Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Common Core Lies! Part 1

CCS AppleFirst of all I want to make it clear I understand the purpose of the Common Core Standards is so that the curriculum and testing is uniform in the country so that when students move, they won’t have any transition problems!
Secondly, a bunch or men and women have gotten together who believe they know what is best for our children because they can get rich in this venture.

Third, my proof in statement #2 is there have been more businesses related to Education crop up in the past ten years than in any other form of business – even “green” businesses.

In Florida, and maybe your state also, we cannot make up our minds about exactly what we are doing, why we are doing it, or how we should proceed.

No one is happy about anything! Those getting their way refuse to discuss anything with those not agreeing with them and they want the whole thing to move FASTER!

Those against this are against it for many, many reasons especially the rush, lack of legislative process and SO MUCH MONEY FLYING AROUND!

Florida’s new standards in math and language arts aren’t as broad as the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards they are replacing, but are deeper. Students will study fewer ideas and facts, but they’ll be expected to know more about those they do study. This explanation sounds like a “focused” education – not one where the students get to choose. Sounds a lot like Outcome-Based Education Pages 233, 339-340.

Last Fall acting Commissioner of Education Pam Stewart stated “Common standards will make state-to-state test score comparisons “more apples to apples” than ever before, but most importantly they will require students to learn skills, knowledge and abilities they’ll need after they leave high school.

By Golly, I think the lady hit the “pot” at the end of the rainbow! Isn’t that what was supposed to be happening in the schools already? Aren’t they supposed to be being educated with a well rounded education so they can go forward to college, technical schools or obtain a job with enough information to advance themselves in whatever they want to do already?

Maybe if you would stop messing around with the education system in Florida, our children might learn something. First what we were doing was wrong so we get NCLB and with that comes the FCAT testing and we are told our children are stupid, not learning, bottom of the ladder – so now we are told Charter schools are the answer because “most” of our schools are failing (a lie) and now you tell us we have to participate in this CCS scam because the legislature wanted the RTTT money and in the end they are going to spend many times over that money they received in the national “BINGO” game.

I think maybe we should as taxpayers, be looking a lot more closely at who we elect to make decisions for us and also take under consideration changing to “WE” elect our Commissioner of Education rather than a State School Board of which half are in league with the Bush family and we continue to get “Chief’s” running our education system rather than “Indians”!

Just what the heck have we been paying for all these years? STUPID EDUCATION? No, I think the problem is legislators who believe it is perfectly alright to use our children’s future as “HUMAN COLLATERAL”.

Ghee, I feel better already. I want to make sure I understand this correctly because I wouldn’t want to give the wrong impression here.

1. The Common Core curriculum isn’t as broad as what we are currently using, but it’s deeper.

2. Students will study fewer ideas and facts, but they’ll be expected to know more about those they do study.

3. The individual participating states did not vote on this through their legislatures – the decision to undertake this mess was made by the nation’s governors and education commissioners through their representative organizations of the National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) which led the development of the Common Core State Standards under the supervision of Achieve, Inc.(the Education part of Rupert Murdoch News, Inc.) and Bill Gates with his Foundation $$ and they continue to lead the initiative now focusing on the software to “TRACK” your children from mandated Pre-K through college and beyond.

4. No one accepting this, at least in Florida, read the CCS curriculum before venturing off and changing everything (Gov. Crist).

5. The Republican legislature went along with this because Jeb Bush and his Foundations support it. Did they read the curriculum – NO!

6. Understanding people in Florida are upset with the current testing mess (FCAT) and are wanting something better, the state has agreed to participate in the new testing program of which is “not completed”, and has been estimated to cost per child of an increase from $8 each test to well over $100. ChaChing!

7. The Common Core Standards are NOT the most rigorous of ones currently being used in the country, so why are we not using one of those that are? (because Bill Gates wanted what he wanted in the CCS and he paid well to get them).

8. This is the most expensive venture to be undertaken by the collective states ever and the estimate for the necessary technological infrastructure is well over $65M. For Florida, in a state that is #4 in the country on the list for receiving Federal $$ and at the bottom of the list for spending that money on the children themselves, where do you think they are going to get all this money? A clue – As mandated by the Florida Constitution, Article IX, section 4, Florida has 67 school districts, one for each county and all are separate from municipal government. School districts tax property within their jurisdictions to support their Education budgets.

9. In the “loss of control” by implementing the CCS – we are ceding our authority to others where we will have no voice at all “but will continue to be “allowed” to pay the bills. The CCS curriculum cannot be changed – that is the rules! Talk about control! If a parent, teacher or principal has a problem with the curriculum, there is no where to go since parents and officials have very little if any influence in regard to the curriculum or anything else pertaining to the CCS for that matter.

10. Finally, the “POT” at the end of the “Rainbow” is full but only for the big name Businesses and Foundations that are in it for the $$ and the ability to “Dumb Down” our children to the point they will all be “yes” girls and boys to the government.

There is a real danger here Moms and Dads – even the National and some local PTA groups have taken Bill Gates $$ for their support of this agenda and they also “have not a clue” what is in the curriculum or the “main agenda” surrounding this monstrous plan!

Deliberate dumbing downParents would do themselves a huge favor by reading “The Deliberate Dumbing Down” by Charlotte Iserbyt and “Plundered” by Michael S. Coffman especially Chapters 10 and 11. These two pieces of work will tell you the truth of what is currently happening in our Education System today.Plundered

3 thoughts on “Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Common Core Lies! Part 1

    • He is doing another show on CCS tomorrow night and I am sorry I did not get back to you sooner. Parents against CCS here in Florida has just exploded in the last 2 weeks. Thanks for the information.

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