‘Bout Education

Education is something that has touched the lives of all of us and I think most realize there is a real problem. Unfortunately, the answers are not all that clear. I have been researching education for some time and have found so many players in this “game” and it is “never about our kids.”  Their lives are being forced into a spider web type existence and it is just not fair or right. I refer to it as “child abuse”.  My blog will be mostly to bring you information and recent developments but for real detail please go to my website’s:



3 thoughts on “‘Bout Education

  1. It’s such a mess! How do you go back and re-learn what you’ve missed for so many years. You wake up one day and realize all this and who has time and resources to try and teach yourself what you have never been taught..or your children for that matter…so they’ve been learning the “new Math” and learned to read using the “look & say” method instead of phonics…what to do..? We seriously have a problem in America and throughout the world today.

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