The Joke Is On Us!

Most people really do not like having joke’s played on them. For the most part, joke’s in their implementation are usually humiliating to the receiver and it takes time to understand what the real motive is really all about! For the past 10 years the joke has been played on our student’s, teachers, parents and most of all our pocketbooks! Every time the news reports read “schools are failing – they need more money” you have to analyze just what that means because there is still no change. Foundations (Bill Gates and Jeb Bush) continue to spend bad money after bad with no results. The new idea is to push for Charter schools because the government system is failing – of course it is because it is government run, but with no oversight of the Charter schools as to curriculum’s used, where their outside funding is coming from and lack of reporting their successes or failures, they are no better than the government schools and all the money in the world is not going to change it.

The past couple of years we found out about the Race To The Top (RTTT) and Common Core Standards (CCS) being dumped on our school systems across the country when in fact the making of this mess had been in the works for sometime. You need to understand that in order for the school districts to be ready for this mess, they had to have been getting their own systems ready for a few years for it to be implemented at the same time the announcement was made. Our state Education Departments had been playing a dangerous game with the Federal government and at stake is our children – for what? MONEY! To what end? The DOE telling them they have the “answer” to all the education woes being experienced by the local school districts – drop outs, not enough money, poor teachers, unresponsive parents, poverty and any other excuse they could think of.

Then at the very same time here come the hero’s of education – Bill Gates and Jeb Bush with all their Foundation money to push for legislation to make sure we have more and more Charter schools out there for “school choice.” Well, let’s face it – parents should have the right for their children to have a good education after all your tax dollars are paying for it. This control by money is actually no different than what the DOE has been doing for years except the money the Federal DOE uses is your tax $$ and what our two boys use is theirs made from you.

Why are these supposed “smart giants” not looking at the real problems and addressing those? Would it mean if they did that they would actually not have control over your children? Parents there is a reason that Home Schooled children are smarter, more energetic and most of all – happy! You don’t like the government or big business in your life, why would you think your children would enjoy the benefits of the government or the likes of the “2 boys” in theirs?

1. Teacher’s should be evaluated by a panel of peer’s on a regular basis and a proper and fair way in place to evaluate why any teacher should be fired. I do not personally believe it is fair to fire a teacher who is continually being given “junk” to teach our children with (poor curriculum’s i.e., RTTT, CCS) and that junk being changed on a regular basis. Forcing teacher’s to teach “for a test” is just plain wrong (NCLB) and it leaves a pathway to ignoring other important subjects.

Additionally, it is important to investigate why, in the most recent period, typical teachers have been more effective with elementary school children than with high-school students, but curiously, the reforms Bill Gates and like-thinking policymakers are pursuing concern elementary school teachers almost exclusively. Could it be because the student value-added scores on NCLB – required standardized tests by which they propose to evaluate these teachers are available only for elementary, not secondary school students. It is also important to investigate why teachers have apparently been more effective during the last few decades in teaching math than reading. I contend a large reason for this is that almost everything has gone “virtual” along with allowing calculators in the classrooms and most everything students do these days is around “virtual” rather than reading. It is difficult to motivate anyone to investigate this since our information has been clouded by the myth that all student achievement has been flat.

2. Pouring bad money after bad and seeing no results just seems insane to me, but this is what we have continued to do for years. We do not do this in business, why would we do it with our children’s education? Bill Gates says “the cost of running our K-12 schools has more than doubled.” It certainly has but not because the money is needed to improve our graduating numbers – as the saying goes “the buck stops here” when the money is feed into the individual school districts and over 75% is used for administration – not educating our children or paying our teachers. How is putting your children in Charter School going to change that? Since 2007, the Gates Foundation has sent approx. $3M dollars to a Florida county to “pump up the numbers” with no noticeable changes in their numbers for anything. In line with this, the very fast rising cost of going to college – have any of you parents bothered to check and see how much the Administration in these schools are taking for themselves? Somebody has to pay their huge salaries and benefits and their name is YOU! Is there a justification as to why a College President should be making $5 – 9 Hundred K a year? Sometimes more!

