How States and School Districts Can Opt Out of Common Core

By Dr. Sandra Stotsky March 8, 2014

States that want to opt out of the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) and/or the tests aligned to or based on its standards are being threatened by a toothless tiger that doesn’t want the states to know the tiger has no claws.

RTTT7States are hearing, “It’s too late to back out”; “You’ll waste all the money you’ve spent on implementing the [low-level Common Core] standards your state board of education adopted three years ago”; “You’ll waste all the money you’ve spent on [self-described] Common Core consultants who have given [very costly] professional development to your teachers and told them what to change in their classroom curriculum to address Common Core”; “You will have to pay back all the money you got under Race to the Top (RttT)”; or, “You will lose your waiver and not get your Title I money.”

Can the U.S. Department of Education (USED) demand repayment from states that got RttT funds? Can it withhold Title I money from a state that loses its waiver? It is important to recall that Congress didn’t pass legislation requiring Common Core’s standards or tests. All it authorized in 2001 was a re-authorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) called No Child Left Behind (NCLB). ESEA hasn’t been re-authorized since then, so there are no new or different education policies passed by Congress. A variety of conditions have been attached to the recent waivers issued by USED, but they may have no constitutional legitimacy since Congress didn’t approve them. States can certainly raise that objection.

At the national level:

If a state received RttT money and spent it, it most likely doesn’t have to pay it back if it now seeks to opt out of using Common Core’s standards (by any name) and any tests aligned to or based on these standards. Neither the RttT application nor the grant award from USED contained a repayment penalty for withdrawing from a commitment. Moreover, the Grant Award Notification from USED implied withholding of future RttT funds, not repayment of RttT funds already expended.

RTTT winenrsIn other words, there seem to be no likely penalties if a state accepted a USED award of RttT funds and now chooses to withdraw from the agreement. States can justify their withdrawal on the grounds that the Common Core standards do not meet the original requirements of “common standards” outlined in the RttT application. These standards were supposed to be “supported by evidence that they are internationally benchmarked.” But they are not. The Common Core Validation Committee never received any evidence.

Nor has evidence been provided by two post hoc attempts to provide such evidence: the 2011 report by David Conley at the University of Oregon and the 2012 report by William Schmidt and a colleague at Michigan State University, Richard Houang. Conley’s report, funded by the Gates Foundation, contradicted the findings in his 2003 pre-Common Core report on college-readiness standards, while Schmidt and Houang’s report has been severely criticized on methodological grounds. It is unclear who funded it.

Moreover, RttT was a three-year program extended to last four years. It expires in the fall of 2014. Whatever changes states make after 2014 cannot affect the grant. In addition, no state committed itself explicitly to maintain forever the new policies required by RttT. Once RttT grants expire, it is unclear how the USED could demand repayment for an expired program.

If a state obtained a waiver from some aspects of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and now seeks to opt out of using Common Core’s standards and tests aligned to or based on them, it is highly unlikely to lose Title I money. Title I is implicated in the Common Core issue only because the state committed to the CCLS to obtain the waiver.

If the state applies for an extension of the waiver through the 2015-2016 school year, it would need to replace its commitment to implement the Common Core with a commitment to implement alternative standards approved by its institutions of higher education (IHEs). IHE approval of more demanding “college- and career-ready” standards would allow the state to retain the waiver, without penalty. Legislators need to ask their public IHEs to approve standards that enable mathematically and scientifically ambitious high school students to take STEM-preparatory coursework while in high school, not in transition courses elsewhere after high school graduation or after passing a GED test.

If the US Department of Education (USED) decided to be punitive, it could withhold at most only 5%-10% of the 1% of Title I funds set aside for state administrative functions. For example, if a state received $200 million under Title I, the administrative set-aside is $2 million. The most severe federal punishment would be 5-10% of that, or a maximum of $200K.

nclbIf the state chose to give up its waiver, the state would be under the NCLB mandate again to get all students to proficiency by 2014. NCLB has a range of sanctions for persistently failing schools and districts, ranging from conversion to charter schools, closing the school down altogether, replacing a large percentage of the school’s staff, to carrying out turnaround plans. If states give up their USED waivers from NCLB requirements, they would still have to assess their state’s standards annually with tests that, by law, must be based on these standards, and NCLB’s sanctions would again apply for failing schools and districts. It is not clear what the sanction would be for failing to get all students to proficiency by 2014, that is, if most schools failed to achieve Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for all subgroups.

The primary financial consequence of relinquishing the waiver would involve flexibility, not amount, of funding. Under NCLB, failing schools must allocate 20% of their Title I funding to Supplemental Education Services, typically outside tutoring. The waiver doesn’t change the amount of funding those schools receive but allows them to redirect 20% of it to other Title I uses. These districts would lose flexibility, not money.

USED would find it politically difficult to impose financial penalties on waiver cancellation when Common Core is not, in theory, a federal program. Or so we are regularly told.

At the state level:

Districts can select their own curricula and, in some states, their own standards. What they cannot do easily is avoid state testing. State tests operate under state laws which force all districts to participate, although sanctions vary by state. Typically, the results of these tests are used to rank or grade schools publicly, and they serve to label the schools as meeting or not meeting NCLB’s requirement of proficiency.

RTTT KidsA district with a stronger curriculum than one addressing Common Core’s standards is betting implicitly that its results will be better on the state test. If schools choosing to address more demanding standards than Common Core’s are ranked low on a Common Core-aligned test for several years, they may face state department of education sanctions, which can range from the state managing the district to reshuffling school administrators. Legislators can address this power play by withholding funding of the state’s department of education if it seeks to prevent schools with low scores on a Common Core-aligned test from addressing more demanding standards than Common Core’s. All the district should be required to do is produce evidence of evaluations showing that its standards are more demanding than Common Core’s.

A future post will further address districts that want better standards and tests than their state board and department of education are imposing on them.

Sandra Stotsky, Ed.D. is Professor Emerita, University of Arkansas.

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SO WHO IS MIKE HUCKABEE – A Traitor to Children?

The surfacing action of Huckabee to start “putting out feelers” as to his presidential electability is certainly an issue to look at with his involvement with Jeb Bush and Huckabee’s support of the Common Core Standards and now – doing a total turn around on his national weekly Fox show.

It appears that Huckabee is better suited to politics than being a man of the cloth. Ministers are to be held to a higher standard – I am not saying it is right, but it just goes with the occupation or calling. Huckabee is a player of words and I would put him into the new class of “New World Evangelists” who refuse to address the direction our country is taking to ruination.

He is a lot like Rick Warren having even attended seminary at the same time and the same place as Warren.

HUckabee 5We now know that his speech to the Council of State School Officers (CCSSO) was worded very differently than his announcement on his Fox show. Not only that, it appears the governor has also learned “double speak” lately.

