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School StuffGreat Hearts America’s web site says nothing much at all except they have schools in AZ and TX and that the Chief Executive Officer is Dr. Daniel Scoggin. Prior to helping establish Great Hearts, Dr. Scoggin was the headmaster of Tempe Preparatory Academy for six years and a Humane Letters teacher and basketball coach. He holds his Ph.D. in English Literature from Claremont Graduate University and his B.A. from Santa Clara University.

The AZ web site states, “Great Hearts Academies is a non-profit network of public charter schools dedicated to improving education in the Phoenix metropolitan area by developing a network of excelling preparatory academies.

The Great Hearts academies are proving that schools can do a superb job of educating students if they are smaller, more efficient, and set higher expectations for all students through a core, classical liberal arts curriculum. A Great Hearts academy prepares its graduates for success in the best colleges and universities in the nation and to be leaders in creating a more philosophical, humane and just society.”

The web site for their Texas schools states, “Great Hearts Academies is one of the top charter school operators in the country. It currently manages 15 schools in Metro Phoenix with over 6,500 students in grades K-12 and has plans to open up to 17 schools throughout Texas. Great Hearts focuses on a classical, liberal arts curriculum with an emphasis on the Great Books and the Socratic teaching method. Great Hearts’ academies are comprehensive college prep schools, with competitive athletics and a variety of extracurricular activities, such as speech and debate, fencing, and music ensembles. Great Hearts typically receives 8-10 enrollment applications for every available spot and employs a blind lottery process for admission.

So now let’s take a look at both of the website pages on curriculum for AZ and TX.
Both state they are using a CLASSICAL curriculum and they are listed as:
 Core Knowledge Literature*
 Modified Core knowledge of History and Geography
 Core Knowledge American History & Geography**
 Core Knowledge World History & Geography**
 Modified Core Knowledge Science
 Core Knowledge Science**
 Core Knowledge Fine Arts
 Core Knowledge Studio Art**
Singapore Math* – aligned to the CCS and generally progresses to topics at an earlier grade level than indicated by the CCS
 Core Knowledge Music**
No star TX schools – * both AZ & TX schools – **AZ schools

This is not CLASSICAL education! Their lists of reading material that is acceptable is impressive but they list no “instructional manuals” of which if everything else is focused on the Common Core Standards (CCS) then the manuals would be part of the list.

Now for some needed background. Core Knowledge is an educational reform movement based on the premise that a grade-by-grade core of common learning is necessary to ensure a sound and fair elementary education. Based on a body of research in cognitive psychology and school systems operating worldwide, Core Knowledge posts that, in order to attain academic excellence, greater fairness, and higher literacy, early education curriculum should be solid, specific, shared, and sequenced. By teaching a body of specific, lasting knowledge in a way that allows children to succeed by gradually building on what they already know, the Core Knowledge mission is to provide all children, regardless of background, with the shared knowledge they need to be included in our national literate culture.

They are actually stating their goal is one thing and at the same time using the Common Core Standards aligned curriculum (Core Knowledge) giving our children something else. The alignment of Core Knowledge to the CCSS is here. Their standards alignment can be seen here.

The Core Knowledge Foundation that serves as the support system for Core Knowledge schools, educators, and parents. The Foundation conducts research on curricula; develops books and other materials for students, parents, and teachers; and serves as a training and communications hub for schools using Core Knowledge.

Who started all this leading to being aligned to the Common Core Standards? No not John Dewey but a man named E. D. Hirsch. A new name to think on!

“Hirsch’s awakening began one day in 1978 in a community college English class in Richmond, Virginia. He had conducted most of his research on reading comprehension and writing at the University of Virginia.

He also as far back as 1998 was working in conjunction with Chester Finn (I know you all know who that is) and other key players together in restructuring America’s curriculum and standards to fall in line with Direct Instruction/Mastery Learning/OBE (page 226) are necessary for global workforce training which is outcome, results, performance-based training—not education. Education has not been performance-based, traditionally—with the exception of the arts—since traditional education deals with the intellect, not just knee-jerk muscle movements based on Pavlov and B.F. Skinner’s stimulus-response (S-R-S). The computer has all the bells (rewards) and whistles (punishments) to achieve OBE’s standards in the academic, workforce, and value change areas. The new label for the old OBE is now “standards-based education.”

Rep or DemIf you went to page 226 you probably have seen those exercises or some similar of which have been shown in today’s Common Core curriculum being used in various states and published by Pearson:
 FIFTH GRADE: Develop a flag, seal, symbol, pledge and/or national anthem for a new country…. Design a postage stamp to be used worldwide. The stamp should denote what the world would need to make it a better place….
 SIXTH GRADE: Draw national symbols for an imaginary nation….
 SEVENTH GRADE: Understand the need for interdependence….
 NINTH GRADE: Write a constitution for a perfect society.

