The Year of Satan – Who Shall Lead? Part 4

CoexistChristians, are you prepared to turn away from the Father, Son & Holy Ghost? Are you prepared to face a One World Religion that says your God and Allah are one in the same? Are you prepared to fight for the right to worship as the Founding Fathers supported and then gave you the Constitutional rights to do?

To remind you, in a recent address Pope Francis made it a point to say that he believes that Muslims and Christians worship and pray to the “one God” that he also worships. This “all roads lead to the same God” philosophy is a hallmark of the one world religion that the global elite have been slowly building toward for decades. This in itself should be sending up all kinds of warning signals and a fear the world is really spinning out of control.

Now the Vatican is in full damage control mode after Pope Francis once again justifies and supports Muslim terrorists in regard to their attack on Paris. When speaking about the Charlie Hebdo murders Francis stated:  ““You cannot provoke, you cannot insult the faith of others,” Really? They do that to Christians and Catholics all the time and we don’t murder them!

On a flight to the Philippines a French reporter asked about the attack at Charlie Hebdo because of the paper’s mocking of the prophet Muhammad and Francis condemned those who kill in the name of religion, but then said, “If my good friend says a curse word against my mother, he can expect a punch. It’s normal.” Really Pope Francis?

First of all a punch is a far cry from murder and those deaths were at the hands of Islamic terrorists in the name of their PROPHET not Islam. Francis was obviously saying that the Islamists were justified in doing what they did because their “prophet” was insulted, hence the reference to his own mother being insulted.

If there is going to be a one world religion, there will have to be a bond formed between Roman Catholicism and Islam, not to mention all the denominations.  They are the two largest religious traditions on the planet, and so any truly “global religion” would definitely require the participation of both of them and an agreement as to who would lead.

With the Catholics that I know, I cannot envision them accepting this even if it is mandated by the Pope. And who shall decide what that religion is going to be.

So it is with great interest that we note that the Vatican, which represents 1B+ Catholics and Islam which claims more than 1B+ Muslim adherents, have begun to merge and join forces.

It is also of importance to notice that atheists and far-left liberals all over the world support Islam and even push educating our children in public schools about the “Religion of Peace.” The videos of beheadings and mass executions do not affect them. And obviously, their tiresome mantra re:  “Separation of Church and State” doesn’t apply to Islam.

Pope and MuslimsThis past June, for the first time in history, Islamic prayers and readings from the Quran filled the Vatican in a move claimed by Pope Francis to usher in peace between Israelis and Palestinians. What do the two things have to do with each other?  How can Muslims/Islam profess to be the one and only religion of peace when facets of their belief murder for the sake of murdering in the name of their Mohammad?

Either the Pope is developing dementia considering his age or he does believe he is the False Prophet to lead the One World Religion. 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4

This is one reason why what Pope Francis has already had to say about Islam is so noteworthy.  I believe it is time to explain to you some things regarding Islam, Shari’ah and the Qur’an.

Islam, if it is a religion, it is not just a religion. Islam is a total system of life and contains within itself a particular social, judicial and political system which includes geo-political aspirations – the conquest and administration of ultimate rule. The Qur’an itself tells you this.

They have no desire to sit and talk. Those of the Muslim Brotherhood try to tell us those committing the murders and rapes are terrorists – not good Muslims. This may be true, however those of the Muslim Brotherhood teach their boys at Mosque to recruit and indoctrinate their friends. The Muslim Brotherhood supported Hitler – serving in his troops and spying on Hitler’s enemies. Due to the large number of Muslim volunteers, the Handschar Divisions were the largest of Hitler’s 38 Waffen-SS divisions.

I see Muslim’s to be like the unusual “platypus” – a mammal which is duck-billed, lays eggs and is also venomous enough to cause severe pain or kill. It even has a category of its own.

“We, as infidels in the eyes of our enemy, need to understand the danger we face: A totalitarian ideology – whether its origin is mainstream or marginal – threatens to enslave, dominate, and murder us in order to realize its vision for global conquest.” ~ Brigitte Gabriel from “They Must Be Stopped”.

Shari’ah is comprised of several authoritative Islamic texts, the chief of which is the Qur’an. Muslims understand the Qur’an to be the undisputed holy revelation of Allah to the prophet Muhammad for ALL Muslims.