At the CCSSO meeting Huckabee urged state education officials to get rid of the “Common Core” name because it has become “toxic.” Hum! However, Huckabee intends to continue to support the standards and it would appear this is the case as he is still listed on Jeb Bush’s Common Core site as a supporter. And – why was Huckabee invited to speak to the CCSSO?

“Rebrand it, refocus it, but don’t retreat,” Huckabee reportedly told CCSSO members. This of course is what some states are doing especially Florida. Florida lawmakers, Governor Scott and Commissioner of Education Stewart have all said they want to delete “Common Core” from official documents and replace it with the friendly sounding “Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.” Supposedly by changing the name of the standards everyone will forget they are the grandfather of the Common Core and the complete ruination of our children’s education.

In Florida, the Sunshine State Standards, adopted in 1996 became the Common Core State Standards in 2010.

This past November, Joe Follick a spokesman for the FL Dept. of Education stated, “Given the input that the state has taken and the changes that are likely to be made, “it would be disingenuous to call them common core standards”.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) used an executive order to strip the name “Common Core” from the state’s new math and reading standards for public schools. In Iowa, the same standards are now called “The Iowa Core.”

Tea Party members and others have argued that the standards amount to a federal intrusion in education, while supporters have tried to make the resistors believe that the development of the standards was spearheaded by governors and education officials.

Just the fact the president and Arne Duncan were ready and waiting on the sidelines with Race To The Top (RTTT) grants to the states shows the Federal intrusion. The grants from RTTT pushed the states to agree to share all their information on our children, their families and the teachers to the huge data mining system. All of this done BEFORE the standards were written and without any state legislation being passed authorizing it.

Back to good ole Huckabee! In June, 2013 Huckabee came out swinging in defense of the CCS. He sent a letter to lawmakers in Oklahoma, urging them to support Common Core. “Like many of you, I’ve heard the argument these standards ‘threaten local control’ of what’s being taught in Oklahoma classrooms,” Huckabee wrote. “Speaking from one conservative to another let me assure you this simply is not true. States and local school districts will determine how they want to teach kids, what curriculum to use, and which textbooks to use.
You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all the people all the time. Huckabee is no conservative. His gubernatorial record shows that.

His lack of understanding the full scope of this “infection” – standards are to be used as the goals to reach and the curriculum is what is used to gain those goals is irresponsible. With the likes of Pearson and every Tom, Dick and Harry company out there writing curriculum to align with the standards For Profit – there is no escape from this but total elimination.

All of Huckabee’s remarks are like a playbook from Jeb Bush’s Foundation.

We can ask the question why did Huckabee choose to agree with the likes of Jeb Bush and his cronies rather than the American parents who had bothered to do their research! Why did he choose to ignore people like Professor’s Sandra Stotsky and James Milgram, but instead decided to follow the like-minded support of David Coleman, Linda Darling-Hammond, Bill Ayers, George Soros and Jeb Bush types?

This causes one to wonder what Huckabee got for his initial support of the CCS and now apparent continued support! Backers for a presidential run, monetary? He certainly could have done his own research!

cHILD aBUSE 4Huckabee’s “epiphany” mirrors that of others who have suddenly realized that it was not just a few unimportant people who are concerned about CCS; but instead, the parents and taxpayers of America, from all parties, no parties, no particular occupations or races – but our nation as a whole realizing the danger of having the Obama administration indoctrinate our children into the social justice agenda through Common Core Standards – using our children as “Human Capital” to become involved in public-private partnerships is not only despicable, but Progressive to Socialistic.

The selfish and inconsiderate support of this planned damage against our children cannot be explained or excused – now or in the future! We are talking about a former governor here that supported Bill Clinton’s “School-To-Work Act”. He also appears to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

Put your money away boys – you will not win this battle! Parents will!


FL Dept of Education & the Parents!

I present to you a wonderful writing by Dave Miller, a strong Florida Conservative explaining his experience in learning about Common Core from the so to speak “Leaders” of Florida!

My experience learning about Common Core from Education Leaders; Pasco County & Florida by Dave Miller October 7, 2013

nclbSeveral months ago I had the opportunity to present concerns about the Common Core Program to the Pasco County School Administration including school superintendent, Education Vice President and a member of the school board. One of the groups I belong to invited them in to hear about our concerns. My 25 minute presentation consisted of two parts and I explained this at the beginning of my talk. The first part described what we knew about the program and the second described our concerns based on what we knew. The presentation was politely listened to however it was clear by their comments that they had no clue about what is really going on with the Common Core Agenda, that they had already signed up for the program and did not want to know anything else – they had been brainwashed.

Then two months ago State Senator John Legg was a speaker at the Central Pasco Republican Club so I went to hear him talk. He said very little about Common Core and basically talked in circles; the only comment of significance that I can recall is him saying that “not all students will go to college”. He did not elaborate as to who would decide which students would and which would not go.

scandal 3Next I went to hear then School Chancellor Pam Stewart speak at the Republican Club in Tampa and she also praised Common Core but when I questioned her about the changes to Federal Privacy Laws allowing dissemination of student and family information, she seem to be completely unaware. However despite this lack of important knowledge for someone in her position, she was then promoted to Commissioner of Education.

Charter Choice 2Last month at a later meeting of the first group, John Legg was the invited Speaker. John Legg is a Florida State Senator and Committee Chairmen of the Education Committee so he is someone who should know what is going and we thought we could learn more from him. (John and his wife also own a couple of Charter Schools which of course is a conflict of interest for him.) John showed up with several copies of the standards and after wasting time rambling on about his religious upbringing he took questions but just kept talking in circles, pointing to a copy of the standards and saying that if we don’t like them show him what part we don’t like. He refused to give direct answers to questions causing one member to walk out and at one point he said to the audience “you know I don’t have to be here”. He also refused to allow an audience member who had travel far to hear him speak, speak. It was truly a disgusting performance and an inexcusable display of behavior for a public official. – Basically he refused to participate, public be dammed.

Next I went to hear School Superintendent Kurt Browning speak at the Wesley Chapel Republican Club two weeks ago and he spoke about the fact that Common Core was created by 48 states (which is just not true), that it is not a federal program and for people to not believe what they hear or read on the internet. This was his primary message; to not believe anyone else, just believe the government -and to think that he is responsible for education of all children in Pasco County. He talked about a few educational issues, about the need for critical thinking, how different students learn differently, and about competing in the Global Economy, but really gave no specifics about Common Core. He did mention however that he is going around Pasco County talking to groups to ‘promote’ the program and dispel incorrect information, and he handed out a color glossy brochure to the audience; not sure who paid for this. He took a few questions at the end but stopped when I raised my hand.

Before the meeting I did get a chance to personally speak to Amelia Larson and among other things reminded her that Pasco is graduating students who cannot read and write script and yet the administration is saying that they need higher standards. I asked her that if they can’t seem to teach students to the current standards which have been analyzed as being about as good as Common Core Standards, why did she think changing standards would help? She did not have a good answer for that; just talked about all the wonderful changes they are making and also that she did not think students needed to learn to write even though this left-right brain and hand-eye coordination skill has been taught for hundreds of years.

