The Disturbing Transformation of Kindergarten

nclbOne of the most distressing characteristics of education reformers is that they are hyper-focused on how students perform, but they ignore how students learn. Nowhere is this misplaced emphasis more apparent, and more damaging, than in kindergarten.

A new University of Virginia study found that kindergarten changed in disturbing ways from 1999-2006. There was a marked decline in exposure to social studies, science, music, art and physical education and an increased emphasis on reading instruction. Teachers reported spending as much time on reading as all other subjects combined.

The time spent in child-selected activity dropped by more than one-third. Direct instruction and testing increased. Moreover, more teachers reported holding all children to the same standard.

How can teachers hold all children to the same standards when they are not all the same? They learn differently, mature at different stages – they just are not all the same especially at the age of 4-6.

Is this drastic shift in kindergarten the result of a transformation in the way children learn? No! A 2011 nationwide study by the Gesell Institute for Child Development found that the ages at which children reach developmental milestones have not changed in 100 years.

For example, the average child cannot perceive an oblique line in a triangle until age 5 ½. This skill is a prerequisite to recognizing, understanding and writing certain letters. The key to understanding concepts such as subtraction and addition is “number conservation.” A child may be able to count five objects separately but not understand that together they make the number five. The average child does not conserve enough numbers to understand subtraction and addition until 5½ or 6.

If we teach reading, writing, subtraction and addition before children are ready, they might memorize these skills, but will they will not learn or understand them. And it will not help their achievement later on.

Illinois kindergartenChild development experts understand that children must learn what their brains are ready to absorb. Kindergarten is supposed to set the stage for learning academic content when they are older. If they are going to push our kindergarten children to move faster, what does that say for the push for “educating” Pre-K?

Play is essential in kindergarten – in fact in any child under the age of 5. Through play, children build literacy skills they need to be successful readers. By speaking to each other in socio-dramatic play, children use the language they heard adults read to them or say. This process enables children to find the meaning in those words.

There is a wide range of acceptable developmental levels in kindergarten; so a fluid classroom enables teachers to observe where each child is and adjust the curriculum accordingly.

Two major studies confirmed the value of play vs. teaching reading skills to young children. Both compared children who learned to read at 5 with those who learned at 7 and spent their early years in play-based activities. Those who read at 5 had no advantage. Those who learned to read later had better comprehension by age 11, because their early play experiences improved their language development.

Yet current educational policy banishes play in favor of direct instruction of inappropriate academic content and testing; practices that are ineffective for young children.

The No Child Left Behind Law played a major role in changing kindergarten. Upper-grade curricula were pushed down in a mistaken belief that by learning reading skills earlier, children would fare better on standardized tests. Subjects not tested by NCLB were de-emphasized. Lawmakers insisted that standardized tests assess reading at earlier ages, even though standardized tests are invalid for children under 8.

ccs I cantThese changes have the harshest effect on our most vulnerable children. The UVA study found that in schools with the highest percentage of children of color and children eligible for free-and-reduced-priced lunch, teachers had the most demanding expectations for student performance.

To make matters worse, the drafters of the Common Core ignored the research on child development. In 2010, 500 child development experts warned the drafters that the standards called for exactly the kind of damaging practices that inhibit learning: direct instruction, inappropriate academic content and testing.

These warnings went unheeded.

Consequently, the Common Core exacerbates the developmentally inappropriate practices on the rise since NCLB. Teachers report having to post the standards in the room before every scripted lesson, as if 5-year-olds can read or care what they say. They time children adding and subtracting, and train them to ask formulaic questions about an “author’s message.” All children are trained in the exact same skill at the same time. One teacher lamented that “there is no more time for play.” Another wrote “these so-called educational leaders have no idea how children learn.”

It may satisfy politicians to see children perform inappropriately difficult tasks like trained circus animals. However, if we want our youngest to actually learn, we will demand the return of developmentally appropriate kindergarten.

Wendy Lecker – she is a columnist for Hearst Connecticut Media Group and is senior attorney for the Campaign for Fiscal Equity project at the Education Law Center.


The Subversion of Education in America: Lesson #4

As I post the last of this series it brings to my mind what I was doing in the 80’s. Kids in school, working and trying to get some enjoyment out of life through my kids, friends and activities. I was like everyone else in regard to my children’s education. Would I have liked to send my children to private school – sure, but it was not possible. Too many kids and not enough money – my fault, but that is the way it was.

I was also like the rest of my friends – we did the same thing parents had been doing since 1964 – sending our children off for 6-7 hours a day to be over seen by TOTAL STRANGERS of which we knew NOTHING about and never did unless there was a problem at school. My kids knew if they got into trouble in school they were in more trouble when they got home. If they felt they were wrongly accused of something, you didn’t talk back to the teacher, you came home and told me about it and I would do the rest.

How I wish I had seen this report and known about Charlotte Iserbyt’s book! Today God has blessed me with an extremely supportive husband, kids who have grown up to be responsible, respectful citizens and the friendship of Charlotte Iserbyt and her many. many circle of researching friends. I certainly do not know what is going to happen to the generations coming behind, but I do have a good clue. Our government’s formation of an education system that will deliberately “dumb down” our children into Communist “school-to-work” robot’s and all the while the same government continually repeating over and over “they know what is best for everyone” is like a Science Fiction novel.

And they don’t – everything they say is a lie and everything they touch turns to crap! Their record speaks for itself and they know it. The only chance for survival for our future generations is for the current one to wake up, share what you know and give up some of your free time to learn more. This idea the government has that “we work for them now” has trickled down to the state and local governments. It is not a PARTY thing – both sides are just as guilty and currently the REPUBLICANS are in deep “doo-doo” when it comes to the Education mess!

And one more thing! Being a former Republican (now just a conservative) I want to remind you that the big push for this miserable education “plan” came during the Reagan years with the Education Treaty with Russia and the rest is history. Even Eisenhower’s “American Assembly”, which developed the predetermined,socialistic “Goals for Americans” in 1960 had a hand in this. Then the Clinton years with the supervising eyes of Marc Tucker, but the big push came with “NCLB” under President George W. Bush which is now being implemented through his son Jeb Bush in his push and endorsement of School Choice, the “non-elected” school board Charter Schools and the Communist Common Core State Standards all with the overseeing eye of the UN/UNESCO!

May the Lord have mercy on the country and its people for the evil they have perpetrated on its children!

by Alan Caruba

I have lived my whole life in an affluent, suburban community in Northern New Jersey. When I attended its schools in the 1940’s and 1950’s, the vast percentage of graduating seniors went onto college. Their parents had migrated from Newark during or just after WWII because the schools had an excellent reputation. Today, they are not much better than those of the inner city.

Here’s an excerpt from a letter to the editor in our local weekly. “I understand that our education officials have yet to detail for the public exactly what measures have been taken to ensure that a first-rate education will be provided for students.” This stonewalling is endemic to education bureaucrats across the nation. He thinks he’s going to get an answer. He won’t.