3. Playing games with the curriculum’s used on a regular basis is not helpful to the teachers or the students. Many schools across the country are using International socialistic based teachings from the United Nations with the full support of the Teacher’s Unions and the US Department of State. What do you suppose that is about? Not only that! These socialistic programs are very expensive and I would bet you as a taxpayer were never consulted on spending that extra money!

4. Removing American History from school books prior to 1865 – depriving a child from knowing or having a personal link to the past prevents him or her from being able to analyze what worked and what didn’t and to learn from past mistakes made. Depriving a child from knowing the correct/real American History is the process of removing him from having any allegiance to the country.

5. Our state departments of education and school districts across the country have taken it upon themselves to participate in the massive “green – global warming” conspiracy changing the children’s allegiance from America and their Families to one of the Earth or Gaia following the laid out plans put forth in the United Nations Earth Charter – least we not forget to mention the United Nations schools popping up all over the country along with the Gulen Turkish Charter Schools overseen by the Turkish Terrorist Gulen who is hiding out in the PA mountains because he was thrown out of Turkey! Read it – Also another place your tax dollars are going!

6. Unions have certainly outgrown their usefulness having reverted back to the original days of bullying and threats. Unions spending dues money on lavish entertainment, trips, paying occupiers and at the same time putting out a bad example and getting teachers to teach to your children how great the unions are. Unions should have no place within the walls of our schools. If you want to be a Union teacher so be it, but you leave the Union propaganda outside the classroom doors.

7. Speaking of Unions – teachers are you aware the very Unions you are giving all those dues to is taking your money and using it to support School Board members when they run for office – the very same School Board members who rob you of proper salaries?

8. Bill Gates says, “Our level of spending has increased over the years, but our percentage of college graduates has dropped.” What do you expect – garbage in, garbage out! When in Florida for example over 50% of those graduating from high school and go on to college have to take remedial classes in reading and math – that information is very clear to me and it should be to you. GARBAGE IN – GARBAGE OUT!

9. Legislators having financial interest in Charter schools and also voting on Charter school legislation is wrong but it certainly helps to explain why our state legislators are so eager to push for more Charter schools leaving the part about what curriculum’s and textbooks are to be used and proper oversight out of the picture. The final goal here being the elimination of the elected school boards so that all control is taken out of the hands of the parents/taxpayers and retained by the Federal government. This is the Communistic way!

10, Textbooks being used that are now being published by Muslim purchased publishers printing lies about our Judeo/Christian country and at the same time making any history relating to “liberal” politics and events more impressive than those from the “right”. Textbook committees choosing textbooks for the schools when they in fact cannot discern truth from fact! Sad! Let us not forget the push in our textbooks for Pro Islam! Recently printed Pearson Social Studies “myWorld History: Early Ages book had approximately 13 pages which spoke of Judeo/Christian beliefs/history and 40+ to the Islamic Faith/History.

My final say in this “joke”! Have you ever stopped to think why Home School children are much more advanced than their peers in public schools along with being well adjusted and it only takes a few hours a day for them rather than a full day in a government school? Home School programs for the most part are based on Judeo/Christian values, good old fashion American History, they challenge the kids and give them goals to reach all the while praising them for their achievements and – the children praise each other in their accomplishments.

A co-op Home School program is the most ideal where the parents, even those working, can give something of themselves to the children i.e., maybe there is a parent who loves to bake, a father who does auto mechanics or carpentry, a mom who plays the piano, a retired teacher or two, more personal relationships and everything about life is shared. This country was founded on “home schooling” and the government thugs Bill Gates and Jeb Bush have no business being involved in the education of our children. The mere idea they want to infiltrate the control over our Pre-K kids should put warning signals out everywhere.

The Founders of our country believed the key to a free Republic was education for all children. They also stated “Religion, morality, and knowledge as being necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind” – they never said the government should be in charge of it. National Standards as a “one size fits all” is just wrong and need I remind you that everything the Federal Government touches – fails? Read the Earth Charter and Marc Tucker’s letter to Hillary Clinton explaining the well laid out plan to “Dumb Down America” by taking over our Education system.


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