The Green Monster

Lisa Jackson 2 I find it very interesting that someone like Lisa Jackson, given her position with the EPA and her links to all the far left environmental groups would chose as her alias e-mail name to be Richard Windsor. Windsor served the Lewis and Clark Expedition and Corps of Discovery as a hunter, scout, and woodsman.

Windsor was recruited at Kaskaskia in 1803, joining the party as a Private at Camp Dubois, January 1, 1804. He is mentioned in the Lewis and Clark journals for an accident that almost cost him his life.

Lisa Jackson, the most recent Obama administration head to leave their position is, we believe, running from the recent decision by the Justice Department to release thousands of emails Jackson wrote under the alias of “Richard Windsor”. She as much admitted this in her announcement of leaving her position as head of the EPA.

Ms. Jackson stated when sworn in as head of the EPA she would put all involved in the coal industry out of business and I have to admit, with her back door illegal actions she has about succeeded.

There is additional speculation she might run against Gov. Christy in the next election for the governor’s office.

In Feb, 2008 she was recruited to be the then Governor Jon Corzine’s Chief of Staff but that didn’t last long when in December 2008 she went on to her most recent position having been recruited by Obama to head the Federal EPA. She was at the time serving as Vice President of the Executive Board of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a program organized by northeast states to develop a regional cap-and-trade programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from energy producers.

In 2009, Jackson said in a written statement that the finding, which declares carbon dioxide and five other greenhouse gases a threat to public health, marks the start of a U.S. campaign to tackle greenhouse gas emissions. As of 2009, this has been the action as administrator that she is best known for.

Speaking at Power Shift 2011, Jackson promised that she was more energized than ever to keep America on a path towards a greener and environmentally sustainable future.

Power Shift is an annual Youth summit which has been held all over the world. Other Power Shift Conferences are also being organized by members of the International Youth Climate Movement including Africa. At the 2011 Al Gore was the lead speaker.

A form of brain-washing our Youth as to the lies of “global warming”, the aim of the Power Shift Conferences is to build the youth climate movement in their respective nations, which is achieved through workshops, panel discussions, keynote speakers, and a lobby day or a “Day of Action” as it is alternatively known. The focus of the events is on climate change policy.

The full extent of the force of this brain-washing of our children was apparent this past “Mother Earth Day” as the UN has renamed it, in young students being quoted they wished all humans would die because we are killing the animals and the Earth.

Since the 2011 Power Shift event, Jackson has often been noted for her support of hydraulic fracturing. Media outlets continue to quote her testimony in a May 2011 Senate Hearing Committee that she is not aware of any cases where hydraulic fracturing itself has contaminated water. A 1987 EPA report and reports released since May 2011, however, have identified hydraulic fracturing as the likely source of water contamination in several cases

On December 13, 2012, the Assistant Inspector General notified the EPA they would be conducting an audit into record keeping practices associated with the use of private email accounts by Lisa Jackson under the name of “Richard Windsor.” The Justice Department then agreed to release 12,000 emails at a rate of 3000 per week from this account beginning January 14, 2013 in response to a lawsuit brought by a Washington attorney.

Hopefully, the Justice Department is not planning to use that time to “self-clean” the files.

I wonder with the quick response from the Justice Department, which of course we all know is usually hardly ever the case, they now considered Ms. Jackson to be “collateral damage” and her usefulness of service was over.

No matter what the result of the exploration of the 12,000+ e-mails, you can rest assured you have not heard the last of the “green monster” Lisa Jackson!

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