The Qur’an, or Book, represents the most important source of Islamic law, being the ultimate word of the Divine. Remember, the Qur’an is to the Muslims as is the Bible AND the Constitution is to Americans. The Qur’an is not simply a book seen by Muslims as a book of law since it is a book that gives THEM clarification of every matter.

The word al-Kitah (‘the book’) indicates the significance of textual authority in the Islamic legal mind. Therefore, it is considered the first source of Islamic law and is to be respected more than any human-made law because to a Muslim these laws were given by Allah to Muhammad.

Don’t you wish we as Americans could use our Bible and the Constitution with the same authority? In actuality, the Constitution is based on the morals and values of God, i.e., the Bible, along with a great deal of good sense – there are NO egos in the Constitution.

Individual government sources and school districts are allowing Islamic children to address their prayer times during school, but children of other religions are prohibited from saying a prayer at graduation, thanking God for their success or even having a bible study or bringing a bible to school. OUR Constitution gives us the right to worship the same as the Muslims. Something is very upside down. http://www.americaismyname.org/islam.html

Recently Duke University, a Methodist campus, had announced they were going to allow the Muslim call to prayer every Friday on campus by means of a chant, the call or adhan, from the Duke Chapel bell tower. That decision has been reversed for several reasons; however other religious denominations have not asked to perform such prayers.

Christians and Judeo-Christians worship the same God and respect each other’s differences in their belief’s regarding Jesus. This is why the actions and words of Pope Francis are so important to remember.

Israelis, Palestinians as well as Christians and Catholics have found themselves scratching their heads as they attempt to decipher the words and actions of this pope, wondering if he has a side and if so, what direction is he intending to support.

While in Bethlehem, he paused and prayed at the security wall showing a clear support for Palestine. Francis placed a wreath at the grave of Theodor Herzl, the founder of the Zionist movement and father of the modern state of Israel. He visited Yad Vashem, sitting with Holocaust survivors, and kissed their hands stating: “the Shoah has no equal in horror; calling it “a great evil… such as never happened under the heavens.”

Pope and ImanThe Pope is walking a very thin line here, but then the Popes have all always been given a place of honor by all countries as if he would be representing a ‘super power’. He may think he represents the world and all religions, but he does not. However, he is certainly dipping his opinions into everything while engaging in the politics of other countries i.e., his involvement in the Cuba/U.S. understanding.

Understand also that most of the Christians in the Middle East are Palestinians. The Pope is smart enough to know the terror and danger to those Christians is NOT from Israel, but from the active Islamic terrorists.

Quoting remarks he made during his very first ecumenical meeting:

“I then greet and cordially thank you all, dear friends belonging to other religious traditions; first of all the Muslims, who worship the one God, living and merciful, and call upon Him in prayer, and all of you. I really appreciate your presence: in it I see a tangible sign of the will to grow in mutual esteem and cooperation for the common good of humanity.” (I seem to remember they call upon Allah and then through Muhammad – certainly not the Christian way). 

“The Catholic Church is aware of the importance of promoting friendship and respect between men and women of different religious traditions – I wish to repeat this: promoting friendship and respect between men and women of different religious traditions – it also attests the valuable work that the Pontifical Council for interreligious dialogue performs.” 

How can God and Allah be the same when Muslims deny that Jesus Christ is also God? So either Pope Francis is denying the divinity of Jesus Christ, or he is exhibiting a frightening ignorance of basic Christian theology, (and I don’t believe either of these is the case) and there is some other agenda at work here.

During one same meeting, Pope Francis stated:  “In this, we feel close even to all those men and women who, whilst not recognizing themselves belonging to any religious tradition, feel themselves nevertheless to be in search of truth, goodness and the beauty of God, and who are our precious allies in efforts to defend the dignity of man, in building a peaceful coexistence among people and in guarding Creation carefully”. Is this really how the Pope sees Muslim terrorists?

It is one thing to love people and to seek to build friendships with them, but it is another thing entirely to throw out the most basic beliefs of your faith that you supposedly represent in order to promote a specific agenda.

Do we believe the 900 year old prophecy indicating that Pope Francis would be the last Pope? Some believe that anyone who believes what I am telling you is actually playing the Illuminati game and a form of indoctrination. But how can that be when Revelation 13 clearly lays out the Beast (dragon) and they that worship him.






