An F“I was horrified to learn that 34 percent of the eighth grade students in (our) Middle School were found only partially proficient ‘the worst grouping’ in the 2000 GEPA math section. Simply put, we rank 97th out of 97 schools in this failing category. Further, this dreadful performance has been repeated over the past several years.

“As a homeowner and a taxpayer, I want to know how the district’s school budget increased from $51 million five years ago to $70 million today, a 37 percent increase over four years, during which time these poor test scores have not gotten measurably better and our last place ranking has not moved out of the cellar.”

Throwing more and more money at our nation’s current education system is not the answer. The system is inherently flawed because it is not intended to provide a basic 3R’s education.

President Bush proposes to introduce a national educational standard and then test to it, but we already know American students are deficient in all the areas of knowledge the schools are supposed to be teaching. The tests today’s students take are more about their values than about any body of knowledge they have acquired. Today’s schools are not about educating students. They are about teaching attitudes and values.

3 monkeys 4If you have been reading my series over the past three commentaries in this series, you already know that the system has been designed to deliberately dumb down students.

The architects of this attack on our nation’s youth can be found in the US Department of Education. They have adopted psychological methods of conditioning and jettisoned the teaching of information and basic skills. It is called “Outcome-Based Education.”

Today’s students, as opposed to their grandfather’s or even their father’s education, are being systematically conditioned to think in “global” terms about humanity, nations, religions, and, of course, the environment. They are conditioned to be citizens, not of the United States, but of the world.
That’s what you need when you’re creating a socialist one-world governmental system and that is exactly what is occurring at the United Nations.
Today’s students are taught not to make value judgments about other nations, even if they are authoritarian dictatorships. They may not know where Brazil is on the map, but they “know” all the rain forests are disappearing. They don’t know when the Civil War took place or why, but they “know” that all the Founding Fathers were slave-owners. They also “know” that America’s history is one of destroying the native Indian nations, taking their land, and exploiting it with farms, mining, and the destruction of whole forests. They cannot tell you what the Bill of Rights is, but they “know” the US is the leading contributor of “greenhouse gases” to the atmosphere, thereby causing global warming. It is a full course of lies.

They haven’t a clue about the individualism, sacrifice, daring and innovation that made this nation great, nor its political system, and most certainly not its history.

As Charlotte Thompson Iserbyt writes in her book, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, they aren’t being “taught the difference between free enterprise and planned economies, i.e., socialism; between ‘group thinking’ and individual freedom and responsibility.”

By the 1990’s the decades of effort to overturn an education system that taught specific bodies of information and the skills to use them arithmetic, spelling, history, civics, science’ had effectively been transformed into today’s touchy-feely system. It is a place where a student’s feelings of self-esteem are more important than whether they actually know anything other than the specific answers to the test. Thus teachers now “teach to the test” (their paycheck depends on it) rather than provide a broader body of knowledge. It is a place where competition is discouraged as unfair to those less qualified for any reason. It is a place where socialist attitudes and values are the priority, not knowledge.

NCLB SigningGiven President George W. Bush’s enthusiasm for education that is “accountable” and “will leave no child behind”, will it surprise anyone that the “America 2000 Plan”, written in 1991, was presented to the American people by Lamar Alexander, the Secretary of Education serving his father, President George Herbert Walker Bush?

The “America 2000 Plan” proposed to radically restructure American society, beginning with its schools. It was intended to affect 110,00 public and private schools. When you’re trying to create good little socialists, you can’t afford to have anyone who is being taught to think independently or asked to incorporate moral and ethical values.

The “voucher” program exists to give the federal government control over private schools because, whoever pays the piper, chooses the tune. Schools that accept voucher students will soon find themselves required to accept federal education regulations as well.

Goals 2000 and School-to-Work programs introduced to transform our schools reflect what Iserbyt describes as “the internationalization of education with exchanges of data systems, curricula, methods, et cetera, all essential for the implementation of the international socialist management and control system being put in place right now.”

Everything, including the SAT college entrance tests, has been degraded to mask the dumbing down those who are passing through our schools. Today’s SATs permit students to use electronic calculators, ask fewer questions in general and fewer multiple-choice math questions in particular. Reading passages now ask definitions from context and the formerly difficult antonym section, calling for linguistic and intellectual subtleties, has been dropped entirely.

My hometown’s parent who could not get any answers from his district’s school board could not know that this is repeated across America in school after school. Parents are routinely lied to. Worse, today’s parents are often required to put their child put on a regimen of Ritalin, a mind-altering drug. We’ve got seven million government-approved drug addicts going to school in drug-free zones!

To the individual parent, there seems to be no way to resist the juggernaut of a system that routinely turns out thousands of “educated” morons. Some choose to home-school their children. Others who can afford it send them to private schools. Still others shell out for after-school tutoring services. Why? Because the schools have been “restructured.”

President Bush is not providing a solution. He is part of the problem. His father was part of the problem. Presidents going back to Eisenhower have been part of the problem because they failed to see that introducing Soviet-style educational methods’behavior modification to produce good little socialists–into American schools was destined to bring us to this point.

Education is not about national standards and national testing. It’s about individual schools in individual school districts, all answerable to their communities and to the parents of the children entrusted to them. It’s not about how the child feels, but about how well the child learns. There is pride in learning, but if there are no grades, how does anyone, parent, child or teacher know what, if anything, is being learned?

Congress will probably give President Bush the $5 billion he wants to throw away on failed reading programs, and money for the national educational standards and testing he wants. Previous Congresses have gone along, failing or refusing to see how the educational system has been corrupted. The Republican “Contract with America” and the campaign promise of Ronald Reagan to dismantle the Department of Education had it right. It didn’t happen. It is the only hope to reverse the damage and return schools to local control.

Sit down with your child and watch “Jeopardy” together. If neither you, nor your child knows the answer to anything other than the television or film questions, you’re in trouble. Now multiply that against an entire population of Americans who don’t know the answers either.

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Teachers Are Fighting Back!

Standardized TestingWhen you look in the mirror in the morning who do you see? Your mother, your best friend, maybe even your worst enemy! When you get to work is everyone around you doing the same job, dressed alike or even look alike? Do you all use the same tools to accomplish different tasks?

Thinking of a world where everyone is the same sounds rather boring to me and in light of the fact God created us all differently, WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD WE THINK FOR ONE MINUTE THAT “ONE SIZE FITS ALL TESTING” would be the right thing for our children. Standardized tests for children who live in Wyoming cannot possibly fit into the life style and futures of a child growing up in New York City.

I want to applaud the teachers who are standing up and displaying the nerve to say no! The legislation calling for these standardized tests came earlier in the No Child Left Behind legislation of 2001 then on to the Common Core Curriculum Standards (CCCS) – did any of the teachers get a phone call asking them to give their input into this stupidity? And when you heard about the tests and CCCS and tried to give your input – what were you told! You have no say here! Your input is not necessary! Or simply you are not allowed to voice your opinion, what’s done is done.

