Are they committing suicide, selling drugs online or being lured

into trafficking by some online smooth talker?

Parenting TruthAnd these questions are not just for the kids the world has targeted as a “problem”, but those considered as your everyday good kid who gets good grades and as far as you know never gets into trouble.

You may not like what I am going to say, but I really don’t care. If you don’t care anymore about your children than to know what is happening to them from the outside world, you shouldn’t have any. You are not worth the blessing of being honored to be a parent.

I’m not saying these things to be mean, judgmental or ugly, and I’m not saying we all don’t make mistakes along the way, but the world is very ugly today and if you can’t take the time to supervise what your children are doing, watching on TV or involved in on their computers because you see your interests and wants more important than your children’s, then you should have given more thought to having sex BEFORE you got pregnant

Do you allow your child to hide in their bedrooms with their computers so when some pedophile picks them up on Facebook or some other internet social group, you ask “how did this happen”? There is not a child 18 and under that has the decision-making ability to use common sense – not today!

Mentally and emotionally at 18, they are still a child. They haven’t had to have any responsibility for themselves, so when you leave them open to the world, this is what they get –

  • You find your son or daughter in their bedroom, dead because they have been involved in the BLUE WHALE CHALLENGE. It is the new online ugly – downright ghoulish game where your son or daughter would participate in a series (50) tasks and the final one is for them to take their own life.

A boy in San Antonio was found by his father hanging in his bedroom closet having hung himself. The really ghoulish part of this game and the mind of the creator is the player is to position something to take pictures of them while they are dying. The parents pieced together he had been playing this game after talking to his friends and going through his social media on his computer.

The very same week a 16-year-old girl from Georgia died participating in this “game”.

I feel for these family, but “after the fact” can be fatal!

There have been over 130 teens around the world who have taken their lives participating in this “game” which must have come from one of the Devil’s workers. More than one is one too many!

Teachers and school officials have gotten wind of this and school districts across the country have sent warning notices home to parents including Vacaville, California; Baldwin County, Alabama; Warwick, Rhode Island; and Denver.

In Connecticut, Danbury Public Schools Superintendent Sal Pascarella sent a short note to parents around May after administrators from the district’s 19 schools started hearing about the challenge from kids as young as elementary schoolers.

“Elementary school principals started hearing their kids talk about the Blue Whale Challenge. Then the secondary principals started mentioning the same thing,” he said. “We discovered on our school network content the challenge had been looked at on YouTube. … I decided I would rather err on the side of information with parents.” The first challenge calls the Cinnamon Challenge, the participant is to swallow whole spoonful’s of cinnamon to see how much of the throat burning they can stand.

Teasspoon cinnamonThe first challenge is called the Cinnamon Challenge, the participant is to swallow a whole spoonful of cinnamon to see how much of the throat burning they can stand.

The participants are allegedly required to take pictures of their challenges being completed and share them before being directed to end their lives on the 50th day. A search of related hashtags on Instagram shows users posting pictures of scars and cuts or memes that depict suicide.

The piece of trash who invented this game states, “he created the game to “cleanse society” and that they were and that they were nothing but “biological waste” and that they were happy to die. 

Phillip BudeikinPhilipp Budeikin, 21, from Russia, is being held on charges of inciting at least 16 schoolgirls to kill themselves by taking part in a game he invented called ‘Blue Whale’.

Another sick chapter in this gross story is Russian prison authorities say they have received dozens of love letters from teenage girls addressed to the suspect, who is being held at Kresty jail in St Petersburg.

  • TEEN VOGUE magazine telling boys, “For those of you with prostrates, being on the receiving end of anal sex can be a great experience.” The article then goes on to explain why boys will enjoy anal sex.

 Nothing said about the dangers of the infections they might get. Teen Vogue’s Anal Sex: What You Need to Know,” an article that has as its       tagline, “How to do it the RIGHT way.” That sentence drags teenagers into the world of fetish sex and is a jolting reminder that the current purveyors of pop culture have the degradation and sexual objectification of our children as part of their endgame.

This magazine has been putting out articles to your teens titled “No,    You Can’t Get Too Attached to Your Vibrator: Masturbation Myths    Debunked,” “Colton Hayes: I Lost My Virginity at 13 to a Girl and A   Guy,” and “This Teen Created a Map of EVERY Abortion Clinic in the U.S.”

