Lord Monkton told us during his visit to the UN’s Rio+20 summit in 2012, the walls of the conference center were festooned with disturbing images, many painted by children under the rubric, “children teaching their parents.”

What were they teaching their parents? Al Gore “global warming” lies that it is Humans who are killing the Earth and everything in it. The Earth is warming and creating more carbon dioxide by the very fact we are breathing. But unless I missed something in school all the animals also release carbon dioxide and the trees and plants need that to create H2O which in turn gives us the oxygen to breathe.

In one painting, a child painted the sun, dressed as a doctor taking the temperature of the earth. The diagnosis? “I’m sure you have humans!”

Our children are being taught by fraudulent scientists and extremists that people are a plague!

These extremists who are teaching our children are so entirely detached from any form of rationality or reality that they no longer understand how malevolent, unpleasant, anti-Democratic, anti-Western and how downright unfair their policies are to the people and the other creatures on this planet.

They have lost the plot and all of humanity is about to pay the price.   Speaking out against this at these conferences has become increasingly difficult. This was the first time at any UN conference that he had attended with CFACT, that the negotiating text was hidden from non-negotiating delegates such as himself until after the negotiations were complete.  We only saw the final draft after the document was ratified!

I believe the time has come to instruct the UN to return to first principles or the United States to totally disconnect from all association and financial support to them.. It was not created to hand control over our lives to the Left. The many UN bureaucrats actively employed to throttle the free world’s hard won freedom and prosperity — living off the taxpayers — must be kicked out and told to get a proper job.

Using our children around the world by continually repeating to them that humans are ruining the world, killing the plants, animals and planet as a whole, especially starting at the very young age of  Pre-K & K,  is mind control. Add to that children on Earth Day now known as Mother Earth Day by the United Nations, showing children all over the world wishing they or humans were dying or dead because we are guilty of killing the plants and animals is not only a very depressing but shows what a controlling force the United nations has become to the world.

The UN framework, run by tinpot dictators, is designed to close down the West through global governance on a local level. That means the absurd so-called environmental laws that cannot be passed on national levels will now be forced upon us through city and county governments. We risk the loss of the property and livelihoods that advance our society from right under our noses.

We need to initially explore  the natural resources of the United States (natural gas and oil) and remove all of the “sustainable development” laws which have been placed on the people of the United States for unproven science and outright lies.

I cannot emphasize how dis-tasteful for me it is to know our country has allowed the United Nations to use our children in perpetrating this fraud.

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