Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire!

Common CoreNow the time has come for the supporters of the “Common Core Boondoggle” to do all kinds of “reports” to justify to the American people why the Common Core is not as bad as the “other side” might think and that WE are all wearing TIN HATS.

Interesting though it is, they are never smart enough to go and get “independent thinking” individuals or groups to do these studies or reports, just the same ole “sleeping with Bill Gates and Jeb Bush Gang” who for some reason have lost the total ability to think for themselves.

Recently, the Thomas Fordham Institute who by the way are entirely on board with the Common Core Standards (CCS), completed a new study with a conclusion the Standards are good and that the state’s and local districts have total control over how much the implementation of the Standards will cost them depending on how much they choose to spend on technology and what route they take in training the teachers. The State and Local “powers to be” have control of the $$ so they should be thinking of ways to do it cheaper! Hum!

This conclusion issued by The Fordham Institute offers three different price tags for the cost of training teachers and purchasing classroom materials and computers needed for the new standards.

In May 2012, a panel of Bill Gates/Jeb Bush cronies gathered with one from the “other” side for a panel discussion referred to as: “Pricing the Common Core: How Much Will Smart Implementation Cost States and Districts?”

This panel consisting of some of the top who’s who men garnered to make a considerable sum from this Common Core venture were – Eric Smith, former Florida Commissioner of Education and LONG time Jeb Bush “Chief for Change” and the Master of implementing Communist International Baccalaureate programs in schools where ever he has worked; Michael Cohen. President of Achieve and long-time associate of Bill Gates who has worked with him since the formation of Achieve to formulate Marc Tucker’s plan of the ruination of the education system in America; Chester Finn, President of The Fordham Institute of which is always on the wrong side of education and Professor Patrick J. Murphy, Chair of the Dept. of Politics at the Univ. of San Francisco.

The first 3 men on the panel make sense to me but why a Professor of Politics? There was a fifth gentleman, Ze’ev Wurman, who was a former Policy Advisor at the U.S. Dept. of Education and in 2010 Wurman served on the California Academic Content Standards Commission that evaluated the suitability of Common Core’s standards for California, and is coauthor with Sandra Stotsky of “Common Core’s Standards Still Don’t Make the Grade” (Pioneer Institute, 2010). He is against the CCS.

I will remind the readers or inform them if they do not know who Sandra Stotsky, is – she is a professor at the Univ. of Arkansas with so many high education accolades behind her I don’t have the room to put them all here. What is important is that she sat on the Common Core Math Standards validation committee and at the end REFUSED to sign off on them stating ““Common Core’s standards not only present a serious threat to state and local education authority, but also put academic quality at risk. By pushing fatally flawed education standards into America’s schools is not the way to improve education for America’s students.”

Authors of the Fordham report suggest three ways states and districts could chose to implement the Common Core:
“Business as Usual” — Schools would buy hard-copy textbooks, administer student exams on paper and pay for in-person professional development for teachers. Nationally, states could spend as much as $12 billion implementing the Common Core in this way, the report predicts.

“Bare Bones” — Schools would use open-source materials, administer assessments on computers and limit professional development to webinars and modules. States would spend a little less than $3 billion to implement the Common Core if they go the bare bones route,

“Balanced Implementation” — Schools would pick between the methods, combining a mix of online and hard-copy teaching materials, both interim and summative assessments and a hybrid professional development system. That would cost about $5 billion.

It’s worth noting that legislators in various states of the 45 who signed onto this “boondoggle” have for the most part refused to allow those opposing the Standards to present their findings. If what they say were true – wanting to do what is best for our children’s education” – they would surely want to know the pros and cons. But no, they instead choose to follow the INSTRUCTIONS being given by “someone” to play the Common Core game.

CCS I Am HereGoing by the previous actions of our elected “officials” I would say it is the people who are holding the “purse strings” to their election coffers making these decisions. Case in point – one senator in Florida when having certain things pointed out to him in his “Data Tracking” bill stated, “That wasn’t what I intended at all.” So what was your intention Senator? Why did you refuse to pull back your bill and just exactly who wrote it if it was “different” than your intention?

One Florida legislator stated as he was showing the picture of his grandchildren, that he only had the “best interest of children” at heart in regard to legislation he supported in favor of Common Core. Really?

