Our Children Used As Communist Bait

"Come My Little Pretties"!

“Come My Little Pretties”!

More and more attention is being given to the horrors that are being perpetrated upon our children. Human trafficking, pedophilia, for profit education, vaccination’s filled with live viruses, steroids in the milk, shootings, fluoride in the water, enforcing racial divide, television programs for dummies, psychiatrists issuing psychotropic drugs, video games which lets our children enter the world of murder, drugs and crime in general with no feelings or consequences.

The move and the want for this country to be brought to her knees is not a new objective. Senator McCarthy was right in everything he charged, but the commies had more power and managed to convince America he didn’t know what he was talking about and that he was on a witch hunt.

Obama does not get to take the honors for the idea of “bringing America to her knees”, just putting the things in place to carry it off by a stroke of his pen and the attitude “what are you going to do about it.”

The recent shootings are also a focused agenda to tear down the 2nd Amendment, using our children as a sideways target, with the left declaring we do not need guns – you can hunt and provide your food in other ways.

What? That is not what the 2nd Amendment is all about and they know it. It is all about the PEOPLE being able to protect themselves from a tyrannical government that is “out of control”.

You need clarification of “out of control”? The FEMA camps all over the country is not a dream of the writer and the propaganda the government puts out about them is to defy the imagination. Can you honestly picture a natural disaster in the U.S. that would require 800+ camps? The Rex 84 Program was established on the reasoning that if a “mass exodus” of illegal aliens crossed the Mexican/US border, they would be quickly rounded up and detained in detention centers by FEMA.

Since the forming of that program we have learned the Progressive left certainly does not care if there is an influx of illegals since they refuse to close the borders and want all illegals to be legal. Why are they refusing to close the borders – Bush, Clinton, Bush, Jr., and Obama? Because each one of them are New/One World Order “wannabe’s” and with the open borders we would become the North American States eventually.

What role are the children to play in this? Well, we have just had our first graduating class of Obama “brown-shirts” who have spent most of their lives playing kill games and watching kill & horror movies feeling no attachment to the end results. Do you really think they will hesitate to take a gun to their neighbors especially when they are young (18-24), no feelings, paid and made to feel important. Most of them are also very immature.

And the Federal government wants to talk about gun control? What about putting guns in the hands of these children to be used against their fellow Americans? They do not want to arm teachers but will older students! A large population of our children is so messed up they don’t know their right hand from their left. They certainly cannot make change in a store or answer a direct question in detail unless you give them multiple choice answers.

They believe “free” sex means “doing it” whenever you feel like it. The consequences of that mean nothing to them. I recently watched a video of young Americans (age 20-30) being asked about their feeling in regard to abortion and almost 100% asked responded there was absolutely nothing wrong with abortion, sex on demand or that they should be held responsible financially if a child resulted. They are being taught immorality “should” be the norm.

In addition in the same video, most were willing to “kill for hire”! “What the heck, I don’t known’um.”

The schools should not be in the business of teaching or approving of sexual behaviors in students. It might be better for the whole country if they focused on abstaining rather than free condoms, showing them how to use condoms and taking our girls for free abortions without parental permission but at the same time they cannot have aspirin in their purse or backpack.

Our children swear at the drop of a hat! They are rude, arrogant, and dis-respectful and have no idea what they want in their future except for someone else to pay for it. Adding to that you have the Federal government passing legislation in favor of gay & lesbian agendas in the schools even to the point Obama’s first appointment to the office of the Safe School Czar was to a “for many years” homosexual.

I personally have no problem if you want to declare yourself gay or lesbian – I do have a serious problem that they think they have the to right behind the backs of parents to present programs to children as young as 10 “that they are probably gay but just do not realize it yet”. To me you are bordering on pedophilia!

The added us of our legislative process to write and pass legislation against “bullying” but in same legislation inferring the only bullying going on is against gays, lesbians and trans genders. So in how many school districts now is it alright for a student to choose on any given day what sexual preference he or she prefers to observe. Your daughter can dress as a boy and us the boys restroom and a boy can go dressed as a girl and use the girls restroom. This is with full support of our president I might add.

Where does this all come from? Mostly it comes from the first paragraph of this article and the rest from a slow, precise indoctrination through their education and the immoral world around them. You say not so! Really you ask? How many stories have you heard over the last year of Union teachers sending home union propaganda and endorsements of Obama in everything he does? Urging the students to convince their parents to vote for Obama – singing songs to his praises in school.

We set up an idol in the office of the president and at the same time tear down the very core of America – God, the Constitution, Flag, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence and our Moral Fiber.

A recent reading test given to 3rd grade school children in Florida focused on how much better life is if your parents were part of a Union. It portrayed every aspect of the home life as better if your parents just paid Union dues.

I want to make it clear this writer is not implying ALL children fit into the above descriptions, but those who do not are in the minority. I can tell you my research shows if a child is raised in a Judeo/Christian home (even if unfortunately there is a divorce) with fundamental basics of morality, religion and respect, they see past the indoctrination process and even go home and tell their parents what is happening in their schools.

Beware – private schools are beginning to follow the push for the Charter school pattern of “for-profit”, public private partnerships by making deals with businesses to enforce the Communist “School-to-Work Opportunities Act of 1994 (the “School-to-Work Act”).

Parents we need to be paying more attention to what is happening to our children through their schools through political legislation without any true interest in what the end results are in regard to our children’s futures! . Don’t be fooled by fancy legislation titles and well laid out collateral plans by big business, foundations and money-changers!

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