United Nations Day In America!

In case you are missing what is happening in America, there is a fast push to complete the United Nations goal of being the rulers of the New World Order. How and who began this mighty push really doesn’t matter because it is being supported by both sides of the American political power.

On October 15, 2012 Reuters published John Whitehead’s article “America’s Schools: Breeding Grounds for Compliant Citizens” which included the following:

“Public school reform is now justified in the dehumanizing language of national security, which increasingly legitimates the transformation of schools into adjuncts of the surveillance and police state… students are increasingly subjected to disciplinary apparatuses which limit their capacity for critical thinking, mold them into consumers, test them into submission, strip them of any sense of social responsibility and convince large numbers of poor minority students that they are better off under the jurisdiction of the criminal justice system than by being valued members of the public schools.” —Professor Henry Giroux

We cannot say we haven’t been warned. President John Kennedy did try to warn us twice of what was in the making and who was behind it. Now I have found a speech he made at Columbia University10 days before he was assassinated stating: “The high office of the President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American’s freedom and before I leave office, I must inform the citizens of this plight.” JFK Knew About Iron Mountain

The United Nations is asking the 50 governors to celebrate United Nations Day on October 24, by flying their flag in front of their government buildings. The plan is to have every City Council/County Commission/Governor’s office’s flying their flag making the American people believe we all support the United Nations and what they do. Do we?

From my experience we Americans are fed up with the United Nations! Since the date of its inception in 1945 the United States has paid approximately 23% of one UN budget and 24% of the other. Oh, I know, we are the richest country so we get to pay the most – it doesn’t matter if we have things here in our own country we need to take care of.

United Nations Day and actually a whole week is supposed to be devoted to making known to the people of the world the aims and achievements of the United Nations World Organization. From where I sit in 67 years they have accomplished nothing but the goal of making themselves the single power in the world. I see each and every poor country in the world still poor, the UN’s use of the word “peacekeepers” funny, and from where I sit nothing but a massive Ponzi scheme.

Every year our sitting President has issued a statement in regard to the United Nations and the most recent done by President Obama when he was in Kosovo was “United Nations Day is an official non-working day as the province is administered by the Interim Administration Mission.” Now we all are supposed to lose a day’s pay in honor of an organization that wants to bring our country to its knees?

Their goal as is the goal of the Communists – maybe it is one in the same – but it certainly looks like it. Their number one goal in the last 40-50 years has been the infiltration of our schools and they have been very successful in doing that. International Baccalaureate is ramped in America and I believe the main reason the school district’s latch on to it is because of the word “International.” It makes them look important especially when they fight so hard to get the program instituted or refuse to remove it when the parents finally realize what they are teaching! COMMUNISM! Following the Earth Charter to a tea and teaching to “share the wealth” in a “school to work” mentality by enforcing the “Global Warming” lie!

Then we have United Nations-USA schools and to my knowledge no one has been able to get answer as to what they are teaching in those classes. I do know one of the teachers here in Florida who is the FL. State President for the United Nations in America has had an Imam in her Senior Social Studies class many, many times “supposedly” to explain what Muslims and Islam is all about. I seriously challenge he is not teaching about the horrors of Sharia! Oh by the way, he is on the FBI’s watch list.
Hillsborough School Board turns a “blind eye” to this as they see nothing wrong with it and they quote a portion of the State Charter in covering their actions even after the parents protest at several school board meetings.

Why is it when elected officials are in a place of power and authority they will never take responsibility for their actions or admit when they are wrong? They certainly like to pat themselves on the back when they think they have done something right!

The President does have his “brown shirts”! Did you know that? Just like Hitler! He told you he was going to put together this core of mandatory “volunteers”. Under the direction of the Dept. of Homeland Security they are referred to as FEMA Corps. And on September 13, 2012 they graduated the very first class of home-grown first responders between the ages of 18-24. They have guns! All under the guise of protecting America from terrorists!

Now my question to the citizens of America is: “Since most males between the ages of 18-24 are not mature in their thinking process as a rule, who do you think they will turn those guns against when given an order?” I know they go into the military and mature during their stay but they have some solid Americans leading and training them – not individuals who are pushing Communism and the New World Order.

American has just completed a “Hitler” Youth Corp with American money on American soil.

And Iron Mountain – well it is the most secret spot in America, one hour north of Pittsburgh, PA housed way underground in an abandoned mine hiding all the government secrets they do not want you to ever know about, some priceless artifacts and if you are rich enough like Bill Gates and believe in a One World Order – you can hide your goodies there also. Please check these out – http://youtu.be/vYinZyxjsZM
or you might find this interesting http://youtu.be/2aou6c2MOmg

2 thoughts on “United Nations Day In America!

  1. well not much to say about this issue. Diane im glad to see you passing this on, now for anyone out there reading this and thinking it is a bunch of right wing bs here are a couple of quotes from great left wing leaders of the 20th century that confirm what is said here in this article, becouse they did the EXACT SAME THING IN THEIR COUNTRIES.
    “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.” Adolf Hitler

    “Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.” Joseph Stalin

    ” Because of their lack of political and social experience, quite a number of young people are unable to see the contrast between the old China and the new, and it is not easy for them thoroughly to comprehend the hardships our people went through in the struggle to free themselves from the oppression of the imperialists and Kuomintang reactionaries, or the long period of arduous work needed before a happy socialist society can be established. That is why we must constantly carry on lively and effective political education among the masses and should always tell them the truth about the difficulties that crop up and discuss with them how to surmount these difficulties.” Mao

    “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.”
    ― Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

    “When Engels and I first joined the secret Communist Society we made it a condition that everything tending to encourage superstitious belief in authority was to be removed from the statutes.” Karl Marx

    understand now? our movement to social education is just that one to benifit the collective at the expense of the individual. there could not be a more anti american ideal than that.

    • Doc,

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I worry so many Americans are still asleep – even worse because they choose to!

      Again thank you for those quotes which so clearly explain what has been at work in America!


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