How Does Your City, County Or State Operate?

For All As One Or Corruption, Lies & Manipulation?

OctopusThis story refers to Florida, but since we are talking about Agenda 21/UN Sustainable Development as the backdrop to acquiring your land and water rights it applies to you anywhere in America if you own land or intend to buy land.

Florida was faced once again with another Amendment on the ballot to which most people do not understand what it says or what the clear intention of the amendment is for.

Amendment 1 certainly does not inform you of the dangers of giving the kind of control this Amendment talks about over to the state. It does not tell the voter of the EPA controls behind it or that one of the real dangers in this is that you could lose your land/property.

How? When the state buys up all these land masses they are removing a portion of the tax base from your county’s tax rolls. When your county can no longer meet its financial responsibilities they always go back to the taxpayer by raising property taxes. When the property taxes get high enough and you, the property owner can no longer pay your property taxes, what happens? You lose your property.

This amendment also is giving them more control over our waters (they are already regulating rain water), farm lands (if they start taking our farm lands how will we grow food?). When they want to buy your land and you don’t want to sell, they will take it by eminent domain. Look what happened in Orlando so they could have a parking garage for their new soccer stadium. The city could care less if it hurt the people who owned the property.

There is also the backdoor ability to add more regulations on how and what land we can own, what access to water we will have, when and where we can fish – it is all covered in Amendment 1.

“Their” side will tell you what I am stating is untrue and exaggerated. Are you willing to gamble with your land and water rights?

Always be leary of any Amendment that is put on an election ballot. “They” claim they received over 700K signatures on their petition to have this amendment added to the ballot. Were you asked to sign it? Do you know anyone who has? Were the signatures vetted? Were there multiple signatures by the same person as with Amendment 8 on the 2012 ballot?

Ugly stories from around America have been surfacing ever since the beginning of this Agenda 21 push with land and water management controls, EPA regulations and Endangered Species Act depriving people access to their property or to be able to build on it, grow your own food or what animals you can keep on your farm.

CA droughtRemember what the people in south Florida, California and the Bundy Ranch have been put through? It can just as easily happen to you and to top it off, “they” are doing all of this with your tax dollars. Amendment 1 would have allowed them to take 33% of the Doc stamps fees to go around the state and buy up land they want to do nothing with but to say you can’t do anything with it either.

They will tell you it is to be sure the water is safe – haven’t they been doing that for years without the control of the water? Why do they need to get their hands on our farm lands and fisheries? Food control or add more fluoride?

The following story is true and the names have been changed to prevent further harassment to the people involved. It is a story of lies, manipulation, corruption and malfeasance of duty by elected officials and those that work for them. This unfortunately is not an unusual story because things like this are happening all over America.

This story is not about the government interfering with your land or water rights, but this certainly could happen to you if you are a businessman and farmers and fishermen are. It is called Control because you Can!

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William’s independent grocery store has been a staple in his mid-western community for decades. William is an industrious and dedicated black business owner operating in a primarily black neighborhood.  He works long stretches and spends hours building community relations to learn his customer’s food preferences.  Because of tough competition, William succeeds by listening.

This is how he stocks the produce and products the community members want most.

William had no idea his business world was about to be upended, when one afternoon a local code enforcement officer entered his store. After small talk, the officer toured the grocery store taking notes on a pad, but saying little.

Several days later, William received notification of a series of code enforcement violations that required mitigation or he would face stiff fines and the possible closing of his business.  The grocer was stunned.  He always played by the rules, but suddenly encountered regulations he never knew existed.  Worse, the mitigation was so costly it could throw him into bankruptcy, or out of business.

Shortly after receiving the violations notice, William had another surprise visit from Beth, one of the town commissioners.  The official informed William that the mayor desired a meeting in his office with only the commissioner, William and the mayor present.

Somewhat suspicious, William agreed to the meeting, and then called his friend Benjamin, another town commissioner.  Beth rebuffed Benjamin’s request to attend the meeting explaining that the towns ‘Sunshine Law” prevents more than one commissioner from meeting officially with the mayor unless the entire board of commissioners was present.  She suggested Benjamin check this with the town attorney, who quickly agreed she was correct.

The day after the “closed door” meeting, the grocer spoke with his commissioner friend and recounted the conversation.

“The meeting was brief”, he said.  “I was told that all of the ‘code violations’ would disappear, if I would simply stock my shelves with healthier foods as outlined by the mayor’s office.  I explained that this was not what my customers wanted and if I tried, they would stop shopping in my store.”

The commissioner and the mayor were unmoved.  Their point was simple.  Either stock my store with the items the town demanded or face bankrupting code violations.  “They warned, if I mentioned the meeting to any other person, my only choice would be to pay the violations.”

With insufficient money to launch a legal challenge, William reluctantly agreed to stock the required products.

It may be comforting to believe this story is an aberration, an unusual occurrence.  But, events like this happen regularly in towns, cities and regions across the nation.

Americans can no longer sink their heads in sand hoping these “isolated” instances won’t affect them.  Corrupt politicians, greedy stakeholders and un-elected regional boards conspire every day to weave a spider’s web of zoning regulations that can easily become bludgeons forcing businesses and homeowners to bend to their will.

Corruption is bipartisan with few boundaries beyond the constraints of personal integrity. This is why community members of all parties must set aside differences, engage in community planning and reject those who would dictate their lifestyles and infringe on their rights.  Working together, we can clean up planning and politics.

Several weeks after the ‘mayor’s meeting,’ the town attorney told Benjamin that he had made an error.  The Sunshine Law did not prevent his attending the meeting after all.

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