The governors across America signed onto this mess without ever reading a word of the CCCS. Even ALEC knew this stunk but then when Bill Gates opened his wallet with $346M, ALEC backed off. Boy this venture into ruining our children by Indoctrination and One Size Fits All education has cost Gates one heck of a lot of money – but then when you have money to burn – you get to give the orders!

Never forget – the One Size Fits All – Is the COMMUNIST Way!

A Note From My Friend Ann –

For whatever reason I’m glad the teachers are finally speaking out against these tests. The new core standards actually force teachers to teach a specific method, and the method is behavioral psychology known as OBE, Mastery Learning, Direct Instruction, etc. The new tests to accompany the standards were tested in Kentucky last year and students in both reading and math showed a drastic drop in academic achievement.
Even the best standardized test will have an error deviation, plus or minus, of 15%. I seriously doubt that the tests to accompany the core standards have ever been evaluated because of the time factor involved in implementation state by state. This is all experimental and the charter school “gang” is behind it.

A massive amount of money will be needed for new computerized content that is unproven or what results we do have most are negative. The many tests to accompany the core standards are excessive and given to students below third grade have no validity what so ever. I just read on one vested interest web site that the computers, test and content material are predicted to last three years. The “snake oil” peddlers could care less about the cost to taxpayers of the value of academics to students. We have had one experiment after another and none have been successful.

The objective, in my opinion, and I speak from doing years of research on evaluating teachers based on these tests is to fire them and lower the standards of more and more public schools so the “charter” thieves can take over. Kentucky is a good example. I just read yesterday the criteria of giving schools a letter grade A through F and none of the criteria has to do with academic achievement. It is on the web under, I believe Brookings Institute research. I didn’t bother to print it out because the prior evaluation of schools also has no relationship to academic achievement—just how well the plan was being implemented. by Ann Herzer, MA-Educational Researcher, Scottsdale, Arizona

Subject: Teachers turn to ‘anti-testing movement’…
By Ben Wolfgang The Washington Times

By refusing to administer a district-mandated test to their students, teachers at a Seattle high school have sparked an “anti-testing movement” that is picking up steam by the day.

The Chicago Teachers Union on Monday became the latest to jump aboard and throw support behind the Seattle boycott, which has shined a light on the growing resentment among teachers, labor groups and others toward standardized tests.

“I think it’s important for us to go on record about this because we are likely to start seeing a more active anti-testing movement in Chicago,” said Karen Lewis, president of the city’s teachers union.

Standardized tests were the cornerstone of the 2001 No Child Left Behind law, but its greater emphasis on such results has prompted a backlash from teachers and unions in recent years. Education Secretary Arne Duncan also has criticized what he calls overreliance on test preparation.

While standardized testing in general has grown unpopular, teachers at Seattle’s Garfield High School are specifically protesting the Measures of Academic Progress exam and for the past three weeks have refused to administer it to their students.

The teachers are rebuffing direct orders from the city schools Superintendent Jose Banda to administer the test and ignoring threats of 10-day unpaid suspensions. They argue that the test is fundamentally flawed and takes away from valuable class time.

“They are frustrated that the test doesn’t line up with the curriculum, doesn’t provide feedback they can use to teach their students and ties up the computer labs and libraries for students who are not taking the test,” said Jonathan Knapp, president of the Seattle Education Association, explaining several of the specific complaints teachers have voiced about the Measures of Academic Progress.

Critics say the tests are a waste of time and are unfair to low-income and minority students. Others argue that the teachers’ main fear is that students’ performance will reflect poorly on them.

The Measures of Academic Progress is a computerized adaptive assessment of math, reading and other skills. Results are used as a part of Seattle teacher evaluations, and many teachers and their unions have vehemently opposed linking student performance to teacher reviews.

The idea of tying evaluations to test scores also has divided labor groups and the White House, which has voiced support for the idea. Critics of the boycott suspect the teachers’ real motivation is to undermine attempts to connect their evaluations to their students’ test results.

“Ostensibly, [the Seattle teachers’] protest is about the overuse of tests, the instructional time that those tests devour, and the culture of soulless data-driven instruction that animates today’s brand of school reform,” said Michael J. Petrilli, executive vice president of the conservative Thomas B. Fordham Institute, an education think tank.

“The real reason the Garfield teachers attack the MAP, one must presume, is because it’s a small part of Seattle’s new teacher-evaluation system. … It can pinpoint precisely where students are on the achievement spectrum and can give teachers full credit for any progress.”

Last year, teachers at a Chicago high school boycotted a district-mandated test and helped eliminate it. Teachers in other states have expressed similar disdain for standardized assessments, but full-blown boycotts have been rare until recently.

Instructors now are being publicly encouraged — by union leaders and others — to stage boycotts, even if the tests are required by school district policy.

I, along with 3 million educators across the country, proudly support our members’ efforts in saying ‘no’ to giving their students a flawed test that takes away from learning and is not aligned with the curriculum,” said Dennis Van Roekel, president of the politically powerful National Education Association, the nation’s largest labor union.

Seattle Public Schools warned teachers last week that they may face an unpaid, 10-day suspension for refusing to administer the test, which must be given by Feb. 22.

Mr. Banda, Seattle’s superintendent, increasingly is being urged by local media and others to take control of the situation and stop instructors from blatantly disregarding district policy. He was appointed in May to take the reins of Seattle schools after four years leading schools in Anaheim, Calif.

Last week, he announced the formation of a task force to study the Measures of Academic Progress and similar assessments.

Even before the boycott began in early January, Seattle schools planned to re-evaluate the benefits of the test at the end of this school year.

It’s possible that the test would have been nixed without the boycott.

For now, however, Mr. Banda is pleading with his teachers to give the exam. At the same time, powerful labor leaders and others are lining up behind those same instructors and urging them to stand their ground.

“I am asking as your superintendent that teachers follow our policies and procedures and administer this assessment for our students,” Mr. Banda wrote in an open letter last week. “This is especially important for our students who are the most at-risk academically. I am hopeful we will continue to work together in support of our students.”
Stop Common Core JPG



America has been bleeding for a long time! Most of us had no idea, the rest were behind it and even helping it along. Since the early 1900’s, long before most of our time, there were people making plans to destroy America as we know her for MONEY, POWER & CONTROL!

Killing her from inside out! We have tried different bandages over the years but none of them seem to be big enough because “those people” who want her destroyed keep using bigger weapons. Sometimes, unknowingly, we have aided in the process.

This brings to mind the difference between a Patriot and a Politician. A Patriot cares about his or her country and the people within – working to protect America from the evil lurking dangers. A Politician simply thinks they are working for the American people but in fact, they are only thinking about the next election.

Our Founders were Patriots – some of them dying or at the very least losing their homes and families in the founding and preservation of America. With God at their side, our Founders gave us the Constitution, so well laid out that at times to think about it can boggle a person’s mind. But the Founders used the genealogy of their previous homeland to know what worked and what had not in the past and they laid out those protections for us.

