There are only 2 institutions left standing in the way of the Same Sex Agenda: the Boy Scouts and the Biblical Christian Churches.

Recent news: the files of all the lawsuits re: pedophilia within the Boy Scouts’ of which there were many cases in the 1980s and ’90s have just been released to the public (names redacted). REMEMBER:  this was BEFORE the Boy Scouts cracked down on THOROUGH background checks of adults in their organizations as is NOW the case.

Scouts have the highest level of scrutiny and maintain their protection of boys as a primary objective down to every troop level. That is why the gay activists have fought so hard against their strident procedures – molesters go after innocent boys in the easiest places they can find them — even AFTER the Supreme Court stated years ago that the Scouts WERE a private organization and therefore COULD regulate who their members were in a split 5-4 decision.

In other words, the safety of children TRUMPED the “discrimination” against homosex men
to become troop leaders. How sad that it was NOT a 9-0 decision. The Scouts should be supported financially FOR sticking to their beliefs to make up  for the loss of years of law suits and discrimination against THEM by those who are prejudiced against their common sense philosophy and mission to be “clean and reverent.”

But, as you can see, just like the FOURTH vote on attempts to legalize Same Sex “Marriage” in Maine coming up in Nov., the “other side” will never give up til they get everything they want–especially an “open, legal door” to our children in Scouts and in the schools.

This administration is bent on ruining our children and doing so  through whatever nasty means they can come up with from the schools teaching them how to have oral and anal sex starting in the middle schools to enforcing gay, lesbian, transgenders policies.


Haven’t we learned ANYTHING from the Penn State/Sandusky trial?


Addendum:  HOUSTON –July 17, 2012  The Boy Scouts of America on has reaffirmed the organization’s policy of excluding gays, despite recent protest campaigns by members, including some of the group’s board.  The announcement came after a confidential two-year review by an 11-member special committee formed by Scout leaders in 2010, a spokesman said.


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