand in this. Then the Clinton years with the supervising eyes of Marc Tucker, but the big push came with “NCLB” under President George W. Bush which is now being implemented through his son Jeb Bush in his push and endorsement of School Choice, the “non-elected” school board Charter Schools and the Communist Common Core State Standards all with the overseeing eye of the UN/UNESCO!

May the Lord have mercy on the country and its people for the evil they have perpetrated on its children!

by Alan Caruba

I have lived my whole life in an affluent, suburban community in Northern New Jersey. When I attended its schools in the 1940’s and 1950’s, the vast percentage of graduating seniors went onto college. Their parents had migrated from Newark during or just after WWII because the schools had an excellent reputation. Today, they are not much better than those of the inner city.

Here’s an excerpt from a letter to the editor in our local weekly. “I understand that our education officials have yet to detail for the public exactly what measures have been taken to ensure that a first-rate education will be provided for students.” This stonewalling is endemic to education bureaucrats across the nation. He thinks he’s going to get an answer. He won’t.

An F“I was horrified to learn that 34 percent of the eighth grade students in (our) Middle School were found only partially proficient ‘the worst grouping’ in the 2000 GEPA math section. Simply put, we rank 97th out of 97 schools in this failing category. Further, this dreadful performance has been repeated over the past several years.

“As a homeowner and a taxpayer, I want to know how the district’s school budget increased from $51 million five years ago to $70 million today, a 37 percent increase over four years, during which time these poor test scores have not gotten measurably better and our last place ranking has not moved out of the cellar.”

Throwing more and more money at our nation’s current education system is not the answer. The system is inherently flawed because it is not intended to provide a basic 3R’s education.

President Bush proposes to introduce a national educational standard and then test to it, but we already know American students are deficient in all the areas of knowledge the schools are supposed to be teaching. The tests today’s students take are more about their values than about any body of knowledge they have acquired. Today’s schools are not about educating students. They are about teaching attitudes and values.

3 monkeys 4If you have been reading my series over the past three commentaries in this series, you already know that the system has been designed to deliberately dumb down students.

The architects of this attack on our nation’s youth can be found in the US Department of Education. They have adopted psychological methods of conditioning and jettisoned the teaching of information and basic skills. It is called “Outcome-Based Education.”

Today’s students, as opposed to their grandfather’s or even their father’s education, are being systematically conditioned to think in “global” terms about humanity, nations, religions, and, of course, the environment. They are conditioned to be citizens, not of the United States, but of the world.
That’s what you need when you’re creating a socialist one-world governmental system and that is exactly what is occurring at the United Nations.
Today’s students are taught not to make value judgments about other nations, even if they are authoritarian dictatorships. They may not know where Brazil is on the map, but they “know” all the rain forests are disappearing. They don’t know when the Civil War took place or why, but they “know” that all the Founding Fathers were slave-owners. They also “know” that America’s history is one of destroying the native Indian nations, taking their land, and exploiting it with farms, mining, and the destruction of whole forests. They cannot tell you what the Bill of Rights is, but they “know” the US is the leading contributor of “greenhouse gases” to the atmosphere, thereby causing global warming. It is a full course of lies.

They haven’t a clue about the individualism, sacrifice, daring and innovation that made this nation great, nor its political system, and most certainly not its history.

As Charlotte Thompson Iserbyt writes in her book, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, they aren’t being “taught the difference between free enterprise and planned economies, i.e., socialism; between ‘group thinking’ and individual freedom and responsibility.”

By the 1990’s the decades of effort to overturn an education system that taught specific bodies of information and the skills to use them arithmetic, spelling, history, civics, science’ had effectively been transformed into today’s touchy-feely system. It is a place where a student’s feelings of self-esteem are more important than whether they actually know anything other than the specific answers to the test. Thus teachers now “teach to the test” (their paycheck depends on it) rather than provide a broader body of knowledge. It is a place where competition is discouraged as unfair to those less qualified for any reason. It is a place where socialist attitudes and values are the priority, not knowledge.

NCLB SigningGiven President George W. Bush’s enthusiasm for education that is “accountable” and “will leave no child behind”, will it surprise anyone that the “America 2000 Plan”, written in 1991, was presented to the American people by Lamar Alexander, the Secretary of Education serving his father, President George Herbert Walker Bush?

The “America 2000 Plan” proposed to radically restructure American society, beginning with its schools. It was intended to affect 110,00 public and private schools. When you’re trying to create good little socialists, you can’t afford to have anyone who is being taught to think independently or asked to incorporate moral and ethical values.

The “voucher” program exists to give the federal government control over private schools because, whoever pays the piper, chooses the tune. Schools that accept voucher students will soon find themselves required to accept federal education regulations as well.

Goals 2000 and School-to-Work programs introduced to transform our schools reflect what Iserbyt describes as “the internationalization of education with exchanges of data systems, curricula, methods, et cetera, all essential for the implementation of the international socialist management and control system being put in place right now.”