Most amazing to me was when I read that Samuel Adams had stated in 1776 the Founders had done everything they could to protect the people of this country from communism. COMMUNISM! Further research showed me communism began to raise its ugly head just a few years earlier.

America is in a waiting time period right now. For the past 1381 days, America has been on what certainly has felt like the final road to America’s destruction. Many who voted in 2010 believed that “O” was the “savior” of America. He was going to fix the big, bad, “right” and that he would “share the wealth” with those who felt they had been dealt a raw deal.

As a result, we have found ourselves with a lot of speculation about our President – is he God fearing or a Muslim? Communist or Colonialist or a combination?

Well, he has certainly done the “share the wealth” and more with a deliberate intention of bringing America to her knees. He is close but his job is not completed. Why? Because American’s fought back! We have been called racist, terrorists, tea baggers and even worse, but by following the ingrained love of America as do our military in protecting and preserving this country, true Americans moved ahead.

Now we are upon the election for a new President and leadership! Oh, it has not been easy! Hoping to help people understand what has been happening and showing them what has already taken place and what we are faced with in the future if this course is not changed has been extremely difficult and hard work. And would you believe there are still people out there in America who have not a clue?

We also have to remember that many state and local governments around the country have been playing the ruination game also and hopefully enough citizens are awake and understand what is at stake to change those offices also.

We as Americans should be expecting a lot from Romney if he wins. We know that if “O” wins things will not only be the same but at a faster pace. There are a lot of issues Romney has not addressed for me – Homeland Security, EPA, and Dept of Edu. He has said he will get legislation passed to remove “O”care but he is also in favor of a healthcare similar to what he implemented in Mass. We need a form of Homeland Security and the EPA but not agencies that are working as they are today – henchmen for evil and destruction. MONEY, CONTROL & POWER!

We already know Romney supports the direction our education system in America is going and it will be our job to show him he is wrong. We want the responsibility of educating our children put back in the hands of the parents and the individual states and without communism in our textbooks. Our children do not need self-serving politicians who know nothing about education playing on going games in regard to our children’s futures. Have you not already done enough in NCLB, RTTT, CCS and allowing communist and Islamic education into our schools? Just what in the world are you thinking?

I read an article the other day which was a warning about the influx of “takeover” by the Muslims and Muslim Brotherhood in the EU. Now we need another band aid! Citizens of the European countries who allowed Muslims to immigrate into their countries are being overtaken by them – infiltrating their governments. This report was being sent out as a warning to the world to pay attention to what is happening in the EU and to prevent it from happening in other countries. America is already bleeding from Muslim terrorist actions. We know where “O” stands in relationship to this problem, but where is Romney? It has not been a campaign topic – many things have not for fear of turning off the other side!

Over the years social justice has been used as a weapon to make those that disagree over an issue feel guilty. This brings me to the time period in America when the influx of foreigners was so huge – people from all over the world coming to our doors for peace, freedom to worship and work. None of them to my knowledge came here with the intention of changing America to something she was not. This is not true of Communists and Muslims today. They want CONTROL! Control of our every being and if we do not agree with them then well – I think you know what has happened in the past and is currently happening around the world if you disagree. Foreigners, especially those who have never even tried to become citizens, do not have the RIGHT to come to America and turn her into what THEY think she should be. If you want to be an American – called an American – live as an American, WELCOME!

If you do not like this country go back where you came from!

God, I believe, is ready and set to give America another chance. The “go” is up to Americans! Americas bleeding is a combination of many things and many band aids have been put in place. All of those can be fixed if Romney is elected and we stay awake. I believe Romney is a Godly man but in that lies the fear that America may go back to sleep. We need to remain vigilante and watchful – if things do not change for the better we will once again have another chance to make things right, but we need to stay awake!

Always remember politicians’ are elected by “WE THE PEOPLE” and they work for us – something they choose to ignore. They are people just like you and me, they get up in the morning and pull on their pants and go for the day. Be ever watchful!

Apathy is not an option – our new goal needs to be to continue educating Americans as to the hidden agenda underfoot and currently it has been able to “enter” our door of “FREEDOM” – COMMUNISM!



What is Nefarious? Webster’s Dictionary describes Nefarious as evil, immoral, unethical, deceitful, unrighteous, wrong, a scheme to cheat.

What is Racist? A person or group of persons who believe that race is the primary determinant of human traits and the capacity to achieve.

Before I go any further I want to make it perfectly clear I am white, female, conservative who has never belonged to a Union nor am I an educator, but a researcher.

Who are those who sit on the Florida State School Board? Seven appointed individuals whose control over our children has reached a new low – so low that I am having a hard time finding words to address the fact they would actually set the goals for our students in math and reading based upon their race.

What form of nefarious action is this? With the exception of Dr. Desai, an Indian-American (from India – not American Indian) the balance of the board is White! What in the world are they thinking in regards to the decisions they have made in regard to our children’s futures?

By whose agenda are they operating? Certainly not that of parents or the futures of the children!

This past week the FL. State School Board passed a revised strategic plan that states that by 2018, they want 90 percent of Asian students, 88 percent of White students, 81 percent of Hispanics and 74 percent of Black students to be reading at or above grade level. For math, the goals are 92 percent of Asian kids to be proficient, Whites at 86 percent, Hispanics at 80 percent and Blacks at 74 percent. They also intend to measure the success and failure of our students by poverty and disabilities.

If this is all these Board members have to offer our children then maybe it is time to get rid of the State Board of Education. We are far too top heavy anyway and their advice is doing nothing but making things worse. They certainly have not offered any constructive advice or suggestions in improving the “lack luster” status of the education in Florida.

I will again remind parents that a large percentage of our graduating students who go on to college (including white ones) must take remedial Reading and Math courses before advancing to another level. Why are we graduating students who cannot read? Why can’t our students read?

Who is the leadership of Florida’s education? Our past 2 Commissioners of Education, Eric Smith and Gerard Robinson were at the same time “Chief’s for Change” on Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Excellence in Education.

What about the State School Board? Just who are they?

Kathleen Shanahan – URETER/Agenda 21 Co, serves on Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Excellence in Education – Fund Raiser for Jeb Bush Foundations

Gary R. ChartrandEx. Chairman for KIPP, Inc., founder of the failed KIPP Jacksonville Charter School

Dr. Desai – Cardiologist – Pres. & CEO of Universal Healthcare

Sally BradshawJeb Bush Chief of Staff Jan 1999 – 2001; Jeb Bush Campaign Mgr. 93-94 & 97-98; Jeb Bush Foundation for FL Future Exe. Dir. 95-97; Bush-Quayle Campaign FL Office Exe. Dir. 1992; Bush-Quayle Campaign DC Office Staff Assistant 1988 – there is more but I think you get the picture as to where her allegiance lies

John Padgett – Padgett Investment firm; Monroe County Education Foundation of which is part of the Florida Consortium of Florida Education Foundations to pull businesses into our education system.