Cuban Model Schools Are Here!

And here you thought all this time I was either exaggerating or making up the stories regarding Charter Schools being about “for-profit”, “public-private partnerships” with the end results a Cuban/Russian style school to work program of communism.

Case in point is the Cristo Rey Network which is boasting about their new Jesuit Charter school that targets vulnerable and at-risk youth in East San Jose, California. Their words not mine!

Credit for this innovative thinking is given to Father John Foley of Chicago which is the home of the Cristo Rey Network! Surprised? Father Foley and his team created a plan – to implement an innovative business model whereby students work five days each month in an entry-level job at a professional company, with the fee for their work being directed to underwrite tuition costs. (I am confused about what the money is to be directed to – one place it talks about tuition for college than other places it infers the high schools).

The Network was formally organized as a 501(c)3 organization in 2001 with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, along with venture philanthropists B.J. and Bebe Cassin, providing the seed funding to promote the replication of the Cristo Rey schools.

In 2012 The Walton Family Foundation announced its investment of $1.6 million in the Cristo Rey Network to open another 25 new high schools, primarily in states that have either vouchers or tax credits. At full enrollment, these 25 new schools will educate over 10,000 additional inner-city students every school-year. Florida will find this information interesting as Jeb Bush is a friend of Cristo Rey and Miami & Tampa are on the top of the list to be one of these new schools.

“We very much want to get to Florida,” former President & CEO Birdsell said in a phone interview. “Gov. Bush is a friend of Cristo Rey (and) he is persistent.”


Folks, this is using taxpayer dollars to fund private/religious schools! Florida, this was your Amendment 8.

The newest school, Cristo Rey San Jose High School’s charter was approved Dec. 12 by the Cristo Rey Network, which oversees 25 Cristo Rey schools in 17 states, 24 cities plus the District of Columbia and will open in 2014.

Getting the school off the ground has been a major effort of real-estate developer John A. Sobrato and venture capitalist B.J. Cassin, who are co-chairs on the Cristo Rey San Jose High School board. Earlier this year, Sobrato, chairman of The Sobrato Organization, made a challenge grant of $1.25 million to the school. The effort has so far yielded more than $2.5 million in startup capital. This is not chicken feed!

Cristo Rey schools offer Catholic, college-prep education to young people whose families make less than $35,000 a year in urban communities with limited educational options. Reading in one place the Network states 88 percent of its graduates go on to enroll in college, double the rate of their peers, and in another spot it shouts 100%. The breakdown of employment for the students is 29% other, and 13% in each Finance, Law and Medicine. Jobs arranged for them in a fee-for-service agreement between the school and corporate partners. (Their words not mine).

You can go to their website http://www.cristoreysanjose.org/ and there you can read their explanation of the “school to work” program in detail, however I suggest also looking the Network up online – figures are not consistent.

Partnering with more than 1,500 businesses, Cristo Rey schools are changing the face of urban education in the United States – so they say! Assuming the role of an employee leasing agency, the Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) has streamlined the process for employing their students. Students are not on the payroll of the employing organization; rather they are employees of the school’s separately incorporated CWSP, which the sponsoring organization pays quarterly, annually, or monthly for the services of the students. A lot of choices! (Once again, their words not mine). I wonder who is filing the payroll tax reports even if they are $0.

Every Cristo Rey student takes a full course load of college preparatory coursework for four years, as he or she participates one day each week in a four-year CWSP to fund the majority of their tuition.

We have made many warnings as have others regarding the Charter School agenda for school to work programs. This applies if they are public Charter Schools or private/private religious schools using the Charter format. The number of religious schools putting these actions in place is outpacing the public schools. So in fact what they are doing is having the children work in advance one day a week for a payment into a program that is supposedly overseeing the funds for their high school or college education. We have not been able to clarify which.

The model Cristo Rey is intending to follow is the Cuba Model with a brand new idea added to the mix. In the Cuba Model both the place of employment and the school were government run. In this case, the school is a private Jesuit school which will be partnering with corporate employers, with what they are calling a “feasibility plan”.

The plan was written by a gentleman who works for a global corporate entity of Cisco. However, this model they are talking about is the Cuban model which is the guts of the school to work training program.

