From The Frying Pan Into The Fire!

Gov. Scott recently fed the parents/taxpayers of Florida a bone in regard to the Common Core Standards (CCS) leading them to believe he was going to “shut down” the CCS in regard to the implementation of those standards in Florida.

You see, he is looking at us with the same disdain as those who have had a hand in this “game” of “dumbing down our children” by a bunch of non-educators for personal financial gain. Referring to our children as “Human Capital” is all we really needed to know.

Jeb Bush on his new website suggests it is the Republican Party who is against the CCS because some of the Exe. Committees in Florida and the National RNC came out against the CCS because of the Federal intrusion. In fact, truth be known, there are plenty of Democrats and more to the point Conservative parents and teachers who are against the CCS. Keep the parties out of it.

Scott placing himself in the same league as people like Sen. Lamar Alexander, Chester Finn, Bill Gates, Jeb Bush, Craig R. Barrett (former CEO/COB of Intel Corp.), Louis V. Gerstner, Jr (former Chairman & CEO IBM) who have no actual regard for the welfare of our children should be called into question. These so called leaders are using the education of our children to build up their coffers and this should show every parent in the state of Florida we do not need Rick Scott as a returning governor. We do have cause to wonder from time to time where some POLITICIANS allegiance really falls!
Three Education Idiots
I didn’t say I was endorsing Charlie Crist! What I am saying is we need to be looking at the strongest, true supporter of the welfare and future of our children to be the next governor of Florida.

Scott issues an Executive Order and everyone gets excited that he is stopping CCS in Florida. What he did was merely acknowledge he was withdrawing Florida from PARCC, stated he was going to hold 3 hearings for public comments, look into finding someone else for testing, and acknowledged concerns regarding the Federal overreach and the data collection of psychological attitudes and beliefs.

Floridians Against Common Core Education (F.A.C.C.E.) as one of the very first Florida groups to gather in hundreds upon hundreds of parents and taxpayers, informing them of the dangers of the Common Core Standards, we are very disappointed in the governor’s once again idea of hearings/summits. Current Commissioner Stewart has issued a statement that “basically the standards will essentially remain as they are with very few cosmetic changes up to that little gift of 15% for changes. Also as far as we can tell, absolutely nothing has changed in regard to PARCC.

We are finding the constant manipulation by the administration in Tallahassee is not to be trusted. Everything being done is to show us they already have a pre-determined goal in mind and there is NOTHING you or I can say that will ever change their minds.

CORE  4Be careful – the next knife he plants in us will be an agreement with CORE XLR8, the corporation from India which is showing a profit in the billions selling formative assessment and learning management solutions for the CCS. They have already bought into several American education systems with offices all over America.

CORE will also provide a state the ClickerCenter which is CORE ECS’s student response device (i.e., clickers) software and management application for CORE XLR8. Adding ClickerCenter to your CORE XLR8 program will allow you to support test administration with clickers. Assessments can be printed from CORE XLR8 and handed out to students, or projected on a screen in the classroom for test administration with their assigned clicker. An assessment summary report can be generated to review the student responses after administration is complete.

Student’s responses from the clicker are transmitted to a receiver in the classroom. Responses are then transmitted to ClickerCenter as they are entered, allowing you to monitor each students progress during the administration. Once the class has completed the assessment, the scores can be submitted to CORE XLR8.

In acknowledging his concerns, does that mean if a sweet talking representative from CORE talks to Scott, convincing him into using their assessment system we are off and running again tracking our children’s psychological responses? CORE also provides a range of psychometric and assessment related functions.
CORE Psycho
More about CORE in another posting!

What Scott did not address was just as important as what he did. He did not remove our participation in the CCS, remove Florida from the PARCC consortium, prevent future testing to be based on the CCS, stop any and all testing and data collection of psychological attitudes and beliefs and limit any and all collection of data of the student’s performance which includes association with iBloom, or remove any and all curriculum and textbooks using the CCS.

F.A.C.C.E. ask the governor to take a further step in cleaning up the CCS legislative apparatus in Tallahassee to include insisting that Pam Stewart, Kathleen Shanahan and Sally Bradshaw of the FL. State School Board, Mary Ellen Elia, Hillsborough Superintendent of Schools, and Fl. legislators John Thrasher, John Legg, Joe Negron, Erik Fresen, Anitere Flores, Don Gaetz, Kelli Stargel, and Will Weatherford remove themselves immediately from serving on the Jeb Bush Foundation for Excellence in Education.

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is for the taxpayers of Florida to break up the level of cronyism in Tallahassee. Somehow “they” have gotten the idea “we” work for them instead of the other way around!

Florida is in a bad spot right now always stating we are leaders especially in education. Well, to the country it certainly doesn’t look that way when outside groups do “proof positive” of the cronyism in Tally in regard to the Jeb Bush Foundation and our Dept. of Education and the above mentioned individuals. “In the Public Interest” uncovered through FOIA over 1K e-mails between the two.

Are we supposed to believe our legislators and State School Board members who are sitting on that board have more allegiance to our children than Jeb Bush? Then governor, you have forgotten that those educated in this country prior to 1965 and the Federal governments overtaking of the education system received a really great education and we are the ones watching you now.

The ethics of what has been happening in Tallahassee over the past 6-10 years in regard to our legislators and the Jeb Bush Foundations are unacceptable. It has increased tremendously since the push for Charter/Choice. Recently Bush stated, “that when it comes to overhauling public education: “You’ve got to go big or go home.” We suggest you go home!