It’s bad enough we have pedophilia dancing around every corner from strangers to your teacher or local priest – maybe even your local policeman, all people we teach our children to trust, but this is inexcusable.

Not to leave the girls out, Teen Vogue’s message to our very young and teen girls goes like this:  Just because you have a vagina does not mean anal is off-limits. Many vagina owners love anal play. You don’t need to have a prostate to enjoy anal sex. For those without a prostate, having your anus stimulated can still be great — remember all those nerve endings are still in the fold here.

The fact the article includes” the warning to use protection during anal sex”, should be of little comfort to parents.

  • Children are using social media through their computers to buy and sell Class A drugs. An undercover operation exposed how popular social networks, including Snapchat and Instagram, have become a ‘paradise’ for those dealing in illegal substances.

Teenagers are employing a code made up of ‘emojis’ – the small digital images normally used to convey emotions – to conceal the deals. One of the country’s largest drug gangs told a BBC documentary 75 per cent of their takings now comes through social media transactions, using ‘digital-savvy’ school pupils.

  • According to law enforcement, there are more than 1.5 million victims of human trafficking in the United States alone — child sex traffickers are using previously harmless emoji symbols to lure their young victims and a method the sinister criminals use to sell children has been revealed.

Investigators found that the symbols are found all over websites like Backpage.com, where pimps are known to sell teen and pre-teen girls and boys for sex. Cherry means virgin, airplane means new in town and the number of rose emojis in a post symbolizes the price. The crown emoji indicates that the child emoji and the most disturbing thing is the growing heart emoji lets the buyer know that the girl or boy is childlike and still has growing to do.

The Polaris Project and Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) are the two most effective and independent organizations working at saving child sex slaves. Link Even if these children are rescued in South America, Asia or anywhere else in the world, many have been taken from the U.S. and Europe.

  • Emoji’s of every design imaginable are being sold on the internet for downloading onto a computer. Even Amazon is selling packs of emojis. Link  Link  Link  The danger here is if a child doesn’t understand EXACTLY what a particular emoji stands for he or she could end up in a great deal of danger.

Emoji’s aren’t sexy unless your mind goes to banana’s, winky faces and eggplants, so now we have 4 (of course California designers) who have come up with a solution called “Flirtmoji“, sexy stickers designed to be pasted on messages as needed. Intended for adults, but if a parent isn’t aware of what their children are doing on a computer – their computer is their ocean.

  • Parents in case you aren’t aware, buying a child on the internet for sex is as easy as trying to sell your old car or washing machine. 70% of child sex trafficking victims are sold online and that even includes Craigslist.

In 2014, at least 105,000 children in the United States were being sexually exploited, according to the Department of Justice and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and the expanding underground industry has no intention of slowing down. The FBI considers sex trafficking the fastest-growing organized crime, and online channels allowing for the exploitation are only making it easier for predators to do business. The Justice Department believes child sex trafficking could generate as much as $32 billion a year.

Online friendships when you don’t know who is really on the other end of that computer screen is a perfect cover-up for a young child who has the everyday complaints against their parents and needs someone to listen.

Don’t misunderstand me, I have no degree in this and I am not claiming none of my 5 children never got into trouble – but trouble when they were growing up was less dangerous then and Satan had not been given carte blanche to roam our streets and move through our children’s computers and cell phones.

Today, your child lying to you is treated with less disrespect and more as a common, everyday thing. It should also be devastating to you any time your child lies to you because it shows you they don’t feel comfortable enough to tell you the truth and even might suspect that what they are involved in they know YOU would not approve.

Parents today think they should be their children’s friend rather than their parents. It is a parent’s obligation to know what they are doing on their computers – get them out in the open with protection controls installed on them. Be their friend after they reach 25 if they are mature enough to handle it.

And please don’t make the mistake thinking those controls should not be installed on those blasted cell phones they wear almost as an earring. They can get targeted through that phone as well as their computer.

I tell parents all the time, “if you aren’t willing to donate 18 years of your life to every one of your children (because that is what each one not only deserves but requires), then don’t have any.



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