Well today we got the good news about the estimate’s on the cost of the Common Core Standards.  I know you will remember I have told you that when the State played the “crap shoot” over implementing Race To The Top (RTTT) and the Common Core Standards (CCS), they were not told all the rules of the game.  Especially the expenses that they were going to incurred.  Or if they knew the costs, they were not sharing!

Now I know Florida played some games with the Education budget, shift here, shift there, take out some, put some back, mostly take out. Then we make a large announcement we are going to ADD $1B to the budget. Makes me laugh – what games they continue to play.

Well today the  Fordham Institute released a report estimating the costs of implementing the  new academic standards for Florida and other states across the nation. The report states the total costs of implementing the Common Core  Standards (CCS) could range from $3 billion to $12 billion, depending on how the individual states take on this challenge in the near future. For Florida, the costs could range from $182.9 million to $780 million.


Again I remind you these standards were written by David Coleman, a non-educator who Bill Gates paid very well to do so.  Refer to my blog on David Coleman!  The man is telling us our children should be taught by a “value” system something that was actually tried back in 1965 when they first introduced the ESEA.

Is it no wonder our children all over the country have been Dumbed Down. They (the rich, powerful and non-educator’s) continue to tell us what our children should know and how they should learn it. Like no American History prior to 1865 – why you ask?  Because if you have no knowledge of the past you will have no allegiance to the future. In other words,  if our children have no knowledge of the Founding Fathers, the putting together of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence and the wars fought to protect the people within, they will have no love, admiration or understanding of what this country went through to get where we are today. They also need to learn how we are systematically ruining our country through greed, control and power.

Business will be as usual. Buying junk textbooks published by junk publishers who see nothing wrong in pushing Islam over our American History and Judeo/Christian beliefs.  still teaching to tests, and accountability placed in the wrong place.  All done while Arne Duncan has dinner and plays games with Jeb Bush talking about how the goals of ruination are in place pushing parents to put their children into Charter schools where there is even less oversight and most importantly of all, the eventual removal of school boards to oversee anything. The school boards may not be perfect but they are better than none!

The other push is the virtual classes which leaves the teachers free time or the kids using the Virtual classes at home with NO ONE WATCHING. That is the point guys – no one is to be watching.

Common Core is Bad and we still have time to opt out but no one in Tallahassee will listen because they are working behind the scenes with Jeb Bush and what Jeb Bush wants Jeb Bush gets. If you do not believe me, just wait until your children no longer learn to read, cannot write in cursive or  . . . . . . .

Again, I will remind you – the teacher can tell your child they are intelligent, but if they do not know what the word is, how to spell it, use it in a sentence or comprehend it – it will mean nothing to them!

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