CCCS or CSCOPE – Any Difference? Not Much!

CSCOPE 2Maybe you have heard of CSCOPE, maybe not. If you haven’t you need to do some background reading on it. It is a Virtual Program currently being used in 875 districts in Texas supposedly as an alternative to the Common Core Standards of which Texas opted out of. Texas taxpayer dollars are paying for this costing from $7 to $9 per student to “rent” CSCOPE each school year.

A little background so that maybe you will understand the grand scheme of things and how important it is for the Progressive/Marxist individuals in America to ruin and indoctrinate our children through education.

CSCOPE was originally produced in 2005-2006 by outside consultants, one of whom was Linda Darling-Hammond who is tied to Obama and the Common Core Standards which is the takeover of the public schools by the federal government. Hammond was also on Obama’s consideration list for the Secretary of Education position.

Linda Darling-Hammond (who has signed a pledge to be good without God) is a Humanist and above all a MARXIST who follows the teaching of Lev Semyonovich Vygotsky, who was a Russian Marxist and Soviet psychologist who died in the early 1930’s. She is also a close friend of Communist Bill Ayers.

Darling-Hammond and Vygotsky’s idea of education is an education that is NOT based on individual achievement but on the collective. It is a watered down education that removes vocabulary, novels, cursive writing and the basics of algebra. “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” by Charlotte Iserbyt.

Anytime you see or hear the word COLLECTIVE run! It is just another word for COMUNISUM!

Though Texas did not officially adopt the Common Core Curriculum Standards (CCCS), some of their education officials found a way to implement a similar product that has Common Core written all over it called CSCOPE. CSCOPE was purchased and implemented without parent’s knowledge.

The word of warning here is parents need to be very aware of any and ALL Virtual programs their children are using whether it is in school or at home. In Texas’ case the curriculum has not been available for parents to see and teachers had to sign a non-disclosure statement that they would not release the contents or say anything negative about it.

Homework is discouraged not to give the children more family time, but so parents do not see the material. Textbooks are also discouraged so there is no consistent reference to support or question. Because this program is not reviewed by the State Board of Education, content is not scrutinized for quality or accuracy.

In 2009 CSCOPE was incorporated as a 501(3) (c) non-charitable organization under the TESCCC (Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative). To do this incorporation, no legal counsel was sought from the Texas Attorney General’s office or from the Commissioner of Education/Texas Education Agency.

Each Texas teacher in a CSCOPE district had to sign a contract with CSCOPE – a full page of legal descriptions binding the teacher not to reveal the content of CSCOPE to anyone outside the school. The teachers were not allowed to copy the contract nor secure legal counsel to interpret the content. The general feeling among teachers across Texas is that they dislike CSCOPE intensely because it does not prepare their students academically for the new End-of-Course tests and the under-lining Marxist agenda.

Texas children are not being taught about the great men and women who sacrificed their lives for this country nor are they taught that these sacrifices attribute to the FREEDOM we have been so fortunate to enjoy. This will also be the case in the CCCS.

Current textbooks and various foreign curriculums’ being offered today are filled with indoctrination information regarding pro-Islamic, anti-Christian view. Students around this country would be much better served with studying the lives of great men such as Christopher Columbus, George Washington, and Abe Lincoln rather than playing violent video games.

In the 6th grade curriculum of CSCOPE the writers felt it more important that students chronicle Islamic Scholar Ibn Battuta’s pilgrimage to Mecca and Mohammad’s tomb in Medina. The fact that CSCOPE is pushing a pro-Islamic view is indisputable. Time after time their agenda is exposed, and as soon as it is, CSCOPE Reps run to pull the exposed material with a flip of a switch (due to it being an online curriculum).

One Texas County spent $1.7 million to expand CSCOPE this year. They couldn’t find the pennies necessary to provide the students with Zaner-Bloser handwriting books, but they were able to come up with over a million for something for which they have absolutely no need, or worse yet, something positively harmful. On top of that, the classrooms are full of textbooks that no one is using! More money wasted.

Parents all over America need to be extremely watchful to make sure your child is not using this Virtual curriculum and you would also do well to make sure you understand exactly what is happening with the Common Core Curriculum Standards (CCCS).