Barbara Feingold – VP MCNA Healthcare

Roberto Martinez – Attorney

Does anyone see any EDUCATORS ON THE FLORIDA STATE SCHOOL BOARD? Someone please tell me the agenda of this board and to whom at least half of them owe allegiance? It is pretty clear to me!

Parents are angry as well they should be and it is about time. What they are not seeing is the well laid out plan to turn our Education system into a Charter School base with unelected boards taking control of their schools and away from parents/taxpayers and it will ultimately lead to higher taxes because the Charter Schools are removing the financial base from the public schools. At the same time a large percentage of our Charter Schools are failing because of the lenient legislation that has been passed in Tallahassee by a majority of “non-educators” under the leadership of Jeb Bush!

You might find it interesting to do your own research and not take my word for it to find out how many of our FL legislators also are making financial gains from Charter schools while serving on Jeb Bush’s Foundations. I thought we were paying them to work for the taxpayers?

JUST HOW MANY MASTERS DO YOU BELIEVE A PERSON CAN SERVE AT ONE TIME EFFECTIVELY? I believe this is what partially played a role in Gerard Robinson resigning early.

Chairwoman Kathleen Shanahan would have you believe that setting goals for different subgroups was needed to comply with terms of a waiver that Florida and 32 other states have from some provisions of the federal No Child Left Behind Act. Well, if this was part of the game rules for Florida accepting the money to play the Race To The Top (RTTT) game, then why in the world did they sell out our children’s futures knowing they were going to have to do something as “nefarious” as this? MONEY!

Do you really understand Ms. Shanahan what you have done?  You have once again told our Black children that you anticipate they are going to fail, not succeed, so you are going to set the goal lower for them than the other children? You have basically told them they are failures before they start which is what the education system has been doing for years!

Over 30 years ago Charlotte Iserbyt tried to tell America there was a “Dumbing Down of America” in the works and it would be through our education system and it appears they are succeeding. What could possibly be the reason for our State or Federal government to want to set standards by race?

The Florida Department of Education said the goals recognize that not every group is starting from the same point and are meant to be ambitious but realistic. No, what they are doing is setting them up for failure because they are “labeling” our children.

Why are we following our children by race in the FCAT results anyway? What difference does that make if you are going to continue to single the different races out by race rather than accomplishments as a whole? What is actually going to happen is once the Common Core Standards are in place all your children’s information is going to be going into that National Data Base and the information is to follow your children.

Never forget the first time our children were used as a pawn in Florida was when Jeb Bush started the very first Charter school in South Florida as a ploy to look good to the “black community” “to win votes” and after he was elected he never looked back at this failed school nor in questioning years later claimed to not even remember the name of the school.

Parents you must take the control of our schools back out of the hands of non-educators who are supposed to be working for the betterment of our children. What they have done is sell them down the “preverbal river” by selling them out to Race To The Top (the new version of NCLB) and the coming of the Common Core Standards actually written by a non-educator.

We need to continue to educate every child with the same expectations, regardless of their race, background or beginnings and call for the replacement of the members of the Florida State Board of Education or do away with the Board all together. And please, do not let them lead you down the path of “WE NEED MORE MONEY!” What they need to do is make better use of the money they are receiving and start from the top down – most of the money is NOT going to our children but to Administration.

Actually the education some received in the 50’s and 60’s produced some really intelligent individuals of ALL races, but no, the state and federal government continues to think we have to change the curriculum every 2 years, tweak it here, bring in foreign education, textbooks that lie, focus on global and green agenda’s and all the while absolutely no accountability from the top and at the same time PLAY THE RACE CARD!


Florida’s Parent Trigger Bill Is Headed Back Our Way!

Last year Florida’s “Parent Trigger Bill” failed – but watch out because it is coming back “undercover” with a brand new name – “Parent Empowerment Act.”  Sounds really really great, however the problem is three fold:

  • Most parents do not have a real opportunity to read a bill, act or amendment and if they do, it is written so they will not understand it anyway
  • No legislator is going to take the time to actually make sure the voters understand what the legislation is, how it will be used and what it will cost
  • Legislators across the country have learned if you use these “touchy-feely” words, most voters will buy into it and think it is for the good of their family

Recently Florida state Sen. Nancy Detert (R-Venice) asked this alarming question, “If we’ve got a bill called the parent empowerment bill, then why is the PTA against the bill?”.  The answer to that is simply Florida parents didn’t see it as a parent empowerment bill, but instead they thought the bill, known as the “Parent Trigger Bill,” would lead to the takeover of public schools by for-profit charter management companies and other corporate interests.  They were right!

People across the country need to understand that Charter Schools and all the bills the legislators are trying to pass, especially in Florida, are nothing more than “for profit” “public-private partnershisp” intending to make big bucks through the large consortium’s – for the most part.  Let me be clear, there are many Charter schools across the country which are being run by well meaning individuals who are NOT in it for the money nor are they involved in this game – their goal is to see the children receive good educations and they are. But Charter School consortium’s are a business, big business and the scandals linked to Charter Schools around the country continue to grow.

Not a single major Florida parent organization supported the bill, including the PTA, which is what Senator Detert was referring to during the hotly contested debate on the legislation before the 20 to 20 vote effectively killed it.  Detert has supported many Republican school reforms opposed by Democrats in Florida, but this act went way   too far for even  her.  She stated, “The charter people will walk right in and take over our buildings … and I don’t know how you’re going to explain that to our taxpayers.

Who has been behind this legislation?  My “friend and it seems everyone in the legislature” with the lead of former Florida governor Jeb Bush, for one. Both of his foundations, Foundation for Excellence in Education and the Florida Future’s Foundation lobbied strongly for it and even flew in advocates from outside Florida to testify on its behalf when there were wasn’t a groundswell inside the Sunshine State.

Along with the Florida PTA opposing the legislation in Florida were members in other groups including the League of Women Voters, Parents Across America, Save Duval Schools, 50thNoMore and Testing is Not Teaching and hundreds of concerned parents – not to mention several Tea Party Watch Dog groups.

Parent trigger legislation is intended to give parents with children at low-performing schools (based on standardized test scores) the legal right to petition the state or district for a change in school structure, with the parents getting to pick from a list of options. Those options include turning the school over to a private management company still using tax payer funds to run the schools.  The length and breath that this goes is astounding and I will talk about that in another blog!

Proponents say it simply gives parents more options and power in their children’s education. Opponents say that it will lead to more privately run schools and contentious battles in school communities.

The extent of this evil treachery showed it’s ugly face as the legislator’s were debating and voting the bill by proponents, who had been dropped off in vans, wearing yellow T-shirts with “Parent Power” embossed on them, handing out fliers calling Florida parent groups “union affiliates” and defenders of the status quo.  These are  strong  insults often hurled at those who oppose the “school choice” movement and standardized test-based accountability.

