Not that any of us are surprised, we can see that Tallahassee is operating in the “Business As Usual” mode when it comes to the Common Core Standards. You notice I leave out the word State because that is part of the deception – state led!  More like a “State In Chains”.

Pam Stewart

One day before the public comments were scheduled to end, Florida Department of Education officials continued the trend set by Commissioner Pam Stewart and Race to the Top coordinator Holly Edenfield stating that the Common Core standards are not expected to change significantly and that implementation will proceed “full speed ahead”. hOLLY Endfield

Are we surprised? How long has it been since Tallahassee has listened to the people of Florida about anything?

Given that Pam Stewart is STILL sitting on Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Excellence in Education with her removal no where in sight and the recent announcement that Jeb Bush would be supporting Gov. Scott for his re-election bid, I am sure the parents of Florida are sleeping better at night!

Who is Pam Stewart? Former Florida Chancellor of Education who was never quite good enough to be the Commissioner of Education when there was a Jeb Bush Foundation for Excellence in Education “Chief for Change” available. Too bad she can’t get out of Jeb Bush’s hip pocket she might make a good Commissioner.

You really should take the time to check out all the “reformers” sitting on the Foundation – some of them will amaze you!

Found Excellence in Edu

And Holly Edenfield – she is the Project Manger overseeing the RTTT department and she was responsible for overseeing the writing of the Florida RTTT Grant applications. From Ocala, she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Political Science from Florida State University and a Master of Education degree in Secondary Social Studies Education from the University of Florida.

Ms. Edenfield (Radcliffe) was a senior company member of The Tallahassee Ballet from 2001-2006, and danced notable roles in The Nutcracker, Beauty and the Beast, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream among others after working for 3 years for the FL Dept. of Educ. Now she is back at the Dept. of Education.

We need to be sleeping with our eyes and ears wide open. The mass deception being perpetrated in Tallahassee is probably the largest in the country. With a large Jeb Bush legislature and Gov. Scott taking orders from “himself” – nothing being done is for the people and certainly not for the good of our children. Not only that, most of the people involved in this “ruination” of our children’s future’s may or may not have Education degrees under their belts, but they have never taught in a classroom nor do they really know what is needed to educate our children.

They also had to be very sure the national media regarding the Scott endorsement got in the national news wires. And not one word about Education! Quoting Scott’s supposed accomplishments in the area of employment was a “safe” agenda.

Scott and BushI have posted on this blog before about Scott’s use of Enterprise Florida,  and the business back door deals he is making with foreign governments and businesses around the world including Communist China and their $90M into our Charter schools.

Are these really jobs for Floridians or foreigners under the new Green Card law?

Scott and Edu 2

Does the deception and back door deals never stop in Florida?

The latest Tallahassee mouthpiece sent out to try to appease the public was Mary Jane Tappen, K-12 Deputy Chancellor, who stated:

“I want to first speak about our Standards Professional Development. We’re talking about the Common Core Standards in English/Language Arts and Mathematics. Our school districts are implementing these standards K through 12 this year. As you know, blended course descriptions are available on CPALMS, which I’ll talk about in just a minute. In grades 3-10, our teachers are implementing those blended course descriptions, which include the Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Sunshine State Standards that are going to be assessed this year on FCAT 2.0 for the last time.”

“We are moving forward with the new more rigorous standards. So, if anyone is hesitating or worried about next year, the timeline has not changed. We are moving forward and we will have new course descriptions for next year and … new assessments. To support your implementation, all of the work that you’re doing at the local level, many of you have participated in our summer institutes.”

Mary Jane TappenJust who is Mary Jane Tappen? Before replacing Pam Stewart as the Chancellor of Education she was the Deputy Chancellor for Curriculum, Instruction and Student Services. She is the one that got credit for the idea to post a digital link on the internet for parents/teachers to go to preview instructional materials before they are adopted.

Obviously no one listened as many parents and the Textbook Action Team of Florida in 2010 began screaming bloody murder over the amount of Islam addressed in our World History books. The personal responses we all got was the local school boards putting blame on the FL Dept. of Educ. as to the school book choices and the FL Dept. of Educ. putting the responsibility on the local school district’s. Fine job Ms. Tappen!

From my personal experience with the FL Dept of Curriculum & Instructional Materials, Ms. Tappen is doing no better job at this one as Chancellor than she was in her previous position.

Now the Governor! Just what are his intentions? He responds to no parents – no inquiries! He believes he doesn’t have to – I guess he thinks he is above reproach. The parents of Florida are here to tell you, you are wrong. You do answer to us – the oath you took says so! So if you cannot abide by your oath the first time in office, why do you think we would want you back – because you have Jeb Bush’s endorsement? Think again!

You write an Executive Order with a lot of words that have come to mean nothing. You don’t show up at your own called events – you are refusing to listen to the parents of this state and things according to Ms. Stewart “are not expected to change significantly and that implementation of the CCS will proceed “full speed ahead”. It is suggested Governor that you go back to your previous job!

cHILD aBUSE 4So what are the parents of children in Florida supposed to think? We are being ignored and with all the reports coming in from physicians, psychologists and brave teachers we know the Common Core Standards are hurting our children.

For this writer I believe it is time to call “a spade a spade” and that is the Common Core Standards is a form of “Child Abuse”. Anytime an individual intentionally hurts a child in any form it is Child Abuse.

Our only recourse may be the ballot box in the next election and we need to seriously begin looking at that and preparing.

TO FCAT 2.0!

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