Data-Mining Systems Are Here to Stay – Pre-K to College and Beyond!

snatching 2Some of you may already be aware of these words spoken by Sen. Lamar Alexander (TN) at the 1989 Governor’s Conference in Kansas. Unless you really listen to the words, you will miss their true meaning. Given the tone of “the powers to be today” in wanting to indoctrinate our children and to eventually make their education be totally under federal control, I think you will find this interesting:

“I want to suggest that you create, in Kansas, a New American School – Brand New American School. I want to suggest that when you do that, you help that new school develop some new goals and new report cards for itself.

I would go down to the maternity ward of the local hospital, or whatever you call the part of the hospital where the nurses are who are there when the babies are born. Find out how many babies are born out of wedlock, how many babies are born with single parents. Just so you know that! I would think the Brand New American School would be year-round, open from 6:00 to 6:00.

A second characteristic might be that these schools will serve children from age 3 months old to age 18. That may be a shocking thought to you; but, if you were to do an inventory of every baby in your community and think about what the needs of those babies were for the next four or five years, you might see that those needs might not be served any other way.

They have to be served in some way and maybe around the school. Or, if you study a little more, you might go back and think the school might have to serve the pregnant mother of the baby in terms of prenatal healthcare….

…teams of teachers. Albert Shanker suggested that maybe there ought to be a team of teachers attached to a child from the day that child arrives in the school to stay with that child all the way to the 8th grade.

All this would mean there would have to be a very professional corps of teachers, wouldn’t it? They’d have to be very, very good because they would have to be dealing with lots of volunteers. We have a big national service feeling in America today. Why aren’t those people working in schools? Well, one reason is it’s hard to handle volunteers!

Please don’t be deceived! Alexander didn’t say these things because he cares about your children or their education. However what he does believe in is CONTROL of them! And the best start is with the babies without 2 parents and then move on to the rest.

 You are aware aren’t you that Florida has her first 24/7 Charter school? It’s something like a private school except tax dollars are paying another Charter School Management “cash cow”.

And since the Federal government has been pushing so hard for not only Charter schools but your babies in daycare from infancy until they enter kindergarten, they knew they would also be able to “SPY” on them through the data-mining process.

Well, it is here – all over the country and they are spying on each and every one of those classrooms – not to see if your child is being mistreated, but to see what they can learn about their homes, parents and family life in general to “re-direct” their thought processes.

Data Mining 2Go here to watch the video of Communist Shirley McCune at the same conference in 1989 explain her ideas about our children and their education. Scary!

 Just why do you think the government so willingly gave all that money to pay for free Pre-K daycare?

Recently, the National Science Foundation awarded a $4.8 million grant to several prominent research universities to advance the use of Big Data in the schools. Those funds by the way came from their annual budget of $7B of your hard earned tax dollars.

 “The project, dubbed “LearnSphere,” highlights the continued optimism that “big” educational data might be used to dramatically transform K-12 schooling. “It also raises new questions in the highly charged debate over student-data privacy. 

Some of us weren’t born yesterday so the fact this federally funded initiative will be led by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, in Pittsburgh, who propose to construct a new data-sharing infrastructure that is distributed across multiple institutions, include third-party and for-profit vendors, comes as no surprise. 

What it should do is anger the heck out of you knowing they are using your money to work at spying on you. Also remember Carnegie has been in bed with pushing education control by the government since before 1934. 

“They” want you to believe that facilitating the sharing and analysis of this information is for research purposes and can lead to new insights about how humans learn, as well as rapid improvements to the digital learning software now flooding schools.”

Oh, and just so you are aware, the Gates-funded “galvanic skin response monitors” are back! Two years ago, it seemed to be a joke but it’s no joke. Researchers are still trying to gauge biometric reactions with sensors placed on students’ skin. 

It’s October – the time of year for witches and goblins and we do have a new monster!

The new MONSTER in the school is Teaching Strategies, LLC., or “TS Gold” and in Florida it has become “Teaching Strategies in Florida”, Florida’s Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) Education Program Approved Kit.

  •  This convenient kit combines the essential elements of The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool system—curriculum, assessment, evaluation and implementation, and professional development–into one easy-to-use solution for classroom teachers in Florida. The Kit is an instant resource library for every teacher.
  •  The Creative Curriculum balances teacher-planned and child-initiated learning, emphasizing responsiveness to children’s strengths, interests, needs, and learning styles. Nationally known for being forward-thinking, comprehensive, and rigorously researched, it helps teachers plan and implement content-rich, developmentally appropriate programs that support active learning and promote children’s progress in all developmental areas.
  •  For more details about Florida’s VPK Kit, contact your regional representative, or visit the Florida Department of Education Web site.

Order Your Florida VPK Kit – Call us at 800.637.3652 to order your Florida VPK Kit.