Apple wormsSo that’s where things are right now. Governor Scott has temporarily pulled Florida out of some involvement in PARCC, the group that Florida signed up to for the creation of the Federally Funded Test, and has directed the Commissioner of Education to have three hearings around the state, the first being in Tampa on October 15th at an inconvenient 5:00p start.

My advice to everyone:

Jeb Bush, his Private Charter School Organizations, and the $700M RTTT Grant seem to be driving the agenda. I have seen the videos of Jeb leading the Common Core effort and he makes it sound good. In addition the Florida Republican Party seems to be infested with ‘Bush Boys’ supporting him, so be careful and don’t go out into the bush alone….and you don’t have to as there are many websites to get information from so you can investigate this yourself!

Change Agent ManOtherwise just imagine what teaching could be like in the future; lessons scripted for each session, student doing assignments on their digital devices while ‘Master Teachers’ walk around with clipboards checking to see that the instructor (former teacher) is following orders and students are learning to adopt the proper attitudes and beliefs to be good Global Citizens as defined by the United Nations –or not do well on the assessments. This is just one scenario that might happen if you don’t get involved.

From the Editor of this Blog: This is the type of experience most parents/taxpayers are having in relation to the Common Core Standards. Unfortunately Florida has lost all control of their legislators as their allegiance is very apparent to be to Jeb Bush and his Foundation. “Whatever Jeb wants – Jeb Gets”!

Your state may be having some of the same problems – I certainly hope not. We have 2 State School Board members, 1 District School Superintendent, and several legislators along with our Commissioner of Education sitting on the “Reformers” slot of the Jeb Bush Foundation For Excellence in Education and the other legislators seem to not see anything wrong in that.

I believe their behavior is in fact partially because they know they are wrong and certainly will not admit it and the only place we are going to have to hold them accountable is at the ballot box.

This attitude in theirs in relation to the Common Core State Standards is in the same league as the legislation they passed on Sun Rail after the taxpayers voted against it twice in the majority – and they voted to put it through anyway.

You can bet your bottom dollar Representative Debbie Mayfield R- Dist 54) will be treated as Paula Dockery was when she stood up against them. Time to be sent to the broom closet but I would prefer it was all the other legislators since they are not LEGISLATING but RULING! Their actions are not much different from Obama’s only the title is different.

The arrogance of the Florida “powers to be” is out of control especially when it comes to all forms of education – most have not a clue what they are talking about!

Disclaimer: As always if you find anything I have posted to not be factual, please contact me and I will gladly review your information. I spend hours researching for my posts and try to be as factual as possible. truthneducation@ymail.com


From The Frying Pan Into The Fire!

Gov. Scott recently fed the parents/taxpayers of Florida a bone in regard to the Common Core Standards (CCS) leading them to believe he was going to “shut down” the CCS in regard to the implementation of those standards in Florida.

You see, he is looking at us with the same disdain as those who have had a hand in this “game” of “dumbing down our children” by a bunch of non-educators for personal financial gain. Referring to our children as “Human Capital” is all we really needed to know.

Jeb Bush on his new website www.highercorestandards.org suggests it is the Republican Party who is against the CCS because some of the Exe. Committees in Florida and the National RNC came out against the CCS because of the Federal intrusion. In fact, truth be known, there are plenty of Democrats and more to the point Conservative parents and teachers who are against the CCS. Keep the parties out of it.

Scott placing himself in the same league as people like Sen. Lamar Alexander, Chester Finn, Bill Gates, Jeb Bush, Craig R. Barrett (former CEO/COB of Intel Corp.), Louis V. Gerstner, Jr (former Chairman & CEO IBM) who have no actual regard for the welfare of our children should be called into question. These so called leaders are using the education of our children to build up their coffers and this should show every parent in the state of Florida we do not need Rick Scott as a returning governor. We do have cause to wonder from time to time where some POLITICIANS allegiance really falls!
Three Education Idiots
I didn’t say I was endorsing Charlie Crist! What I am saying is we need to be looking at the strongest, true supporter of the welfare and future of our children to be the next governor of Florida.

Scott issues an Executive Order and everyone gets excited that he is stopping CCS in Florida. What he did was merely acknowledge he was withdrawing Florida from PARCC, stated he was going to hold 3 hearings for public comments, look into finding someone else for testing, and acknowledged concerns regarding the Federal overreach and the data collection of psychological attitudes and beliefs.

Floridians Against Common Core Education (F.A.C.C.E.) as one of the very first Florida groups to gather in hundreds upon hundreds of parents and taxpayers, informing them of the dangers of the Common Core Standards, we are very disappointed in the governor’s once again idea of hearings/summits. Current Commissioner Stewart has issued a statement that “basically the standards will essentially remain as they are with very few cosmetic changes up to that little gift of 15% for changes. Also as far as we can tell, absolutely nothing has changed in regard to PARCC.

We are finding the constant manipulation by the administration in Tallahassee is not to be trusted. Everything being done is to show us they already have a pre-determined goal in mind and there is NOTHING you or I can say that will ever change their minds.

CORE  4Be careful – the next knife he plants in us will be an agreement with CORE XLR8, the corporation from India which is showing a profit in the billions selling formative assessment and learning management solutions for the CCS. They have already bought into several American education systems with offices all over America.

CORE will also provide a state the ClickerCenter which is CORE ECS’s student response device (i.e., clickers) software and management application for CORE XLR8. Adding ClickerCenter to your CORE XLR8 program will allow you to support test administration with clickers. Assessments can be printed from CORE XLR8 and handed out to students, or projected on a screen in the classroom for test administration with their assigned clicker. An assessment summary report can be generated to review the student responses after administration is complete.

Student’s responses from the clicker are transmitted to a receiver in the classroom. Responses are then transmitted to ClickerCenter as they are entered, allowing you to monitor each students progress during the administration. Once the class has completed the assessment, the scores can be submitted to CORE XLR8.

In acknowledging his concerns, does that mean if a sweet talking representative from CORE talks to Scott, convincing him into using their assessment system we are off and running again tracking our children’s psychological responses? CORE also provides a range of psychometric and assessment related functions.
CORE Psycho
More about CORE in another posting!

What Scott did not address was just as important as what he did. He did not remove our participation in the CCS, remove Florida from the PARCC consortium, prevent future testing to be based on the CCS, stop any and all testing and data collection of psychological attitudes and beliefs and limit any and all collection of data of the student’s performance which includes association with iBloom, or remove any and all curriculum and textbooks using the CCS.

F.A.C.C.E. ask the governor to take a further step in cleaning up the CCS legislative apparatus in Tallahassee to include insisting that Pam Stewart, Kathleen Shanahan and Sally Bradshaw of the FL. State School Board, Mary Ellen Elia, Hillsborough Superintendent of Schools, and Fl. legislators John Thrasher, John Legg, Joe Negron, Erik Fresen, Anitere Flores, Don Gaetz, Kelli Stargel, and Will Weatherford remove themselves immediately from serving on the Jeb Bush Foundation for Excellence in Education.