One thing Floridians must understand is our legislators received massive donations from foundations such Jeb Bush’s foundations, Bill Gates, Walton Foundation, Michelle Rhee’s Student’s First, Charter Schools USA, Fl Charter Alliance, Apollo Group, Red Apple Development, Meredian Education and on and on and on with a supposed agreement to vote “YES” on the Parent Empowerment Act.

Florida is just one of about 20 states that are considering similar “parent trigger” laws; a few have already passed them.  In almost every case the legislation was organized not by local parents but by a pro-charter school national organization called Parent Revolution, a LosAngeles based organization funded in part by the Walton Family Foundation, and it bitterly divided the community.  Parent Revolution helped Bush’s Foundation for Florida’s Future push the bill through the Florida Legislature.

Linda Serrato, a spokeswoman for Parent Revolution in an Associated Press interview said,  the legislation would help parents, not hurt school communities. She said her organization is not all about pushing charter schools, and if that really was its aim, it would be easier in Florida to simply open charters through the state’s charter laws.  But  legislators disagreed. “It has everything to do with laying the groundwork for the hostile, corporate takeover of public schools,” Senate Democratic Leader Nan Rich of Weston was quoted as saying in the AP story. “Parents will divide against parents and even children will divide against children.”

After all my research into those involved in the Charter School takeover of Education in America, you can be sure they already have their ducks in a row and are armed for war.  The legislation being passed in Florida under the direction of Jeb Bush not our legislator’s has in no way any interest in our children’s education or they would not be taking this “for-profit” road to accomplish this. If money was the answer, why not use all the money they are pouring out for this evil agenda, and divide it among all the public schools in America to fix whatever they say is wrong.

But you see they are not addressing the wrongs in education like curriculum, lousy textbooks, teaching to tests, blaming all the teachers for every problem within the schools. Maybe if they even thought of dumping NCLB/RTTT, stop the implementation of the Common Core Standards and let the children have well rounded educations that are not sized to “one size fits all”, we would have better grades, less drop-out and actually happier children.

But that is not the goal is it Jeb?  Why not be a man and step up and tell the American people what the bottom line goal of Charter Schools is?  Parents, watch for them to start attacking Home Schooling!


2012 Education Olympics – Student’s First Version

Student First’s full court press has started! We now have a video from the organization with an Olympic theme of American students falling behind in educational competition with other countries. I wish I could show it here but this is the next best thing: http://youtu.be/xIr7QS9yUA8

Never forget that Michelle Rhee has moved herself into a position the same as Jeb Bush – profiting from control of Education which in Parent’s terms is “Controlling Our Children.” These are financial ventures of which they were also involved in when implementing RTTT and the CCS. They are playing both sides of the table and the poker chips are your children.

Fortunately when this video hit the national circuit was not been a critical success with many bloggers, educators and writers. They take Ms. Rhee and her organization to task for this video.

• The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Online picked up on all the backlash that Rhee’s new “ad” has created.
• EdWeek also took notice of the commercial’s poor reception.
• Gary Rubinstein took umbrage at the inaccuracies of the ad.
• Liz Dwyer took offense at the tone.
• Anthony Cody pointed out that the commercial’s message is homophobic.
• Diane Ravitch called the ad “disgusting”

Not all is lost for Ms. Rhee – “REDSTATE” liked it! Are we surprised?

Below is Students First email about American students falling behind other countries. Read it and determine what you think about the video. One bit of information about international testing that just might skew Students First’s message is that the US educational systems test every public education student including special education students. Other countries don’t test all their students so these test results might not be “apples to apples”. Here’s another thought: if American students are “falling behind”, maybe this is because of the onerous federal mandates districts and teachers must adhere to…and what does “education reform” of the Obama administration and private organizations do? Just creates MORE mandates via Common Core/RTTT.

Students First should make a video pointing out that fact instead of placing all the blame on teachers and public schools. They can’t possibly succeed with unattainable standards and mandates. Was nothing learned from the failure of NCLB? Apparently not! It’s just easier to blame the teachers and schools that have to teach under goals that can never be reached:
No bronze, no silver, and certainly no gold.
The London Olympics are now over and, while our athletes are put on an incredible performance, the U.S. continues to fall behind in a far more important competition: our children’s education. We can do better than this. While our teachers and students are working incredibly hard, the U.S. education system has failed to give them the support they need to succeed. The sad thing is, we know what it takes to improve things, but we just aren’t doing it. To begin with – the Federal Government has no business in our Education system.


Let me give you an idea of how badly we’re doing. If our education system jumped into a pommel horse routine … well, let’s just say it wouldn’t look too pretty:

That’s right: 25th place in math and 17th in science.If the U.S. education system is ever going to go for gold we need to shape up. Your involvement is helping Students First bring common sense reforms to states across the country, but we need your voice to help us spread the word.

See how U.S. education stacks up and share our latest video with your friends and family now:


Thanks you for all you do — keep it up.

Hari Sevugan

Vice President of Communications
P.S. Learn more about how we can make change in a new op-ed written by Michelle Rhee in USA Today:



Romney’s Education Plan!

Earlier this year, Presidental candidate Romney announced his plan for our children’s education.  Do not misunderstand me – I am not talking about him being the wrong candidate, but about his idea of what education for our children should be.

Let’s go over a couple of things:

·        The Federal government, no matter who is president, does not have the authority to be involved in our children’s education.

·        At the same time Romney made his statement,  the salaries of the top college administrators came out – want to know where your tax dollars  are   going: 

·        UCF President Hitt 2011 $741,500 x 2 years (states he has not had a raise since 2006) it is important to note the article stated “About 40 percent of his total compensation is at risk each year as it is tied to the university achieving strategic goals,” Heston told the Orlando Sentinel. “Payments are not guaranteed – compensation is based on the percentage of goals achieved and no additional compensation is awarded if goals are not met.”  I gather by Hitt’s statement’s we are to feel sorry for him!

·        Univ of S. Florida President Genshaft $592,400 x 2 years

·        FL International Univ President Rosenberg $561,875

·        In 1964 President Johnson signed into law the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) of which is mandated by law to be re-authorized every 5 years. This is actually what NCLB and RTTT are with a few changes along with the name – the crime here is the Common Core Standards

·        The forward in Mr. Romney’s plan is done by none other than Jeb Bush and I cannot emphasize enough how the push for Charter schools, a “for profit” plan by the Bush & Gate’s Foundations and Michelle Rhee’s “Student’s First”, is all about one thing and that is making MONEY at the cost of our children’s future. I say this because to me, if they were really concerned about our children’s educational future, they would take all that money and put it into the Public Schools, clean that up, put oversight in place,  take the high salaries away from the superintendent’s, make them accountable and rid this country of anti Judeo/Christian, International and Islamic curriculum’s.

·        Mr. Romney’s plan states “President Obama’s Approach to K-12 Education:  Don’t Mend It, Just Spend It – Remember I continue to tell you there is no difference in the R & D – just their approach?  What did governor Scott do – added $1B to the Education Budget and for what? Have you heard? My guess it is put aside to pay for those expensive Microsoft computer systems and everything that goes along with it to track our kids through RTTT.