So the questions arise and I have many more questions as a parent than I see answers!

Are these corporate magnets obligated to pay minimum wage to the student’s credit? Is their pay instead being done as if they were being marketed through an employment agency with Cisco getting a large chunk for each student and then only partial payment going to the student? (According to the financial statement this would seem to be the case). When they start this program are the tuition fees locked into place or can they change the whole 4 years they are working toward their goal? Is there an agreement signed by the parents as to the children participating and the end obligation of CWSP.

Who are the actual people managing this program? What is protecting these children from financial theft by the overseers as we are seeing with Charter schools all over America? Are their deals already in place with colleges and universities that the students can only attend certain schools?
Before entering the program, students must attend B.O.O.T. Camp – you read it right.

“All students must complete this training to be accepted officially into a Cristo Rey school. For three weeks in July, students take courses in 7 Habits for Highly Successful Teens, computer literacy, and remedial math and English. (If the students entering this program are of such high level, why do they need remedial courses or exactly what is their requirement for entrance?) In addition, two courses are offered to develop the students’ soft skills and technical skills. A nationally-recognized business consultant, adjunct college professors, supervisors of students on the job, and the Corporate Work Study Program staff teach these work-study-specific classes.

During the three-week camp, students go on a field trip to an outdoor venue that features team building activities like a rope course challenge. Can someone please tell me why this is a requirement?

Listed on their web site are the Legal and Labor Implications:
The Cristo Rey Corporate Work Study Program operates as an employee leasing agent. (Just like an employment agency) The students are employees of the program, not the corporate client. In addition, the Corporate Work Study Program handles all payroll, W-4, I-9, Workers’ Compensation, FICA, FUTA and other employer concerns for the students. But who is overseeing the financial transactions of CWSP? As a 501 (C) (3) their financial records are actually private.

The fee charged to each business may be deducted as a business expense, not as a donation. Students assign their earnings from the program to their school to cover as much as 70% of the cost of their education.

Robert Birdsell, the recent departing President/CEO of Cristo Rey Network, recently gave an interview to the Catholic magazine, America Magazine, http://americamagazine.org/issue/697/article/catholic-alternative where he stated “It is essential to note that the money Cristo Rey students earn from their jobs covers most of their school’s operating costs. The remainder is covered by modest tuition payments and similarly modest fundraising campaigns.”

Does this mean the children are obligated to participate in fund raisers and modest tuition payments – what does that mean from a $35K income family? Now I am truly confused because I thought the school to work program was for the students to earn college tuition – this statement sounds to me like they are earning tuition to their high school. I am curious as to what age they begin the school to work program – are they 16? Appears not so as they participate for 4 years.

This last year Cristo Rey Network was awarded The World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) award. The program was referred to as a diverse offering with unique solutions to today’s most important challenges, from poverty to climate change. Solutions include unconventional business models to assist low-income families with affordable education, as well as original ways of bringing high-quality education to remote and destitute parts of the world.

I seriously have to ask the question – why do they continually have to refer to students as “low-income”? Or I like this one too – failure to educate the “poor minority”! Or making a point these children all come from an average of $35K household income a year. Maybe that is because they keep reminding them they are from low-income families rather than not talk about their families financial status and concentrate on their potential and encourage them to learn and that the sky is the limit to whatever they wish it to be. This is after America – I think!

Cristo Rey Network 2011 financial report indicated 7400 students, 96% of color, 100% were accepted to a 2 or 4 year college but another report stated 74% for the 2011 year.
Cristo Rey Neetwork


5:01 A.M.

You can’t sleep; you toss, turn and finally decide to get up because your brain will not stop! Is it God tapping on your mind – I like to think so, for when I find I need to sleep he softly touches me and says, “Sleep child, the day has been long!”


God is Crying!

Between 10P.M. last night and 3 A.M. this morning there have been 33 earthquakes in the area of Masset, Canada ranging from a 4.1 to 7.7.

We have what they are calling a “Frankenstein” storm racing toward the Northeastern part of America probably bringing massive death and destruction in its path. Man-made? Probably! They have been HAARPing the East coast all week and still are according to scientists who are willing to talk.

Morality was this country’s greatest strength – “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Adams

The United States of America is now a dictatorship because we let it happen!