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is for the taxpayers of Florida to break up the level of cronyism in Tallahassee. Somehow “they” have gotten the idea “we” work for them instead of the other way around!

Florida is in a bad spot right now always stating we are leaders especially in education. Well, to the country it certainly doesn’t look that way when outside groups do “proof positive” of the cronyism in Tally in regard to the Jeb Bush Foundation and our Dept. of Education and the above mentioned individuals. “In the Public Interest” uncovered through FOIA over 1K e-mails between the two.

Are we supposed to believe our legislators and State School Board members who are sitting on that board have more allegiance to our children than Jeb Bush? Then governor, you have forgotten that those educated in this country prior to 1965 and the Federal governments overtaking of the education system received a really great education and we are the ones watching you now.

The ethics of what has been happening in Tallahassee over the past 6-10 years in regard to our legislators and the Jeb Bush Foundations are unacceptable. It has increased tremendously since the push for Charter/Choice. Recently Bush stated, “that when it comes to overhauling public education: “You’ve got to go big or go home.” We suggest you go home!

ShanahanNow, Scott is replacing Kathleen Shanahan on the State School Board – not because of sitting on Jeb Bush’s Foundation or that she has served the Bush family in the political arena for the past 30+ years, but because she brought to your attention something you failed to do – attend your own called EDUCATION SUMMIT. Of course he had the President of the Florida PTA who was there supporting the CCS with the Gates Foundation $1M as an incentive in the PTA national coffers.

What Scott failed to do was invite true educators and parents. Scott has shown such a dis-respect for them, but then they are only the ones who pay the bills.

Now in his next brilliant move, he removes Kathleen Shanahan from the State Board of Education and replaces her with a wet behind the ears semi-educator from TEACH FOR AMERICA (TFA)? Is this a Bill Gates Foundation or Jeb Bush manipulation? They have managed to push other non-educators into positions they are ineligible for.

Rebecca LipseyWho is Rebecca Fishman Lipsey? She states she is a life-long educator at the age of 32. Wow! Let’s take a look at her life-long education experience.

Graduated from the Univ. of PA with a degree in Psychology in 04; attended Bank Street College of Edu. 04-06 for her Masters and during the same period was teaching for Teach for America in the NYC schools. Two years of actual teaching since in 2006, she became a Program Director for Teach For America, but she is a life-ling educator!

Let’s take a quick look at Bank Street College of Education. It was founded by Lucy Sprague Mitchell as the Bureau of Educational Experiments (BEE). They were deeply involved in the creation of the “Head Start” program along with the National Education Assoc. which created the Educational Policies Commission (EPC).

As addressed in the History of the Bankstreet College of Education, educator Lucy Sprague Mitchell and her colleagues, influenced by revolutionary educator John Dewey and other humanists, concluded that building a new kind of educational system was essential to building a better, more rational, humane world.

John Dewey! Scott, who recommended Rebecca Fishman Lipsey to sit on the Florida State School Board?

BankstreetThe Bureau of Education Experiments (BEE) also founded by Mitchell and her husband, stated their purpose was to “combine expanding psychological awareness with democratic conceptions of education. With a staff of researchers and teachers, the Bureau sets out to study children–to find out what kind of environment is best suited to their learning and growth, to create that environment, and to train adults to maintain it”. CHANGE AGENTS! Anyone still believe education is not BIG Business?

Scott, in case as a non-educator you are unaware, JOHN DEWEY was a professed MARXIST. His colleague’s would state, “Deweysim is the genuine fulfillment of Marxism”!

How about Karl Marx and the Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto? Number Ten states: “Government control of education; free education for all children in public schools; Abolition of children’s factory labor in its present form and a Combination of education with industrial production”. Do you suppose President’s Johnson, Clinton and Bush 43 did their fair share of implementing the above which included Marc Tucker’s great “School To Work Act”!

According to the Teach for America web site it states: “Millions of students growing up in poverty lack the quality education that will allow them to succeed . . . Teach For America works to eliminate this injustice by finding, training, and supporting individuals who are committed to equality and placing them in high-need classrooms across the country.”

Currently the TFA website states Florida has their teachers not only in Miami-Dade but Jacksonville. Watch those test scores go down! What does TFA look for in “teacher” quality? Well, according to this page it says nothing about having been educated to be an educator. By attending their five-week (that’s a #5) summer training program these young college graduates are “ready, set, go”! Compensation isn’t bad either!

With the push for the use of TFA employees, now I understand all the changes in the Florida Teacher Certification process.

We can surmise then the teachers working in the “low-income” schools in Miami-Dade school district are lacking in experience, knowledge, quality training, unfair, and non-caring according to the propaganda TFA puts out.

Oh, and never forget your tax $$ are already paying TFA teachers from the yearly payments by the Federal governmentcurrently $18M a year! But Education Secretary Arne Duncan proposal to merge that funding with other programs, if approved by Congress, would make $235 million available for initiatives to recruit and prepare teachers for high-need schools. In case you are not aware – in pro CCS language, high-need schools are “low income schools”. Unfair distribution of funds!

Miami DadeNot surprising that Lipsey ended up in Miami since the Miami-Dade school system seems to think that hiring Teach For America teachers is much better for their children then solidly educated TEACHERS. This is proven on their application for the Phase 1 Tier 2 Race To The Top Grant Application.

You see, in case you are not aware, the way Teach for America works is in the spring each year, they wander into colleges and universities around the country looking for “recruits” to train. They don’t have to have gone to college to be a teacher just that they are graduating and have not been able to find a job.

Governor Scott, have you ever heard of Vladimir Lenin’s quotes “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted” or “Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever”.

It has become very apparent that those in charge of Florida’s education system are extremely lacking in knowledge and ability to carry out a most important charge. The need to find qualified individuals who have no political homage or debt and whose ONLY concern is the future of our children needs to be the main priority. For myself, I have found trusting those in charge in Tallahassee or in the Federal government to not be qualified.

Florida and her education system is in serious trouble. The apparent financial profiteering at the expense of our children is very apparent. Governor Scott, you can fix this with the right guidance and leave yourself a great legacy.

Parent’s every day ask yourself the same question – Why is Jeb Bush, his Foundations and Cronies still pushing so hard for Charter/Choice? I have told you enough times and now it is time for us to tell them to get out of the business of education and leave our children alone.



Grades 2This past weekend the story was released about the consequences of the State School Board agreeing to play games with the Florida grading system AGAIN!

Although the information in the story in the Orlando Sentinel is unsettling it once again shows how the state continues to mess with the education of our children – from the standards, to the curriculum, to the textbooks, to the grading system. Are they ever going to learn to just give our children a good education with the very best teachers, curriculum, textbooks and all the rest that goes with it rather than continually changing the rules of the game and playing with their futures?

