I discovered this morning there is a group of hard working ladies in Orlando who are working to preserve our public school system here in Florida against Jeb Bush’s push and influence toward the for profit” Charter and Voucher type system.  They have named it “JEBNATION!”  I like the name except it does give me a feeling that it is also giving him a “rank” or “superiority.” 

Followers of my blog or who have heard me speak, know I have never been easy on Jeb Bush for I believe his “best interests” are his and not those of our children. Bush and others are fully aware of what the NCLB changes to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act would do to our children. It was the ground work for what he is currently doing. You know how I know that?

Just this past Friday I received another e-mail from Charlotte Iserbyt – you know her!  Our Guardian Angel who tried to warn us many years ago in her book “The Dumbing Down of America”. The book warned us about the well laid out plan to convert this country to Communism and the way to do that was through the “Dumbing Down” of our children through their LACK of Education, using curriculum’s that have slowly converted their minds to the socialistic way of thinking. They have almost succeeded. Charlotte presented her findings to Reagan in the 80’s and was fired from her position within the Federal DOE.

Why do you think they want to remove history prior to 1865 from our History books?  Because people who have no attachment to their country’s past also have no allegiance to it’s future.

The Friday e-mail from Charlotte pointed out to me what had been included in a study that was being done by some Harvard “intellectuals” regarding the effects Social Studies could have on our children and the changes to be placed upon the county would also include a “charter” type of schools. This was 1934! She sent me the original!

The ladies from the group “FundEducationNow” are very concerned about education or lack of, but they believe that money is going to fix it. It is not! When we as a state continue to:

  • Feed our children a curriculum that falls very short – “garbage in, garbage out”
  • Follow a faulty State Constitution that gives total control to the District Boards
  • Purchase faulty textbooks faulting Judeo/Christian beliefs in favor of Islam
  • Allow foreign, global, communistic curriculum’s into the classrooms with absolutely no oversight
  • Weaken the oversight of Charter and Virtual schools not being aware of where the programs are coming from
  • Legislators serving on Education Committees who know nothing about Education, nor are they Educators
  • Legislators who have financial interest in Charter School Consortium’s voting on Charter legislation
  • Fund BILLIONS of dollars to the International Baccalaureate Program with no reports of accountability or success
  • Have a Commissioner of Education who is a Jeb Bush “Chief’s for Change”  serving 2 masters and I do believe “JEBNATION” is number one. 
  • Continue to place the majority of Charter schools in “low income” areas so when they fail guess who they blame
  • Allowing failing Charter schools to continue 2 & 3 years with a D or F grade before closing

What we do need to do is:

  • Wake up the parents and help them understand “everything is NOT alright!”
  • Insist as taxpayers we want NCLB, RTTT and the CCS removed from the state education system
  • Allow us to implement the Texas curriculum standards which are rated the best in the country – we have  them
  • Purchase true History books for our children to learn from and insist the Constitution be taught
  •  Remove all forms of Global education from our schools
  •  Tighten up the oversight of all Charter and Virtual school programs
  •  Leave parents who choose to Home School alone regarding their choices
  • Find a Commissioner of Education who is concerned about Florida’s children
  • Place some strict oversight on the FL State School Board by a civilian committee
  • Change the FL Constitution removing total control from the local school districts and add “term limits” to insure the School Board positions do not become a political game
  • And pray the unions will take care of union business rather than telling teachers to teach liberal, communistic agenda i.e.,  “communism is better than capitalism”.

Jeb Bush may view his policies as tough love, but I personally see it as a manipulative move to control Education for profit. Bill Gates and Jeb Bush are spending an awful lot of money on this issue to get the Charter, Virtual and Voucher ideas in place but with far less oversight then is placed on the public schools. Hence we are now riddled with Charter school scandals all over the country (FL’s has grown considerable since Oct 2011).  Strange bedfellows these two considering Gates political agenda in regard to the lies of Global warming and an Obama supporter.

In addition here in FL., with our legislators knowing nothing about Education, what and how much we are spending on International Baccalaureate (“I didn’t know” – why don’t they know when they are sitting on the Education Appropriations Committee?), walking around with STARS in their eyes at the mention of Jeb Bush’s name, political and financial links to Charter school consortium’s and when parents complain, the House legal eagle George Levesque decides he sees “no conflict of interest”.  Who is George Levesque besides the House attorney? Patricia Levesque’s husband and she is – Jeb Bush’s Chief of Staff for his Foundation for Excellence in Education and was his 2nd in command when he was governor and she also is the owner of one of the largest lobbying companies in Florida in line with the liberal Michelle Rhee in pushing Charter Schools and School Choice.

Now we have the one great big family here in Florida who are being used as an example to the rest of the country in our set up failure.  Let me put it another way – –

Jeb Bush was governor of Florida when his brother, the president, put in place the NCLB system for all the country. They knew it was a system for failure but Jeb Bush told us it would be the best thing since peanut butter. Now he tells us for profit, he has the remedy for what he helped put in place to ruin education AND remembering he is no more an EDUCATOR than David Coleman who Bill Gates hired to write the Common Core Standards.

Oh and the money games with our Education budget – Charlie Crist nor Rick Scott or anyone else in Tally really read all the requirements to RTTT and CCS. Surprised? AFTER they got the money then they were told now you have to provide the software (MICROSOFT) to input all the information about our children into, hire the extra people to do it and buy all the computers to use for the new people and on and on and on we go!

FL legislators have been begged to opt out, but . . . .

Yes money is our problem. but not in the way you think. It is about greed, control, selfishness and the final ruination of the Education system in this country. If money was the fix-all, then Hillsborough County, FL should really be on the very top of the state since they are the only ones who received $100M from Bill Gates in 2007 to improve the teacher accountability and scores. It has not and in fact, from a parents standpoint it is the worst district in the state when it comes to education.

And by the way, remember Hillsborough County’s superintendent is one of Jeb Bush’s girl’s and the merry-go-round continue’s. . . .

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