Another Florida Charter School Scam

Dont Be Charter School FooledThanks to Bob Sikes and his blog “Scathing Purple Musings” he has saved me a great deal of time having already written this story. I swear I am never moving again!

The former home of a shuttered charter school is set for auction after Great Florida Bank won a $2.24 million foreclosure judgment. The Miami-Dade County School Board voted in April to shut down the Balere Language Academy after parents complained of house parties with alcohol and distasteful promotions.

“The Miami Lakes-based bank (Pink Sheets: GFLB) won the judgment against nonprofit Balere and loan guarantors Rocka Malik and Nagib Malik over a $1.5 million mortgage, plus interest and fees. It was also awarded judgment against Strategic Empowerment for Economic Development Corp., ( which provided a $1.2 million second mortgage. The 19,304-square-foot school on six acres at 10875 Quail Roost Drive in southern Miami-Dade County is set for online auction Jan. 23.

NON-PROFIT needs to be highlighted as it reveals the big scam the charter school operators – and their accomplices in the Florida legislature – are pulling over on Floridians. A non-profit charter school is set up by the same folks who own the real estate management company. In this instance, both the school and the company which provided a second mortgage are located at the same address.

Yet Florida’s governor, it’s legislature and assuredly it’s new education commissioner “Jeb Bush “Chief’s for Change boss Tony Bennett” want more charter schools. Hiding behind the benevolence of “choice,” a blind eye continues to be turned away from fraudulent use of taxpayer money. Nevermind the incalculable loss suffered by children and their families who bought into to the scam.”
Thanks Bob!
Now for my 2 cents!

I am sure I do not have to remind the readers that TAXPAYER $$ pay most of the funding for PUBLIC Charter Schools, but they are run by private or nonprofit boards independent of the school district. No oversight; lenient laws passed by legislators for Charter Schools and when complaints are filed just what takes so long looking into these things while the children again are caught in the “rabbit hole.” Parents began to complain in Aug 2011 about seeing ads for “after hours parties” showing the schools address, boasting sexy and alcoholic images; parents finding empty beer bottles at the school; smelling the lingering after smell of cigarettes; Facebook photos showing partier’s with alcohol; YouTube presentations showing the partier’s with the name and address of location. School officials denied the allegations and said they would look into it. It took until April 2012 for the Miami-Dade School Board to close the school and just what was the Florida State School Board doing all this time other than fund-raising for Jeb Bush’s foundations?

In the meantime, you have another Florida Charter School bite the dust leaving behind millions of dollars of debt showing exactly what is happening within this monster that has been created by our Federal and individual state legislators with the sole purpose they say to “fix our failing “public schools”, but in reality it is to get our education system under the rule of “non-elected” boards and to have our education system be “for-profit”, “public-private partnerships” and not giving ONE PLUG NICKEL ABOUT OUR CHILDREN – only their profit and ego’s.)
Who is to protect American parents and their children against this profiteering plan to not only ruin our children but this country but American parents and citizens who care about this country?

In addition, a report was put out in January 2011 explaining the dangers of state governments turning over their business functions to Public-Private Partnerships. The report stated “Most of the seven states that currently make use of economic development PPPs have experienced a variety of performance problems. These include the following:
 Misuse of taxpayer funds (Rhode Island, Florida and Wyoming)
 Excessive executive bonuses (Virginia, Florida, Michigan and Wyoming)
 Questionable subsidy awards by the subset of PPPs that have a role in that process (Michigan, Florida and Rhode Island)

New, so called modern governor’s are no more reading legislation than the people voting on it and the growing lack of oversight in regard to Charter schools is totally out of control. Setting up a Charter school should not allow the owners/operators to also own the buildings and pay rent to themselves, borrow millions in the school’s name and then leave millions in debt when the school fails, own the catering business or their best friends, their buddies and cohorts sitting on the school’s board, no legislation as to how many school board members are required or how often they should meet and allowing state legislators to profit from the legislation they are passing in regard to Charter schools or any other entity using taxpayer dollars.

Adding to the mix here in Florida our governor is openly going overseas to include Communist China seeking and allowing private companies to come to Florida to invest in our Charter schools. For a man who was supposed to be a “good businessman” he certainly is in the middle of the cronyism and corruption that is building in Tallahassee.

The job of an elected legislator is to serve the people not the other way around. They work for us – we do not work for them!

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