ShanahanNow, Scott is replacing Kathleen Shanahan on the State School Board – not because of sitting on Jeb Bush’s Foundation or that she has served the Bush family in the political arena for the past 30+ years, but because she brought to your attention something you failed to do – attend your own called EDUCATION SUMMIT. Of course he had the President of the Florida PTA who was there supporting the CCS with the Gates Foundation $1M as an incentive in the PTA national coffers.

What Scott failed to do was invite true educators and parents. Scott has shown such a dis-respect for them, but then they are only the ones who pay the bills.

Now in his next brilliant move, he removes Kathleen Shanahan from the State Board of Education and replaces her with a wet behind the ears semi-educator from TEACH FOR AMERICA (TFA)? Is this a Bill Gates Foundation or Jeb Bush manipulation? They have managed to push other non-educators into positions they are ineligible for.

Rebecca LipseyWho is Rebecca Fishman Lipsey? She states she is a life-long educator at the age of 32. Wow! Let’s take a look at her life-long education experience.

Graduated from the Univ. of PA with a degree in Psychology in 04; attended Bank Street College of Edu. 04-06 for her Masters and during the same period was teaching for Teach for America in the NYC schools. Two years of actual teaching since in 2006, she became a Program Director for Teach For America, but she is a life-ling educator!

Let’s take a quick look at Bank Street College of Education. It was founded by Lucy Sprague Mitchell as the Bureau of Educational Experiments (BEE). They were deeply involved in the creation of the “Head Start” program along with the National Education Assoc. which created the Educational Policies Commission (EPC).

As addressed in the History of the Bankstreet College of Education, educator Lucy Sprague Mitchell and her colleagues, influenced by revolutionary educator John Dewey and other humanists, concluded that building a new kind of educational system was essential to building a better, more rational, humane world.

John Dewey! Scott, who recommended Rebecca Fishman Lipsey to sit on the Florida State School Board?

BankstreetThe Bureau of Education Experiments (BEE) also founded by Mitchell and her husband, stated their purpose was to “combine expanding psychological awareness with democratic conceptions of education. With a staff of researchers and teachers, the Bureau sets out to study children–to find out what kind of environment is best suited to their learning and growth, to create that environment, and to train adults to maintain it”. CHANGE AGENTS! Anyone still believe education is not BIG Business?

Scott, in case as a non-educator you are unaware, JOHN DEWEY was a professed MARXIST. His colleague’s would state, “Deweysim is the genuine fulfillment of Marxism”!

How about Karl Marx and the Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto? Number Ten states: “Government control of education; free education for all children in public schools; Abolition of children’s factory labor in its present form and a Combination of education with industrial production”. Do you suppose President’s Johnson, Clinton and Bush 43 did their fair share of implementing the above which included Marc Tucker’s great “School To Work Act”!

According to the Teach for America web site it states: “Millions of students growing up in poverty lack the quality education that will allow them to succeed . . . Teach For America works to eliminate this injustice by finding, training, and supporting individuals who are committed to equality and placing them in high-need classrooms across the country.”

Currently the TFA website states Florida has their teachers not only in Miami-Dade but Jacksonville. Watch those test scores go down! What does TFA look for in “teacher” quality? Well, according to this page it says nothing about having been educated to be an educator. By attending their five-week (that’s a #5) summer training program these young college graduates are “ready, set, go”! Compensation isn’t bad either!

With the push for the use of TFA employees, now I understand all the changes in the Florida Teacher Certification process.

We can surmise then the teachers working in the “low-income” schools in Miami-Dade school district are lacking in experience, knowledge, quality training, unfair, and non-caring according to the propaganda TFA puts out.

Oh, and never forget your tax $$ are already paying TFA teachers from the yearly payments by the Federal governmentcurrently $18M a year! But Education Secretary Arne Duncan proposal to merge that funding with other programs, if approved by Congress, would make $235 million available for initiatives to recruit and prepare teachers for high-need schools. In case you are not aware – in pro CCS language, high-need schools are “low income schools”. Unfair distribution of funds!

Miami DadeNot surprising that Lipsey ended up in Miami since the Miami-Dade school system seems to think that hiring Teach For America teachers is much better for their children then solidly educated TEACHERS. This is proven on their application for the Phase 1 Tier 2 Race To The Top Grant Application.

You see, in case you are not aware, the way Teach for America works is in the spring each year, they wander into colleges and universities around the country looking for “recruits” to train. They don’t have to have gone to college to be a teacher just that they are graduating and have not been able to find a job.

Governor Scott, have you ever heard of Vladimir Lenin’s quotes “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted” or “Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever”.

It has become very apparent that those in charge of Florida’s education system are extremely lacking in knowledge and ability to carry out a most important charge. The need to find qualified individuals who have no political homage or debt and whose ONLY concern is the future of our children needs to be the main priority. For myself, I have found trusting those in charge in Tallahassee or in the Federal government to not be qualified.

Florida and her education system is in serious trouble. The apparent financial profiteering at the expense of our children is very apparent. Governor Scott, you can fix this with the right guidance and leave yourself a great legacy.

Parent’s every day ask yourself the same question – Why is Jeb Bush, his Foundations and Cronies still pushing so hard for Charter/Choice? I have told you enough times and now it is time for us to tell them to get out of the business of education and leave our children alone.

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