Time To Call A Spade A Spade!

Here in Florida our efforts to deal with changing our Education system for the better has some obstacles that other states do not have and one of those is Jeb Bush.  He served as our governor from 1999 until 2007 and during that time his brother, George W. Bush was the President and he signed into law the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) During this time, Jeb Bush convinced the taxpayers of Florida that the NCLB program for education was the best thing since peanut butter.  Unfortunately, it lowered Florida’s standards and grade as a whole, lowered our reading and math scores, not to mention our graduation rates.  Now after extensive research and information from some really smart individuals we see this was part of a long term plan through Education to turn America into a New World Order under the United Nations underlined by communism’s “school to work”  program.  According to Bills, Acts and Amendments done since 1934, this was to be accomplished through “CHARTER SCHOOLS.”

Why Charter Schools?  Because with the increased lenient legislation being passed and the unelected school boards of the Charter schools the education of your children will be totally under the control of the Federal government. No where in the Constitution, Bill of Rights or Declaration of Independence is there any mention of EDUCATION!

Currently, our present governor is running all kinds of TV ads saying how he has listened to the parents & teachers of Florida and HE is going to be making a change next year by doing away with our FCAT “teach to the test” program under the NCLB and HE will be bringing in something new. What HE is not saying is that the something new is the Common Core Standards.”  HE should remember not telling ALL the truth is the same as not telling ANY of the truth.

Currently HE is making a state tour speaking to parents & teachers:  “If we are going to make sure Florida is the best education system in the country, which I think is everybody’s goal . . . we’ve got to bring everybody to the table.”  Really?  Why is it taxpayers make numerous calls and e-mails to his office requesting appointments and HE never has any time for the average taxpayer who just might have information HE does not! I believe the main reason for this is because of the Governor’s office and the Florida legislator’s relationship with Jeb Bush and HIS push and influence in regard to Charter Schools!

Below you will read of various legislation and remarks made by individuals who are Communists who worked behind the scenes to be able to accomplish their goal of controlling the Education of our children. Never forget, our founders never intended for the Federal government to be involved in the Education of our children and in fact, Samuel Adams stated in 1776  “the founders have done everything possible to make the idea of SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM  UNCONSTITUTIONAL.  “The Utopian scheme’s of leveling (re-distribution) & community of goods (central ownership of the means of production and distribution) are as visionary and impractical as those which vest all property in the Crown.  These ideas are arbitrary, despotic and in OUR government UNCONSTITUTIONAL!”


President George Bush requested that the business community raise funds to support development of “radical, break-the-mold” schools (one in each Congressional district) which would in the future be known as “charter schools” (public school “choice” schools).19 The Request for Proposals from NASDC required that:
Design teams should define the scope and focus of their own work;  Student age-grouping may be unconventional, and designs may serve students younger than five years of age and older than eighteen; students need not all be assembled in a single building or at a particular time of day; the school day and school year may be redefined. The duties of administrators, teachers, volunteers, parents, and all other adults may be changed…. The design may entail major changes in community governance, community structures and the functions of other institutions such as public health agencies and welfare departments. Alternatively, designs may adopt conventional arrangements for any of above.

IN 1993 THE SCHOOL TO WORK OPPORTUNITIES ACT passed the House of Representative without a roll call vote. [It passed the Senate in 1994.  This legislation called for Soviet/German full employment/quota-type system, incorporating the Danish model for Polytech education.

As charter schools develop, the temptation will be for private industry to take a more direct role in funding and developing programs for these schools which will produce workers who can fill the corporations’ needs. These schools, then, have the potential of becoming “corporate academies” with a narrow focus and limited curriculum base. This is accomplished through the school-business partnerships growing into corporate funding to accomplish its task. As this potential reality develops, the specter of true socialism—the combining of the private and public sectors to produce goods and services—takes on discernible size and shape….

B.F. Skinner once mused that the functions of government in the future would be educational. In the above scenario we see that the reverse of that prediction can be true as
well—in the future the functions of education will be governmental. Let us remember that the true purpose of education is the intrinsic enhancement of the individual. Let us not reduce education to limited learning for lifelong labor and our great country’s heritage of freedom to a footnote in history.

MIKHAIL GORBACHEV, former President of the Soviet Union was quoted in an article in the January 23, 1993 issue of  The Cape Cod (Massachusetts) Times as recommending that President Bill Clinton make America the creator of a new world order based on consensus—thereby placing the United States under the authority of the United Nations.  Gorbachev stated the following, “The future needs… international institutions acting on behalf of all. A higher institution that operates on a consensus. Such a choice would narrow the independence many believe the United States now enjoys…. President Clinton will be a success if he uses American influence to accomplish the transformation of international responsibility and increase significantly the role of the United Nations…. He will be a great President—if he can make America the creator of a new world order based on consensus.

In 2011, the FL. legislature tried to pass a “Parent Responsibility Act” in which teachers would begin to keep a record of parents attendance to Parent-Teacher Conferences, did parents attend, phone conference, etc. and these reports would go into the national data base the same as a the  grades of their children. I questioned what would be the consequences to the parents if they did not engage in these events – take the children away from the parents?   Well, I just found my answer – at least one idea!  Willard Daggett, director of the International Center for Leadership in Education—in Atlanta, Georgia in July of 1998 stated, “One way to make sure that parents attend conferences at school and support the educational process for their children would be to dock a certain part of their tax deduction for their children. There could be a scale of activities in which the parents would be required to have documentation—perhaps a sign-off at the school—of participation before they would be allowed to claim their tax deductions for their children.

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