Just who is their allegiance to – our children or the money men?

What Floridians Against Common Core Education is actually more concerned about is the drastic drop in some of the grades of the schools. Focusing on Central Florida since that is the information that was in the article, someone please explain to me how a consistently A school over a 5 year period drops to an actual D but is given a C. How does a B school drop to a D which would have been an F?

COMMON CORE???? The reports that have been out by parents show a major increase in frustration by the elementary school children. How does the state school board, legislators and governor explain the dramatic drop? This is not just a matter of changing the grading system.

Information on the states “School Accountability Reports” site does not have the scores posted for 2011-2012 or 2012-2013 years – so the grades I followed were from the 2006-2007 through 2010-2011. Even with the missing 2 year reports the grade drops for the schools mentioned – there needs to be a reason and the only thing really new is the Common Core Standards along with the new curriculum and textbooks.

Parents should not be willing to “just accept” whatever is being handed out but full explanations need to be forthcoming from the local school districts, individual schools and the State Department of Education and the State School Board.

A statement such as the one by Patricia Levesque, Jeb Bush’s Chief of Staff at both his foundations, ‘this just highlight’s where students are struggling the most and it’s been powerful”. The Bush Foundations have pushed for the A-F grading system which there is nothing wrong with that – just pick a system and stick with it.

Levesque went on to say “too many changes were made too quickly to the grading formula that now must be simplified”. Do you think? At the push from your foundations to get all your ideas in place at what cost just as you have done with the implementation of the Common Core Standards and the Charter/Choice boondoggle. Although the foundation was opposed to the State Board’s decision to make the changes last July because it would prevent schools with the lower grades from getting the resources they needed.

What resources? Moving the students to a Charter school? They are quick to note that under Florida law parents have the ability to move their children from D or F schools to Charter/Choice.

Now I have another question for all of you. Knowing Common Core has been set up to be instituted in every public and private school in this state, why is Jeb Bush still pushing Charter/Choice?????

UNELECTED school boards who for taxpayers means “taxation without representation” and using our children once again as “Human Capital” in public private partnerships! “They” just never stop!

Jeb Bush has a financial interest in all of this and never forget it!
Bricks and mortar
Accountability is the key word and they are intending on sweeping this under the bricks and mortar!


Call Them What They Are – Worms Milking the System!

applw worm 2Time and time again we find these “worms” slithering around in the name of “improving” the education of our children. Their latest attack on our children is coming under the name of Common Core (CC) and it is so filled with these worms by their endorsements and greed that it and everything they touch is “rotten to the core”.

We can only hope the gig is up on Michelle Rhee and some of the other cronies who have their fingers in this massive “take-over” of the education of our children. The Washington, D.C. test results Rhee used as the Holy Grail to base her empire on were fraudulent. The adults cheated and Michelle Rhee and her successor and Teach for America buddy/alumni Kaya Henderson, Chancellor of the D.C. public schools, covered it up.

I hope you know what Teach for America is!  It’s Wendy Kopp’s organization that takes newly graduated college student’s whether they are Education grads or not, puts them through 5 summer weeks of training and then trades them off to various school systems to be placed in low-income areas for bottom line pay with parents expecting their children are being taught by an educator. Another scam!

Parents should be paying attention to all the buzz over the publication by independent journalist John Morrow of a secret memo that says nearly 200 D.C. educators may have cheated on standardized tests in 2008 when Michelle Rhee was schools chancellor.

You see, these profit mongrels usually don’t care if you find out about their little deeds because usually no one pays any attention and if they do nothing is done about it. They continue to manipulate the system and play games with the futures of our children.

Maybe all the blood-thirsty, selfish, NWO people could just all move to Antarctica and leave the rest of us alone. But then again sometimes the cover-up is what gets them in the end. All that’s left now are who else goes down as a result.

At some point the media will start pointing all this information out and maybe, just maybe, parents/taxpayers will begin putting all the “duck’s in a row” and know once and for all they have been HAD at the expense of their children and their wallets then scream “HALT” – Enough is Enough!

Now the whole thing is just one big lie, and one of Jeb Bush’s Chiefs for Change may have been part of the cover-up according to John Morrow:

The erasures stayed buried for years. The official who had spotted the problem, Deborah Gist, urged Rhee to investigate and has kept quiet ever since… Five months after she had informed Rhee of the widespread erasures, Gist resigned to become State Superintendent in Rhode Island. Rhee now publicly praises her efforts there too. Gist soon will be asked by the Rhode Island media why she kept quiet but she is Jeb Bush’s third Chiefs for Change to run into trouble within the last year.

This list of Bush “Reformer’s” as he calls them is a “Who’s Who” all the way from the President of the CFR to multiple Florida legislators.

BennettFlorida’s new Commissioner of Education, Indiana’s throw-away Tony Bennett’s list of campaign contributors is troubling enough – filled with high rollers set to make millions off of the Common Core boondoggle – Bennett is also facing criticism for $1.7 million worth of high-tech equipment he purchased through his former chief of staff. Meanwhile, the implementation of the Common Core Standards that he championed in Indiana under the direction of Jeb Bush is being opposed by the Republican National Committee and we would like to add a growing band of those in Florida and around the country.

A three page sales agreement for a total of $1.7M of taxpayer dollars shows an order placed for dozens of pieces of high-tech equipment; soft-ware and services sold by California-based Cisco Systems, at the time of the purchase employed Tony Bennett’s former chief of staff.

All Indiana seems to have to show for this expense is 2 window blinds at $1500 each and 2 $6500 high definition desk top videoconferencing units, which, as of last week, didn’t mesh with the department’s broader telecommunications system. The purchase was finalized 3 months before Bennett lost his election and Florida’s State Board of Education patted themselves on the back for hiring Indiana’s ousted Commissioner.

“It’s frustrating”, a top aide to first-year Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz stated. “It’s just frustrating because it seems there wasn’t a lot of thought put into the purchase. A lot of tax dollars were spent on something that we don’t know how to use, and we don’t even know if it’s needed.”

Do they have classes for these Jeb Bush lap dogs or does all this maneuvering and ripping tax payers off come naturally? I’m glad you ask because yes they do! Bush’s Foundation for Excellence in Education even pays for some of the Florida DOE employees to attend his yearly summit’s. This event will again for the 5th year in a row pull in all the deaf and blind people that believe their association with Jeb Bush will further their careers, give them power or make them rich.

Now we have wind that Jeb Bush’s newest “Chunk for Change” not only is a non-educator, but along with the manipulation of NM Governor Martinez who brought Hanna Skandera to NM to be secretary of public education, she has put NM in a very bad place and angered some of the NM senators who failed to confirm her appointment before the end of session.

If NM senators are smart they will bite the bullet and vote to send Hanna Skandera packing before they wind up like Florida and have  the Jeb Bush Foundation for Excellence in Education running their education system and their legislators.

