So Sorry!

So SorryIt is time I apologized for not having posted on here for some time. Health issues have had me to my knees for a while, but with a God full of Grace and wonderful doctors, I am finally back to “normal”, whatever that is for me these days.

I haven’t stopped keeping my eyes and ears on the pulse of our children’s education, and I hope I have some good information for you to read through and take to your own school boards (if you still have one in your community), and let them know you are not happy with the ways things have been going and their re-elections could very well depend on their decisions in the future.

This goes for local and state elected officials who have been operating under the assumption you and I are supposed to be working for them rather than the reverse. There are reasons for their way of thinking and I hope to bring that to you also – it is still “education”.

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The goal of many is to Abolish our Representative form of government and they believe they have it all figured out especially now with the Federal government backing Charter/Choice Vouchers. From fellow researcher Anita Hoge:

Transforming America One City at a Time:

Is this country at a tipping point? How do you transform our Republic? There are four main issues I will discuss in this article:

Governance—removing locally elected school officials;
Funding—ushering in federal choice and vouchers under the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) which will change our system of taxing and financing schools to one where the funding will follow the child (this is also a means to control private schools and expand charter schools);
Charter schools—replacing your local neighborhood school with a zealous for-profit agenda so that there will no longer be parent or voter input, or elected school boards, specifically with an aim to kill public education.
Common Core Standards—ushering in a system of individualized, psychotherapeutic learning; the standardization of teaching, testing, and technology in all 50 states; nationalizing education; and changing traditional education based on academics to a workforce training model.

The combination of all four points above puts this scenario together. It demonstrates that this is the plan for the destruction of our country. The following stories tell the tale.

New Orleans. New York. Chicago. Detroit. Philadelphia. Washington DC and countless other cities are casting a glimpse in how this nation is being transformed. If these large cities can be transformed, what chance do small cities and towns have to sidestep government takeover? There are both Democrat and Republican fingerprints all over this agenda. Based on a crisis such as a natural disaster, financial bankruptcy, corruption, or some other incident, there is an agenda to take control of a city’s schools by transferring all authority to the mayor or the governor. In 2006, an action guide for mayors was published by the United States Conference for Mayors and funded by the Gates Foundation called, “Mayoral Leadership and Involvement in Education, An Action Guide for Success.” It detailed a step-by-step process to gain control over a city, particularly its schools. Similarly, in 2008, the National Governor’s Association wrote a report, “State Support for High Performing Charter School Expansion,” which was a plan for state governors to expand charter schools. Is this the bigger plan?

What unique circumstances must be in place to force the closing of publicly-run schools by reorganizing them to become privatized charter schools? Dissolving all elected school board members and replacing them with appointed councils? Firing all the teachers and thereby breaking the back of the unions? [Leave aside, for now, the debate of benefit versus harm of the teacher’s unions, ed.] Replacing experienced teachers with fledgling ‘Teach For America’ or ‘Education Pioneer’ newbies who have had just a few weeks of training? Firing teachers through based on subjective evaluations and “high stakes” testing of students that measures and molds their personalities? Designing a tax system that moves the tax base away from the local community? Forcing local neighborhood schools to close? Dislocating students from their neighborhood surroundings? Co-locating charter schools within a public school? Destroying both your parental voice and your representative vote so that there is no longer any local school district accountability?

Many of us over the past few decades have been watching elected officials be thrown out of their rightful positions. We have watched as parents and educators at meetings and rallies begging for their schools not to close. Do American citizens truly understand the overall effects of these increasingly common local events to the entire country? Is there more to this story? Yes! MORE!

Thanks to all of you who have commented on my articles in the past and your willingness to “hang in there” with me.




UN Disabilities Act – NOT!

Most Americans today would tell you they want the United States to get out of the United Nations, and a majority would  prefer the UN be removed from the United States as a whole. In addition to that, the  United States already has strong  Disabilities legislation to protect our citizens – Why would any parent want to give any type of control of their children over to the United Nations whether they have a disability or not?

We as a country, have legislation protecting the disabled in this country. The best in the world I might add. If other countries around the world chose to allow the United Nations to dictate how they handle things in their countries that is their business – let them pay for it.  This is just another way for the United Nations to gather further control over every aspect of our lives in their drive to a “NEW WORLD ORDER.”

Since the inception of the United Nations 67 years ago, BILLIONS of $$ have been paid to them and from where I sit, the very same countries who were poor beyond belief and plagued with diseases and hunger at that time, are still in the same position. WHAT HAVE THEY DONE WITH ALL THEIR MONEY? The United States pays each year approximately 23% of the UN operating budget and 24% of the peace keeping budget.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee planned to consider the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities last week, but was unable to after Sen. Jim DeMint, (R-S.C.), and a number of other Republicans reportedly placed a hold on it.  The move effectively squashed efforts by supporters of the treaty to get the U.S. to ratify it before the 22nd anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act on Thursday.

Then on Thursday, Sept. 20, Senators Durbin (D-IL) and Harkin (D-IA) tried to get the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities ratified on the Senate floor in a maneuver that can only be called a sneak attack. Without notice, they asked for Unanimous Consent to ratify the treaty immediately. If an alert Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) who opposes the treaty had not been present, they would have likely succeeded.

Thankfully we have a temporary reprieve on a vote from the Senate in that the Senate has recessed until after the election so they can campaign! Some vacation benefits!  We must retain a watchful eye on this as I am sure it will be on the top of the Committees list when they return. Given the makeup of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee I believe they will pass it.

Proponents say the treaty would merely require the rest of the world to “catch up” to the United States’ high standards created by the Americans With Disabilities Act while protecting Americans with disabilities abroad, but opponents — including a number of home-schooling groups — have raised concerns about international standards being imposed on America and rightly so!

The treaty, said panel Chairman John Kerry (D-Mass.), “raises the standard to our level without requiring us to go further.” Since the level of the U.S. is the highest why do we need to sign it except to give our control over to the United Nations?   “Sen. DeMint strongly opposes this treaty, as the United States is already the world leader in addressing the needs of the disabled and it’s foolish to think Americans need to sign away our sovereignty to exert our influence around the world,” a DeMint spokesman said.

Abortion was the only issue to divide lawmakers along partisan lines.  Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) proposed language saying the treaty “does not create any abortion rights.” All nine Republicans on the panel voted for it.  Despite bipartisan support for a United Nations disability rights treaty, a group of Republican lawmakers is holding up U.S. Senate consideration of the matter.

While the U.S. initially signed the U.N. Convention in 2009, Senate approval is needed for ratification of the treaty which calls for greater community access and a better standard of living for people with disabilities worldwide.  The delay comes amid opposition from the Home School Legal Defense Association which is urging its members to tell Congress that the treaty “surrenders U.S. sovereignty to unelected U.N. bureaucrats, and will threaten parental control over children with disabilities.”

Another concern – Soros supports this!

“It is disappointing to lose a week,” said David Morrissey, executive director of the United States International Council on Disabilities, which is lobbying for ratification. “We want to keep the momentum. ” What Mr. Morrissey is not telling you is that one of the organizations sponsoring partners is George Soros’ “OPEN SOCIETY.”   What I would ask the member groups of the United States International Council on Disabilities (which are almost all the disabilities organizations(165)  in America) “Why would you want to give any of the care or rights of your members over to the United Nations/Soros?  Morrissey states the treaty will allow the US to take on the leadership of feasibility issues – I believe we have already done that.