Where Is The Oversight?

Charter Schools – the “for-profit” “public-private partnership” that is being allowed by our state legislature to use taxpayer funds to become rich. Oh you say they are not getting rich! You as a taxpayer need to check out the Financials of Academica, a Charter School Consortium run by Rep. Erick Fresen’s sister or maybe Senator John Legg who has been voting on Charter School legislation all the while running and serving as the schools business administrator of his Charter school or maybe even Sen. Anitiere Flores (who is leaving office) and will be the Administrator for the new Charter School Community College, Doral, which will fall under the Academica umbrella.

How about our legislators who are also serving on Jeb Bush’s various Foundations?

Maybe even the fact Florida’s last two Commissioners of Education are members of Jeb Bush’s Chief’s for Change.”

I wonder if this reminder of the facts will help the Florida legislators deal with what happened at the Northstar Charter High School in Orlando, Orange Cnty, FL.

The passing of the buck between the county school board and the legislators in Tallahassee should be interesting as the inspection goes on.
Is everyone in Tallahassee asleep or just so busy running for office that you cannot do the current job you are getting paid to do? The number of Charter school closures in this state or having severe rating problems in the past 2 years is outrageous and JUST WHO IS MINDING THE STORE? Why they are still open?

Is the point that you really want them to fail so you can push forward your “school-work” programs? Do the legislators really believe we have no idea what they are doing with the Charter school BUSINESS’?

Recently the story broke in regard to the abrupt closing of the Northstar Charter HS in Orlando.
<a href="http://articles.orlandosentinel.com/2012-10-25/features/os-troubled-orange-charter-northstar-20121025_1_charter-school-charter-law-english-language-learners

“The law is very clear that school boards cannot put limits on or control how a charter school spends their money, including payouts like this ” Bill Sublette, Orange County School Board Chair told the Sentinel. He called the payment “a shameful abuse of public tax dollars” and “immoral and unethical.”

Bur sir, I would ask why this school has been allowed to remain open as many years as it has! Years ending in May of each school year, this school has had grades of: 2004 D; 2005 D; 2006 C; 2007 F; 2008 B; 2009 D; 2010 D; 2011 D and 2012 F. This works out in my world of a school average grade of D over 9 years! What the heck is wrong with the Orange County School Board this was allowed to happen? In 2010 and 2011 they graduated 69% of seniors and in 2012 44%. Just who is minding the store? Where is the concern for these students?

What do you guess the prospects of success are for these students who were not graduating – three-quarters of them had failed reading tests and half of them failed the math tests this past year?

How many times do we have to point out the errors of the ways of the State of Florida Department of Education? Now that this has happened you are asking questions when what you should be looking in the mirror!

Senator David Simmons, who was the Chairman of the FL. DOE, states “There’s no room for abuse by charter or traditional schools,” Simmons told the Sentinel. He called for an investigation. “All it does is hurt children.” I say to you Mr. Simmons for 2 years I tried to get an appointment with you to speak to you about the state of “Charter Schools” in Florida and I was forced to sit through a phone interview with your secretary who was given that privilege to determine whether what I wanted to discuss with you warranted your attention. I guess to her it did not! Do you honestly feel you are that important as to turn away from taxpayers?

Just what is going on in Tallahassee?

Legislators writing and voting on Charter School legislation who know nothing about education obviously is not the only problem!
1. Legislators who at the same time have a financial interest in Charter Schools
2. Legislators who are also serving on Jeb Bush’s Foundations and he has an alternative motive to his actions
3. Legislators who question Jeb Bush before voting on legislation as if he were still the governor and had a background in education of which he does not
4. A state school Board of which half of them are also in the business of Charter Schools in one form or another, work on Jeb Bush’s fund raising events, serve on his Foundations or have worked in some capacity for the Bush family.
5. Legislators who have written lenient legislation in regard to Charter schools with no oversight
6. Charter schools are “for-profit” “public-private” partnerships – to whom do you believe allegiance is to – the business of Charter Schools or the children?
7. Now with the governor’s blessing and involvement, Communist China may invest one million or more into our Charter schools and get a permanent green card status!
8. Since 2010, there have been 67 incidents of some form of “bad behavior” to give reason to close down Charter Schools around Florida. If there were that many public schools involved in this type of behavior i.e., uncertified teachers, embezzlement, cheating, poor conditions, no textbooks, un-responsible boards, cronyism, bankruptcy – if these kinds of actions were taking place in “regular” public schools the outcry could be heard around the country!


In October, Clint Bolick of the Goldwater Institute wrote a glowing article about how the AZ Charter schools are the best in the country. My research showed they were not #1 in the country and in fact most of their Charter schools showed no grade at all for the 2011-2012 school year. Upon my research of the top 20 Charter schools in the Country, AZ had 2, Texas 4 and CA 9 with FL having 1. Now if you were to speak with Jeb Bush or his mouthpiece Patricia Levesque they would tell you Florida is the leader in Charter schools. They must mean in lenient legislation and lack of oversight – not the teacher accountability.

Oh, by the way, Mr. Bolick, who has written several favorable articles regarding Jeb Bush and his Charter school successes, the two of them are soon to release a book they wrote together on Immigration. More cronyism!

Please do not insult us by telling the taxpayers it is more money that is needed because it is not! What is needed is for Florida to take charge of its own Education system without the influence of the Federal government, get rid of RTTT, CCS and all foreign education/curriculum’s within our state.
It is time for Florida Legislators to do the job they are being paid for rather than paying homage to Jeb Bush and the lobbyists. You, the legislators, are ruining our children with your false beliefs that what you are doing in regard to education is right. You might do well to learn from people who know what they are talking about!

You ladies and gentlemen of the Orange County School Board, the Florida State School Board and the Florida Department of Education are to be held accountable for this ugly monster you have created. Time to clean house and act like Patriots rather than Politicians!

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