Senators need to hold Skandera accountable for her failure, and particularly her proposal to manipulate school grades to mask the degree to which schools are not doing enough to help the students most in need of improved instruction.

Did  Ms.Skandera and others playing this “ruin our children game, take the course at  Teach for America on  “How To Cheat the Taxpayers and Ruin Your Education System All At the Same Time” presented by Michelle Rhee?

During her unconfirmed tenure, Skandera has displayed remarkable distrust of New Mexico parents, teachers and school administrators and disdain for state laws and traditions. Now, thanks to Washington, we know that she is incompetent.

Upon arrival, Skandera disbanded the state advisory councils on Indian, Hispanic and bilingual education. She fired dozens of employees in the Public Education Department and brought into New Mexico highly-paid temporary consultants, one of whom lamented that NM student assessment rules did not permit English-only testing. She also sent $800,000 of state funds appropriated for Indian education to Teach for America, which devoted one percent of the money to recruit and train Indian teachers. (Looks like Skandera got her training from Ms. Rhee also!

NM Senators need to hold Skandera accountable for her proposal to manipulate school grades to mask the degree to which schools are not doing enough to help the students most in need of improved instruction. Her idea is a cunning deception to produce an illusion that her policies have brought about a dramatic improvement in school performance.

They might also take the opportunity to use Skandera as an example to parents/taxpayers to stop Jeb Bush from trying to manipulate the states and their education plans and standards to agree with HIS idea of what education should be all about.  He is after all a NON-educator himself, although he does know how to spend other people’s money and also misappropriate it.

jebbushfrownyFlorida should never forget his involvement in the $4.6M Florida Savings & Loan scandal in the ‘80’s along with ripping off the Florida Pension Fund to bail out his friend  and owner of the failing Edison Charter school system while still Florida’s governor.

And people talk about him running for President! I know there has to be someone much better in America to run for that office!  Americans also need to remember the Bush family is Progressive and NWO!

Does the RNC realize or even care that all these businesses aligning themselves to push the Common Core “for profit” are all buddies of Jeb Bush and Bill Gates? Moreover, do they realize that coupled with Rhee’s scandal, Common Core gobbles up a lot of work done by republican dominated legislatures across the nation and that their unimpeachable champions have been Bush and Gates?

Florida’s choice of Tony Bennett for Commissioner of Education giving Florida it’s third in a row “Chief’s for Change” in that position, should give cause for reflection to parents and taxpayers as to the motive and intent of the UNELECTED Florida State Board of Education because here, once again it represents cronyism.

You ask how does that fit? Well, with the head of this group being the President/CEO of KIPP Charter schools Florida and 2 other board members having no less than 20-25 years behind them in supporting the Bush family through being campaign workers, Chief’s of Staff, fund raisers and a number of other positions, one can only wonder just how objective they can be and to whom do they owe their allegiance.

A good case for urging Florida’s legislature to re-think their position and make the office of Commissioner of Education and the State School Board elected positions making them accountable to the taxpayers – you know, the one’s whose money they spend so freely!

Since Florida is always mentioned in the press as the state to “take their lead from” I suggest you re-think that thought as it isn’t really working out well for the people of this state and that certainly includes the children.

We can only hope and pray the future influence of the Bush-Rhee-Gates dominated education reform machine be put under a microscope and fall away before our legislators are allowed to ruin our children with the Common Core. American parents and taxpayers should earnestly hope so. Maybe the end of this continual worship of Jeb Bush and all his lap dogs is near.  We can only pray and maybe we will get lucky and it will take down Bill Gates and his cronies too.


Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Common Core Lies! Part 1

CCS AppleFirst of all I want to make it clear I understand the purpose of the Common Core Standards is so that the curriculum and testing is uniform in the country so that when students move, they won’t have any transition problems!
Secondly, a bunch or men and women have gotten together who believe they know what is best for our children because they can get rich in this venture.

Third, my proof in statement #2 is there have been more businesses related to Education crop up in the past ten years than in any other form of business – even “green” businesses.

In Florida, and maybe your state also, we cannot make up our minds about exactly what we are doing, why we are doing it, or how we should proceed.

No one is happy about anything! Those getting their way refuse to discuss anything with those not agreeing with them and they want the whole thing to move FASTER!

Those against this are against it for many, many reasons especially the rush, lack of legislative process and SO MUCH MONEY FLYING AROUND!

Florida’s new standards in math and language arts aren’t as broad as the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards they are replacing, but are deeper. Students will study fewer ideas and facts, but they’ll be expected to know more about those they do study. This explanation sounds like a “focused” education – not one where the students get to choose. Sounds a lot like Outcome-Based Education http://www.deliberatedumbingdown.com/ Pages 233, 339-340.

Last Fall acting Commissioner of Education Pam Stewart stated “Common standards will make state-to-state test score comparisons “more apples to apples” than ever before, but most importantly they will require students to learn skills, knowledge and abilities they’ll need after they leave high school.

By Golly, I think the lady hit the “pot” at the end of the rainbow! Isn’t that what was supposed to be happening in the schools already? Aren’t they supposed to be being educated with a well rounded education so they can go forward to college, technical schools or obtain a job with enough information to advance themselves in whatever they want to do already?

Maybe if you would stop messing around with the education system in Florida, our children might learn something. First what we were doing was wrong so we get NCLB and with that comes the FCAT testing and we are told our children are stupid, not learning, bottom of the ladder – so now we are told Charter schools are the answer because “most” of our schools are failing (a lie) and now you tell us we have to participate in this CCS scam because the legislature wanted the RTTT money and in the end they are going to spend many times over that money they received in the national “BINGO” game.

I think maybe we should as taxpayers, be looking a lot more closely at who we elect to make decisions for us and also take under consideration changing to “WE” elect our Commissioner of Education rather than a State School Board of which half are in league with the Bush family and we continue to get “Chief’s” running our education system rather than “Indians”!

Just what the heck have we been paying for all these years? STUPID EDUCATION? No, I think the problem is legislators who believe it is perfectly alright to use our children’s future as “HUMAN COLLATERAL”.

Ghee, I feel better already. I want to make sure I understand this correctly because I wouldn’t want to give the wrong impression here.

1. The Common Core curriculum isn’t as broad as what we are currently using, but it’s deeper.

2. Students will study fewer ideas and facts, but they’ll be expected to know more about those they do study.

3. The individual participating states did not vote on this through their legislatures – the decision to undertake this mess was made by the nation’s governors and education commissioners through their representative organizations of the National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) which led the development of the Common Core State Standards under the supervision of Achieve, Inc.(the Education part of Rupert Murdoch News, Inc.) and Bill Gates with his Foundation $$ and they continue to lead the initiative now focusing on the software to “TRACK” your children from mandated Pre-K through college and beyond.

4. No one accepting this, at least in Florida, read the CCS curriculum before venturing off and changing everything (Gov. Crist).

