The PTA Does Not Represent Parents or Teachers. It Represents Special Interests.

re-posted from Missouri Education Watchdog by Gretchen Logue
Gretchen has been in this fight as long as I have and has done considerable research.

NY State parents threatened by PTA if they opt their children out of Common Core assessments. The PTA is creating a “culture of fear”: Culture of fear is a term used by certain scholars, writers, journalists and politicians who believe that some in society incite fear in the general public to achieve political goals. Wikipedia

Education Week (which has received Bill Gates funding) reports that the NY PTA (which has received Bill Gates funding along with the National PTA) is bullying parents and threatening to turn their children to Child Protection Services if children are not offered up for Common Core assessments. From We Need Great Leaders Now More Than Ever:

Quote mark left The other day New York State PTA Education Coordinator Bob Aloise gave a speech on the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) and state testing. Giving a speech is not in itself anything special, but stating that school districts may call Child Protective Services (CPS) on parents who opt their children out of state testing due to educational neglect is a rather poignant moment. You can hear his comment here and view the Power Point here (added 11/27/13).

Words cannot express all that is wrong with the idea that a school leader would threaten to call CPS on a parent who opts their child out of state testing, and that it would even be brought up in a speech to parents at a PTA event. Over the 19 years I have been in education, I have seen CPS visit students who were being neglected, sexually and physically abused, or living in deplorable conditions. CPS has more important work to do then maintain Martial Law on parents who opt their children out of testing. Unfortunately, there have been situations where principals have threatened to call CPS on parents who choose to opt out their children out of testing.

In an e-mail correspondence from April of 2012, a principal from Oceanside Union Free School District told a parent who wanted to keep her child home during the testing period that,

“If without medical justification, Joseph is absent from school on any day during the Assessment period, the District will deem this absence as unexcused. Further, if you keep Joseph home from school during the Assessment period, without medical verification, it is within the District’s discretion to deem these absences as indicia of educational neglect, which would leave the District little choice but to contact Child Protective Services (“CPS”).”

We have indeed lost common sense when it comes to education if school leaders threaten to call CPS.Quote Mark Right

Read more here.

The PTA organization is fraught with bullying and hypocrisy. From New York State PTA Education Coordinator Bob Aloise’s above mentioned power point is this slide:

A parent from a PARENT supported organization would assume the PTA would recognize that “the Advocate Within” would be the parent. But according to the statist remarks from Mr. Aloise, the Gates funded PTA is ready and willing to become the one voice for every child. Parents as advocates for the children? Not in NY state. Mr. Aloise apparently believes:
Quote mark leftthat the civil government (or man via civil government) is the ultimate authority in the earth and as such is the source of law, morality, and righteousness (that which is right and wrong).

EDITORS NOTE: In our world today we see more and more of the weak individuals actions in the goal of ruining America and the kind of support ONE MILLION dollars will get you. One day Bill Gates, God will take all those millions from you – what he gives he most certainly can take away!Gates OZ

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