We allowed ourselves to be indoctrinated to the touchy-feely world believing what we wanted was more important than what we needed.

God became an afterthought only to remember him when we needed something.

Evil has overtaken the world as a whole.

Barack Hussein Obama is NOT the Chosen One – he just thinks he is!

Our world is being dominated by corrupt MEN/WOMEN whose only focus in life is MONEY – POWER – CONTROL!

Karl Rove, Dick Morris, Dick Armey, Colin Powell, Jeb Bush, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Bill Gates, Newt Gingrich, Dick Chaney and many others– are evil, some so deeply engrained in the worship of Lucifer they no longer can see any light!

Most Minister’s, Priest’s and Rabbis are following a false God called 501 (c) (3) not willing to stand-up and speak out for HIM they are supposed to be serving or those whom they are to be guiding and leading – look at Rick Warren.

Islam is evil and their GOD is nothing like my GOD as Rick Warren would have you believe – my GOD does not wish all those who do not believe in HIM should be dead.

Many so called conservatives have co-opted the initial intentions of the Tea Party movement – I guess it was easier to let others decide what we were all about! Many of those groups are funded by those who are actually our foes in “sheep’s clothing” – others are just plain greedy taking our donations in masses to live “high on the hog”.


After all the free information passed along to friends and foes – many still do not want to know or hear the truth – rather choosing to ignore the information thinking it will all go away and they won’t have to deal with it.

“THEY” chose our children to be used as the main tool to the destruction of American and they have most of them through the Communist education that has been fed to them.

“THEY” are monitoring everything we do, say, buy, sell!

‘THEY” are adding GMO’s to our baby foods and nearly all of our infant formula, including every one of the millions of bottles distributed free by the government. Gerber, Kellogg, Wal-Mart brands contain genetically engineered corn or soy, as well as milk from cows injected by bovine growth hormone.

“THEY”, Monsanto knows infants and young children are more sensitive to the toxins found in GMOs and they are weakening their immune systems.

“THEY” are creating vaccinations which are killing and/or leaving our children with weak immune systems and at the very least Autistic – a proven medical fact. Why is it when one child is murdered by a violent person, as a culture, we put forth anger, hatred, and punishment towards such a sick person. Yet when there is documented evidence that proves, beyond any doubt, that hundreds, and likely thousands of infants, are murdered every year by vaccines in this country, we consider it to be good public policy?

Our children are being given RFID’s by the schools to monitor them – are we in NAZI Germany?

Our parents are asleep having been psychologically brainwashed!

Our children are singing songs wishing people who are against Obama will die!

What kind of a nation have we become that our people are so indoctrinated and brainwashed they will not even do their own research to know for a fact that every Communist country has always killed three-quarters of the people by first taking their guns and the other quarter spend the rest of their lives as “worker-bees”!

We do not protest when our President tells us we are to “honor” the UN when they are the force behind our destruction!

The political parties have ruined this country!

If you are a Politician you cannot be God fearing or Constitutional believing!

Lucifer does loose and the timing is all up to us!

If Obama wins this election America is gone!

I have learned far too much!


If I will still be alive when Christ returns to enjoy the glory!

If Ian will be able to realize the dream he has had since he was 4 years old!

If Liam will be able to grow up in the America I knew that was God loving and Constitution respecting!

If Joshua will be safe in the Air Force!

If our grandchildren have paid enough attention to what we have told them!

If we are part of the 9% who will have to participate in civil war to save America!

Where do you stand? Are you awake? Have you fallen into the neocon phony world of so called conservatives? Are you buying into a temporary fix rather than a total repair?

Is your next updated cell phone more important than the communist actions that have stolen your constitutional liberties?

Is family important to you or just a bothersome detail?

Are you a sheeple or a God fearing, Constitution loving stand-up American who will do everything in your power to preserve and defend the United States of America?

If Romney wins America is still gone unless he Totally and Completely undoes everything Obama has put in place in the last 4 years and that includes not only Obamacare, but getting rid of the EPA, Homeland Security, Dept of Edu., closes the FEMA camps, gets a refund on all the ammo purchased by the government to kill Americans, burns the black coffins, removes all the shackles from the train cars and sells the cars to CSX and puts on trial every person who has been involved in the ruination of America – then I will believe there is change a foot for the good of this country.