Everything, including the SAT college entrance tests, has been degraded to mask the dumbing down those who are passing through our schools. Today’s SATs permit students to use electronic calculators, ask fewer questions in general and fewer multiple-choice math questions in particular. Reading passages now ask definitions from context and the formerly difficult antonym section, calling for linguistic and intellectual subtleties, has been dropped entirely.

My hometown’s parent who could not get any answers from his district’s school board could not know that this is repeated across America in school after school. Parents are routinely lied to. Worse, today’s parents are often required to put their child put on a regimen of Ritalin, a mind-altering drug. We’ve got seven million government-approved drug addicts going to school in drug-free zones!

To the individual parent, there seems to be no way to resist the juggernaut of a system that routinely turns out thousands of “educated” morons. Some choose to home-school their children. Others who can afford it send them to private schools. Still others shell out for after-school tutoring services. Why? Because the schools have been “restructured.”

President Bush is not providing a solution. He is part of the problem. His father was part of the problem. Presidents going back to Eisenhower have been part of the problem because they failed to see that introducing Soviet-style educational methods’behavior modification to produce good little socialists–into American schools was destined to bring us to this point.

Education is not about national standards and national testing. It’s about individual schools in individual school districts, all answerable to their communities and to the parents of the children entrusted to them. It’s not about how the child feels, but about how well the child learns. There is pride in learning, but if there are no grades, how does anyone, parent, child or teacher know what, if anything, is being learned?

Congress will probably give President Bush the $5 billion he wants to throw away on failed reading programs, and money for the national educational standards and testing he wants. Previous Congresses have gone along, failing or refusing to see how the educational system has been corrupted. The Republican “Contract with America” and the campaign promise of Ronald Reagan to dismantle the Department of Education had it right. It didn’t happen. It is the only hope to reverse the damage and return schools to local control.

Sit down with your child and watch “Jeopardy” together. If neither you, nor your child knows the answer to anything other than the television or film questions, you’re in trouble. Now multiply that against an entire population of Americans who don’t know the answers either.

Permission to republish or reprint this series in whole or in part must be secured via email or other written communication from The National Anxiety Center (acaruba@aol.com) or Box 40, Maplewood, NJ 07040.

The series is Copyrighted by Alan Caruba, 2001. Any use of the series, in whole or in part, must contain attribution to the author, The National Anxiety Center, POB 40, Maplewood, NJ and/or the Center’s URL, www.anxietycenter.com.


Finally the States Are Waking Up!



Massachusetts is waking up! The Tantasqua Regional School District Committee is pushing for state legislation to overturn the state Board of Education’s decision to adopt the National Educational Standards because committee members are concerned about the impact the Common Core (CCS) might have on its students.

In a 8-0 vote July 21, 2010, the state’s Board of Elementary and Secondary Education adopted the Common Core Standards in English language arts and mathematic. To date, 45 states have adopted the Common Core State Standards. This writer feels that decision was made because of the money offered the states to accept the program and by pressure from the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices who had not read the CCS.

School committee chairman Michael J. Valanzola of Wales, who testified before the Joint House and Senate Committee on Education on the same issue in 2011, said the CCS lowers the commonwealth’s standards in education (as it will in every state participating) in a time when the state should be raising them.

He continued by saying, “anything that removes control from a local body and gives it to a big government bureaucrat is NOT something that should happen without discussion,” This man gets it!

“And ladies and gentlemen – that is the Communist way! Congratulations Mr. Valanzola – someone is waking up! This also applies to School Choice/Charter schools or any type of Educational system that has the governing force of over sight and control coming from a NON-ELECTED body or government interference.


So You Think Florida Has Improved?

Education20Today if you are registered with the Florida Tracker system to follow your legislators you would have received the following:

Senator John Legg, District 17 — Press Release
Florida up to #6 in Education nationally – Senator Legg, Chairman of the Florida Senate Committee on K-20 Education Policy today released the following statement regarding Florida jumping five spots, from number eleven to number six in Education Week’s 2013 Quality Counts report.
“In the past few years Florida’s education system has faced the strain of economic downturn but done everything possible to maintain high-quality education for our students,” said Senator Legg. “Today’s release of Education Week’s 2013 Quality Counts report demonstrates that Florida is meeting the challenge head-on and working diligently as we move into full implementation of the Common Core State Standards which are designed to prepare all students to be globally competitive for college and careers.”
At one time ranked near the bottom of states across the country, Florida began making significant progress moving to 14 in 2009, 8 in 2010, and 5 in 2011. After falling to 11 in 2012, in 2013 Florida increased five spots and is now sixth in the nation. http://www.flsenate.gov/Media/PressRelease/Show/1355
Not to mention again the fact the Senator (newly elected) Legg also owns a Charter Public School along with his wife would seem slighting of Mr. Legg. His wife serves as the Administrator and he as the Business Manager. No one can deny his school isn’t doing well and having a teacher to student ratio of 13:1 is certainly a big advantage.

