2012 Education Olympics – Student’s First Version

Student First’s full court press has started! We now have a video from the organization with an Olympic theme of American students falling behind in educational competition with other countries. I wish I could show it here but this is the next best thing: http://youtu.be/xIr7QS9yUA8

Never forget that Michelle Rhee has moved herself into a position the same as Jeb Bush – profiting from control of Education which in Parent’s terms is “Controlling Our Children.” These are financial ventures of which they were also involved in when implementing RTTT and the CCS. They are playing both sides of the table and the poker chips are your children.

Fortunately when this video hit the national circuit was not been a critical success with many bloggers, educators and writers. They take Ms. Rhee and her organization to task for this video.

• The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Online picked up on all the backlash that Rhee’s new “ad” has created.
• EdWeek also took notice of the commercial’s poor reception.
• Gary Rubinstein took umbrage at the inaccuracies of the ad.
• Liz Dwyer took offense at the tone.
• Anthony Cody pointed out that the commercial’s message is homophobic.
• Diane Ravitch called the ad “disgusting”

Not all is lost for Ms. Rhee – “REDSTATE” liked it! Are we surprised?

Below is Students First email about American students falling behind other countries. Read it and determine what you think about the video. One bit of information about international testing that just might skew Students First’s message is that the US educational systems test every public education student including special education students. Other countries don’t test all their students so these test results might not be “apples to apples”. Here’s another thought: if American students are “falling behind”, maybe this is because of the onerous federal mandates districts and teachers must adhere to…and what does “education reform” of the Obama administration and private organizations do? Just creates MORE mandates via Common Core/RTTT.

Students First should make a video pointing out that fact instead of placing all the blame on teachers and public schools. They can’t possibly succeed with unattainable standards and mandates. Was nothing learned from the failure of NCLB? Apparently not! It’s just easier to blame the teachers and schools that have to teach under goals that can never be reached:
No bronze, no silver, and certainly no gold.
The London Olympics are now over and, while our athletes are put on an incredible performance, the U.S. continues to fall behind in a far more important competition: our children’s education. We can do better than this. While our teachers and students are working incredibly hard, the U.S. education system has failed to give them the support they need to succeed. The sad thing is, we know what it takes to improve things, but we just aren’t doing it. To begin with – the Federal Government has no business in our Education system.


Let me give you an idea of how badly we’re doing. If our education system jumped into a pommel horse routine … well, let’s just say it wouldn’t look too pretty:

That’s right: 25th place in math and 17th in science.If the U.S. education system is ever going to go for gold we need to shape up. Your involvement is helping Students First bring common sense reforms to states across the country, but we need your voice to help us spread the word.

See how U.S. education stacks up and share our latest video with your friends and family now:


Thanks you for all you do — keep it up.

Hari Sevugan

Vice President of Communications
P.S. Learn more about how we can make change in a new op-ed written by Michelle Rhee in USA Today:


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