I personally will not accept anything less nor should you – no excuses – anyone elected to any office in this country will have to PROVE to me they are God fearing, Constitutional trusting individual – all politicians, with the exception of about six I can name, are currently speaking “double-talk” and that is nothing but lies!


Children – To Those Of Us Who Love Them!

Good Afternoon,

I am doing something a little different today since I witnessed something today that opened my eyes.  I have gotten a part-time job with Hallmark – you know – the ladies you see in the store restocking the cards!  It doesn’t pay a whole lot but then you are basically your own boss – work alone.  However it is frustrating that every time you go into the store, some little munchkin has played “mix the cards up” , “go fish” or “52 card pick-up and I do spend more time straightening up than re-stocking.  It amazes me thinking that Mom or Dad comes into the store to shop and let’s their children run free in the store to make this mess.  I tell myself no decent parent would stand there and “watch” their child basically destroy the merchandise.  But then –

Like the proverbial light bulb going off I thought, Girl what do you expect with all these “kids are having kids.”  The parents haven’t even grown up yet!  They haven’t had their fun time yet – maybe didn’t graduate from high school and are now thrown into the world of parenthood and in a majority of cases, single parenthood. You have a baby while still a baby how do you know how to raise a child?  They certainly do not issue you a manual when you have a baby.  I think young parents decide they have 2 choices, ignore the actions of your kids completely and  harass  the rest of the world or let them learn at an early age that if they whine enough, you will eventually give in.  Since the parents today mostly are still children themselves they haven’t learned respect – for themselves, for others or for their property – so how can they teach their children respect?

I want to publicly at this time tell our children how very proud we are of them – our grandchildren too!  We have this wonderful  blended family and it is surprising to me that we both think so alike about raising children. Both sets of children are smart, respectful, intelligent and loving. They are great parents, get up every day and go to work (yes thankfully, they still have jobs) and though a few of them have gone through some roughs times, they pulled up their boot straps, brushed themselves off and moved onward and upward!  This goes for their respective spouses also!  The great-grandchild (3 and one on the way) has started the family road and we think they are both doing pretty good.They both are learning the parent thing!

For our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren I would like to say:

We wish for you the gift of wisdom – this does not come with birth but is learned over the passing years by the experiences of you and others

We wish for you success – always remember this only has true value to you or others if it is earned

We wish for you happiness – settle but find your own – no one can give you happiness – find what makes you happy & in turn you will make others happy

Seek your dreams – start small and grow – remember all the stages a butterfly goes through before it matures

Listen to your heart  – true heart feeling will never leave doubt or questions

Be curious – knowledge is a gift but you do need to search for it – it will not search for you

Be heard – your opinions are important but always remember the opinions of others are important too – learn to listen – just hearing will not give you knowledge

Appreciate yourself & others – be kind to yourself and then others will as well – never satisfy for seconds

Make the very most of every day – smell the roses – bath in the sunshine – learn to dance in the rain – each day is a new wonder

Learn to love yourself – if you do not neither will others – retain your individual spirit in being yourself – you were made special

Retain your childhood grace and spirit for adventure – even the simple things in life can make you happy if you share it with those you love

Always remember – being a friend means accepting the things you cannot change for better or for worse and they will return that 10 fold

Stay in touch with younger generations, they will keep you young – learn from the older ones, they will help you to not make the same mistakes they did

Learn to overlook the little things – it is those that will create the most heartache – dirty socks on the floor or the toilet seat up or down are not the worst things in the world

There will be days when you don’t like your husband/wife or children very much but you will still love them

Never go to bed angry and never be afraid to say you are sorry even if you think you are right

Learn to recognize that you probably are learning at least one new thing a day – in fact make it a goal

Marriage is a full time job no matter how many years you are married

Parenting is very hard work and sometimes it will bring you to tears – hopefully there will be another lesson learned

You cannot raise your children into what you want them to be – again the butterfly – give them their wings

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass … It’s about learning to weather the storm and to dance in the rain

Laugh insanely, Love truly, Forgive quickly and Pray daily

Live in such a way that those who know you but don’t know God, will come to know God because they know you.

Always remember we love you with the force of our very being!  We are proud of you and wish you only the very best!


What Is The DNC Thinking?

