Orlando CCSSO Common Core Secret Meeting Part 1

Many anti-Common Core parents, teachers and others were very disturbed about this “in your face” SECRET meeting to discuss our children’s futures.

Holiday KY CCSSO PThe Council of Chief State School Officers felt the need to meet behind closed doors to discuss Common Core non- State Led Standards and ways the states can provide assistance for an education system that “supports principal leadership” throughout the country.

The introductory paragraph on the meetings page made the following statement: ‘CCSSO meetings are closed to the public and attendance is by invitation only unless otherwise denoted’.

WOW! What is it they have planned for our children that even the parents aren’t be aware of?

Of course, the states don’t have enough knowledge to do whatever needs to be done on their own – it’s the CCSSO and National Governor’s Assoc. (NGA) along with Achieve and the Carnegie Foundation who have brought our children into this mess in the first place, now maybe they are actually coming in for the kill.

Common Core is not only expected to change the way students learn, but change the way teachers teach in the classroom and the way principals lead their schools – so they say.

It was apparent from the beginning this event was going to look like a larger version of Governor Scott’s Education Summit with no parents present, but instead flooded with superintendents, a few teachers and then add in the governors and legislators from around the country. The difference – Scott would be there.

The secrecy around discussions about our children’s futures is a big deal to parents. The governor, his staff, legislators and members of the state DOE seem to continually forget they work for us, you know, the taxpayers. Not the NGA, CCSSO, Jeb Bush Foundations, Gates, ExxonMobil or anyone else.

One other thing they are forgetting – like with Obama Care, the dislike, disapproval, whatever you want to call it crosses party and racial lines –
from the mountains to the prairies, and to the oceans – parents, educators, psychologists and others are smarter than all of you put together and we see into your plan of indoctrinating our children into mindless robots.

Common Core, International Baccalaureate, United Nations schools and all the other out-come based education schools in this country are not about leading our children into the 21st Century. It’s about money for the supporters and creating mindless idiots to follow them without question to take us all quietly into the NWO.

News for you all – we are NOT going to go quietly!

Arne DuncanArne Duncan blocked into the center of his Communist shell angered Mothers all over the country when he stated, “It’s fascinating to me that some of the pushback is coming from, sort of, white suburban moms who — all of a sudden — their child isn’t as brilliant as they thought they were and their school isn’t quite as good as they thought they were, and that’s pretty scary. You’ve bet your house and where you live and everything on, ‘My child’s going to be prepared.’ That can be a punch in the gut.”

These people have no idea how many real Americans see through them and are very, very angry.

I would like to add here a statement to Mr. Boehner – all the objections to back door secret meetings and messing with our children’s futures is not coming from JUST Tea Party groups – shows your lack of leadership not to see that!

It is very apparent the governors, and all these other organizations including Achieve, Thomas B. Fordham Foundation, Broad and Walton Foundations, along with many others believe they are holding the control stick in this fight.

Upon reading the “Supporting Principal Effectiveness in Leading Teacher Evaluation and Supports and Common” handout (some title)listing the two day event agenda it became very apparent it was all about everything but the children and how “rotten” the Common Core Standards are. This I suppose was covered in another closed door secret meeting and to be expected.

This is not going to go away! Neither are the objectors to this insanity!

The official explanation of the event agenda was: ‘The Implementing the Common Core Standards (ICCS) and State Consortium on Educator Effectiveness (SCEE) are hosting a joint meeting titled Supporting Principal Effectiveness in Leading Teacher Evaluation and Supports and Common Core Implementation. This meeting will focus on ways that states can provide technical assistance for a coherent system that supports principal leadership.’

Sounds like “Double-speak” to this writer. I have long contended these people” and I use the term loosely, have either drank some kind of foreign ‘sour dough mash’, are smoking ‘wacky tobacky’ or both!

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