Romney’s Education Plan!

Earlier this year, Presidental candidate Romney announced his plan for our children’s education.  Do not misunderstand me – I am not talking about him being the wrong candidate, but about his idea of what education for our children should be.

Let’s go over a couple of things:

·        The Federal government, no matter who is president, does not have the authority to be involved in our children’s education.

·        At the same time Romney made his statement,  the salaries of the top college administrators came out – want to know where your tax dollars  are   going: 

·        UCF President Hitt 2011 $741,500 x 2 years (states he has not had a raise since 2006) it is important to note the article stated “About 40 percent of his total compensation is at risk each year as it is tied to the university achieving strategic goals,” Heston told the Orlando Sentinel. “Payments are not guaranteed – compensation is based on the percentage of goals achieved and no additional compensation is awarded if goals are not met.”  I gather by Hitt’s statement’s we are to feel sorry for him!

·        Univ of S. Florida President Genshaft $592,400 x 2 years

·        FL International Univ President Rosenberg $561,875

·        In 1964 President Johnson signed into law the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) of which is mandated by law to be re-authorized every 5 years. This is actually what NCLB and RTTT are with a few changes along with the name – the crime here is the Common Core Standards

·        The forward in Mr. Romney’s plan is done by none other than Jeb Bush and I cannot emphasize enough how the push for Charter schools, a “for profit” plan by the Bush & Gate’s Foundations and Michelle Rhee’s “Student’s First”, is all about one thing and that is making MONEY at the cost of our children’s future. I say this because to me, if they were really concerned about our children’s educational future, they would take all that money and put it into the Public Schools, clean that up, put oversight in place,  take the high salaries away from the superintendent’s, make them accountable and rid this country of anti Judeo/Christian, International and Islamic curriculum’s.

·        Mr. Romney’s plan states “President Obama’s Approach to K-12 Education:  Don’t Mend It, Just Spend It – Remember I continue to tell you there is no difference in the R & D – just their approach?  What did governor Scott do – added $1B to the Education Budget and for what? Have you heard? My guess it is put aside to pay for those expensive Microsoft computer systems and everything that goes along with it to track our kids through RTTT.

·        Romney’s plan state’s “Moreover, Race To The Top was itself poorly designed. It awarded states money in return for promises without regard to results.” This is true however, the states did not have to play – in fact Florida legislators were “begged” not to play for all the reasons here and more.

·        Romney’s plan states “President’s Obama’s policies are denying the American Dream to too many of today’s youth.” True – however, is this not the very thing.  No Child Left Behind with Jeb Bush at the helm pushing forward his father’s plan and calling it amazing and fantastic, a step forward into the future and all the time Florida children have been failing – for 12 years?  Now we are supposed to embrace the Charter School/Voucher plan he endorses as the best thing for our children since “Peanut Butter.”.

·        Romney’s plan states “with the 2002 enactment of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), President George W. Bush and leaders of both parties in Congress took an important step toward ensuring accountability for results in American public education” – Really!  Where is that accountability since Florida has been flat-lined for 12 years?  Where is the accountability of the state DOE overseeing all the foreign and Islamic education being wrought on our children? Who is accountable for that? Where is the accountability of more Charter schools being allowed to open by people already running failing Charter schools?

·        Romney states “Charter schools are public schools of choice that are run independently and freed from many rules and regulations governing traditional school districts.”  TRUE – however let’s break it down:
a.     Far less oversight and currently there is next to none in regard to where their funding comes from(public/private), textbooks used, curriculum used, financial structure, teacher certification, those serving on the appointed boards

b.     Large increase in scandals surrounding Charter Schools since October 2011 ub Florida and around the country

c.      State legislators and/or their families owning stock in Charter School Consortium’s and seeing nothing wrong with voting on legislation in favor of Charter Schools while at the same time serving on Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Excellence in Education – one Florida legislator also serves as the Financial Officer of his Charter School and his wife the Administrator.

d.     D & Failing Charter schools left to operate for 1-2 years after the bad grades – what does a HS Charter school do in this case – the kids are out on their ears

e.     It doesn’t happen with just government schools

f.       Charter schools using United Nations curriculums from the Earth Charter brain washing our children into believing “humans” are bad because we are killing the planet and animals – some have even stated they wish they were dead – this is teaching Gaia – a religion of the Earth – ACLU, I thought there was not supposed to be any religion in our schools

g.     The big business involved in this is amazing from textbooks, to lobbyists, to consortiums, etc.

h.     Allowing Islamic based Charter schools with no oversight

i.       Allowing foreign teachers into the country to teach for a while and no one watching to see if they leave the country when they quit teaching

j.       No one checking to see if the principals and teachers hired by the charter schools are state certified

k.     When the schools close, who is responsible for all the debt they leave behind? 

l.       Most Charter schools are opened in low income areas as to also claim Title I funds and then make deals with their friends for the food service & kickbacks!  Want more?

And there is more to this, much more!

·        Romney states in his plan “The goals include improving student retention rates and university fundraising.”  From the salaries listed above I would say the university presidents are making more than plenty.  Improving student retention will require getting rid of the junk (federal government intervention, NCLB, RTTT, CCS) and giving our children the best curriculum in the country (Texas’s and we have it) and find publishers who will publish textbooks who tell the truth and not doctor our history to favor the Muslim faith.

·        Another statement that stood out for me was their idea of retaining “Excellent – highly qualified” teachers”. Now if I was a teacher I would be very insulted because I believe we have some of the best teachers in the world – they just are given rotten tools to work with and have to spend all their time teaching to a test.

·        Teacher’s don’t get excited because a Republican made that statement – Obama and Arne Duncan been saying the same thing for 3 years and Bush before that – hence now they dump more garbage on you (CCS) and you are being held accountable for having to use garbage – like they always say – garbage in, garbage out.

·        Finally, in the closing statements which of course were NOT made by Romney so we cannot hold him accountable said – “As president, Mitt Romney will pursue genuine education reform that puts parents and students’ interests ahead of special interests. These reforms will ensure that students have the skills they need to succeed after graduation. To meet this goal, states must give parents the information and choices they need to enroll their children in good schools.  

Is this the reason he is working with the Bush and Gates Foundations and all the other big business groups making a profit on your children’s failure. He does say they will raise the standards which is what I thought they did and when they fail they just lower them.

What a lousy game they are playing! Let’s see, we have the Council on Foreign Relations telling us what to do with our children now – maybe we should keep them home! Passing “bullying bills” that focus on implementing Gay, Lesbian and Trans-sexual” classes in school! Teaching our kids they might be gay at 10 but don’t know it and also how to properly put on a condom! Now they want to turn the schools into health clinics! 


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