LoveWe are so many – of beliefs, attitudes, action’s, loving, hateful, forgiving, – more descriptions than need to be named here. I’d like to focus on those of us, especially woman who love children more than life itself. You will also find that in almost all cases these same women also have a faith in God that is unwavering.

This is not an attempt to leave the Father’s love out – it is very important but as you read you will understand why I am focusing on the Mother’s love!

Those who believe their body is their own to choose when it is perfectly ok to legally murder the child growing inside them usually doesn’t have a strong belief in God. Excuses such as “I am single”, “my parents are going to kill me”, I am a professional with a demanding job” or my personal favorite “I really like to have sex but I can’t afford birth control or just didn’t want to bother”.

The women with a strong faith will carry the burden and heartache of that abortion with them the rest of their lives. Left sided psychologists will tell you there are no “long standing psychological affects”, but I would like to see who those questioned are.

God has been systematically removed from our daily lives not necessarily in our hearts and minds, but by the actions and beliefs of those who think they have the right to take our beliefs away. Our belief in God seems to threaten the non-believers somehow – as if we are carrying a weapon.

I guess you could say we are because a strong belief in God gives you the right to wear the armor of protection. That armor will protect and guide us though hard pressed on every side, but still unwavering and uncrushed; we are perplexed but still not in despair and at times persecuted but never forsaken and we can be struck down but never, ever destroyed – not totally. The Bible tells each and every one of us what that armor is in Ephesians 6: 10-20.

Though the bible does not mention the word abortion it does have a few things to say about the unborn child. To begin with we all know, even an atheist knows that God forbids murder even if he is not a believer. You see I believe an atheist has to believe in God to say he doesn’t.

baby 11Several verses in the Bible make reference to the “womb”, “mother’s womb” and “before I formed you in the womb I knew you”. A point of contention between pro-choice and pro-life groups is the beginning of life. When does it begin? Christians believe that life begins at the moment of conception as referenced in Jeremiah 1:5, “”I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb” or Proverbs 24: 11-12, “Rescue those who are unjustly sentenced to death; don’t stand back and let them die. Don’t try to avoid responsibility by saying you didn’t know about it. For God knows all hearts and he sees you. He keeps watch over your souls, and he knows you know. And he will judge all people according to what they have done.”

We are living in a world that if you believe as I do, you know because of Adam’s sin God gave the dominion of the Earth over to Satan (Genesis 1:28) until Jesus returns. He also gave us free will to make choices – kind of like a life-long test and hopefully we will make the right ones.

Now to this story I want to present to you! Hopefully it will fill your heart as it did mine – a story about a woman who loved her God and the children he gave to her.

The Angels Cried for Caroline – by Brent Bozell

Cryng AngelThe angels cried for Caroline today. How could they not, looking down from the heavens, watching the mourners pack Blessed Sacrament Church. The funeral service was attended by hundreds, those closest to her, those who knew her, and those who knew of her. Those who could not attend found time to pray for her soul. One found the time to write about her.

Her closest friends were there, and they, too, cried for Caroline. A number of them had been with her just days before, on Super Bowl Sunday, both to watch the game and to celebrate the 36th birthday of one of their own. These were friends who had met in high school or college, and 15, 20 years later were still close, most of them now married, and with children of their own.

It was mayhem in that house that day. Children seemingly everywhere, all young, the oldest almost 7, and the youngest but two weeks old. That was Caroline’s new daughter, (Caroline Greer). There were smiles and there was laughter, with children chasing children, parents chasing children, and occasionally, a child chasing a grandparent. It was glorious cacophony, and yet, in that house, some knew the story and were worried.

Now they were all in that church, praying for her soul, praying for her children, still trying to make sense of the tragedy — crushed. Caroline’s husband, Justin, steeled himself to deliver the heart-wrenching eulogy, while his oldest son, Brock, just 6 years old, stood by his side for strength.

The parents of Caroline’s friends were there, and they cried as well. Some hadn’t known her condition. One had taken her aside at that Super Bowl party to tell her that her baby was about the loveliest child he’d ever seen, and then remarking on Caroline’s own beauty, he said she, too, looked radiant. That man’s wife was more perceptive. She knew the story, and she was concerned. She had found Caroline gaunt and tired, no matter how much she smiled. “Take care of yourself,” she advised Caroline. “You need your rest. You have a new baby to feed.”

Caroline’s three children were at the church. At 6, Brock was old enough to be given the news but too young to understand it, so his father offered an explanation surely crafted with the guiding hand of the Holy Spirit. Justin told his boy the firemen had gone upstairs and found his Mom talking to God. God was asking her to go with Him to heaven, and she needed to do His bidding. She asked God if she might still be able to send her love to her children. God replied that she could always talk to her children. “Your mother is still here,” Brock’s father explained to his little boy. “You just can’t see her.”

Brock will remember his mother. Cullen, aged 2, will know of her. Beautiful little Greer will learn she is alive only because of Caroline’s faith. The children were too young to cry for their mother, so their aunts and uncles and grandparents cried for them instead.

JesusCaroline was a devout Catholic, one of eight children, natural and adopted. Four sisters joined Justin as eulogists. One recalled that one week after delivering little Greer, Caroline had attended a niece’s 4-year-old birthday party but left early because, she explained, she needed to get to mass. Her sister insisted that surely Caroline would be excused from her obligation given her circumstances. Caroline admitted she was tired, but would not hear of it. “I get anxious when I don’t go, and when I go, it sets my week,” she replied. Her friends said she could be found on any Sunday in the front row of Blessed Sacrament with her children at her side.

No one knew better than her husband Justin exactly how tired she really was, and no one was more anxious. He knew she suffered from HELLP syndrome, an obscure but potentially deadly disease for pregnant women. He knew she’d been told by her doctors that another child might kill her. Twice before, she’d suffered emergency C-sections. They feared her body might not withstand a third pregnancy. But this was a woman who loved children, and even more, loved her faith. “If God grants me a child, I will bear that child.” It was as simple as that. She rejected the advice. She became pregnant. The childbirth was almost catastrophic.
Caroline left the hospital with her lovely baby but was not well. Three weeks later, she collapsed. Caroline was 32. One friend said of her, “She was the best of us all.” The angels cried for Caroline, and then they took her home.

HELLP syndrome is a life-threatening obstetric complication usually considered to be a variant or complication of pre-eclampsia. Both conditions usually occur during the later stages of pregnancy, or sometimes after childbirth. “HELLP” is an abbreviation of the three main features of the syndrome: Hemolysis, Elevated Liver enzymes and Low Platelet count. The exact cause of HELLP is unknown, but general activation of the coagulation cascade is considered the main underlying problem.

Love Your ChildrenNaysayers will state she “chose” to get pregnant or she should have used birth control and you may be right, but being a strong, faithful Catholic (unlike some we know) CHOSE to follow her beliefs she felt came from God.

Rest in peace Caroline Greer in the arms of the Lord!
2/1978 – 2/2014

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