Communists In America All Russian – Think Again!

Did you all believe that the Communists in this country were “In the Closet?”

CHINA FLAGMost of us have grown up believing Sen Joe McCarthy was a little on the wacky side. To some extent you would probably be right especially with his drinking problem. But when he first began making the statements that there were Communists active in America I think everyone thought he was talking about Russians and maybe he was. Unfortunately we cannot ask him and I wonder if he had any thoughts about the any of the Communist’s being Chinese.

I believe most of us know by now that Sen McCarthy was correct – I just believe he couldn’t produce the proof for some reason.

These articles on Congressional Rep. Judy Chu (D) CA-32) Communist, have been recently written by Trevor Loudon, a gentleman of the highest caliber and known to many of you. He has been researching Barack Obama for years. His newest book “Barack Obama and the Enemies Within” is a must read for all. If you don’t feel queasy and very uneasy while reading this book you are definitely numb to what is happening in America.

Floridians are aware I hope, that we have had 3 Communist legislators for a few years now and unfortunately the people have re-elected Alan Grayson again so he is back to kick up the sand! I don’t think any are necessarily Russian or Chinese Communist but they do believe in the ideology and methods.

What concerns me the most at this time is the $30M the Communist Chinese have recently invested in our Charter schools with the promise of another $60M. I think Governor Scott should explain to the people of Florida why he believes taking Communist $$ can be justified for any reason. Heck – the Chinese already own almost half the land in America – Thank You Mr. & Mrs. legislators for that!

JUDY CHU – Calif Congresswoman Democratic Party and Vice-Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus PART 1 Judy Chu 2

In April 2012, then Florida Congressman Allen West got himself into hot water with the media, after claiming that 70 to 80 members of Congress were “communists.” While his terminology was too loose, in spirit, Mr. West was essentially correct.

In a mocking interview with the Congressman, CNN presenter Soledad O’Brien confronted West with a list of Congress members, asking him to confirm if they were “communists.”

If West knew as much about communism as he does about radical Islam, he could have made a case for the affirmative for all those named. When Soledad O’Brien asked, “Judy Chu, is a communist????” West could, and should have said, “she’s probably one of the worst!!!”

That would have knocked O’Brien off her chair and it would probably come as a surprise to many – especially Judy Chu’s colleagues on the Congressional Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security.

Everyone knows the Est Los Angeles Democrat is a ”progressive” – but aren’t they all down there? And Judy Chu has been a vice-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, which means she has to be pretty far to the left. READ MORE

communismJUDY CHU – PART 2

So where is my evidence that Judy Chu, Congressional Representative of California’s 32nd District, is a long term affiliate of the former Communist Workers Party and its still surviving networks?

The first significant evidence of Chu’s ties to the CWP comes through a long forgotten far left umbrella group, the Federation For Progress.

The Federation For Progress described itself in an undated brochure released circa late 1983 or early 1984. It was one of several attempts in the 1970s and ’80s to create a new US Marxist united front organization – this time by the Communist Workers Party. READ MORE


Judy Chu, Congressional Representative of California’s 32nd District, is a long term affiliate of the now defunct Communist Workers Party and its still existing activist networks.Judy Chu

While officially extinct for 25 years gone, the ultra-militant, habitually violent and loyally pro-China CWP is still having an impact in New York, The Bay Area and Southern California, through covert networks of former members.

Judy Chu led a CWP front, the Federation for Progress, in the 1980s, while beginning her ascent of the Democratic Party ladder. Now it appears that Chu is still working closely with residual CWP networks.

In 1985, the CWP dropped Maoism, changed its name to the New Democratic Movement and began a deliberate program of infiltrating the Democratic Party at the highest levels. The CWP never abandoned Marxist revolution as its goal. It merely exchanged the subtle long term infiltration of the institutions as recommended by Italian Communist Party leader, Antonio Gramsci, for the outdated, confrontational street-marching tactics of Mao Tse Tung.

A key part of CWP/NDM strategy was to exploit racial and ethnic divisions as a means of achieving p0wer. READ MORE

Please share these articles with your family and friends. Knowing Trevor he has put a considerable amount of time and effort into gathering this information for us.

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