Have They Succeeded? Are We “Dumbed Down”?

From Time to Time you will see I have guest postings from friends who have been researching the failure of our education system for more years than I can count.

ccs from here to thereWhy should this surprise anyone? The process of dumbing down the nation has been in progress and successful beyond the perpetrator’s greatest expectations. It was begun in earnest at least nearly half century ago when the Federal Government went into high gear enabled by ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act) of mid 1960’s. It involved both content of curricula but perhaps even more importantly, methodology in the classrooms and elsewhere. Voices in the wilderness tried to alert and inform along the way ever since mid 20th Century with the general public and even classroom teachers (some recognized and left the profession) refusing or unable to grasp the process for what it was. It was all documented and capsulized in a1999 by one consummate source which was essentially ignored or avoided. Charlotte Iserbyt’s book, THE DELIBERATE DUMBING DOWN OF AMERICA spelled out the process and again in the abridged and revised book of the same title in 2011.
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Those who are alarmed at the statistics reported below have only themselves to blame for allowing themselves to keep heads in sand, denying what the documented evidence of a planned dumbing down and the objective of the agenda. What can be done now with the couple generations who have been dumbed down is questionable, for the powers that be want it that way. Getting the Federal government, as well as corporate interests and their foundations out of the picture might be starting point. But the partially informed are repeating the mistakes of former resistance who see the problem as separate agendas as each abomination comes along, as the well intended opposition is doing now re: Common Core Standards while the show goes on.

US adults score below average on worldwide test
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Other Sources: Back To Basics Reforms by Charlotte Iserbyt (a must have)
$10 @ truthneducation@ymail.com



by Mary Thompson – Mary has a degree from Michigan State, her home state. Mary relocated with her husband to California where she became active in Republican Party, then as an early activist opposing innovations in schools which were emanating from Washington resulting from the passage of ESEA. She formed an organization with another mother and political activist to become a research source for information and opposition to the imposition of an all inclusive curricula in the nation’s schools, called Family Life Education as well as PPBS, the management by objectives system used to accomplish the acceptance of FLE.

Mary continues to research and fight against the “Dumbing Down” of our children through the gradual destruction of our Education system.

One thought on “Have They Succeeded? Are We “Dumbed Down”?

  1. Thank you for the further spreading of what I thought were simply some fact and reminisces having “been there done that”. It is heartening to know that others may have benefited from the commentary.

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