Finally the States Are Waking Up!



Massachusetts is waking up! The Tantasqua Regional School District Committee is pushing for state legislation to overturn the state Board of Education’s decision to adopt the National Educational Standards because committee members are concerned about the impact the Common Core (CCS) might have on its students.

In a 8-0 vote July 21, 2010, the state’s Board of Elementary and Secondary Education adopted the Common Core Standards in English language arts and mathematic. To date, 45 states have adopted the Common Core State Standards. This writer feels that decision was made because of the money offered the states to accept the program and by pressure from the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices who had not read the CCS.

School committee chairman Michael J. Valanzola of Wales, who testified before the Joint House and Senate Committee on Education on the same issue in 2011, said the CCS lowers the commonwealth’s standards in education (as it will in every state participating) in a time when the state should be raising them.

He continued by saying, “anything that removes control from a local body and gives it to a big government bureaucrat is NOT something that should happen without discussion,” This man gets it!

“And ladies and gentlemen – that is the Communist way! Congratulations Mr. Valanzola – someone is waking up! This also applies to School Choice/Charter schools or any type of Educational system that has the governing force of over sight and control coming from a NON-ELECTED body or government interference.

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