So You Think Florida Has Improved?

Education20Today if you are registered with the Florida Tracker system to follow your legislators you would have received the following:

Senator John Legg, District 17 — Press Release
Florida up to #6 in Education nationally – Senator Legg, Chairman of the Florida Senate Committee on K-20 Education Policy today released the following statement regarding Florida jumping five spots, from number eleven to number six in Education Week’s 2013 Quality Counts report.
“In the past few years Florida’s education system has faced the strain of economic downturn but done everything possible to maintain high-quality education for our students,” said Senator Legg. “Today’s release of Education Week’s 2013 Quality Counts report demonstrates that Florida is meeting the challenge head-on and working diligently as we move into full implementation of the Common Core State Standards which are designed to prepare all students to be globally competitive for college and careers.”
At one time ranked near the bottom of states across the country, Florida began making significant progress moving to 14 in 2009, 8 in 2010, and 5 in 2011. After falling to 11 in 2012, in 2013 Florida increased five spots and is now sixth in the nation.
Not to mention again the fact the Senator (newly elected) Legg also owns a Charter Public School along with his wife would seem slighting of Mr. Legg. His wife serves as the Administrator and he as the Business Manager. No one can deny his school isn’t doing well and having a teacher to student ratio of 13:1 is certainly a big advantage.

I again question the ethics of this man owning a charter school, voting on Charter school legislation and also serving on Jeb Bush’s Foundation. It is a direct conflict of interest of the taxpayers of Florida.

Florida may have moved to the position of 6th in the country but we still received a B- average grade overall (81.1) and we got some pretty rotten scores in other areas. This certainly is not saying much for the level of the education in America. These legislators and non-educators continue to try and tweak the education system from a legislative point of view rather than from what and how they are teaching them. Never, ever forget the beginning of the real failure was No Child Left Behind (NCLB).

Receiving an A in Transitions & Alignment along with Standards, Assessments & Accountability was certainly not enough to pull up the overall score with the very poor D+ in School Finance Analysis and especially the very low grade in the amount spent per child and the overall C- in K-12 Achievement 2012 grade of C-.

This type of reporting by the Florida leaders in the legislature and the State Board of Education are a disgrace and quite frankly a lie in the overall state of Florida’s education.

Those in the legislature who serve also on Jeb Bush’s Foundations and are heavily involved in the state Charter school system along with other members of the State School Board includes the founder of KIPP schools Jax, Mr.Chartrand. They all may be disappointed they did not break out the success or failure in the Charter school scores. But then if they had, they might have had to include the failures and the reasons for those failures which have not been the best publicity a venture would ask for.

Grading Curve Used as follows: A (93-100), A- (90-92), B+ (87-89), B (83-86), B- (80-82), C+ (77-79), C (73-76), C- (70-72), D+ (67-69), D (63-66), D- (60-62), F (0-59)

In a survey given to Administrators and Teachers regarding what was important to them in the school environment these stood out for me:
School climate was more important than school safety –
School Climate – Administrators 83% Teachers 72%
School Safety – Administrators 61% Teachers 64% (I wonder what those figures would be today after Newtown
School Discipline – Administrators 46% Teachers 54%
Quality Counts
The other 2 really bad scores were “School Finance Analysis” D+ and placed 39th in the country – we received an F last year.

Disappointing also was our high school graduation rate shown to be 70.4% and the young adults enrolling in post-secondary education at 54.4%.
Florida also remains to be #5 state in the country for receiving funds returned from the Federal government for Education but they continue to fall below the National Average per student at a ranking of 36th in the nation. This writer believes the differential between the receipt of monies and spending continues to be because of the amount spent on administration. Anyone who has ever called Tallahassee for information knows how many “uninformed” employees you have to go through before even beginning to get an answer to a simple question.
2-13 Education Week Spending

Maybe it would behoove the state to look at the wasted funds being spent on the International Baccalaureate Program (IB) or start presenting reports with statistics to show we are getting something for our money. Every single senior in this state on the IB program should be on the National Honor Society and they are NOT. Very, very few are! How many graduate? How many go on to college? How many graduate from college?

It is the state’s responsibility to prove to the taxpayers that we are getting something for our $$. They have never even published statistics as to the rate of graduation of these students.

In addition, with the low rate of our young people attending college, it might be to all our benefits for the state to look at decreasing the number of professor’s or at the very least the extremely high salaries they are receiving.

Other remarks made –
– Mark Wilson, president and CEO of the Florida Chamber of Commerce: “Florida’s bold education reform efforts have clearly put our state on the right track. While Florida has made great strides, there is still work to be done. To compete in the global marketplace, we must recognize that, just as society changes, so does the workforce. Florida’s kids deserve better, and with America’s new Common Core Standards and the leadership of our new Education Commissioner Dr. Tony Bennett, we will secure Florida’s future with a globally competitive education system.”

His statement says a lot to me in that the “Chambers” all over the country are endorsing the “school to work” communist program along with Tony Bennett, our new Commissioner of Education and Jeb Bush’s “boy”.

– John Legg, Florida is meeting the challenge head-on and working diligently as we move into full implementation of the Common Core State Standards, which are designed to prepare all students to be globally competitive for college and careers.”

The fact our legislators are now coming out in support of the Common Core Standards when they have not a clue what it is or what it means to our children’s education is certainly disheartening. I hope they enjoy their current placement in the State Ratings as with Common Core – these kids are going to be lost as well as most of the teachers and all the scores will drop.

– Rick Scott, governor: “For Florida to be a global leader in job creation and economic growth, we have to provide our students with a quality education. Today’s news that Florida has moved into the top ten in the nation for overall quality of education reinforces that we’re taking the steps needed to ensure our students succeed. We’ve made education a priority by investing $1 billion in K-12 education.

For a man who said he was NOT in favor of Agenda 21 or anything that went with it, his speech’s now almost always include the word “global” and he was the instrument in bringing the Communist Chinese into Florida to invest in our Charter schools.

Governor Scott needs to answer to the parents/taxpayers of Florida why his office refuses to address the Freedom of Information request behind that Communist money! They certainly did not invest all that money with a promise of another $60M for our kids to learn Mandarin Chinese!

They can pat themselves on the back all they want, but they are still working behind the scenes in ruining our children.

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