PARCC, Chief’s for Change and CCS

PARCCThe Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) creates a standard set of K-12 assessments in math and English. The PARCC, is made up of the following states which includes Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Florida*, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana*, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Jersey*, New Mexico*, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma*, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island*, Tennessee* and the District of Columbia.

The states listed above with * are those whose Commissioner/Superintendent of Education are also blessed with being part of Jeb Bush’s Chief’s for Change on his “Excellence in Education Foundation”. Talk about “conflict of interest”. And very few people are complaining about this! Anyone got any ideas as to why parents/taxpayers are not throwing a “hissy fit” in regard to this cronyism between their state officials and “big” business having this “choke hold” on our children’s education?

I am having a hard time believing that parents around the country have not heard about all this information regarding the CCS since the liberal press is reporting it because most of the push and support of the CCS is coming from the Republican governors/commissioners/superintendents of education.

Maybe it is because they just do not understand the whole thing?

The PARCC was awarded $186M Race to the Top assessment funds in September 2010 by the U.S. Department of Education to help in the development of the K-12 assessments. PARCC will include educators in the development of its assessments and will consult with more than 200 postsecondary systems to ensure that the examinations are preparing students for college and careers.

The PARCC is basing the content of these assessments on what it takes to be successful in college and careers in the future. I question how these individuals know what it takes to be successful in college or in their future careers since first and foremost they are politicians and most have never been educators.

Considering the far left liberal class of education our colleges are feeding our children these days, I certainly question their input into this whole agenda and we will not mention the enormous salaries our college professors are receiving which in turn is causing the “American’s Student Loan Racket.”

The people pushing this Communist agenda of the Common Core Standards (CCS) were in most cases college students who graduated and within 5 years of graduation were running for political office. For the most part, they certainly did not graduate with a degree in Education.

These examinations are also to coincide with the full range of the Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSI) to make certain that standards are present in classrooms. PARCC assessments are currently being developed and are on track to begin being administered during the 2014-2015 school year. But wait!

Just yesterday, Tony Bennett Florida’s new Commissioner of Education and Tennessee’s throwaway, cautioned that Florida needed to prepare itself for a “Plan B” on the implementation of Common Core Standards (CCS) and its PARCC assessments.

What? Are we not so sure we have everything together or is it that the people are beginning to wake up and discover how the CCS will be taught and what is included in the curriculum? We can only hope!

Evidently Bennett is also concerned about the ability of 22 states in the PARCC consortium to agree on common assessments and common cut scores. This is where the real reality of what is going to be taking place in the classroom exists. Bennett must be getting some signals that everything won’t be worked out by 2014-15 – hence the need for Plan B.

Actually I think as part of the accountability process for teachers is to try and drive them crazy. I believe most teachers are smarter than those overseeing the education of our children – the difference is the accountability scam as written is meant to push them over the edge and get rid of smart teachers and yet the proponents of this garbage will continue to get paid even when the standards and graduation rates continue to drop.

I wonder who they will blame for the failures then!

Why is Bennett making the calls for the decisions made by the PARCC? Maybe because he is the head of the “Chief’s for Change” and those who are not already “blessed” to be a part of that group are “hoping”.

Mike Thomas in the “Foundation for Excellence in Education’s blog” stated, “In Florida, 85 percent of teachers who attend training sessions like what they are being trained to do and that is to teach critical thinking skills and more in-depth knowledge.

Really? Teachers all over the country have stated they will play the CCS game but what they are upset about is the massive testing regime that will come with the PARCC and the fact they are not allowed to question any content in the CCS. With the CCS it is “what you see is what you get” whether it proves to be good or bad.

Why change the whole gambit and not just go back to phonics of which we all know worked? Because it is not Communist based!

Thomas went on to say “Implementation issues must be managed so Common Core critics don’t parlay them into deal-killing issues. If so, we’ll never get to 2018. Sounds to me like there is a little dissention within the ranks. Just an idea – maybe they are having second thoughts as to the cost of testing through Pearson of which the current testing fees at least in Florida are about $8 per child and are expected to jump to an average of around $80-100 per child.

Why the big jump? Maybe because those overseeing of the education of our children are once again having a romantic interlude with BIG BUSINESS – Pearson!

I am curious as to what is in it for these Commissioner/Superintendents of the “Chief for Change” states. Is it really something as simple as to what they would consider status? Do they really support all this CCSS of a “one size fits all” education for the children of America? If that is so, then they certainly know nothing about what they are supporting and they refuse to listen to parents/taxpayers who only want to inform them of the background of this agenda.

They are as bad as the elected legislators who have been in office so long they have conveniently forgotten who they work for. They think we are working for them. In the case of state Commissioners/Superintendents of Education this cronyism in regard to the Chief’s for Change and any others who support the CCSS is a great argument for those offices to be an elected one rather than appointed as Florida’s is!

When they are appointed their allegiance is to the governor and state school board rather than the children of their state and their best interest.

2 thoughts on “PARCC, Chief’s for Change and CCS

  1. please let me know more?
    I am very interested and now these programs are only benefitting those in the programs themselves not the kids. I am teacher also.


    • Here in Louisiana, Gov. Bobby Jindal is trashing the very IDEA of Common Core on the “campaign trail” in other states while he has forced (& unconstitutionally – according to LA’s Supreme Court!)the students & teachers of Louisiana into the COMPASS system whereby they are being assessed STRICTLY according to Common Core standards. The news media in LA has been bought & sold by the Koch Bros., BELO, & other pro-corporate lobbyists & virtually no one – except a few smart teachers – have any idea what is really going on!

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