I again question the ethics of this man owning a charter school, voting on Charter school legislation and also serving on Jeb Bush’s Foundation. It is a direct conflict of interest of the taxpayers of Florida.

Florida may have moved to the position of 6th in the country but we still received a B- average grade overall (81.1) and we got some pretty rotten scores in other areas. This certainly is not saying much for the level of the education in America. These legislators and non-educators continue to try and tweak the education system from a legislative point of view rather than from what and how they are teaching them. Never, ever forget the beginning of the real failure was No Child Left Behind (NCLB).

Receiving an A in Transitions & Alignment along with Standards, Assessments & Accountability was certainly not enough to pull up the overall score with the very poor D+ in School Finance Analysis and especially the very low grade in the amount spent per child and the overall C- in K-12 Achievement 2012 grade of C-.

This type of reporting by the Florida leaders in the legislature and the State Board of Education are a disgrace and quite frankly a lie in the overall state of Florida’s education.

Those in the legislature who serve also on Jeb Bush’s Foundations and are heavily involved in the state Charter school system along with other members of the State School Board includes the founder of KIPP schools Jax, Mr.Chartrand. They all may be disappointed they did not break out the success or failure in the Charter school scores. But then if they had, they might have had to include the failures and the reasons for those failures which have not been the best publicity a venture would ask for.

Grading Curve Used as follows: A (93-100), A- (90-92), B+ (87-89), B (83-86), B- (80-82), C+ (77-79), C (73-76), C- (70-72), D+ (67-69), D (63-66), D- (60-62), F (0-59)

In a survey given to Administrators and Teachers regarding what was important to them in the school environment these stood out for me:
School climate was more important than school safety –
School Climate – Administrators 83% Teachers 72%
School Safety – Administrators 61% Teachers 64% (I wonder what those figures would be today after Newtown
School Discipline – Administrators 46% Teachers 54%
Quality Counts
The other 2 really bad scores were “School Finance Analysis” D+ and placed 39th in the country – we received an F last year.

Disappointing also was our high school graduation rate shown to be 70.4% and the young adults enrolling in post-secondary education at 54.4%.
Florida also remains to be #5 state in the country for receiving funds returned from the Federal government for Education but they continue to fall below the National Average per student at a ranking of 36th in the nation. This writer believes the differential between the receipt of monies and spending continues to be because of the amount spent on administration. Anyone who has ever called Tallahassee for information knows how many “uninformed” employees you have to go through before even beginning to get an answer to a simple question.
2-13 Education Week Spending

Maybe it would behoove the state to look at the wasted funds being spent on the International Baccalaureate Program (IB) or start presenting reports with statistics to show we are getting something for our money. Every single senior in this state on the IB program should be on the National Honor Society and they are NOT. Very, very few are! How many graduate? How many go on to college? How many graduate from college?

It is the state’s responsibility to prove to the taxpayers that we are getting something for our $$. They have never even published statistics as to the rate of graduation of these students.

In addition, with the low rate of our young people attending college, it might be to all our benefits for the state to look at decreasing the number of professor’s or at the very least the extremely high salaries they are receiving.

Other remarks made –
– Mark Wilson, president and CEO of the Florida Chamber of Commerce: “Florida’s bold education reform efforts have clearly put our state on the right track. While Florida has made great strides, there is still work to be done. To compete in the global marketplace, we must recognize that, just as society changes, so does the workforce. Florida’s kids deserve better, and with America’s new Common Core Standards and the leadership of our new Education Commissioner Dr. Tony Bennett, we will secure Florida’s future with a globally competitive education system.”

His statement says a lot to me in that the “Chambers” all over the country are endorsing the “school to work” communist program along with Tony Bennett, our new Commissioner of Education and Jeb Bush’s “boy”.

– John Legg, Florida is meeting the challenge head-on and working diligently as we move into full implementation of the Common Core State Standards, which are designed to prepare all students to be globally competitive for college and careers.”

The fact our legislators are now coming out in support of the Common Core Standards when they have not a clue what it is or what it means to our children’s education is certainly disheartening. I hope they enjoy their current placement in the State Ratings as with Common Core – these kids are going to be lost as well as most of the teachers and all the scores will drop.

– Rick Scott, governor: “For Florida to be a global leader in job creation and economic growth, we have to provide our students with a quality education. Today’s news that Florida has moved into the top ten in the nation for overall quality of education reinforces that we’re taking the steps needed to ensure our students succeed. We’ve made education a priority by investing $1 billion in K-12 education.

For a man who said he was NOT in favor of Agenda 21 or anything that went with it, his speech’s now almost always include the word “global” and he was the instrument in bringing the Communist Chinese into Florida to invest in our Charter schools.

Governor Scott needs to answer to the parents/taxpayers of Florida why his office refuses to address the Freedom of Information request behind that Communist money! They certainly did not invest all that money with a promise of another $60M for our kids to learn Mandarin Chinese!

They can pat themselves on the back all they want, but they are still working behind the scenes in ruining our children.