Fortunately Texans are waking up and with pressure from parents and teachers alike. Private citizens have dug out the truth about CSCOPE and there are many concerned about the indoctrination of our children. They have even managed to gather copies of the original intent as to the indoctrination of the Texas children.

Lawmakers recently decided they want to rein in the CSCOPE controversial public school curriculum content and management system that at one point taught “Allah is God.”

Testimony given to the Texas legislators was un-nerving to say the least. When classroom teachers, parents, or the general public testified, they gave some very emotional testimony.

A veteran Algebra teacher told of having to quit his teaching job recently because he was required to teach CSCOPE. He said he could not look his students in the eyes, knowing that he was “aiding and abetting ignorance…and giving them an allusion of an education.”

A well-credentialed education researcher, who works with many Texas school districts and who intensely dislikes CSCOPE, said she had had doors slammed in her face when she sought to uncover the ideology behind CSCOPE. She said teachers are afraid to speak out about the content of the CSCOPE lessons and the links that students are directed to investigate. Several of these links take students to sites where Wiccans are said to be similar to Christians and where Islam and Christianity are harmonized as being similar.

A current classroom teacher of 30 years’ experience told about being offended with the lesson in which students were required to make a Communist/Socialist flag. She said her father had proudly fought in World War II to keep our nation free and that our students should be taught American exceptionalism. She also said that CSCOPE content teaches none of the great novels and does not teach the young readers a systematic approach to reading using phonics. She complained that CSCOPE instead teaches whole language and that there is no formal instruction of grammar, usage, and correct writing.

The Texas committee’s consensus appeared to focus on the fact that parents and the public have not been allowed access to CSCOPE instructional materials. The committee also argued that Texas’ TESCCC (CSCOPE’s de facto parent company) is funded with state dollars, and therefore, CSCOPE content “belongs to the people of Texas.”

One witness asked why the TESCCC was incorporated as a non-profit. Was it to be able to hide the content of CSCOPE from the public? Was it to keep their meetings, minutes, and agendas secret? And on taxpayer $$! Sounds a little like what is happening with Charter Schools!

Parents anytime anything is offered to your children whether it is through their school classroom teachings or at home Virtual school – you need to find out if it is proprietary – which means once the school district accepts the program/curriculum THEY HAVE NO SAY NOR DO YOU, THE PARENTS.
CSCOPE is proprietary as is the International Baccalaureate Program (IB). Not the districts nor the parents have any say in what is taught and in fact, if the truth be known, schools districts who participate in IB have no idea what is in the curriculum, syllabuses presented or in the textbooks. Taxpayers just pay but have no say. CSCOPE has tried this but the parents are waking up.

Do you understand that is taxation without representation?

Too bad legislators all over the country do not feel the same way about the Communist United nations International Baccalaureate Program.

Take heed parents as what you are hearing about CSCOPE since in many ways it also applies to the Common Core Standards and we need to be questioning our legislators as to why they were willing to participate in this program knowing nothing about it. Even some private schools are thinking of implementing the CCCS in their schools and you need to be asking the same question – WHY?

The corruption, mis-information, cronyism and outright lies regarding any and all curriculum’s being offered to our children today are out of control. Big business has their hands in their also and that should be a clear sign to you to be alert.

Also, Charter Schools are going to be participating in the CCCS. We need to work together across the country in sharing information and keeping parents informed.

Added contributions for this article supplied by: Charlotte Iserbyt, Gretchen Logue and Donna Garner.

3 thoughts on “CCCS or CSCOPE – Any Difference? Not Much!

  1. Just who are the writers of Cscope. Listing the writers and not just the Educational Service Centers as writers. Who is publishing company of Cscope?. Could this be Pearson?

    • Sorry I missed your posting! The main writer of CSCOPE was none other than Linda Darling-Hammond one of the side kicks of David Coleman on the ELA for the CCS. Darling-Hammond has been a “hooked at the hip” friend of Bill Ayers for 30+ years. Ayers wanted Obummer to have her be the education secretary but he picked Duncan instead which for our children was the better of the 2 choices. Darling-Hammond is a professed Marxist and it shows in here works and intent on destroying America. Again, sorry for the delay in responding!

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