Racial Lies!

Chris SmithEducation comes in so many forms that I find myself amazed at the ignorance some of our elected officials show in regard to our nation’s History, especially from the Democratic Party and even more specifically Black Democrats.

Not only do they continue to try and dislodge the Constitution, but they do it from a racial thought process of which historically is just not true. If I didn’t know better I would say they were educated through our current “dumb down” education system, but that is not the case. What has happened is they have allowed themselves to be brain washed as to the truth to hold a strong Party status to be elected and in turn kept an indoctrinated race blind to the truth through a hate process.

Case in point is Chris Smith, FL Senator and a lawyer. You would think a lawyer would know and admit to the true history of his race in this country, but even he has recently misquoted so many different historical facts which in my mind is not only a disgrace to his representation of the people who elected him, but to his very race.

This fight between Black and White has been used to split this nation for hundreds of years perpetrated by the White Democrats and now the Black ones to make out the Republican white base as racist. Sen. Smith even falls back onto his support of Martin Luther King, Jr. as a reasoning factor as to his rational. Be honest sir – it is you who are a racist and if you want to support Obamacare against good judgment do so as a man – not behind trumped up lies.

Just in case you are not aware and even if you are, you would never admit it, the first slaves in the New World were not only Irish, but WHITE (1625) ! I do not recall the white citizens of this country whining and crying foul for the last 350+ years that we were picked on because our ancestors were once slaves nor asking for financial retribution.

You continue to enforce your lies by helping people to forget that the original slave situation was black men owning black men – not white over black. Further historical truth is it is your southern White men (Democrats) who persecuted the black race and the northern White (Republican) men who voted to eliminate it.


The following is a letter written to Sen. Smith in response to his remarks to Florida citizens who had appeared in Tallahassee requesting protection for Florida citizens against Obamacare based on the fact it is unconstitutional. Among other remarks Sen. Smith made he stated, “The federal government had to step in because our Constitution is an imperfect document.”
Senator Chris Smith……………..I was unable to attend the Senate committee hearing yesterday but your comments were related to me by some of those folks as they traveled home. This morning I was able to watch and hear for myself your historically inaccurate comments.

To begin, I knew Norman Rockwell and saw the original picture of the print that you stated hangs in your office. Norman’s picture came from a Life magazine photo http://www.usmarshals.gov/district/la-e/general/history.jpg of Ruby Bridges being escorted from and not to the William Frantz Elementary School in New Orleans, Louisiana on Nov. 14, 1960. Not a school in Arkansas as you stated.

I also want to remind you that the governor at the time was Democrat James Houston Davis and the mayor of New Orleans was Democrat DeLesseps Morrison who had recently lost in a primary bid against Davis for Louisiana’s governor. It was the Democratic governors in ALL of the southern states who had fought against integration and for their 10th Amendment rights, and to be autonomous from the Federal government. Previously, in 1956, the Declaration of Constitutional Principals, commonly known as the Southern Manifesto, was signed by Democratic state legislatures in all of those eleven states that had been in rebellion ninety years earlier.

As for your comments on over throwing the US Constitution as an “imperfect document”, I would like to remind you that you took an oath to uphold and defend that document. To replace it in any other way but as prescribed in Article V, borders on both treason and a breach of your Oath of Affirmation.

I also want to remind you that although the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 freed many black slaves, it did so only in those eleven states considered to be in rebellion at the time, as slavery was still legal in New York, Maryland, Vermont and Connecticut. Having been a resident of Vermont, the state constitution has never been amended, and still permits slavery until the age of 18 for males and 21 for females.

All slaves in 1860 were considered chattel, as are the car you drive and the home you live in and your other personal possessions. As a plantation owner, one would have many thousands of dollars invested in these personal possessions or chattel. If you believe the US legislature, in the Yankee held District of Columbia, who wrote the laws and the US Supreme Court who ruled on those laws upholding the concept of slavery in America was wrong then. Then, what has changed that makes them right today on Obamacare.

When the US Constitution was drawn up, it was the northern states who were concerned that slaves and American Indians in the south, would be counted as whole citizens and thus the southern states would have a greater representation in Congress than the smaller, northern, Yankee states. Voting was another matter, and was restricted to those gentlemen who owned land and had some “skin” in the game so to speak. Since European women were not historically permitted to own anything, not even their clothing, this also exempted them from voting as well. Further, not all white males were permitted to vote either. In other words, only those who were paying the bills could vote on how those public funds were to be spent.

Like many Americans today, you appear to lack the historical background to comment on what some old, rich white men thought was best for this country, and the greatest experiment in the history of humanity. Slavery, as cruel as I believe it is, has been a part of the history of human development in this world for a very long time. The Romans, the Egyptians, most aboriginal societies including the American Indians and the Jews actively practiced slavery. Although I do believe that all slavery is wrong, your ancestors were sold into slavery, not by any Europeans but by your own people.

Your indication of supporting the notion that the State of Florida be a part of Obamacare, is nothing more than instituting slavery again. You must subsequently believe that the federal government and unelected bureaucrats should have the authority to come between a patient and his doctor, and the federal government should have the authority to dictate financial burdens capable of inflicting bankruptcy on both the State of Florida and businesses here, as a result of state sponsored insurance exchanges. If the federal government is so great at business, let them spend their money for the exchanges. The fed’s have the ability to print more, but the Florida legislature does not.

And as a final comment, I believe that aligning yourself with the Democratic Party has placed you on the wrong side of any issue for that 89% you claim voted for you. Dr. Martin Luther King was a life-long Republican……………..
Respectfully, Rick Haven, Crescent City, FL
In closing I would like to ask Sen. Smith if he would have the same feelings about the changes he proposes in the “Stand Your Ground” law if George Zimmerman had been Black rather than Hispanic! Sen. Smith’s remark’s in representing his voters and voting on legislation that affects all Americans in Florida are not only racial in content but in intent.

Maybe it is time for the elected Black Democrats to stand up and encourage their fellow Black Americans rather than continually putting them down as well as those they contend “have ruined their lives” for a lifetime.

You sir are continuing to create a “political” racial divide in America and maybe it is also time for you to tell the American people why that is.

Minor interesting facts regarding Senator Smith – his treasurer is Desorae Giles who also just happens to usually use her legal name in other cases which is Desorae Giles-Smith, his wife; since 2009 Sen. Smith has had 19 audit letters and 5 fine letters and paid a good deal in fines to the State of Florida; and even though he graduated Law school in 1995, 17 years ago, he still owes $70K in student loans.

Shame on Sen. Smith for still owing that amount after all these years when those not in elected positions are targeted by the very same government for their unpaid student loans.

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