·        Romney’s plan state’s “Moreover, Race To The Top was itself poorly designed. It awarded states money in return for promises without regard to results.” This is true however, the states did not have to play – in fact Florida legislators were “begged” not to play for all the reasons here and more.

·        Romney’s plan states “President’s Obama’s policies are denying the American Dream to too many of today’s youth.” True – however, is this not the very thing.  No Child Left Behind with Jeb Bush at the helm pushing forward his father’s plan and calling it amazing and fantastic, a step forward into the future and all the time Florida children have been failing – for 12 years?  Now we are supposed to embrace the Charter School/Voucher plan he endorses as the best thing for our children since “Peanut Butter.”.

·        Romney’s plan states “with the 2002 enactment of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), President George W. Bush and leaders of both parties in Congress took an important step toward ensuring accountability for results in American public education” – Really!  Where is that accountability since Florida has been flat-lined for 12 years?  Where is the accountability of the state DOE overseeing all the foreign and Islamic education being wrought on our children? Who is accountable for that? Where is the accountability of more Charter schools being allowed to open by people already running failing Charter schools?

·        Romney states “Charter schools are public schools of choice that are run independently and freed from many rules and regulations governing traditional school districts.”  TRUE – however let’s break it down:
a.     Far less oversight and currently there is next to none in regard to where their funding comes from(public/private), textbooks used, curriculum used, financial structure, teacher certification, those serving on the appointed boards

b.     Large increase in scandals surrounding Charter Schools since October 2011 ub Florida and around the country

c.      State legislators and/or their families owning stock in Charter School Consortium’s and seeing nothing wrong with voting on legislation in favor of Charter Schools while at the same time serving on Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Excellence in Education – one Florida legislator also serves as the Financial Officer of his Charter School and his wife the Administrator.

d.     D & Failing Charter schools left to operate for 1-2 years after the bad grades – what does a HS Charter school do in this case – the kids are out on their ears

e.     It doesn’t happen with just government schools

f.       Charter schools using United Nations curriculums from the Earth Charter brain washing our children into believing “humans” are bad because we are killing the planet and animals – some have even stated they wish they were dead – this is teaching Gaia – a religion of the Earth – ACLU, I thought there was not supposed to be any religion in our schools

g.     The big business involved in this is amazing from textbooks, to lobbyists, to consortiums, etc.

h.     Allowing Islamic based Charter schools with no oversight

i.       Allowing foreign teachers into the country to teach for a while and no one watching to see if they leave the country when they quit teaching

j.       No one checking to see if the principals and teachers hired by the charter schools are state certified

k.     When the schools close, who is responsible for all the debt they leave behind? 

l.       Most Charter schools are opened in low income areas as to also claim Title I funds and then make deals with their friends for the food service & kickbacks!  Want more?

And there is more to this, much more!

·        Romney states in his plan “The goals include improving student retention rates and university fundraising.”  From the salaries listed above I would say the university presidents are making more than plenty.  Improving student retention will require getting rid of the junk (federal government intervention, NCLB, RTTT, CCS) and giving our children the best curriculum in the country (Texas’s and we have it) and find publishers who will publish textbooks who tell the truth and not doctor our history to favor the Muslim faith.

·        Another statement that stood out for me was their idea of retaining “Excellent – highly qualified” teachers”. Now if I was a teacher I would be very insulted because I believe we have some of the best teachers in the world – they just are given rotten tools to work with and have to spend all their time teaching to a test.

·        Teacher’s don’t get excited because a Republican made that statement – Obama and Arne Duncan been saying the same thing for 3 years and Bush before that – hence now they dump more garbage on you (CCS) and you are being held accountable for having to use garbage – like they always say – garbage in, garbage out.

·        Finally, in the closing statements which of course were NOT made by Romney so we cannot hold him accountable said – “As president, Mitt Romney will pursue genuine education reform that puts parents and students’ interests ahead of special interests. These reforms will ensure that students have the skills they need to succeed after graduation. To meet this goal, states must give parents the information and choices they need to enroll their children in good schools.  

Is this the reason he is working with the Bush and Gates Foundations and all the other big business groups making a profit on your children’s failure. He does say they will raise the standards which is what I thought they did and when they fail they just lower them.

What a lousy game they are playing! Let’s see, we have the Council on Foreign Relations telling us what to do with our children now – maybe we should keep them home! Passing “bullying bills” that focus on implementing Gay, Lesbian and Trans-sexual” classes in school! Teaching our kids they might be gay at 10 but don’t know it and also how to properly put on a condom! Now they want to turn the schools into health clinics! 




Sadly, education today is not about the children. It is about control, for profit schools and the push for agenda’s that will not only affect the lives of our children for years, but help to bring about the ruination of America if we cannot turn it around.

As far back as the 1800’s, John Dewey, a strong Marxist, was implementing his ideas as to how education should be presented to our children and how. Today, we have our Secretary of Education, President and those on the left following Progressivism, Socialism or whatever you want to call it, implementing education programs under the guise of “making it better”; “improving our education system”; holding our teachers accountable and “better preparing our children for their futures”. 

Not so even your teachers will tell you!  I have no problem holding our teachers accountable to a point. How can you expect teachers to teach your children and gain success when they continue changing the rules of the game? They change the standards, curriculum’s and fail to include the teachers in the discussions or educate them in the “new” ways.

Around 1996 we would see political will began to focus around some key issue for education, specifically, what sort of student should emerge from a high school education.  Important to some, but few knew what was actually happening, large corporation heads began to become involved in education – people like Bill Gates and Louis Gerstner.  The formed Achieve, Inc. which was formed by the nation’s governors and business leaders as a bipartisan, non-profit organization to help states raise academic standards, improve assessments and strengthen accountability to prepare all young people for post-secondary education, work and citizenship.

This idea might have worked if they had not lowered the standards, changed how they were grading and continued to focus on the tests that were to be taken rather than the actual education of the children. This was the fore runner in Florida for the “No Child Left Behind” program and a total focus on the “FCAT”, Florida’s Comprehensive Assessment Tests. Teachers would spend more time teaching the children how to pass the FCAT for a particular year, rather than being able to focus on everything.  Accountable!  I think not!

Now they give us the “Common Core Standards” – written by David Coleman and Susan Pimentel (more about them in another posting).  There are two really important reasons why this program is not good.  They are not educators nor have they ever been.

One, there is no scope or sequence which is an important aspect of curriculum requirements. When a student is sitting in a classroom and going from one grade level to the next, it is vitally important that the curriculum requirements be tightly linked from one grade level to the next or else huge chasms will occur of which the child will fall into. In other words, if a student has not learned in one grade level how to use a preposition they will certainly not know in the next grade level not to put one at the end of a sentence. If they did not learn in one grade level what a participle is then certainly they will not know in the next grade level what a dangling participle is.