5. The Republican legislature went along with this because Jeb Bush and his Foundations support it. Did they read the curriculum – NO!

6. Understanding people in Florida are upset with the current testing mess (FCAT) and are wanting something better, the state has agreed to participate in the new testing program of which is “not completed”, and has been estimated to cost per child of an increase from $8 each test to well over $100. ChaChing!

7. The Common Core Standards are NOT the most rigorous of ones currently being used in the country, so why are we not using one of those that are? (because Bill Gates wanted what he wanted in the CCS and he paid well to get them).

8. This is the most expensive venture to be undertaken by the collective states ever and the estimate for the necessary technological infrastructure is well over $65M. For Florida, in a state that is #4 in the country on the list for receiving Federal $$ and at the bottom of the list for spending that money on the children themselves, where do you think they are going to get all this money? A clue – As mandated by the Florida Constitution, Article IX, section 4, Florida has 67 school districts, one for each county and all are separate from municipal government. School districts tax property within their jurisdictions to support their Education budgets.

9. In the “loss of control” by implementing the CCS – we are ceding our authority to others where we will have no voice at all “but will continue to be “allowed” to pay the bills. The CCS curriculum cannot be changed – that is the rules! Talk about control! If a parent, teacher or principal has a problem with the curriculum, there is no where to go since parents and officials have very little if any influence in regard to the curriculum or anything else pertaining to the CCS for that matter.

10. Finally, the “POT” at the end of the “Rainbow” is full but only for the big name Businesses and Foundations that are in it for the $$ and the ability to “Dumb Down” our children to the point they will all be “yes” girls and boys to the government.

There is a real danger here Moms and Dads – even the National and some local PTA groups have taken Bill Gates $$ for their support of this agenda and they also “have not a clue” what is in the curriculum or the “main agenda” surrounding this monstrous plan!

Deliberate dumbing downParents would do themselves a huge favor by reading “The Deliberate Dumbing Down” by Charlotte Iserbyt and “Plundered” by Michael S. Coffman especially Chapters 10 and 11. These two pieces of work will tell you the truth of what is currently happening in our Education System today.Plundered


Do Florida Lawmakers Revere or Fear Jeb Bush? How About Your State?

It is a well known fact in Florida that when former Gov. Jeb Bush says “jump” the Florida Republican legislators “JUMP”! (I again want to remind my readers I am NPA as of the last election) So What is the hold? Do they really agree with his ideas and ideology? Do they think they are going to get something for their support? They do get donations from all the various “Charter School Businesses? But aren’t legislators elected to serve the electorate? The people of their states? It certainly does not seem to work that way anymore in ANY state.
Few pundits have been willing to say publicly that the current chaos of Florida’s education accountability systems is of Jeb Bush’s doing. But Palm Beach Post writer Jac Versteeg has done just that this morning.

Jeb Bush 4 Former Gov. Jeb Bush has an undeserved reputation as an education reformer. Florida’s recent education progress has come not from implementing Mr. Bush’s policies but from cleaning up after them. (And cleaning they needed but Jeb Bush’s ideas are being fostered and aligned as “the best there is? He is NOT an EDUCATOR!

Mr. Bush has been visiting legislators in Tallahassee to talk about education policy. Get out the mops and buckets. Taxpayers also should reach for their wallets, since the former governor’s new big ideas involve transferring more public dollars to the for-profit companies behind him.

Mr. Bush’s biggest idea, enacted immediately after taking office in 1999, was to give each school an A-to-F grade based on student scores on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test. That misuse of the FCAT continues. The test’s many shortcomings were even more serious when Gov. Bush initiated FCAT tyranny. The test covered only a few subjects, students took it long before the end of the school year, and half of elementary and high-school students didn’t even take it. Yet the entire school received a grade, on which parents, students and Realtors fixated.

(Added note here is that the FCAT forced teacher’s to “TEACH TO THE TEST” and the other subjects would be pushed aside. Parents have complained about that since the inception of the FCAT. Teachers hands have been tied. Does this sound like a man who is really interested in the education of our children?

I would like to pose the question – Has this been a set-up deal for the failure of public schools to give the big push for Charter schools. Failing regular public schools as the incentive to open Charter schools and push the support for Virtual education and the PARENT TRIGGER bill?)

…….In yet another revision to the grading formula Gov. Bush perversely and prematurely treated as infallible, Florida made FCAT scores count less in some school grades. Still, Florida in 2011 also required teachers to be evaluated based on FCAT scores, even if a teacher had no students who took the FCAT.

This is not “creative destruction.” It’s harassment, and it has created enormous ill will. Gov. Rick Scott’s frantic reversals in preparation for a reelection run — he has called for teacher raises not linked to the FCAT — show how unpopular Mr. Bush’s education legacy is.

With the FCAT writing test looming this week, a Palm Beach County school board member spoke for many educators when she lamented that “this is one test on one day that means more than it should.” But urging students and parents not to stress out is futile. Failing the FCAT still has out-sized consequences — such as no diploma.

Mr. Bush’s fans note that Florida’s education rankings and results have improved. The dubious rankings give Florida credit simply for having “accountability,” systems even if those systems are bogus. Improving test results and graduation rates are incremental and could have been achieved — and surpassed — more quickly without the turmoil Mr. Bush inflicted.

Now Mr. Bush heads several foundations pushing for a rapid expansion of charter schools and virtual schools. His Foundation for Excellence in Education accepts donations from private companies that would profit from lax new laws that Florida and other states are rushing to enact. The sort of careless “reform” Jeb Bush advocates will end up with taxpayers fleeced and students and parents cheated. He has a reputation for reform. He has a record of making messes.

Even as lawmakers look for a way out to prevent a train wreck – Plan B on Common Core Standards and PARCC tests with more tweaks to school grade formulas and teacher evaluations – Bush continues to be revered by them. Or is it feared? The former Florida governor controls the purse strings to Florida’s business community and speaks from the bully pulpit on everything. For a republican to oppose him is political suicide. Bush’s control of education policy coupled with his un-opposable political clout is a chilling and dangerous vacuum of absolute power.
by Bob Sikes www.scathingmusings.com
Florida and her education system are nothing to be applauded and other states need to turn their eyes away from us for leadership along with its leader Jeb Bush. Dump the CCS and the lies being sent out by Jeb Bush and his supporting businesses who are getting rich off of the backs of our children.

One thing people may not know – Students who have failed the FCAT in high school and cannot graduate without passing it are given 3 attempts at it. Just what is that about?


Communists In America All Russian – Think Again!

Did you all believe that the Communists in this country were “In the Closet?”

CHINA FLAGMost of us have grown up believing Sen Joe McCarthy was a little on the wacky side. To some extent you would probably be right especially with his drinking problem. But when he first began making the statements that there were Communists active in America I think everyone thought he was talking about Russians and maybe he was. Unfortunately we cannot ask him and I wonder if he had any thoughts about the any of the Communist’s being Chinese.