This is when all the traitors were putting their heads together with Bill Gates and Carnegie to form Achieve, Inc.; with former Gov. Jim Hunt (NC), Marc Tucker, Lou Gerstner, Jr., Chester Finn, Rex Tillerson and others to ruin this country.

There was a recipe to bring forth this international curriculum/workforce training agenda. “Deliberate Dumbing Down” pgs. A126-130:
 Federal/International Control of Education
 Passage of Goals 2000 (done), STW Opportunities Act (done), Careers Act.(Done)
 Funding (Careers Act & Reading Excellence Act)
 Skinnerian Method (Done with the Reading Excellence Act)
 Sequential Core Curriculum (Done)
 Global Ethics/Values (in progress)
 Technology which includes robotics and computer-assisted instruction (programmed learning) (Done)
 Choice – tuition tax credits, vouchers, charter schools, use of public education facilities and materials by home schoolers, apprenticeships with corporations which are in partnership with government (corporate fascism)
 Teacher Union Support – American Federation of Teachers & NEA (Done)
ccs education for all 2The United Nations/UNESCO was not to be left out of this enormous plan to steal our children’s futures. Sustainable development cannot occur “without freedom, justice, and democracy,” says Federico Mayor, director-general of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). “Sustainable development requires sustainable democracy,” he added in an April 7, 1997 address before the International Steering Committee of CIVITAS, an international consortium for civic education that is holding its spring meeting at the White House conference center.
ccs education for all 7
CIVITAS was initiated in June 1995 at the CIVITAS Prague conference. Following that meeting, participants representing 50 nations signed a declaration pledging “to create and maintain a worldwide network that will make civic education a higher priority on the international agenda.”

Given all this information, parents need to come to terms with the fact that this plan of ruination of our children’s education and futures has been in the works for a very long time and a large number of those individuals involved over the years are still here harassing us.

Heartland Academies has been trying to get a foot hold in Florida and there are people here who support them because they say they are teaching “classical” education which is not possible if you are using Core Knowledge curriculum’s which are aligned with the CCS. Also the people supporting Heartland have not bothered to check them out or don’t want to believe the truth.
Charter Privai
Florida doesn’t need any more Charter School Management companies for-profit here using our tax dollars to fill their coffers. All the money being spent and wasted on most Charter schools could be used to help regular public schools of which are not failing at the rate charter schools are. Jeb Bush will never admit to that. Non-profit Charter schools if they are teaching the CCS are no different from a regular public school so why the push for charter schools?

Unelected school boards using the public’s tax dollars leaving parents/taxpayers out of the equation which in simple terms is “taxation without representation. It is also a plan for the movement toward the NWO.

6 thoughts on “Great Hearts Academies/Charter Schools

    • If you would take the time to research and READ about the Core Knowledge line of curriculum you will see they plainly tell you it is “aligned” to the Common Core Standards. What does aligned mean to you? If you want your child in a Charter school or any school using CC aligned curriculum that is your business, but never forget Charter schools are also a model of “taxation without representation” since they are operating on our tax dollars and they have unelected school boards which leaves our 2 cents in the trash can.

  1. We had our kids in a Great Hearts School. It was terrible. They are arrogant and ignorant about how to teach and will suck the spirit out of your children and frustrate them endlessly.

    • We are just going to start a Great Hearts school in AZ in fall. We are moving from California for a good education at a good price. Could you be more specific as to how they are terrible? Would be helpful before we commit to the school year. Thank you.

      • Because they are using curriculum that is Common Core aligned so what is the point? What are you gaining by sending your children to a Charter school who is teaching the very same thing as public schools. It is the Charter schools which are failing – there has not been one public school closed because of bad ratings, stealing money, cheating on government grants and yet the Charter School Management companies continue to run the Charter schools with our tax dollars and unelected boards which is in actuality – taxation without representation! Great Heart say they are teaching Classical Education but if they are using Common Core aligned curriculum that cannot be the case.

      • @Monica

        I have had my daughter in a Great Hearts school since 2010. She is excited every day to go to school and to learn. The greatest standout of this school is their encouragement for kids to think for themselves. Each class has Socratic discussions where the kids are allowed to openly discuss the concepts being taught. They are encouraged to ask questions and pose answers.

        Of course, not all charter schools are successful. But that is the beauty of charter schools: if they aren’t successful, they can fail. Whereas no matter how bad a public school is, it is frequently the only choice available. Public schools can’t go “out of business” if they are horrible.

        Great Hearts offers a challenging Classical education. And just to be clear, a Classical education is one based upon how the human mind develops: first is the grammar level where kids focus on learning facts. This is mostly memorization. The next level is the dialectic level focusing on understanding the mechanics. This level focuses on the how and why. The final level is the rhetorical level which focuses on the big questions of how the information affects the world in which we live. You don’t get that in public schools.

        I’m not certain how Texas regulates their Charter schools, but here in AZ, the school is free to choose its curriculum and how to use that curriculum.

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