Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Common Core Lies! Part 2

Parents Please wake up! Conservatives! Liberals! Democrats! Republicans! We must all work together in seeing what is being done to our Education system.

Common Core is the Name! Common Core Agenda is the Game!

CCS7Teaching our children that anything they wish a thing to be is OK is not right because it never teaches them the truth! The truth takes many forms and we can argue, think it through and research it – but bottom line – truth is truth. Just because you want 2+2=4 is not going to make it so – by raising two fingers on each hand you will know you can only have 4. Knowing your colors and knowing Black from White does not make the Snow black just because you say so! Truth is Still the Truth!

Our legislators and other powers to be never want to tell us the truth, their real agenda for America to become two parcels – the have and the have not’s – the lower class and the upper class – there is NO MIDDLE CLASS in their dreams.

A means to that purpose is the Common Core Standards – a ONE SIZE FITS ALL EDUCATION and at the same time Dumbing Down our children to “dream” things to be whatever they want them to be, no cursive, no literature, no American history, divide in the family structure and a “school-to-work mindset. It would be helpful if the powers to be would come to an agreement on how to do all this without constantly changing their minds.

As an example, on one hand they say Education should be focused toward the students being college ready and then on the other hand they say they know not all student’s are college material so now we need to make sure they know what they want to do for the rest of their lives upon leaving the 8th grade! Haven’t we known all this for years? (except for knowing their future at 13!)


* FICTION: It will institute a “better” system of standards.
* FACT: How this will be accomplished through the CCS has not been made clear to us who questions and there are many states which already have excellent standards and curriculum’s so if we wanted the country to go to something superior, why are we not using one of those rather than something written by a non-educator and a known Bill Ayers Marxist and paid for by Bill Gates? Notable scholars in Math and English Language Arts have voiced significant concerns about the rigor of the CCS.

Ultimately, how high or low you rate the CCS depends on the standard on which you use to evaluate them and not everyone is on the same page – so what is the point?

CCS16* FICTION: The CCS are Internationally benchmarked and designed to prepare our students for a global community! This means the draftees examined what high performing nations are requiring of their students and they used these benchmarks to set the CCS.
* FACT: Benchmarking is not a good enough reason to adopt the CCS especially considering the cost factor. The American Institute for Research (AIR) benchmarked state performance standards to international standards using a series of state, national and international tests and found the United States standards are already internationally benchmarked.

* FICTION: CCS national standards will help teachers improve their craft because it will allow them to collaborate and learn from teachers around the country.
* FACT: School districts around the country are already spending a significant amount of money on professional development and teachers routinely collaborate within their schools, districts and across the country. In addition, there are hundreds of websites that enable teachers to be able to share or sell their lessons with other teachers around the country.

*FICTION: By the CCS having a consistent curriculum across the country it would minimize learning gaps for students who might move from state to state.
* FACT: The U.S. Census states only 2% of all people move across state lines in any given year. Although the CCS dictate what students should learn in a given year, they do not dictate the sequence of the learning topics. Example: a student may learn material one year, move to another state the following year and would be re-learning the same material or have moved to a totally different state and found those students had learned something the year before. This thought process in no way would improve student mobility.


Most of the arguments for the Common Core Standards are coming from those of big and little government and those favoring centralized planning.

Big government wants to control the Education our children are receiving because they want to control them for life.

Little government (state) is in favor of it because they do not have the guts to go against the powers that are implementing this and also they know nothing about it except it is going to cost an awful lot of money and telling us the truth is un-natural.

Centralized planners as in those who are looking forward to making millions off of this venture are salivating just waiting for the money to role in. Bill Gates for example has poured millions into this agenda knowing his Microsoft stocks are going to earn a great deal in the implementing and selling of the software which will be used to “TRACK” YOUR CHILDREN.

Maybe we should just all implement the same curriculum all over the world and no one would have to worry if we are the same “globally”. Then everyone would be the same! Sorry, America may not have the best Education system in the world, but we have had the Constitution guiding us for over 200 years and if our country is so bad then why does everyone want to come here? Exactly where will they go when the world is the same everywhere?

How To Fix This – Wake Parents Up!

Expose all those who are getting rich off of the backs of our children.

Give parents choices in education but mandate the government stay out of it except for the local taxpayer controls.CCS Implementation Dates

Remove all foreign entities trough Traditional and Charter schools in the form of financing, textbooks and curriculum’s. American children may need to be ready for a global world, but they have no need for the United Nations/UNESCO, Gulen/Sharia, CSCOPE, ASPnet, International Baccalaureate curriculum’s teaching our children to worship GAIA, that Sharia is an approved behavior, how to make and wear a Burka, using the schools to implement and endorse gay and transgender behavior’s, separation of parents and their children and all the other worldly ideas which are un-godly and un-american.


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