David Coleman – What!

“As you grow up in this world you realize people really don’t give a shit about what you feel or what you think.” –David Coleman at NY State Department of Education presentation, April 2011.  Mr. Coleman, having taken considerable flack for his statement has decided to change the word “shit” to “sheet”.  For me the former clearly defines his Common Core Standards “joke” although it certainly is in no way funny.

This non-educator, of which there is nothing wrong with that – I am one!  However if you are going to delve into something that will so enormously influence so strongly the futures of America’s most prized possessions, our children, you had better at least have a clue of what you speak!  Coleman, a Rhodes scholar which is something that is supposed to impress you actually means nothing until you understand who and what the Rhodes scholarship means.

Most who can be named Rhodes scholars can be listed as very liberal and in favor of a New World Order!  I have found a couple of surprises such as Bobby Jindal ’92 and David Vetter ’83, however names such as Kissinger, Rachel Maddox, Franklin Raines, Bill Clinton and David Sabato do not!  What is the Rhodes Scholarship Fund and who is behind it?  The Rhodes Scholarship Fund was set up upon Cecil Rhodes death with instructions from his will. It is administered through the Rhodes Trust originally overseen by Nathan Rothschild and it continues to be administered with the oversight of the Rothschild’s.

Cecil Rhodes, a colonialist who was a strong believer in white supremacy, obtained his wealth from African diamond companies he owned.  A Freemason, he wanted the Illuminati to go even further than they were at the time. He is the one who gain’s the credit for the formation of the “Round Table” to include the CFR, Trilateral Commission, Club of Rome, Bilderberg Group and the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  He actually wanted Britain to be on the top of the Illuminati pyramid in ruling the world, but fortunately his imperial policies failed at the time.

So what can we expect of a Rhodes scholar?  A lap dog?  Follower?  Aggressive?  Manipulative?  Manipulated?

Who is David Coleman?  Well, he is an English Lit major from Yale who has done some tutoring in a New Haven school while he was an undergraduate, which is his sole pedagogical credential.  He went on to Oxford to read in Plato and Aristotle and then joined McKinsey and Company, where the most well-placed corporate economists and other non-educator educational advisor’s with the inside track to other non-educators in high-ranking education policy positions, such as Joel Klein and Mike Bloomberg hang out!

Coleman insists that teachers must train students to be workers in the Global Economy. There it is folks “Global Economy.”  Who, what and where do you suppose that idea was put in his head, because quite frankly, the things coming out of his mouth lead me to believe the days he spent in school – his chair was “empty”.   In his words, “It is rare in a working environment that someone says, “Johnson, I need a market analysis by Friday but before that I need a compelling account of your childhood.”  Translation to the classroom:  no more primary grade essays about lost teeth or middle school essays about prepubescent angst.  Instead, students must provide critical analysis of the “Allegory of the Cave” from Plato’s Republic, listed as an “exemplary informational text” in the Common Core State Standards for Language Arts. If that’s judged as over the top for 12-year-olds, there’s always Ronald Reagan’s 1988 “Address to Students at Moscow State University.”

Listen to a few more of Coleman’s proclamations and you have to ask yourself if this is a man of deep experience and education or just a cuckoo bird let loose on a hapless bunch of educrats who don’t know how to voice dissent.  Get the picture?  Not only a wise guy and a smart mouth – I believe he in place way over his head! People thrown into an environment such as he has been have a tendency to use those really big words too!  As real educators continue to question the CCS and the legislators who chose to play this game, it becomes more and more apparent to even the uneducated – this would be laughable if it was not real-time.

You know the additional fact that Coleman is the treasurer of Michelle Rhee’s Student’s First paints a picture of all these people, inter-mingling through these different education groups, big money foundations , all over the place as another type of Illuminati – or maybe it is one in the same. Not sure if some of the people involved in all this are clearly aware of who and what is happening, but it certainly is happening! I believe they view it as control which of course is what it is all about!

And the bottom line is still the ruination of our children through a “for profit”, “work to school”, communist dumbing down of our children and robbing them and America of their futures!

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