Charlotte Rice  (P) 407-625-5257

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Regions: Monroe, Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River

Kind of looks like this is Florida’s replacement for iBloom!

Michelle Malkin has just let her followers know this is not something that is coming in the future; she is talking about a system that is set up right now.  Other such systems are now operating throughout the country.

TS Gold is busily collecting the most personal information possible from day-care centers/pre-schools/kindergartens and putting it into a data system (which is always vulnerable to being hacked).  Then it is being transmitted to third-party profit-mongers “who are after your child.”

People all over this country are beginning to catch on; many are fighting hard against Common Core. This is an issue that impacts families personally and has the power to destroy children and their future.  We as adults have the responsibility to protect our nation’s children because they are our leaders of the future.

Most states are not in full operation yet, but they are expected to be by the 2015-2016 year.  The full force plan is to cover your children from “birth” through “3rd” grade on this particular system.

What seems to never get quite explained to parents is “What are you intending on doing with all that information on my child and just what is your purpose for doing it?”

The creator’s state it is to be used as an “early assessment” tool in measuring the whole child to include “social, emotional, developmental, physical and cognitive”. Does this mean they are going to decide before they go into kindergarten if they will go to the working fields or college?

This program is totally aligned to the Common Core Standards (CCS) so that means “INDOCTRINATION” from the day they put their hands on our children. Oh, and you might like to know the “Race To The Top” $$ the government gave the grants out for to the states who played the game and according to the “feds” had nothing to do with CCS, is what some states are using to pay for this fiscal monster.

However, TS Gold also received $30M from the RTTT barrel – so we all paid up front!

To read the 2011-2014 Florida “Teaching Strategies GOLD Objectives for Development & Learning” Birth Through Kindergarten go HERE!

Data Mining 3 I am sorry I can’t give you the information for all states, but it is out there for you to find. “They” have been very quiet about this! I would hope you have had your anger raised to the point you will check out your state. Do you remember most of us were told there would be no “data mining” because iBloom was gone after spending the $100M they got from Gates Foundation and Carnegie Corp., (I told you they were bad).

If you go here, you can listen to a “training video” for TS Gold.

Last spring, parent Lauren Coker discovered that TS Gold assessors in her son’s Aurora, Colo., public preschool had recorded information about his trips to the bathroom, his hand-washing habits, and his ability to pull up his pants.

“When she asked if they could opt out of the system,” school officials told her “no.” She pulled her son out of the school and still doesn’t know if or how the data can be removed.

You will find that school officials will not tell you how the information is to be used; who it will be shared with, how long it will be stored or even why we are paying for the time the teacher is grilling the whole class rather than teaching?

Once again I remind you, the ultimate goal is not for improved school performance – it is for the meddling and profit for the Public-Private Partnerships that Obama gave the permission to by changing the FERPA laws. It is also about finding out things about their parents, siblings and general home life. CONTROL! “Cash Cows”!

These are considered “golden records” states Cheri Kiesecker who has fought against the student data mining in CO. She warns this information is to follow your child clear into college if he is lucky enough to get there.

Do you have any idea how much information about your children has been assessed that comes from outside the classroom and spread all over the world?

This is just another web in the Common Core spider and I hope the parents that haven’t been standing up fighting are really still standing up. Our children need someone to fight for them and stop this madness.

This war is not slowing down! Keep your kids home!

This is the scary thing depending on where you live:

  • The Family Center la familia in Fort Collins, CO – they see TS Gold as an “assessment tool enabling to increase their effectiveness. Even more worrisome is the President is a former dolphin trainer and then she went into Social Work.
  • Community School for People Under Six in Carboro, NC – the same company that makes TS Gold makes Creative Curriculum – this school claims the 2 programs allows them to promote their multi-cultural, community-based philosophy. It is CCS aligned. At times they use Americorp volunteers.
  • Collaborative for Educational Services, Northampton, MA – they are an instructional facility which is currently teaching how to us TS Gold.
  • Early Learning Coalition of Palm Beach County, Boynton Beach, FL – they state “Parents and providers can help enhance early childhood education in Palm Beach County by participating in a new pilot program.  Our Coalition is partnering with the Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County in establishing Teaching Strategies GOLD®, an online tool to measure a child’s educational gains. The assessment captures data beginning at birth and continues accumulating it throughout the span of a child’s early education experience.”
  • Orange County, Florida Public School District, Orange County, FL – Teaching Strategies Gold (TSG) assessment: This is the research based birth through kindergarten assessment as shown under the Revision of the OCPS Demonstration Project Child Care Centers & School District Community Alignment Project 

You know what I can’t figure out? Why anyone would think a program used for “data mining” is a big deal just because it is “research based” 

What is the research based on to track pre-school children? This makes no sense except it is intrusive without parental permission and someone is making one heck of a lot of money doing it.


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