Today is another one of those sad days in America’s history. Unfortunately, this type of sadness is becoming more and more frequent. The cold blooded murder of innocent people the shooter does not even know. I am anxious to find out where the young man obtained the guns though since he, James Egan Holmes, has single handily set us up for the Obama Administration feeling totally justified in taking our Second Amendment rights away from us. Their earliest opportunity will be on July 27 – the allowing of the United Nations to take possession of our small arms by way of a Treaty of which the president and Secretary of State firmly support. Why they support this move is for another posting – to say they support it is sufficient at this time.

 The ‘Batman’ shooter, as he is now being called, is only 24 year old, with the largest part of his life ahead of him.  At least it was until a little after midnight last night.  This young man brought a lot of grief and terror to people last night at the opening of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado. Armed with a rifle and a pair of handguns, Holmes began shooting in the theater, killing at least 10 on site, including a six year old, with others dying later.

Then to add even more mystery to the story the young man had booby trapped his apartment.  Why he gave that information to the police at this point is not known, but he has since discontinued giving them any information.

 We immediately hear the leftist press stating that Holmes the shooter, was a Tea Party extremist conservative even before they verified the James Holmes they had discovered was not the right one. Then of course to add fuel to the fire, we have the Bradyites screaming for gun control. If you ever want for interesting reading, do research on Mrs. Brady in reference to some remarks she has made regarding gun control.

 It is a well reported fact that countries who wish to enforce gun control do so to overtake control of its citizens. Time and time again it is not to protect the citizenry, but to give total control to the government. Russia, Turkey, Germany, China, Guatemala, Uganda – all imposed gun control and then spent the following 10-15 years rounding up citizens and murdering them and they had absolutely no way to protect themselves.

 It is also a proven fact that if a “bad man, woman or child”, wants to find a gun by buying or steal it, they will. Those same people, if they cannot get their hands on a gun to do their dirty deed, will use a knife or find another way to dispose of whom they wish to get rid of.

 The citizens of this country that own guns have done so lawfully – are recorded, paid for their license’s and use them for protection, killing game to feed their families and sport shooting. Not to be cold blooded murderers.  If the people within the theater had been men and women who were armed as they entered with permitted concealed weapons, one of three things would probably have happened: Holmes would have thought twice about pulling a stunt like this, he would have been killed within seconds of starting his shooting spree, or he would have never got off a shot as soon as he exposed his weapons.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. People are made vulnerable by intrusive gun control laws. The only gun control that is necessary is to be able to hit your target.

 The Second Amendment is not to be messed with and yet state and federal government bureaucrats are constantly writing new laws against the rights and freedoms guaranteed by our Creator by the Second Amendment.

The Second Amendment states:  A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

 Webster’s 1828 dictionary defines the term ‘infringed’ as:  Broken; violated; transgresses.

 The question here should be:  “Why is the Federal government working so hard to remove our Second Amendment rights from us?  Why would they even consider giving over the rights of the American people to bear arms to the United Nations?

 I leave the answers to you!

 And Lord, I ask you covet those souls which have been given to you today, I ask that you heal the wounded and wrap your loving arms around those whose loved ones have been so swiftly taken from them. I also ask you to comfort the family of Mr. Holmes as innocents in these matters come in many different forms.  AMEN


2 thoughts on “SAD DAY IN AMERICA

  1. If you took the time to actually look at the Presidents record on gun control, you will find out that he has expanded the right to carry in to National Parks and on Amtrac Trains. To say that he will take away your second amendment rights is just hog wash and fear mongering..

    • And what do you call Mr. Obama’s plans to sign the Small Arms Treaty with the United Nations? You are obviously blind as to what has been happening in this country. The administration intends to remove our rights to hold small arms for our protection. It is not fear mongering when his own press who refuses to report the other information to the public is willing to print He is planning to work at getting the Treaty signed by the Senate and Hillary is planning on signing the Treaty on July 27 of which I might remind you is treason if she has not had the approval of the Senate PRIOR to signing. But then this government does not care about obeying the law, but in making it up as they go!

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