Born and raised in this country, I was taught all AMERICANS are free to worship as they choose. You leave others alone – they leave you alone.  However, this is not true of Islam – according to their beliefs and the Qur’an We are to believe as they do or DIE! 

I was also taught when you come to AMERICA you bring your heritage and language with you but you also merge into being an American, learning to speak English but you may observe whatever religion you wish. Once again, Islam is the only religion that wishes American or anyone who does not believe as they do to be dead.

The Democratic Convention has decided to embrace Islam at their convention. I am encouraged to ask why Islam when it is not the preferred religion of America – has it become the religion of the Democratic party?  I am not trying to tell people how to vote, but within reason I would ask myself, what the heck?

Radical Islam is operating in America, is infiltrating our government and culture, and is on the official guest list of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) this September in Charlotte, North Carolina!  The DNC has rolled out the welcome mats – prayer mats – and has officially sanctioned two days of special Islamic events. The problem is, the leadership of the Islamic delegation includes people with known links to jihadist terrorists and an unindicted co-conspirator in the New York Trade Tower bombings in the early nineties!

This should disturb every American – and in particular, every Christian who understands the agenda of radical Muslims to destroy our nation through a stealth process called “civilization jihad.”  In a very disturbing report by RedState.com, we learn that two radical Muslims, both alleged terrorist sympathizers, will be among the high-ranking guests at the Convention.

The leaders of this official Democrat Party event, Jibril Hough and Imam Siraj Wahhaj, are being promoted as Muslim “moderates” – yet their histories tell a very different story.

“Imam Siraj Wahhaj is imam of a mosque in Brooklyn, the leader of Muslim Alliance, a group with radical organization affiliations, and an un-indicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.”

Jabril Hough is the leader of a Sunni mosque in Charlotte. His separatist teachings mimic political Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood mindset. Wahhaj is also…in the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), which was also found by the government to be a front for HAMAS and the Muslim Brotherhood.

‘Jumah at the DNC’ will kick off the two-day festival, which includes prayers, a regal banquet, and a day of cultural events and political forums.

The stated goal of the Muslim event is to ‘attract national and international attention to the plight of American Muslims and to hold political parties accountable for issues that affect them.’”  I wonder what political party that would be!   Most Americans are aware the DNC has turned a blind eye to the radical Islamic infiltration of America. Can the picture of growing Muslim influence in America be any clearer with the full support of the Democratic Party?

Either the DNC didn’t properly investigate the leaders of these Muslim events they are sponsoring – or they simply don’t care that these two “leaders” of the Muslim convention events are linked to organizations whose stated goal is to destroy America!

But then why should we be concerned?  We know our government has everything under control. After all, we have Jihadist working within the DHS and other government agencies. Huma Abedin, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton’s deputy chief of staff, an advisor to Secretary Clinton on Middle East policy and wife of ex-representative Weiner, was reportedly a member of the executive board of the Muslim Student Association (MSA) for 12 years. The MSA has also been recognized as a Muslim Brotherhood front group. Ms. Abedin’s family members are also alleged to have ties to radical Muslim groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood  – THEY DO NOT GIVE A FLYING FLAG ABOUT THE AMERICAN CITIZENS IN THIS COUNTRY – WE ARE AFTER ALL TERRORISTS!

As additional evidence of the rapidly growing Islamic influence in our national government, I would like to mention the following facts …

*In April, President Obama lifted a sanction and released $1.5 billion in military aid and supplies to the Egyptian military – now under the direct control of the Muslim Brotherhood.

*President Obama also called the Egyptian Arab Spring uprising a “success” which ultimately led to the election of President Mohammed Morsi – thus guaranteeing the Muslim Brotherhood political power in that nation.

*The Muslim Brotherhood is now imposing a systematic “sanitation” of those who oppose radical Islam in Egypt, including reports of torture and/or death of anyone opposed to the control of President Mohammed Morsi.

Similar oppression of non-Muslims has occurred in every nation where the Muslim Brotherhood has power or growing influence!

Democrats are hard working Americans also, most strong Christians and I would hope the majority of them would be especially concerned about the actions of their party in respect to their personal religion and the threats which have been made against non-Islamic Americans in their own country. Maybe this is one of the reasons ticket sales are so low to the convention.