A Response To Chuck Schumer

If you Sir, were not so dead set on ruining America through your phony president, wasting tax payer dollars, lying to the taxpayers and generally disregarding our Constitution and Bill of Rights, you would have never heard of any groups called Tea Party.

You Sir are the racist, using that word at every turn to try to make people out to something they are not. You use it to create divide in this country – if it is not between Whites and Blacks, it is Blacks and Hispanics or anyone you want to malign.

We are no longer supposed to call the Florida State Seminoles – Seminoles because it might offend someone; we must change the name of the Washington Redskins because that too is offensive but of course it doesn’t matter those names have been in place for years and never meant any racial defamation. What is next? Those automobile companies you bailed out are going to have to stop making black, red, yellow and tan along with white cars and trucks.

Sound ridiculous? So are your statements! You are an ego, publicity monger that will use anyone and anything you can to draw attention to yourself. Reminds me of most of D.C.!

Put away your box of crayons and stop trying to divide this country!

Now you call Tea Partiers racist because we are against your bogus need for an immigration bill. It is you and your party that have continued over the years to allow immigrants into this country illegally which is breaking the law. The very law you find works when it serves your purpose.

We the people ask for the wall at the border to be completed. Twice you have said you were going to do that to get legislation passed in regard to immigration. And twice you have lied to us and never, ever even made an attempt to put the wall in place. Three times and you’re out. Actually instead you used the “lack of the wall” to create “Fast & Furious”.

Polk Cnty Heroin dealerJust this week-end here in Florida they arrested an illegal immigrant for the largest heroin bust in that county ever. Who is this illegal? Well he is on welfare Senator Dick Durbin – to include numerous others who were working with him in this endeavor. They were all collecting food stamps, four of the women were receiving WIC payments and this piece of Kingpin heroin trash was getting $900 a month in welfare payments earned by hard-working Americans who were born here.

There are people all over this world who have tried for years to come into this country LEGALLY and our government wants thousands of dollars from them and still the process goes on forever.

You Schumer want to give the people who come into this country illegally and then continue to break the law a pass. What is your problem Schumer? Tea Party members figured out what you and your cronies have in store for Americans? We figured out what you have been doing behind closed doors for years. You are a disease upon this country along with all your buddies.

What’s the problem – you need more voters to vote for you so you have to include illegals because we know you are going to give them voting rights.

FEMA camps, buying up masses of guns and ammunition, survival food stores, laying out your Chemtrails to make us sick, spending the country into oblivion and supporting a president because of party loyalty to destroy this country and bring her to her knees and all the while using OUR hard-earned money to do so.

You sir are a communist and a racist against fellow Americans who actually work to pay your salary and benefits simply because we will not just follow you and believe your lies. We sir, are much smarter than you and you know it which is why you want to destroy us. You and your party have treated Americans of all races with disdain and disrespect for years and now you see Tea Party Americans have discovered who and what you are all about.

You have fed on the Black race for years taking their dignity away from them by flashing money in front of them, telling them the unions are what will preserve them in bad times and yet the unions only take that hard-earned union money and give it to those like you and then you tell them you will take care of them and the circle continues.

What are you going to use that $50M the US Chamber of Commerce gave you along with others?

To all the Americans out there that believe the Democratic Party of Progressive Communists are your friends – they are NOT. They are no one’s friend except to themselves. They will sell their soul for a pence and go on to the next person in line.

Remember, when Obama signs those Executive Orders it does not say on the bottom of the paper that this only applies to Tea Party people, whites, Republicans and Christians and Jews. It applies to all! He has made it so he can take our food, guns, homes and even our lives and you Mr. Schumer have permitted that through your actions and your mouth.

We are not racists who want to starve children any more than we want people to die because we opposed your stupid Obama Care and it looks like we were right – it is stupid and hurting Americans. Don’t suppose you are on Obama Care Mr. Schumer!

Einstein once said “insanity” is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. We really have to work at getting you Communists out of office.

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