Unless the standards used increase the depth and complexity in a smooth transition from one grade to another, holes in the children’s cognitive progression will occur. These holes represent the lack of prior knowledge. It is the lack of prior knowledge that keeps students from proceeding successfully to the next concept. This is particularly true in the area of grammar and usage which are competency based. Some would say how this is important when they have fallen into a world of “texting”. Have you paid attention to the result of how your children and grandchildren talk as a result of a life of texting?

Two, another concern about the new standards is that they are only for Math and English. The emphasis on those subjects in No Child Left Behind’s assessment scheme led to a dangerous narrowing of curriculum in public schools; the arts disappeared in many systems, science and history and physical education took a back seat too. However, the test scores reveal our students are graduating without knowing how to read. In Florida, over 50% of our students are required to take remedial classes in their Freshman year of college.

I do not know about anyone else, but holding the teachers totally accountable for the progress of our children and the level of their ability does not seem quite fair to me when you have people who have never worked in education nor have they been trained in education, making changes and choices when they should stick to what they know best. 

There is much, much more to this story and it will continue – – –



I discovered this morning there is a group of hard working ladies in Orlando who are working to preserve our public school system here in Florida against Jeb Bush’s push and influence toward the for profit” Charter and Voucher type system.  They have named it “JEBNATION!”  I like the name except it does give me a feeling that it is also giving him a “rank” or “superiority.” 

Followers of my blog or who have heard me speak, know I have never been easy on Jeb Bush for I believe his “best interests” are his and not those of our children. Bush and others are fully aware of what the NCLB changes to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act would do to our children. It was the ground work for what he is currently doing. You know how I know that?

Just this past Friday I received another e-mail from Charlotte Iserbyt – you know her!  Our Guardian Angel who tried to warn us many years ago in her book “The Dumbing Down of America”. The book warned us about the well laid out plan to convert this country to Communism and the way to do that was through the “Dumbing Down” of our children through their LACK of Education, using curriculum’s that have slowly converted their minds to the socialistic way of thinking. They have almost succeeded. Charlotte presented her findings to Reagan in the 80’s and was fired from her position within the Federal DOE.

Why do you think they want to remove history prior to 1865 from our History books?  Because people who have no attachment to their country’s past also have no allegiance to it’s future.

The Friday e-mail from Charlotte pointed out to me what had been included in a study that was being done by some Harvard “intellectuals” regarding the effects Social Studies could have on our children and the changes to be placed upon the county would also include a “charter” type of schools. This was 1934! She sent me the original!

The ladies from the group “FundEducationNow” are very concerned about education or lack of, but they believe that money is going to fix it. It is not! When we as a state continue to:

  • Feed our children a curriculum that falls very short – “garbage in, garbage out”
  • Follow a faulty State Constitution that gives total control to the District Boards
  • Purchase faulty textbooks faulting Judeo/Christian beliefs in favor of Islam
  • Allow foreign, global, communistic curriculum’s into the classrooms with absolutely no oversight
  • Weaken the oversight of Charter and Virtual schools not being aware of where the programs are coming from
  • Legislators serving on Education Committees who know nothing about Education, nor are they Educators
  • Legislators who have financial interest in Charter School Consortium’s voting on Charter legislation
  • Fund BILLIONS of dollars to the International Baccalaureate Program with no reports of accountability or success
  • Have a Commissioner of Education who is a Jeb Bush “Chief’s for Change”  serving 2 masters and I do believe “JEBNATION” is number one. 
  • Continue to place the majority of Charter schools in “low income” areas so when they fail guess who they blame
  • Allowing failing Charter schools to continue 2 & 3 years with a D or F grade before closing

What we do need to do is:

  • Wake up the parents and help them understand “everything is NOT alright!”
  • Insist as taxpayers we want NCLB, RTTT and the CCS removed from the state education system
  • Allow us to implement the Texas curriculum standards which are rated the best in the country – we have  them
  • Purchase true History books for our children to learn from and insist the Constitution be taught
  •  Remove all forms of Global education from our schools
  •  Tighten up the oversight of all Charter and Virtual school programs
  •  Leave parents who choose to Home School alone regarding their choices
  • Find a Commissioner of Education who is concerned about Florida’s children
  • Place some strict oversight on the FL State School Board by a civilian committee
  • Change the FL Constitution removing total control from the local school districts and add “term limits” to insure the School Board positions do not become a political game
  • And pray the unions will take care of union business rather than telling teachers to teach liberal, communistic agenda i.e.,  “communism is better than capitalism”.

Jeb Bush may view his policies as tough love, but I personally see it as a manipulative move to control Education for profit. Bill Gates and Jeb Bush are spending an awful lot of money on this issue to get the Charter, Virtual and Voucher ideas in place but with far less oversight then is placed on the public schools. Hence we are now riddled with Charter school scandals all over the country (FL’s has grown considerable since Oct 2011).  Strange bedfellows these two considering Gates political agenda in regard to the lies of Global warming and an Obama supporter.

In addition here in FL., with our legislators knowing nothing about Education, what and how much we are spending on International Baccalaureate (“I didn’t know” – why don’t they know when they are sitting on the Education Appropriations Committee?), walking around with STARS in their eyes at the mention of Jeb Bush’s name, political and financial links to Charter school consortium’s and when parents complain, the House legal eagle George Levesque decides he sees “no conflict of interest”.  Who is George Levesque besides the House attorney? Patricia Levesque’s husband and she is – Jeb Bush’s Chief of Staff for his Foundation for Excellence in Education and was his 2nd in command when he was governor and she also is the owner of one of the largest lobbying companies in Florida in line with the liberal Michelle Rhee in pushing Charter Schools and School Choice.

Now we have the one great big family here in Florida who are being used as an example to the rest of the country in our set up failure.  Let me put it another way – –

Jeb Bush was governor of Florida when his brother, the president, put in place the NCLB system for all the country. They knew it was a system for failure but Jeb Bush told us it would be the best thing since peanut butter. Now he tells us for profit, he has the remedy for what he helped put in place to ruin education AND remembering he is no more an EDUCATOR than David Coleman who Bill Gates hired to write the Common Core Standards.

Oh and the money games with our Education budget – Charlie Crist nor Rick Scott or anyone else in Tally really read all the requirements to RTTT and CCS. Surprised? AFTER they got the money then they were told now you have to provide the software (MICROSOFT) to input all the information about our children into, hire the extra people to do it and buy all the computers to use for the new people and on and on and on we go!

FL legislators have been begged to opt out, but . . . .

Yes money is our problem. but not in the way you think. It is about greed, control, selfishness and the final ruination of the Education system in this country. If money was the fix-all, then Hillsborough County, FL should really be on the very top of the state since they are the only ones who received $100M from Bill Gates in 2007 to improve the teacher accountability and scores. It has not and in fact, from a parents standpoint it is the worst district in the state when it comes to education.

And by the way, remember Hillsborough County’s superintendent is one of Jeb Bush’s girl’s and the merry-go-round continue’s. . . .