Communist $$ Funding FL Charter Schools

CurrencyYou all know I have been working against the Communist agenda in regard to Florida’s education of our children for some time. This past October Miami Today published the article breaking the news to Floridians that through an organization in Orlando called Enterprise Florida, Inc., of which Governor Scott is the Chairman, we had entered into a commercial deal with Communist China.

Enterprise Florida, Inc. is a “public-private partnership” serving as Florida’s primary organization devoted to statewide economic development (their website). This is to include our Charter schools apparently. Communist China has along with investing in other enterprises in Florida spent $30M to be put into Florida’s Charter School system with the promise of another forth coming $60M.

Through the “enterprising” methods of Enterprise Florida, Inc., Communist Chinese investors are taking advantage of the EB-5 investment visa program – the so-called “green card via red carpet,” by putting millions into Florida’s charter schools and an aquaculture farm in Central Florida.

Under the EB-5 program, through investments of at least $1 million — or $500,000 for “targeted employment areas” — foreign nationals are able to obtain legal permanent residency in the US so long as the money they invest will help secure or create at least 10 full-time jobs. This Federal law is now a permanent law as of 2012, which allows the investor to bring their whole family to include anyone under the age of 21. To the best of my understanding this also applies to any of their 21 and under children who might be married and have a family.

So we ask the question “Why are the Communist Chinese interested in investing in our Charter schools?” My guess is that it is NOT to teach our children Mandarin Chinese.

Remember, according to the Florida State Constitution Charter schools are “public” schools and as such funded by public taxpayer money. This “business deal” only goes to give more proof that the Charter school system is being used to promote “public-private partnerships” in a Federal “school to work” agenda.

Ladies and gentlemen that is not only Communism but it is taxation without representation as the Florida legislature is giving supporting funds to Enterprise Florida, Inc.

Enterprise Florida has stated they cannot reveal who invested the money specifically by name or where it is going or how it will be used because of a confidential agreement.

Freedom of Information requests were sent out in October, 2012 requesting information under the Florida Sunshine laws for further information regarding this transaction and all state offices where information was requested have refused to comply and this is to include Pam Bondi’s office.

Adding a little sweetener to this story, in addition to the Governor of Florida being the Chairman of Enterprise Florida, Inc., we have discovered the President & CEO of this company is Gray Swoope who is also Florida’s Secretary of Commerce. More sweetener is the numerous ELECTED Representatives and Senators from the Florida Legislature who are also serving on this board.

No wonder we cannot get any action or reaction regarding the cronyism in Tallahassee by legislators and the Charter schools – not to mention all the companies which have been formed around the Charter school propaganda. It reaches the top. Mr. Swoope brags that having an office “two doors down” from the governor is definitely an advantage in carrying out their work in regard to Enterprise Florida.

Is the governor and Mr. Swoope charging out their time when they are working for Florida as a state or for Enterprise Florida as a “for profit company”? The heavy hitter investors in Enterprise Florida is quite impressive –

To add to this the Gov and other legislators have made several overseas trips in the last year to Columbia and Spain to name 2 looking for foreign investors into current companies in Florida or to create new ones. The governor’s idea is in bringing jobs to Florida so he can be named the top “job maker” in the country – but at what cost? Who is paying for these trips? Enterprise Florida does have some huge funder’s! Is this twisting and turning of elected officials and funding corporations creating a “I’ll take care of you if you take care of me” attitude?

They are using our money to fund this company along with other large business’ but what are they offering these foreign entities in the form of incentives and the golden permanent “green card” status? They also are not stating exactly what the incentives they offer are.

Florida House Speaker Representative Will Weatherford stated this past December, 2012 that the money the Legislature invests in Enterprise Florida, Inc. should have a better accountability and he will form a Committee that will focus on Enterprise Florida’s performance. I guess I am not the only one concerned and I wonder if Mr. Weatherford has done that.

Other Florida notables serving on the Board of Enterprise Florida, Inc., are:
Jeff Atwater, Pam Bondi, Chris Dorworth, FL Rep from Lk. Mary, Nancy Detert, FL Senate, Adam Putnam and the former Commissioner of Education and Chiefs for Change boy Gerard Robinson. I would guess Tony Bennett will replace Robinson on the board! And just why exactly is the Commissioner of Education serving on this board other than their support (Robinson/Bennett) of the Charter schools and the school choice “for profit”, “public-private partnerships” between Charter schools and businesses?

Oh me Oh my what can the matter be?

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