Florida’s Governor Scott to show his authority and “change of heart in “supporting” the Common Core Standards and Commissioner of Education (Indiana’s throw away), Jeb Bush Chief for Change Tony Bennett held a gathering in Tallahassee last week and assured approximately 50 county school superintendents they would help them in every way to “allay” parental fears about the “Common Core.”

Florida former Leon County school superintendent and now Senator Bill Montford stated, “You are the experts and when you speak with your legislators, it does have a powerful, powerful impact.” Martin County superintendent stated she thought the CCS were a “good thing.”

I want them all tested on the Common Core Standards – every last one of these anti-American legislators and county school superintendents who are not willing to fight for our children to see just what they really know about the Common Core! My money says they would all fail and fail big time! Especially when it is apparent they have not read any of it!

Added to the mix taxpayers, in listening to Senator Montford’s statement what does that make us? We also pay the bills and yet they refuse to listen to us when we present facts that have been researched by people who are certainly smarter and more educated than the legislators or the county school superintendents. I would remind all of them – legislators and county superintendents, their staff and all those who work in education that the rest of the taxpayers pay your salary and should as your “bosses” be given at least “equal” time in presenting our side with full press coverage.

There is a very strange game being played here in that the Teacher’s unions are NOT supporting the CCS and in fact the unions are suing the State of Florida over that very thing. So now are we at the point that our teachers and superintendents are a little “two-faced?”

Parents and Teachers – if you believe a thing that is coming out of the mouth of Tony Bennett you are going to deserve exactly what you are going to get – dumbed down government controlled children through their education and increased property taxes you are not going to be able to pay!

Not only that but the loss of your jobs! Part of the “goal” here is to have “un-elected school boards (only government control) (read Marc Tucker’s letter) and teacher’s loss of jobs because classes are going to get larger since the Federal government is now in a position to pull the purses strings. Since our children are being seen as “Human Capital” they are focusing on their use being better spent in factories rather than in schools! Something like Russia and Cuba’s education systems!

Watch for legislation popping up in your state giving your local school districts the ability to implement those “five year legislative deals” where they can add sur-taxes onto your property taxes. States do not have the money for this, so now Obama is also coming up with more “games” in the name of “grants” to SNARE our states into participating against parental opposition.

Support Senator Grassley in demanding the Federal Education Appropriations Committee REFUSE to fund the Common Core Standards with any more Federal $$$ of which are of course YOUR $$$. Call Senator Coats (IN) to ask him to support defunding Common Core.

Looks like we all mis-judged Governor Scott when he ran for office because he has done more for foreigners in regard to business/jobs than he has for the taxpayers. His value of our children’s educational future showed its true colors when he took that $30M from the Communist Chinese to invest in the Charter school system with another promised $60M to come.

If you are interested in hearing the “other side” from the Fordham Institute report I suggest you read the one done by the Pioneer Institute of which they have done several in regard to the CCS.

cc Hog WashI also highly recommend you read the “Hog Wash Alert” by Christel Swasey written by a mom who has certainly done her homework.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you the purpose is clear – to bring education under the watchful eyes of legislators and businessmen and giving over your “parental control” of your children to the Federal Government.

The goal is for the Progressives to be able to implement their “Communist “dumbing down” of our children into a lie they want them to be college and global ready. In fact by giving them this tripe to learn by, they will fulfill the plan of the Communist Agenda i.e., Manifesto of the “school-to-work” program used by all Communist countries. It is through a generation of indoctrinating our children they will accomplish this without most Americans even knowing what has happened.

Still not convinced?

“Your children’s children will live under COMMUNISM. You AMERICANS are so gullible. No, you won’t accept COMMUNISM outright, but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of SOCIALISM until you will finally wake up & find that you already have COMMUNISM. We won’t ever have to fight you; we’ll weaken your economy until you fall like overripe fruit into our hands.” Nikita Khrushchev 1959

“Education should aim at destroying free will so that after pupils are thus schooled they will be incapable throughout the rest of their lives of thinking or acting otherwise than as their school masters would have wished … The social psychologist of the future will have a number of classes of school children on whom they will try different methods of producing an unshakable conviction that snow is black. When the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charge of education for more than one generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen.” – Johann Gottlieb Fichte

PARENTS suit up – this is the fight of your lives for the futures of your children!

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