I believe most of us know by now that Sen McCarthy was correct – I just believe he couldn’t produce the proof for some reason.

These articles on Congressional Rep. Judy Chu (D) CA-32) Communist, have been recently written by Trevor Loudon, a gentleman of the highest caliber and known to many of you. He has been researching Barack Obama for years. His newest book “Barack Obama and the Enemies Within” is a must read for all. If you don’t feel queasy and very uneasy while reading this book you are definitely numb to what is happening in America.

Floridians are aware I hope, that we have had 3 Communist legislators for a few years now and unfortunately the people have re-elected Alan Grayson again so he is back to kick up the sand! I don’t think any are necessarily Russian or Chinese Communist but they do believe in the ideology and methods.

What concerns me the most at this time is the $30M the Communist Chinese have recently invested in our Charter schools with the promise of another $60M. I think Governor Scott should explain to the people of Florida why he believes taking Communist $$ can be justified for any reason. Heck – the Chinese already own almost half the land in America – Thank You Mr. & Mrs. legislators for that!

JUDY CHU – Calif Congresswoman Democratic Party and Vice-Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus PART 1 Judy Chu 2

In April 2012, then Florida Congressman Allen West got himself into hot water with the media, after claiming that 70 to 80 members of Congress were “communists.” While his terminology was too loose, in spirit, Mr. West was essentially correct.

In a mocking interview with the Congressman, CNN presenter Soledad O’Brien confronted West with a list of Congress members, asking him to confirm if they were “communists.”

If West knew as much about communism as he does about radical Islam, he could have made a case for the affirmative for all those named. When Soledad O’Brien asked, “Judy Chu, is a communist????” West could, and should have said, “she’s probably one of the worst!!!”

That would have knocked O’Brien off her chair and it would probably come as a surprise to many – especially Judy Chu’s colleagues on the Congressional Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security.

Everyone knows the Est Los Angeles Democrat is a ”progressive” – but aren’t they all down there? And Judy Chu has been a vice-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, which means she has to be pretty far to the left. READ MORE

communismJUDY CHU – PART 2

So where is my evidence that Judy Chu, Congressional Representative of California’s 32nd District, is a long term affiliate of the former Communist Workers Party and its still surviving networks?

The first significant evidence of Chu’s ties to the CWP comes through a long forgotten far left umbrella group, the Federation For Progress.

The Federation For Progress described itself in an undated brochure released circa late 1983 or early 1984. It was one of several attempts in the 1970s and ’80s to create a new US Marxist united front organization – this time by the Communist Workers Party. READ MORE


Judy Chu, Congressional Representative of California’s 32nd District, is a long term affiliate of the now defunct Communist Workers Party and its still existing activist networks.Judy Chu

While officially extinct for 25 years gone, the ultra-militant, habitually violent and loyally pro-China CWP is still having an impact in New York, The Bay Area and Southern California, through covert networks of former members.

Judy Chu led a CWP front, the Federation for Progress, in the 1980s, while beginning her ascent of the Democratic Party ladder. Now it appears that Chu is still working closely with residual CWP networks.

In 1985, the CWP dropped Maoism, changed its name to the New Democratic Movement and began a deliberate program of infiltrating the Democratic Party at the highest levels. The CWP never abandoned Marxist revolution as its goal. It merely exchanged the subtle long term infiltration of the institutions as recommended by Italian Communist Party leader, Antonio Gramsci, for the outdated, confrontational street-marching tactics of Mao Tse Tung.

A key part of CWP/NDM strategy was to exploit racial and ethnic divisions as a means of achieving p0wer. READ MORE

Please share these articles with your family and friends. Knowing Trevor he has put a considerable amount of time and effort into gathering this information for us.


Florida Children Collateral For Greed!

Not sure how to start this one as I am so angry. Some of us have realized the corruption and cronyism in Tallahassee, but we are just beginning to see how deep, cold and calculated it is! Using our children as Collateral in their schemes for “For-Profit” by continued enlargement of the co-ops between our education system, schools and businesses of all kinds with absolutely no input allowed by the local school districts or parents is unacceptable.

This is “taxation without representation.”

This Florida is the forefront of the Communist “school-to-work program of which the Charter schools promoters are pushing and now they have found a way to force it upon the local public schools with the blessings of our state legislators..

Today Don Gaetz, President of the Florida Senate (Jeb Bush lackey who serves on Bush’s Foundation for Excellence in Education) made the announcement along with John Legg, Senate Education Committee Chairman, (Jeb Bush lackey who also serve’s on Bush’s Foundation, writes and votes on Charter school legislation, owns a Charter school and works there) that they had today discussed the background and importance of legislation that will expand the current Career and Professional Education Act (CAPE) with a group of more than 30 representatives from Florida’s major businesses and business associations.


During the meeting, Senator Gaetz outlined the creation and implementation of the CAPE Act, which was passed by the Florida Legislature in 2007, creating the first industry certification program in the nation for high school students. In addition, the group discussed current and future partnerships among businesses, industry, educators and policy makers, highlighting the importance of providing graduates with industry-relevant skills and certifications and delineating legislative steps moving forward.

Can someone please tell me what this has to do with getting an education curriculum that will get our kids graduated from high school? How many games do they intend to play with our kids? It is like they are in the middle of a whirlwind with all the trash they are throwing their way spinning out of control Or maybe now we are going to change the graduation goals and incentives!

I do wonder if the alliances they are making are better than the Burger Kings, McDonalds, cleaners, Domino’s and other food entities that they put in place for the Workplace Charter School Academy. Out of 44 business giving jobs to their 11th and 12th graders, 9 of the businesses are in an office or some type of business they might want to do for the rest of their lives.

Let’s face it – most businesses – heavy duty businesses do not want 16, 17 and 18 year old teenagers running around their businesses every day.

Do you see who is taking over the education of your children? Is there anyone talking to you about all this? I have to be honest some of us thought the CAPE ACT was buried because they have so many other things going on. We were wrong!

I want to also remind you that the Parent Trigger bill has also been re-introduced by Senator Kelli Stargel (R-15). I do not like playing the politics card but they are leaving me so choice. The Republicans in Florida are doing this – the Democrats for the most part are not happy about this legislation that is being passed. They keep giving this legislation “touchy-feely” names so that parents believe they have the best interests of their children at heart. Not so! Far too many games being played. Did anyone read the reports from www.inthepublicinterest.org regarding what has been going on between our state legislators and the Florida Dept. of Education.

This is what happens when one party has control over the other rather than being more balanced for such a long period of time. It is time the parents in this state form a coalition to take control of our children. If other states can do it so can we. Not everyone is playing the Common Core Standards game. There are a a lot of things going on here that has not come out of D.C. They cannot be blamed for everything. I put it squarely at the feet of Jeb Bush and all his cronies who believe the sun rises and sets on him no matter what it is.